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Dreams and the Soul 

Dreams and the Soul - Selected Readings

Dreams are the projection of subconscious
with the collaboration of the mental forces
in the physical.

Dreams are the actions of the subconscious forces of the body,
manifested through that state when the conscious forces
of the physical body are subjugated.

Dreams are the emanations from the conscious, subconscious,
or superconscious, or the combination and correlation of each,
depending upon the individual and the personal development
of the individual, and are to be used in the lives of such for
the betterment of such individual.

Dreams are the relations found between
the conscious existence of forces in self
and that reached through the subconscious
forces of the body.

Dreams are correlations of the physical
with the subconscious forces of the body.

Dreams manifested through the consciousness
gained from the subconscious forces.

The subconscious mental forces
make manifest through physical-mental,
being those conditions brought
by the mental force of the body.

Dreams are partly brought to the physical consciousness
of the conditions made manifest in the subconscious.
Portions of the dream give the realization of the mentality
having passed through an experience, as seen in this dream.

We see the awakening of the conscious forces
correlating with the subconscious force of the individual,
These correlations are then presented to the entity
in the form of vision or dream.

Dreams are the presentations of conditions
weighed between subconscious and the
conscious forces in the cosmic [super-conscious]
or subjection of the physical consciousness,
yet through the vision of that physical force
of the subconscious are brought
to the consciousness in dream-vision, see?
And may be used as lessons
for a more perfect understanding
of those forces as may be manifest in the physical world.

Dreams come to the entity in those forms
of the physical, of the spiritual, of the subconscious,
and when studied aright may give the understanding,
that the entity may gain the more perfect knowledge
concerning manifested forces of that Creative Force
in a physical world.

Dreams are these:
The interpretation through the subconscious forces
of that carried in the mental forces of body-mind,
and may be used in the manner that will bring
the better understanding of phenomenized conditions
to the body-mind, see?

Dreams are the correlations of physical conditions,
and mental conditions, that are weighed, correlated
through the subconscious forces for the entity to use.

Dreams, visions, and impressions
gained in the experiences through
the subconscious forces,
are giving to the entity lessons
that may be applied in the physical body,
the physical mind, in the material manner,
outlined for the body.

Lessons gained from dreams
are the truths that come to the entity
by making the entity in attunement and at-onement
with those Universal Forces, into which
the body-conscious mind enters when in the 
somnambulistic state or in sleep
for the subconscious force to operate on.

Dreams are those conditions
in the consciousness of the entity,
varying in their phases by conditions
presented from time to time
as the body conscious varies in its action, see?
In the physical forces many subjugations
cause many variations.
For the subconscious is more active
in that stage when the body consciousness
is subjugated to physical laws.

Dreams are of the subconscious through
the psychic [soul] forces manifested
in the individual, giving to the mental
those lessons that may be used by the entity
as the manifestations of the phenomenized force
manifest through self or through others.

Dreams are the interpretation of physical conditions
that are carried through mental forces
into the subconscious and correlated there
with conditions from cosmic forces
that bring experiences and conditions
to the physical mind in dream.

Dreams and visions are those correlations
of body-mind conditions weighed
with subconscious forces of entity.

Dreams are the correlations
through the subconscious forces
of physical actions in material world,
weighed with cosmic experiences
in the spiritual world, and give those lessons
through which the body-mind,
the body-physical, the body-spiritual,
may develop in the material world - see?

Dreams are the correlations of the conditions
that are carried in the mental of the entity,
and through the subconscious
correlated into physical actions
that bring to the mind lessons
that may be applied in the daily life.

In vision there is given the correlation of the mental mind
with the subconscious forces of the entity, and
as the conscious mind only reasons by comparison,
and the subconscious by inductive reasoning,
then the correlation of these are presented
in the manner that is often emblematical,
often in a way of direct comparison,
that entity may gain, through same,
necessary lessons for development
of mental proclivities of the entity.

As the entity in the physical mind adjusts
the mental proclivities of the body-mind to that
attunement, the subconscious gives more and more
experiences in direct or emblematical manner,
that may be used in physical conditions
for the betterment and the better understanding
of the entity's mental forces.

The dreams, the visions, the impressions,
come in the way and manner as have been given.
Some body physical percepts.
Some visions of the subconscious forces,
and a weighing together of subconscious
and physical forces that are manifested
in the material or physical body mind.

