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"Opportunity Readings
(262-49 to 262-53 Combined)" 

Combined Readings of
262-49  9th of July, 1933
262-50  30th of July, 1933
262-51  20th of August, 1933
262-52  25th of August, 1933
262-53  3rd of September, 1933

Opportunity, primarily, is



In man's advent [APPEARANCE] into a material world
of THAT which is BUILDED

of paralleling, correlating, cooperating,
the effects of using that

which is presented in opportunity for the developing of the soul.




In making the outline, and in the definitions that have been presented,
rather should there also be given that, while opportunity is in the sense as presented,
yet it must ever be considered as the material manifestation of a thought or spiritual ideal;
as it is sometimes quoted, that "Man's extremity is God's opportunity."

In man's advent into a material world is an opportunity for the material manifestation
of that which is builded by the individual soul through its activity in the various spheres of consciousness,
and in the material becomes the opportunity of paralleling, correlating, cooperating,
making for that which brings into existence the effects of using that
which is presented in opportunity for the developing of the soul.

Hence opportunity, primarily, is a material manifestation of spiritual actions
in conscious forces of the material plane.

In that which has been thus far presented,
each individual in its own way
is finding the consciousness of opportunity.

And the lessons that may be presented from such individuals
may be made worthwhile in the experience of those who seek to understand opportunity
from the view that has been presented,
in that opportunity itself - of the spiritual activity in the experience of individuals
- comes to materialization in what the individual does
respecting that the individual holds as the spiritual activity
of such an experience as related to ITS ideal.

Hence all should study more and more the experiences,
in a manner analyzing the experience that each
- as an individual cooperating with the Group - may present for others
that may be helpful in THEIR experience or presenting and acting upon opportunity.

For, as given, each may believe - but the activity of each soul should be,
as respecting the faith within self,
to show forth in its actions that it PROFESSES to believe.

For, from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh truth.

While, that which may be found as a tinkling cymbal may come only from that held as a tenet or as an ideal.

But that which becomes ideal is the heart's seeking for the knowing and doing the will of Him
that giveth light, life and understanding in all the experiences of those that seek to know His way.

(Q) What should be the basis and fundamental thoughts to be presented on this lesson?
(A) First, as opportunity in making, in the life, that of filling each of the thoughts
that are presented in the lessons that have been given,
each in their respective place, time,
and in a manner befitting those that call on His name.

(Q) Will you give us some outline upon which we may base the lesson?
(A) First that as the material definition.
Then the introduction in each of the lessons that have been presented,
and how that the individuals in preparing themselves step by step
through that presented in the lessons,
and applying same in the life,
may gain the knowledge and understanding in love.

(Q) What is meant by "the day of the Lord is near at hand"? [See 262-47]
(A) That as has been promised through the prophets and the sages of old, the time - and half time
- has been and is being fulfilled in this day and generation,
and that soon there will again appear in the earth
that one through whom many will be called
to meet those that are preparing the way for His day in the earth.
The Lord, then, will come, "even as ye have seen him go".

(Q) How soon?

(A) When those that are His have made the way clear, PASSABLE, for Him to come.

(Q) [303]: What is the significance of my dream about two weeks ago,
in which Mr. Cayce was watching clouds come together,
expecting something unusual - and when they met, crystals came down like fireworks?

(A) This is a vision that will come to the body again, and with same will come an awakening as to the import of the vision.

(Q) Is there a message for the group as a whole at this time?
(A) So let thine own light shine in such a manner as may hasten the day of the Lord.

(Q) [585]: What is my definite part or work in this group?
(A) First, as given, finding self and self's relationship to the Creative Forces.

Each and every soul must come to the consciousness of being a service
in the activities of that it, the soul, worships in the infinite sphere or spiritual force.

If the forces or influences are in the Creative Energies that arise
through the love manifested through the Son in the activity in the earth,
then it is shown thee day by day that thou shouldst do.

Do with a might what the hands find to do, in the service of the Lord;
not in self, not in gratification of self, not in magnifying any of the material influences or forces.

The fruits of the Spirit are rather as we have shown:
Brotherly love, kindness, mercy, patience, love, long-suffering.
Against such there is no law, for they ARE the law of love.

(Q) As I call each individual to you, you will give the name by which He will call each;
also telling each that special opportunity which each is called upon individually
to take advantage of at this time.

(A) Rather than as individuals seeking the name,
when the individual is called each shall be called by name,
even as He called Mary, Martha and Peter.

