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Cooperation and "the Silent Wars"

Cooperation and the Silent Wars
By Brian David Alderson (BDA)

    In the first Search for God Study group that met together in 1931 the opening subject that was discussed was cooperation. The cooperation studied by the group was of a spiritual nature and as such was defined as “losing sight of self and becoming a channel through which blessings may flow to others.”

     While most of the members of our modern society may not hold this high ideal of cooperation we all cooperate with each other in one form or another for mutual benefits and it is through this cooperation that we have created this world of today with all its technical wonders and material comforts. Consider for a moment the cooperation needed to erect a multi-storey skyscraper. Think about the number of people involved; the architects and planners, accountants, quantity surveyors, the drain layers, the truck drivers, the plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters, plasterers, glaziers and clerks to name just a few all involved and working together to construct this edifice to stand tall, possibly for centuries. 

    Reflect on the ease in which we can get hold of all our food and household goods by simply taking a trip to our local supermarket. Consider the cooperation needed to have all these goods which come from all over the country - all over the world - assembled in this one place. The farmers, the fruit pickers, the butchers, transport workers, packers, the crews of ships, the food processors, the manufacturers of packaging and containers, the refrigeration engineers, cleaners, checkout operators, buyers, storemen, all working in cooperation so that we can acquire all our necessities of life with utmost ease just a short distance from where we live.
   We can witness cooperation in all areas of our society; we cooperate to provide health and education, to provide entertainment and recreation, to maintain and develop the country’s infrastructure, to provide our essential utilities such as water and electricity, to maintain law and order, social services, a safe environment and a democratic government.

    With all the technological and material advances and benefits that have been made through our cooperating with each other we would expect a world in which we would be living in peace and harmony, in which at least all the basic needs of the world’s population would be met just as they are for most of us in the Western world, but we know only too well that this is not the case. A great part of the world’s population does not have enough to eat. There are wars and internal strife in many countries. Even in our own country there is much violence, crime and conflict between various groups, between those that have much and those who have little. We are witness to the fact that much of our population is not happy, is under stress and ill through our style of living.

    Why, then do these negative situations exist? One answer is in the ‘silent wars’ which pervade through the heart of our society. These silent wars are fought in opposition to cooperation. The wars originate from individuals, groups of people and corporations who put their own interests above the common good of our society and the reason why they do this is simply selfishness and greed. Their incomes, their sales and resulting profits and dividends are more important to them than the health, safety and well-being of their fellow men, the rest of society.

    Take for example the food industry. One of the most serious health issues the developed world is currently facing is obesity caused on the whole by overeating and eating the wrong foods. Our health authorities do what they can to promote better eating habits but they have limited resources available to them which come from our taxes. On the other hand the manufacturers of these foods, which are the cause of the problem, rather than cooperate with the health authorities in limiting the negative effects of their products, promote the consumption of them in direct opposition to the efforts of the authorities. These manufacturers, who are often large multi-national companies, have vast resources available to them which can by far outmatch the resources of the health authorities so that in the battle for the health of our people as against the sales and profits of these companies the companies are presently winning the war.

    We see a similar situation with the constant barrage of advertising and promotion of patent drugs as against the encouragement of the use of natural fruits and vegetables for the long term maintenance of our health. The farmers producing these fruits and vegetables have few resources available to promote their crops while the drug manufacturers, being amongst the wealthiest companies in the world have enormous resources available for lobbying, advertising and promotion of their drugs which often have long term side affects damaging to our health. In the last few days it was announced that a major drug company had for years promoted a drug knowing full well that the side effects of these drugs were very harmful, but the incentive of massive profits far outweighed the drug manufacturer’s concern for their customers. 
   Another matter of ever increasing concern in New Zealand, and apparently other countries in the developed world, is the escalating household debt caused principally by new mortgages for housing loans and the rising debts on credit cards. More and more housing loans are being granted as property prices reach record high levels and interest rates are on the increase. Economists have been warning that with rising interest rates and the likelihood that house prices are about to peek followed by a decline in prices many mortgagees will not be able to meet their debt repayments. Worse still as loans are being given at no or low deposits it is likely that in many cases the house prices will fall below the amounts owing on the mortgages so that not only are the mortgagees going to face the possibility of losing their homes but could be saddled with a large debt as well. If the banks and other financial institutions worked in cooperation with the economists and treasury officials by being more prudent and conservative in there lending policies they could have helped to avoid the coming crises but the desire for profits above all else has resulted in them opposing attempts to reduce the levels of national indebtedness.         

    Perhaps the greatest challenge the world is facing is climate change brought about by the destruction of most of the world’s forests and the pollution of our atmosphere from CO2, much of which comes from the internal combustion engines in our motor vehicles. For decades our roads have become more and more cluttered with ever increasing numbers of vehicles using this fixed amount of roads to the point where the clogged roads are stifling our cities as each year we get closer and closer towards complete gridlock. Those in political power have known for decades about this problem and the environmental damage being caused and are aware of the solution, which is in turning to public transport rather than private cars. But because of the power of the vehicle manufacturers and the oil companies whose prime objectives is to sell more of their products to produce profits for their shareholders the small efforts of our leaders are no match in the battle to win the hearts and minds of the people and to alter the course we are heading.
   When governments and corporations cooperate and adopt ethical principles rather than concentrating on selfish motives seeking power and profits above all else we can begin to experience real peace and harmony. However governments and corporations will not change until the the people that run them change. Therefore it is up to us as individuals to work on the spirit of cooperation firstly in our own households, then in our workplaces, communities and governments.

From the Edgar Cayce Readings:  
    For as He gave, "The heavens and the earth will pass away, but my word - and deed, and kindness and loving thought, patience, persistence in the right – do not pass away."
They are the foundation stones upon which generations are built. They are the foundation stones upon which nations rise that seek to know God. These taken away make for those destructive forces that have arisen and do arise in the experience of nations when man has forsaken God and turned rather to a god of greed, a god of gold, a god of stone, a god of fame, a god of fortune. These fade and die, but the good deeds, the kindnesses, the gentle word remains forever.


    What can we, as individuals, do about these silent wars? Firstly we must follow our ideals -   
"Others may do as they may, but for me and my house, we will serve the Living God." Each of us must be “one that is not unmindful of the fear, the doubt, that stalks abroad in the land at this particular period in the history of the land when greed, avarice, misunderstanding, has taken the judgement away from many and they struggle for that they know not what.”  333-1

    And at this time of another looming financial crisis we should insure that we live within our incomes and when we have savings these investments and savings go to companies that are motivated by more than just the bottom line, companies that work in cooperation with the best elements of our society.  - BDA

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Updated: 8 August 2018