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"The Lord Thy God is One Readings
(262-38 to 262-42 Combined)" 

Combined Readings of
262-38  19th of February, 1933
262-39  21st of February, 1933
262-40  5th of March, 1933
262-41  19th of March, 1933
262-42  2nd of April, 1933

We must know that THE LORD THY GOD IS ONE.

The BODY, The MIND, The SOUL, is ONE.

God so loved the world that He gave HIS SON, HIS SELF,

that we would come to the realization
of the ONENESS of THE FATHER (MANIFESTING) in the earth.

God so wants us to be the best,
so He gave us His best, His Son,
so that we can be the best.

To make the lesson complete it must be LIVED,
EXPERIENCED by each individual, and INTERPRETED in their lives.

Our lives, our activities, our thoughts, our meditations,
must be more and more in accord (ONE) with the will of the Father.

It is well that the lesson, the preparation BE IN SELF
rather than in advice or counsel.

We all WANT, DESIRE, to be on fire with that desire,

For - as HE is LIFE - we in Life may MAKE MANIFEST
that our desires, our hearts, our minds, our souls,
are ONE WITH HIM in bringing to the knowledge of one
- ANYONE - EVERYONE - that the POWER of GOD,
through THE CHRIST, is able TO SAVE; even unto the utmost.

What is Life?
LIFE is the manifestation of CREATIVE FORCES in a material world,

From what may anyone BE SAVED?
Only from themselves!
That is, their individual hell; they dig it with their own desires!



Then, the culmination of this series of lessons will be LOVE;
For He so loved the world as to give His Son, His Self,
that man should come to the realization of the Oneness of the Father in the earth.

As this group, as a group, as individuals, have been chosen that they
may manifest the POWER, the MIGHT, the GLORY of the LOVE OF THE FATHER,
so may each come step by step to the realization
of that wonderful experience in themselves
of being a channel through which many may come to know

And all may be on fire with the powers that may manifest through them;
Becoming less and less self-centered, less and less selfish;

And more and more at peace and in harmony with those experiences
that are theirs in the going about TO SHOW FORTH HIS LOVE,
through the application of that each are gaining
through their walks with Him in prayer, in meditation.

So, their coming together may mean more and more
that make them free in their abilities
for, through and by, HIS POWER.

As ye seek then, my children, to know His way,
so does He glorify in thee that whereunto thou hast been appointed.

Keep thine heart open, that the Voice of Him who has called
may quicken each thought, each act, in thy daily walks.

For, little by little, line by line, do ye grow in grace, in knowledge, in understanding of His ways.

They are not hidden, nor afar off; for ALL is made manifest to those that will hear,
will see, the glory of the Oneness of the Father.

In the study of the lesson, in the preparation for selves,
there should be - as indicated in the more recent lessons
- the preparation rather in self than in discourse;

For you each are learning, EACH ARE BECOMING CONSCIOUS
and self is to become the more conscious of that ONENESS
that may MANIFEST THROUGH THE ACTIVITIES of the individual,
in making the application in their lives,
that there may be given that which will be an aid,
in study from or of another of such experiences.

Then, THOSE CONDITIONS that may arise in the experience of each,
there may be ENLIGHTENMENT to self in those manners
that will enable each to expand in words and in act,
and indeed become the more aware, the more conscious.

For, as is and should be recognized in each,
the contending forces that are within man as his individuality and personality
(for a name) are that as self has builded, or that builded

And these, then, made more and more aware that,
"My life, my activities, my thoughts, my meditation,
must be more and more in accord with the will of the Father."

For in such, through such, does the individual, the entity, the soul,
less of self, less of the carnal influence may bear upon the activities
of an individual, an entity, in this material plane.

the various terms that have been and are applied
are the BASIC THOUGHTS, the BASIC ACTIVITIES through which
each should PREPARE THEMSELVES for the abilities,
for the ACTIVATING FORCES that may assist them in giving
that others may gain a greater concept
of the ONENESS OF THE FATHER in the material plane.

As has been given, to make the lesson complete it must be LIVED,
EXPERIENCED by each individual, and INTERPRETED in their lives.

And such activities that enable them to be nearer in accord with those truths,
those lessons that are gained by such experiences,
are those that must MAKE THE LESSON COMPLETE for the lives,
the experiences of others.

Well, then, that each - in their own way and manner
- CORRELATE that which has been gained from time to time,
that there may be the BETTER UNDERSTANDING.

For, the TENETS, the TRUTHS, the LESSONS are before thee day by day.

in the application of the lessons that are before thee.

In giving that as may be helpful, beneficial to the various members of the group in preparing data,
as given, it is well that THE LESSON, THE PREPARATION BE IN SELF rather than in advice or counsel.