In seeking to know that opportunity that is given each in the present,
it is one thing to live that there may be presented to another
that which will open another's opportunity;
and it is for SELF to recognize and use the opportunity
in self's own development.

But know, as each has been called, that there will come the GREATER opportunity
in self's development, self's understanding,
in preparing that which is for the enlightenment of thine neighbor.

For, as He gave, let him know that has saved a soul from perdition that he has covered a multitude of sins in self.

Study then, EACH, to show self approved unto God, RIGHTLY dividing the words of truth.

Let the meditations of the heart, let those activities of the body,
bespeak that thou wouldst offer in self as an opportunity or channel for another to seek, to know, thy God.

For, if thine God, thine service, doeth not thee good day by day, how wilt thou present Him to another?

For, the life of self bespeaks the thoughts of the heart; and each shall so live that He, the Christ,
becomes the Opportunity for all who meet thee - whether at the table, in sleep,
or walking in the street.

For, where the treasure is the heart is also.

(Q) [69]: As was given in the reading by John,
how may I make my will more in accord with his will, that He WILL speak with me? [See 5749-4]

(A) As He has given to those to whom He spoke, to those to whom He will speak:
"If ye love me, keep my commandments. If ye love me, feed my sheep. If ye love me, feed my lambs."
So, in the experience of all that seek to know His biddings,
do with the might that the opportunity presents to thee in each day's activity.
Be not impatient, but know that He will not tarry - to those who love Him and keep His biddings.

(Q) Where am I falling short?
(A) Who am I, that would speak against any fault in any soul?
Seek rather to find the fault from thine own inner self, and He will guide thee aright.
So spake He to those that asked of Him, and so speaks He to those that seek.
For, "My Spirit beareth witness with thy spirit" to all that love His coming.

(Q) [288]: Why do I have such a feeling of loneliness and uselessness, especially with this lesson?
(A) As the activities of self are expressed in that done unto others,
so is the abundance of love, companionship, expressions of His closeness,
found in thine experience.
For, as given, HOLY is he or she that has the love of the Father
expressed in the acts of thine hands, and thine mind, day by day.
For, with the love of the Father to those about thee manifest in the life day by day,
so is the fullness of the life filled with the joy of the Lord.

(Q) [341]: Is there any symbolical difference, or practical difference, between
"feed my sheep" and "feed my lambs" as just given? Please explain.

(A) Symbolical; in that one represents that of the fold and the other that seeking the fold.
The sheep represent those that know of, and know, the way.
The lambs represent those that seek, that would know, that would find the way,
that would come if shown the tenderness expressed in,
"The good shepherd feedeth the sheep; he tendeth the lambs."

(Q) Is there a message for [341] on Opportunity?
(A) Keep in the way that may be shown to those who seek to know His biddings,
and to know the spiritual and material advantages in opportunity that has been presented to those - as self.

(Q) [307]: Please give me a message that may encourage me at this time?
(A) Faint not in well-doing; for there is being opened the door for the greater opportunities
in the lives of those the body contacts through its labors,
in the activities of the study of the truths presented;
there is being opened glory in the spirit of truth,
that convinceth and convicteth man unto the acknowledging of his relationship to the Father.

(Q) Is there a message for [295] on Opportunity?
(A) Study to show thyself approved in meeting all those opportunities
that come in the activities of the study of the lessons
and the truths that have been and are being presented in the meditations day by day.
Be not faint-hearted in those things, conditions, experiences that would appear to hinder;
either in judgments or in activities; for whom the Lord loveth and calleth into service,
him He testeth - even to the cleansing as by fire.

(Q) [993]: Why am I called to read Revelation and the prophets during this lesson?
(A) For, as has been presented, opportunity is of the spirit presented
or manifesting itself in the activity of individual souls.

As is shown in the prophets, THESE were also called to present truths
that came into the experience of those to whom the prophets spoke.

So, in Revelation is there seen, in the activities of those that name the name,
those that are called, those that would harken - hence, as in water the face answereth to the face,
so in thine consciousness does the spirit of truth in the prophets, in the Revelation,
answer to the consciousness in self.

Know that those who spoke there spoke even as is spoken to thee in thine experiences,
in meeting the spirits of truth in revealed activity in thy meditation.

(Q) [560]: May I have a message on Opportunity?
(A) As there is being shown thee in the material way, in the thinking or heart way,
in the spiritual experiences, the opportunities that are both lost and grasped by many,
so - as the parallels are drawn for thee - know that thou art being lifted up,
being drawn more and more into the abilities in the MATERIAL ways
to strengthen those that falter here and there.