Dreams are for the entity to gain that insight
and full consciousness of the strength that lies from within,
when attuned to that consciousness that brings
lessons and experiences to the body-conscious mind
through the subconscious forces of the entity.

Dreams are the weighing of matters, conditions,
elements, in the mental mind with the subconscious forces
and experiences of the body,
and come in emblematical or in direct response
to desire of the mental body to acquaint self
with the more perfect understanding.
Hence the body is nearer to that point where
the mystic or the subconscious self
may be applied than most individuals.

or the visions,
or the experiences of the mental abilities,
or correlation of mental abilities with activities
of the subconscious forces of body,
or the experiences of the individual through
the subconscious experience of the body,
may be applied in the life
in the way as has been given.

Dreams and visions through subjugation
of the consciousness and the activity
of the mental and subconscious being
finds expressions in the various phases and ways
as seen and experienced by the entity,
and are to be applied, and may be applied,
in the manner as has been given.

Dreams are physical conditions
that have been turned in the mind,
weighed in the mental body-mind, and now,
being acted upon through the action
of the subconscious force,
present to the entity visions or conditions
that are warnings for self and for others.

Dreams come to the body through the
channels of the mind, and are experiences
to the body-conscious mind, in the manner
and way as directed by the consciousness
of the entity, in conjunction with the
subconscious forces of the entity.

Dreams are those correlations of the physical
with the subconscious mind of the entity,
and with the cosmic consciousness
there is gained those impressions
which may be used in the physical
for the benefit of the present
physical of the body-mind of [195].

Dreams presented here are 
those conditions which are weighed
with the subconscious forces of the entity
in such a manner that the physical-mental mind
may gain lessons through these experiences
of the conditions that are presented
in an emblematical way, and may be applied
in the physical sense to bring the better
conditions for the body.

Dreams are in that way and manner
of presenting conditions that are either
in the body-conscious mind
and presented to the subconscious
for the interpretation or of presenting
through the subconscious,
in emblematical way and manner,
those conditions existent in the body
for the interpretation from [the subconscious].

Dreams come when the body-conscious mind
has weighed in the inner self
what is presented through the subconscious
experiences, conditions as regarding [the entity].
Dreams are presented in an emblematical manner
to the conscious mind for the benefit of the entity.

Dreams come to individuals through
the subjugation of the conscious mind.
And the subconscious being of the soul
- when loosed - is able to communicate
with the subconscious minds of those
whether in the material or the cosmic plane.

Dreams are applicable to the body,
in the study of forces manifested
in the physical world, and are correlations
of mental-mind, body-mind, soul, and
the subconscious forces, or mind of the soul.

Dreams are that way and manner
that visions and dreams are presented
to individual consciousness
for the lessons that may be gained from [dreams],
either from the concept of the conscious mind,
gaining through the subconscious
the interpretation of those conditions
as are being enacted before the life,
or those on which the entity has given thought
in the physical plane to the subconscious
for its interpretation, either from the subconscious
or from the superconscious forces of the entity itself.

Dreams are the correlation of body-conscious,
or mental-conscious, or both, with the subconscious
experiences of the entity relating to physical conditions
through which the mental and body-conscious mind passes.
And in the state of transudation of the body-conscious
to the subconscious forces the entity receives impressions
in dreams or visions of those experiences as may be applied
in the life, or in the action, or that study of the entity
as regarding conditions about the entity.
transudation: filtration or pass through a filter

All visions and dreams are given
for the benefit of the individual,
if only they interpret them correctly.
Visions, or dreams, in whatever character
they may come, are the reflection,
(1) of the physical condition, with the apparitions,
(2) or of the subconscious, with the conditions relating to
the physical body and its action, either through
mental or through the elements of the spiritual entity,
(3) or a projection from the spiritual forces to
the subconscious of the individual.
And happy may he be that is able to say
they have been spoken to through the dream or vision.

Dreams are the correlations of the physical mind
with subconscious forces, and are presented
in the picturalization of conditions present and to
come, as related to that reached by deductive reasoning
of the conscious forces.

Dreams are lessons to be applied in their daily lives
and are the correlating of the developments of
the mind, the body, the soul forces of [the entity],
acted upon by the soul forces of subconscious mind
in inductive forces and emblematically given
to the mind as instructions, see?

Dreams are the association of the physical
and spiritual forces of the entity and the work
being done for other entities.
Hence the various characters
in their relative position, and is the force
of the subconscious with inductive reasoning.
For the subconscious and portions of same vibration,
passing to the force as governs reason in the entity,
brings the great stress on the system at times.

