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Patience Readings
(262-24 to 262-26) 

Combined Readings of
262-24 24th of July, 1932
262-25 7th of August, 1932
262-26 21st of August, 1932

[2 Tim. 1:10].

The lesson of PATIENCE must be experienced before sharing it with others.

To receive love and patience of the Maker of the worlds,
Why do we do this?
So that we know what we are building within self.

Through PATIENCE - a VIRTUE - does the UNDERSTANDING come.

Knowledge in itself is nothing.
that makes for THE GLORIFYING of that which is THE GIFT OF THE FATHER
in the material, the mental, the spiritual world.

STAND STILL, if you want to see the GLORY OF THE LORD.

In PATIENCE possess ye your souls.

As there is gained more and more those understandings
in COOPERATION, SELF, ACTIVITIES IN SELF (ideals, faith, virtue, understanding, fellowship),
and the more there is gained a knowledge
of the PRESENCE OF HIM in the experience,
greater does PATIENCE work in the life, the experience, the heart,

in the lives of individuals, as entities, in a material life
- become the greater manifestations of individuals' activities,
so will there be in the experience that as would be the next lesson THE OPEN DOOR.
Would ye enter in the joys of thy Lord?

As given, in PATIENCE you possess your presence before the Throne.
Seek oft, then, to gain an audience with thine inner self
which bears witness before that Throne.
With PATIENCE may this be reached;

For as one loses their hold on self
by the lack of patience,
so does that give the opportunity
for the entering in of those things that would make afraid.

Not that one should remain unactive, or inactive,
but in PATIENCE run the race that is set before thee,
looking to Him, the Author, the Giver of Light, Truth and Immortality.

That should be the central theme in every individual.

Not in submissiveness alone, but

that makes for those forces enabling one
to become aware and conscious of their SOUL'S EXPANSION
with the Creative Energies in the activities of the spiritual life.

As there is THE EXPANSION OF THE SPIRITUAL FORCES of the material body,
the reflections from same are those attributes that make for
THE EXPRESSING OF THE CHRIST LIFE in the daily walks of the body.

is manifested in every word, act, thought and experience of the body,

PATIENCE is that necessary activity of the mind, mentally, physically, spiritually,
that MAKES FOR EXPANSION OF and acquaintance with
the activities of that that may be KNOWN IN SELF,
as to whether there IS the proper attitude with that which is held as THE IDEAL,
as to whether THE FAITH is in faith or by works,
whether the VIRTUE is as with UNDERSTANDING or is as a set rule,
whether self is in possession of THE IDEAL,,
and with COOPERATIVE measures activating in the experience of individuals.

Hence, as we find,
this lesson must be the summing up
of all that has been experienced by individuals
through what they have given to others,
that they now must live themselves in their daily activities
- that they may enter in THE OPEN DOOR.

Each should take this as a basis (IDEAL) for the application of PATIENCE in their experience:

PATIENCE is ACTIVE rather than passive,
and is that by which, through which, one may judge their own reaction
as to the attributes they have set towards that of an IDEAL in their individual lives;

make aware in THE CONSCIOUSNESS of the individual who has named the Name,
or who has set an IDEAL of any nature in reference to any phase of its experience;
whether it be of the mental, material or spiritual nature.

With PATIENCE do ye seek, and
through PATIENCE do ye accomplish;

For whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth.
Should one find themselves in that position where PATIENCE is not necessary in their experience,
they are no longer then on a road to that kingdom - and are no longer Sons of Light.

these should be the experiences that each should apply in their own experience,
as to whether ye be worthy to enter in THE OPEN DOOR.

(Q) [69]: When does patience cease to be a virtue?
(A) When thou art satisfied with thy own surroundings or conditions.

(Q) [560]: In learning the lesson of PATIENCE,
please advise how we may overcome the little harassing annoyances that come in our daily lives.
(A) As was given of Him,
As ye seek, know there is that Comforter present
that will speak for thee under every condition;

For, as He gave,
"I will not leave thee comfortless. Be NOT afraid."

Be mad, but sin not!

In thine understanding gain the presence of Him ever as thy companion,
in every act, in every word;

For every thought must be accounted for, and in grace - His grace is sufficient
- will there be that constant, prayerful attitude for a purposeful life;
forgetting self, preferring another above self.
Lose self in Him.
THESE will answer.
Not as an outward, but an inward growth
That makes for the beauty of the soul that has patience SHINING through. [262-25]

(Q) [993]: When we reach the development of ceasing to see faults in those we contact,
is it then we can say we have patience?
(A) When we see rather Him that we worship even in the faults of others,
Then we are at the beginning of patience.