But, that there may be the impulse for further consideration, for application in the experience of each,
there should be THE SINCERE ATTEMPT on the part of each

Does each individual understand that as was given,
one must give account of every idle word spoken?
That this is in reference to the ONENESS OF PURPOSE in an individual?
That the mind, the body, the aptitude of the soul is under surveillance through such activity?

And, as given, as THE BODY, THE MIND, THE SOUL, IS ONE,
SO IS GOD IN THE MANIFESTATIONS in power, might and glory in the earth.

That, then, should illustrate as to why there should be joyousness, gladness in the heart,
in the speech, in the magnifying of the activities of each individual.

For, if the hate, grudge or selfishness has created such an influence
as to separate self from a friend, a foe, any activity that has made
for the loss of self's own respect of its abilities or its relationship to its Maker,
how CAN such a soul be one in Him?

Then, let each test self; and it will be found that the ability to so illustrate in
or from self's own experience will aid in lighting the way for others
that seek to know The Lord Thy God Is One.

How sincere IS the DESIRE on the part of each TO know The Lord Thy God Is One?
Sufficient to be active rather than just passive in the statement?
For, he that would gain the concept must believe that He is;
And that He rewards those who seek to do His biddings.
Then, let each be active; up and doing, with a heart that is singing the joyous message
that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.
It IS within!
I AM the brother!
I AM the associate with the Son, in the relationships to the Father!
And the life will mean more!
For, has it not been given that the earth IS the Lord's and the fullness thereof?
True, many within themselves stumble over that which, even, has not been comprehended;
in that there is the mental body, the physical body, the spiritual body.
They are one!

In analyzing, then, do not let the analysis become the object;
but the body in the Lord, the ONENESS IN PURPOSE,
that is gained through the knowledge
that the mental - the consciousness - IS the builder.

And that the ONENESS OF PURPOSE is in Him
AS one doth clarify the conditions that are to be met.

When there is seemingly the slighting on the part of another,
evidences in the material mind that conditions or activities
are as stumbling blocks not compatible with thine OWN ideal,
- and IS the ATTEMPT of the individual to assert either the power and glory of GOD, or of self!

WHERE IS thine OWN will?
 One with HIS, or to the glorifying of thine own desires - thine own selfish interests?

The way is not long, nor is the cross more grievous than ye may bear
- if the trust will be in Him, that "I will not leave thee comfortless, I will come and abide with thee."

But we are so constituted, by that builded within ourselves,
that He does not come without the invitation that He abide with us.

For, with that power of will are we the Sons of God
 - capable of being equal WITH Him in the glory
that He would share with us. As He gave,
"I and the Father are One, and ye in me, I in the Father - "

These, then, should aid all in making that contribution that enables all to WANT, to DESIRE,
to be on fire with that desire, to MANIFEST THE ONENESS OF THE FATHER IN LIFE.

For, as Hs is Life - we in Life may make manifest that our desires, our hearts, our minds, our souls,
are ONE with Him in bringing to the knowledge of one - ANYONE - EVERYONE
- that the power of God, through the Christ, is able to save; even unto the utmost.

 (Q) Questions by [295]: What is the meaning of:
"He that findeth his life shall lose it; and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it."?
as recorded in Matthew 10:39.

(A) The LITERAL application is as given by Paul in Colossians,
as to how the body perisheth that the renewed life may be made manifest in material things.

So, as given in the text referred here, he that loseth his life shall find it in the service of Him that IS LIFE!
What, then, is Life?
How is it found?
How is it obtained?
LIFE is the manifestation of CREATIVE FORCES in a material world,
in whatever form we may become conscious of it in.

For, there are within the material experience of man many forms of life;
even matter, even in the various strata of activity about the individual
that man is not conscious of.

And in OBTAINING the consciousness of it, through the aplication of individuals,
how many lives have been lost?
In ACCOMPLISHING that, in the use of that as it is manifest,
in any particular plane or sphere, how many lives have been lost and gained?
Applied; making application, then, materially - see?

(Q) What is meant by "The first shall be last and the last shall be first."?
(A) As illustrated, when life ends it begins.
The end is the beginning of the transposition, or the change.
The first is last the last is first. Transposition.

(Q) Was the Master speaking to us in our group reading of Sunday,
February 19th, on the finishing up of the lesson, "The Cross and the Crown"? [262-38]

(A) No.

(Q) Could we of this group at this time have a message from the Master
to guide us on our way?

(A) When each has shown self, as He has given, as being able or capable of receiving
or vibrating to that which may make the consciousness for each in that realm.

(Q) Please explain vision experienced during reading [262-38]
suggesting how this may be accomplished.