To all may it be as this, upon the opportunities that have been given,
from the purposes in the beginning of the Group, that:

The time draweth near, the time is at hand,
when there is more and more seeking for the light and understanding.

Let each, then, in your own way, in that which seemeth good in the light
of that which has been presented thee, from day to day,
so manifest that love that has been showered on thee
- in thy studies, in the preparation for truths to thy fellow man,
so live thine own life that it may be an ensample unto those that study.

For, as ye call on Him, the Lord guide Thou thy servants in the ways they should go.
"Let my going in, mine coming out, be wholly within the ways Thou would have me go.
Direct my steps, direct my mind. Let Thy will be done in me.
For, as the heart panteth after Thy own will,
may my spirit bear witness in the things my body does day by day,
that - the Lord is in His holy temple, and the rod
has not passed from those that call on His name;
For the GLORY of the Father to the sons of men
may be expressed in those
that would guide, guard and keep the holy ways."

(Q) Are we as individuals submitting the type of material
which will be the most helpful for those studying the lessons?
Please tell us how we can improve our work on these lessons in any way.

(A) As given respecting the manner in which each individual presents that received
through its periods of meditation, and the experiences that have been applied in its own experience;
not as theory, not as feeling or understanding only, but as the experience of the body itself
as related to that obtained through the meditation on the lessons in the various periods.

THIS should be presented, and - as we have given - each has been called to present that of self
for the enabling of others to find, in their study, meditation and experience,
that which will be helpful to those seeking.
This is the manner in which the lessons should be prepared.

The responses that have come regarding the experiences of others,
in their study of that presented, should make for evidence
that that being presented IS worthwhile in the experience of those
to whom the lessons may be presented as a line - or an outline - for thought and study.

Let each, then, keep first and foremost its application to the various experiences;
for presenting that obtained is not presenting self, but rather that self is made a channel
through which there may be received that which will be helpful
to those that seek through these channels for a better understanding.

In this manner, in this way, will there ever be presented that which WILL be helpful,
so long as each individual presents that it has received of those experiences
through the meditation on that presented.

If self is presented, this becomes weakening; but rather - as given - make self a channel. How?
As ye would be a channel, as there is the willingness and the desire to be used by those forces
or influences sought, there will be given that which will be of aid to others.

For, has it not been given,
"Ye that would speak in my name take no thought of what ye shall say,
for in the selfsame hour it will be given thee"?

This is often referred to in regard to those periods when the disciples were to speak
or defend themselves before those in authority.
WHO is in authority in the earth as related to self?
There is the continual war between "There is set before thee good and evil."
That whom ye serve is the master, according to thine OWN activity.
Then, speak and act in HIS name;
He that is the Savior in the earth.

(Q) Please give a message of help to [462].
(A) In those periods when there are the doubts and the fears that arise,
these are as the testing times in each soul's experience.
He that endureth, he that looketh to the promises
- and believes and acts in that manner, to him it is counted as righteousness.
Then, KNOW in whom, in what, thou hast believed - and keep the faith.

(Q) Please give a message of help to [404].
(A) Trust and obey, for there's no other way to be happy in Him
in whom thou claimest to be in accord with that He would have thee do.
Know that His ways are not past finding out.
Be not in the shadow of doubt or fear, but keep the heart singing;
knowing that in His own good time and way He will bring the desires
of thine heart to pass - that are in accord with His will - in thine experience.

(Q) [993]: Please explain my recent experiences of waking
and being conscious of praying that "God have mercy on us all."

(A) As the consciousness of the position of the world and those about the body
is made more and more in accord with His will, the experiences even as He had
- as He wept over Jerusalem - become the experiences of His children.

Read there, then, that which caused this feeling of the Master
to give forth those expressions even as He did in the presence of His disciples.
And there will come to self, through this meditation,
through this concentrating in self, and consecration of self to His service,that understanding.
Then, to all, we would give this:

Consecrate yourselves, your bodies, your minds, your abilities in EVERY direction,
to the opportunities to be of service to those ye meet and contact day by day.

For, as well as in meditating and prayer, make - through the promises
that self may make in consecration of self - that position in the attunement of self
that thy promises and His promises may be one; and fulfill all thou dost promise.

Know that He will keep those that keep His ways, and - "Seek and ye shall find".
For, those periods for the studies of that presented in Day and Night draw near!

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