(Q) [[69]'s husband]: Explain my shortcomings in connection with patience, and furnish the remedy thereto.
(A) Remove self far from criticisms or fault-findings in others,
and there comes then patience in word, deed and act.

These are the beginnings, as it were, of wisdom.

Knowest thou that which has brought about the activities of another?

Rather, then, find the fault in self, and this will be that path
that will lead to lightening the way of thine own patience.

Does there arise those periods when little petty disturbances call for the quick retort,
find rather the fault in self, if there be one; then, if there is not,
according to thy standard that is set in thine ideal, open not thy mouth
- even as He did not when railed upon.

(Q) [295]: What is the Master's definition of patience?
(A) Know ye that, in patience possess ye your souls!
In interpreting, then, how one possesses their souls,
that in the loss of patience there is the entering - as He gave
- of those influences that would separate the real self, the soul,
from the Maker.
Hence in patience POSSESS ye your souls!

(Q) Please comment on the following statements:
Epictetus said there were two faults far graver and fouler than any others,
inability to bear and inability to forbear.
(A) In these we have the variations that would come from the experiences of individuals
giving the expression of THEIR experience in MEETING the conditions
that arise in one's daily experience.
An expression, then, of an inactivity on the part of one, and an overanxiety on the part of another.

(Q) "All great things are slow of growth."
(A) Just true!
For, as has been given oft, the soul grows upon that it is fed.
The soul of man is the greatest, then, of all creation,
for it may be one with the Father.

Little by little, line upon line, here a little, there a little
- these are the manners of growth, that this may be one with Him.

Lose not that as was given by Him, the greater of all those who gave the truths,
that not only one with Him but individual in self!
Not the whole, but equal with the whole - for one with Him.
Ye, then, are not aliens - rather the Sons of the Holy One.

(Q) "Content but not satisfied."
(A) Content in that "Have Thy way, Lord.
Use me as a channel.
Not my will but Thine be done!"
That is content.
Satisfied means gratified,
and is the beginning of the falling away,
for Self is to be then glorified.

(Q) "The offences committed through desire are more blamable than those which are committed through anger."
(A) Be angry, but sin not.
Means there has been lost rather the desire of exaltation,
that the anger is as of the giver of light that disperses the darkness as it falls upon same.
These would depend, as a statement, upon the experience of the one so stating;

For in this some would find the excuse for self.

Rather that, in the desire that may be lost in Him may there come the knowledge of Him,
in that there is found the light which comes from patience with self, with thine neighbor,
seeking ever that He, the Lord, shall lead.

(Q) Is there any message for the group as a whole at this time?
(A) Prepare self in this, as thou studiest thyself approved unto Him, for the door is to be opened.

(Q) [307]: How may I more perfectly live the life, that I may through patience gain the understanding?
(A) In the application of that known day by day.
The Spirit does not call on anyone to live that it does not already know and understand.
In the doing does there come the knowledge, the understanding for the next step.
Today, now, is the accepted time!
Those that will enter in will trust in that they have through faith and with patience wait
for that necessary activity for the next step.
Use that in hand.

(Q) [303]: Is there a message for me that will help me in the practice of more perfect patience?
(A) As the trust, the hope, the faith is manifested by the patience day by day
does there become the more awareness in self's own inner consciousness
that all is well with Him;
knowing that if the Lord is on thy side, who may be against you?
Trust, and do that thou knowest to do, acting as the spirit moves within
- and look not back; remember Lot's wife. [See also 262-28]

(Q) [560]: In reading of July 24, 1932, what was meant by
"Be mad but sin not"? Please explain. [262-24]
(A) One that may control self in anger is beginning the first lessons or laws of experience.
One that may control self in anger, that must come as resentment in the speech of individuals,
may make for that which disregards the words said;
disliking that which would produce such a feeling within self,
yet able to love the soul of one that causes or produces such a state of feeling.

This is patience, and love, and hope, and meekness, and pureness of heart.
The meek shall inherit the earth, said He - the pure in heart shall see God.
They are promises! Believest thou Him?
Then be angry and sin not is to know that these are thine own promises - to thee - to thee!

(Q) In patience am I expressing "Possess ye your soul"?
If not, please simplify how I may do so.
(A) All make that expression in whatever their activity may be;

For that is as a truth that one becomes conscious of, aware of,
that possession that makes them one with, a child of, the living God;

For flesh and blood does not inherit the possessions with Him,
but the spirit makes alive that soul that is aware of His consciousness
in a material, a mental, or a spiritual plane.