(A) As there is evidence of that being awakened in many of the group
of the presence of the Creative Forces in the activities of many in the group,
would it not be worth the while then to prepare self in such a manner that the Master
- as He spoke WITH thee - might, through thee, speak the lesson of Love
that He so well represented and presented in His experience as the man of Galilee?

Is it not worthwhile, then, CLEANSING the body, in thought, in all manners as NECESSARY,
to raise the flesh vibrations to such an extent that there may be no harm to same in the experiences
that may be had by all during the periods of preparation on such a lesson?

Has not there been the promise that through thee, in part, may come one that may be a blessing to many,
that MANY may speak with those higher forces, higher sources, as face to face?

Is it not well, then, that the body be cleansed, be purified, be renewed, that there may be that power,
that vigor necessary, that there may come that IN power, in might,
as RESPECTING that influence as comes in the life with the union of the expressions
that may bring same to pass?

Then, how may this be accomplished?
Thou knowest that as is well with thine soul.
Thou knowest that as is well to be accomplished in the body, in the flesh,
that there may be the power, the might, the glory that may come to others.

Be faithful, as given, to the trust which has been given into thine hands;
For the glory that comes with faithfulness is as but short to the CROWNS of glory
that will be with HIS presence in this - even this - material world!

(Q) GC: Is there any advice or counsel for me as conductor of readings?
(A) As has been oft given, the conductor should be PASSIVE;
that there may be the more positive reaction from that which is given.

While the questions as directed should always be positive,
the transmission as by directness should be in the passive;
that the answer may be the positive.

In this, then, this attitude should the body always approach such service
to the fellow man, or the seeker after truth or light:

Never with a grudge, a hard feeling, an indecisive manner;
but as being USED as a handmaid of Him thou would worship in the Creative Forces,
that may be made manifest by the acts, voice and speech of self through such an experience for any.

(Q) Please explain to me what it means by being passive.
(A) Passive, as the word itself indicates; not being one-sided.
As indicated, not in a mood or manner where a hard feeling,
a resentment is held, or grudge; but rather as being used
- a channel, a door, an outlet for that as may be presented.

(Q) Should any change be made in either of the suggestions I use
at beginning or end of reading, or in obtaining readings?

(A) These have been given. When they are to be changed, we'll change 'em for you!

(Q) [288]: What was meant by
"Through carnal influences are there to be brought changes in material associations,
mental understandings, for the SPIRITUAL uplift of the many." [288-31]

(A) The rebirth into the earth of a representative, to those who will listen.
Not the Christ, no; for He will appear as He is - but AS a forerunner.
[See 3976-15; 5749-5; and 281-38]

(Q) How will these come about? and through whom?
(A) To those to whom same has been promised in their activities, or their abilities
to keep themselves in the manner in which they may bring about such conditions in the earth.

(Q) How should I govern myself, in regard to the great responsibility I feel in this direction?
(A) Act as if in the manner of being a channel for that, which to self must represent that which is held as the Ideal.

(Q) Is there a message for any individual present, or for the group as a whole?
(A) Study to dwell together in unity of thought. Cooperate in every way as to show forth His love,
that may be manifest in thee in thine own particular phase of endeavor or activity. Faint not.

(Q) [585]: On March 2nd, whose voice did I hear speak to me, and what was the message?
(A) As is felt within self that there is a manifestation of a force, a power from without,
this then is builded into that as the self through its experience gives such an influence
and power concerning the consciousness of self.

To be sure, this was a manifestation - but rather than being specific,
rather than being an entity activity from without,
it is rather the awakening within of the abilities
to so associate and so connect and communicate
with those influences from without.

Then, as given of old, if there will be held and magnified within the consciousness of self
that that desired, that voice, that presence that would aid
in bringing the various consciousnesses to self,
must be from the universal influences, or from His messenger,
then may this be magnified in self and for self.

Be mindful that it is not clothed in some other power.

(Q) [69]: Please tell me to whom was I talking the morning of Feb. 3rd
and just why am I getting this experience.

(A) As given, be not afraid when it is said, "It is I."

Rather, then, the experiences that are necessary for making aware within the consciousness of self
how the inner self may be controlled by those powers, those influences, that an entity,
an individual, entertains.

Be not unmindful that ye entertain strangers that come to thee in thine consciousness,
that reaches to the inner self and to the cosmic spheres; for angels are often entertained.

Then, clothe and feed them only upon the words and the activities of the spirit of truth,
and through same may come those experiences that have been long sought;
for the time is near at hand. [262-41]

(Q) Is this information that I have been receiving the past four nights
coming from some source other than my subconscious?

(A) To be sure, and these are worth entertaining.