Hence all express this in whatever their actions be.
As to whether this or that individual is doing this in the manner another would do so, this is to judge.
Who is the judge?
He that giveth judgment!
The individual's soul, that would be one with Him.

(Q) [413]: What has really happened to an individual
when they think their patience has completely worn out?
(A) They have lost patience with themselves.

(Q) [379]: Is there any message for me that will help me to more perfectly practice patience
in all my work and under all conditions?
(A) Be faithful to that which is given in thy charge day by day,
for he that is faithful over the little things will be made the ruler over the many.

Those who have gained that consciousness of the indwelling of that Spirit,
that is abiding with those who seek to know His face,
have the consciousness that this IS the day, the time,
when all men must seek to be patient one with another,
under all conditions and circumstances,
that they may be one with Him who in patience endured all
that we might have the access to the Father,
through the patience, the love, the consciousness, shown in a material plane.
Be faithful to that thou KNOWEST to do.
Question not what nor whether another has chosen.
Rather do that THOU knowest to do.

(Q) What time is referred to in James 5:8,
"Be ye patient; stablish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh"?
(A) As just given, this is the time - today - when the time draweth nigh
for each soul to become more aware of the necessity of magnifying HIS presence
through the patience borne one to, one with, one of another,
that He may be glorified in us, through the promise of the Father
that such will be to those that love His coming.
Let each live, then, as though they EXPECTED their concept of the Master Christ
to DINE with them today.
What WOULD ye have to offer as the fruits of thine own life, thine thoughts, thine acts, thine deeds?
For, "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my little ones ye have done it unto me."

(Q) [585]: Is it the lack of patience that causes me to find my problems so hard to overcome?
If so, how may I gain the necessary patience to overcome these problems?
(A) As has been given, first - Is thine ideal only in Him?
Is thine self in accord with thine ideal?
Is thine virtue and understanding in accord with these?
Then with patience wait for that awakening which will make for an understanding
of that necessary to overcome - even as He.
Taking stock, then, with self, one may know whether it is patience, faith, virtue, knowledge, brotherly love,
or what, lacking in self. Do not find the fault in the other, but rather cleanse thine OWN mind,
heart and soul, and the proper attitude toward whatever problem that presents itself
will be in that manner of understanding love that knows no fear,
but being content in HIS praise, His love, His understanding.

(Q) From time to time I have had to come into my room a friend who has passed on.
Is this contact harmful or beneficial?
(A) In this, there are always those seeking that we may help, that may help us;
For as we help another does help come to us.
Pray for that friend, that the way through the shadows may be easier for them.
It becomes easier for you.

(Q) [993]: Is there a message for me that will help me to practice patience?
(A) Use that thou knowest, and with patience wait for the light that comes with the knowledge of
"I am using that Thou gavest me."

(Q) [69]: When one has gotten the understanding of the oneness with the Father-Mother-God,
why is it one does not experience the joy and bliss, and overcome all inharmony,
which is their divine birthright? May I have the answer from Master Jesus, if possible?
(A) Then, with patience wait for that. Is that attained in thine self so that the Consciousness of the Master
comes to thee in all thine hours, then with patience wait ye on the Lord;
For as one finds that in the understanding of the Oneness,
when HE has FOUND that the vessel is worthy of acceptation it is KEPT full.

(Q) Compilers: Is there any message to the Compilers?
(A) Take that given, in how the expansion should be, and weave it into that which has been given in,
in such a manner that it may become a blessing to those who seek.

(Q) Regarding personal message on patience. First, [115].
(A) Let that mind be in thee as was in Him, that in patience will ye possess -
 or be aware, or understand the development of thine own relationship to the Creative Forces
that may manifest in material forces in the earth.

(Q) [404]:
(A) Keep that as is set before thee as thine ideal,
whether in relationships to individuals, home or abroad,
and know that no temptation or trial is not accompanied
with the way or manner of escape in thine ideal
 - else thine ideal is below the mark of the higher calling set in Him.

(Q) [341]:
(A) In patience comes understanding of the relationships of ideals,
and those that make for that unworthy of being tried are unworthy of being trusted for the entering in;
For who goeth to war without first counting the cost?
So, in thine ideals, as in relationships to the attributes of the Father,
count the cost through the patience that may be had in thine own experience.

(Q) [288]:
(A) Count not that day as an ideal that something has not been overcome
in the experience of patience;
For as ye sow ye reap - and the reward is in Him.

(Q) [307]:
(A) In using day by day that as is known, in Him does the growth come;
For ye grow in grace, in knowledge, in understanding, in Him.
Through patience does there come the abilities of application of that gained day by day,
line upon line, here a little, there a little.
As ye overcome is strength gained.

(Q) [2124]:
(A) Keep in the way that leads to the spiritual awakenings of the abilities in Him
that may be manifest in thee.
Thou art the keeper of that entrusted in thy care, that is of Him.
What will ye return for that as has been given thee?

(Q) [295]:
(A) In patience does the ability come to manifest His attributes in the relationships with others;
For the kingdom is within.
With patience does the knowledge and understanding of its attributes come to be known in thee.
Let thine acts day by day be in keeping with that He has given.

(Q) [303]:
(A) Watch, that ye be not overcome.
Watch and pray, for as the Father giveth so does the understanding come
as to what may be accomplished in the efforts of the self in relationships to others;
and ye are the light bearers for Him. [See also 262-28]

(Q) [993]:
(A) Ye know in whom ye have believed.
Keep that as is committed in thy care,
that the returns may be in keeping with that trust as given in thy care.

(Q) [[69]'s husband]:
(A) Day by day showeth forth the love of the Father.
In patience do we become aware of same in our own experience,
and as to how same adds to the spiritual man.
In hope, in faith, in charity, in love, in patience,
does the understanding - and knowledge - and intellect and integrity - come.

(Q) [294]:
(A) Keep the way open that patience may have its course in thee,
knowing that the crown comes to him that overcomes self.

(Q) [560]:
(A) The way is set before thee. In patience vary not from same.
In the glory of the Father may all be accomplished. Follow in His way.

(Q) [379]:
(A) By the works of self, through the faith in that thou believest,
does patience exercise itself in thine experience.
Know, as ye are known, that the answers to thy problems are set in Him.

(Q) [538]:
(A) Through patience and endurance does the crown of joy, happiness,
as the peace of His presence, give those blessings that are from His throne.
His presence, with peace, is the promise of those who with patience
endure the crosses that are set before thee [and them] day by day.

(Q) [2125]:
(A) Keep the faith, and in patience know in what thy faith is placed;
For it is as the crucible and the test of all attributes as related to the forces in the earth to the Father in glory.

(Q) [69]:
(A) In patience does the knowledge of the peace and understanding of His presence come.
An active force, not a passive one. Necessary that patience be exercised
that ye know the hope, the faith, the knowledge, the understanding of His ways in the earth.

(Q) [413]:
(A) In knowledge and power comes responsibility, that in patience may be tested in self.
Be not overcome by either trials or by those joys that may make forgetfulness of the source
from which the power comes.
In patience is the race of life run, that the joys may be the greater in Him.

(Q) [585]:
(A) As patience magnifies His presence in thy experience, so does the glory of "Well done" come
with the activities of the attributes of love, hope, charity, patience, that ye know the way - and He is the guide.
In patience possess ye your soul.

(Q) [462]: Is there a message for me today?
(A) In those understandings that bring the knowledge of the Father, in the relationships of individuals day by day,
may there with patience be gained the understanding of the crosses that may be borne,
the attaining of that as may gain the greater knowledge of His will.
He that is without those crosses has ceased to be of notice, and is no longer among the sons.
In patience, then, comes the knowledge and the abilities to apply same in the relationships of men among men,
for "All power is given me in heaven and in earth",
and in patience may ye receive the promise of
"My presence will be thy guide, my peace will be thy reward."

(Q) [404]: How does tribulation work patience, as given in Romans 5:3?
(A) As has been indicated in that "Whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth",
and purgeth every one;
for corruption may NOT inherit eternal life, and must be burned up.
Know that thy God is a consuming fire, and must purge every one,
that ye may enter in. In patience does one overcome.

(Q) Is there a message on patience for me today?
(A) As given, keep the promise.
They are thine, who are faithful in the little things - and ye will be ruler over many.

(Q) [295]: Of what significance in this lesson was my experience during meditation recently,
in which a voice asked, "[295], can you reach?" and then stopped suddenly.
Did I hear all of the question, which stopped so suddenly?
(A) Compare with that as has been given,
in that ye purge yourselves through patience
of that that would hinder from entering in.

(Q) Is there any message for the group as a whole at this time?
(A) Ye have taken upon yourselves that as is worthy of the calling as set in Him.
"Ye have chosen me, even as I have chosen you."
Be faithful and patient, that ye may enter in.

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