(Q) Please tell me who is doing the talking?
(A) Who would the body have? Who would the inner forces entertain?
For, "Seek and ye shall find" is spoken of the soul,
spoken of those that would be the guides, the influences in the experiences,
and is bound close with that which is being the study in the present,
Do not accredit it to lower forces than His emissaries.

(Q) [[69]'s husband]: Please explain in a manner that I may correctly interpret,
"Keep in the way that is open before thee, in giving to those that self contacts
the concept of the vision held by self that lies ahead." What is the vision? [262-37]

(A) The vision is that that is held as the approach to the throne,
of the consciousness of the divine that is within each individual.

That self is oft in the position of being in a quandary, and fearful of being lightly spoken of
for giving the experiences of self as contacting the various influences, is that referred to.

Being, then, this:
Be not loath nor unmindful to bear witness, in word, in act,
to thine associates from day to day, of the manifestations of the power, the influence,
that comes in thine experience; and thus may each soul, each entity,
become more and more aware of the oneness of the Father in the world.

(Q) [303]: One night some weeks ago I saw floating above my head in space
an exceedingly bright sphere or planet.
It seemed to be moving within itself as well as through space.
Please interpret this to me.

(A) As given, this group, these individuals, varied individuals, are reaching that period,
that place in their experience, where signs, where activities within self,
the consciousnesses within self, become more and more aware of the very lessons,
the very truths that are being given out, that are to be made manifest
in the experiences of selves and in the lives and experiences of others.

So, in the vision seen, it is the world without and the world within - their movements
as one coordinating with the other, the brightness of the orb itself as reflecting
that which is the movement within self, that makes for the shedding abroad of the light,
the understanding, the enlightenment that is obtained from within.

Well was it said by Him, "Ye do not light a light to put it under a bushel."
In this same manner that is experienced in self, when there is that consciousness within
of being more and more in accord with the light that shineth even unto the darkness,
though there may come strifes, though there may come disappointments,
though there may come turmoils from without and from within,
yet His peace maketh for a harmony - with that cooperation of the personality,
the individuality; or self and thy God.

(Q) Please explain how I may spend self in the love for His ways.
(A) By that even as visioned. Let the light that shines without be lighted
by that light which is created from within, making the activities of the inner self
and the outer self in accord; or let that seen of others be impelled by the light
from the love of the Giver of life, light, immortality.

(Q) Compilers: There is no other Name given among men
whereby they may be saved. Saved from what? Please explain.

(A) From what may ANYONE be saved? Only from themselves!
That is, their individual hell; they dig it with their own desires!

(Q) I hold in my hand a copy of an outline on this lesson.
(A) (Interrupting) Which is very good, but there's some of it that needs changing very badly!
And we would change it!
For, there are some portions that have been set as the outline which would be impossible
to be filled in by individuals' experience; but would only be tentative experience!

(Q) Which part?
(A) The second part!

(Q) [69]: Please explain what was meant by "It is I" and the "Time is near at hand"
as given in answer to my question in the last reading. [262-40]

(A) It has been given for some time past as to what is to happen and who is to speak.
Has the body reached the state that such has been forgotten,
or not looked for nor expected, nor understood?
And as to what the message is to be, or who it is to be from? If so, then it is falling away!

(Q) [379]: How may I become more conscious of the oneness of the Father,
and apply same in my daily activities?

(A) The consciousness becomes the portion of self as the application of that known is made
in the experience of self; as pertaining to the fact that all force, all power, all glory,
comes from the One source.

In the activities, then, in the application to self respecting same,
does this become more and more the experience of self as it is applied in thine own experience.

(Q) [303]: How may I better apply personally the affirmation on this lesson?
(A) Just do it!

(Q) [560]: Seeing an arm, was told to touch it.
And after touching it, it seemed to become an arm of flesh.
Is my interpretation correct?
If not, please give the interpretation.

(A) As we have given respecting visions or experiences of individuals,
they in themselves may be the better interpreters of their experiences;
provided, to be sure, there is the attempt, the desire in each to know,
and the willingness to be guided or directed by those influences.
As interpreted by self, in the greater portion do we find this correct;
that variation being as to the relationships to particular individuals,
for this is rather more universal.

(Q) May I receive a message on The Lord Thy God Is One?
(A) Study to show self approved unto that that would make for little vain-glorying in any.
Know whereunto thou hast been called;
For His glory is sufficient, His mercy is far-reaching;
His understanding maketh known those things that would prevent individuals
from becoming afraid, in the knowledge of the glory of the Lord.
Keep thy paths straight.
Avoid the appearance of evil.
Find fault in no man.

(Q) Any message for the group as a whole at this time?
(A) It's time for all to get started doing some work!
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