We find body and mind in that passive state,
wherein the action of positive suggestion
from physical mind directs toward the Universal Forces,
as found in subconscious direction,
capable of using physical faculties and
the cosmic and spiritual and superconsicous
forces all in action.

Dreams are the correlations of cosmic and
subconscious forces acting through
the mental forces of the entity
and presenting those experiences,
or those pictures of conditions,
in an emblematical manner to entity.

These visions which are presented in dreams
are those correlations of body-mind
with the subconscious forces in action
regarding physical thought and
study of the entity's actions,
as related to those conditions in which
thought, intent and purpose,
with the urges of body,
are correlated with same, see?

Dreams are emblematical
of the way and manner in which
the physical conditions are to be brought about
in the operations of the work being attempted;
For these are dreams:
The correlation of subconscious forces
with other subconscious minds and entities
who are related directly and indirectly
with the operations of same.

Dreams are those correlations of
the subconscious forces of the entity,
in that way and manner and
should be used by entity for the development
and better understanding of the conditions
presented, physically, from time to time.

For oft dreams, visions, present to the individual
those conditions existent in the mental forces or body-mind.
Through the mind and subconscious they give
that experience, either in emblematical or direct way
and manner, in which many changes may be seen,
many conditions averted, and many advantages
taken of experiences seen in same.

Dreams come as answers to various conditions
in mental forces that pass through
the body-physical mind, and are interpretations
of visions from the subconscious
or superconscious force of the entity.

Dreams are the experiences of the subconscious
correlated with the various conditions
to be used in the ways and manners
as have been outlined for the body.
In the experience through which
the body-conscious mind passes with the
correlation of those conditions which were
visioned through the subconscious force.

Dreams are the correlation
of the physical with the cosmic forces
and the subconscious weighing or giving
that experience to the body-mind
for the development of the entity.

Dreams may be used 
for the entity's development,
in the entity's gaining that of how
the subconscious weighs with
the conscious forces of the entity,
when these apply to action, and
may be acted upon by the physical body.

Dreams are the culmination of experiences,
or high points in mental forces of the entity,
and are presented to the subconscious forces,
through its various experiences in mental
conditions of a physical being,
for an explanation and an interpretation of
these experiences,
and then comes back as experiences through
the dreams or visions to the body,
or material mind of the entity.
Then, these may be acted upon,
in the material way, or in the mental
and spiritual way, for the entity's own experience,
for good, for development, for betterment
of conditions in the entity's existence.
Use them as such.

Now, we have this developing mind of an entity
that becomes impressed with those visions
as are presented to the consciousness,
through the subconscious or subliminal self
and these are presented that the entity,
in the study and thought that may be put on same,
for the entity's good and edification.
That is, that the entity may better understand self,
and self's application to conditions as arise in its life.

Dreams are experiences of the subconscious forces,
weighed with that of the body-mind,
in its attempt to give the forces in same
that experience necessary for the better
understanding and development of
the consciousness of the individual.

Dreams or visions come to the entity
through those subconscious forces
and may be used in the way and manner,
and are for the edification of the entity,
will if same will be applied in the material life.

Dreams are the correlation of the
subconscious forces magnifying and manifesting
through the conscious forces, and should be
used as has been given.

In this [dream] we again see the action of the subconscious
forces predominating when the consciousness is at obeisance
to subconscious forces, and the projection of mental conditions
weighed, measured, by those accumulations of subconscious
with existent conditions, and this relates to the conditions existent
in the normal mind with other normal minds and is that exemplification
of those conditions in a manner of an emblematical condition,
representing the hardships, the wrong individual, the wrong manner
of approach, the fears of the mental nature in the work as is being
attempted by the body at the present time, in relating and relation
to reaching those planes of attained, and attainment of, knowledge.

Dreams are conditions wherein the mental forces
of the body are developing where the subconscious forces
are able to correlate with the mental forces of the physical body
the conditions as are being presented to the body
for study and thought in the material world.

All of these phases included in
the different visions or co-relations, as it were,
between the subconscious and the conscious forces
of the entity, and the body then only becomes a conscious
in part of such, yet all so connect one with the other
that we find these three phases of the entity represented
in this dream, for it is a continuation of one from another,
only the different approach is given.

The impression of flashes received by the body
in consciousness when just bordering on that of
the wholly unconscious conditions is merely
flashes of the subconscious forces correlating
with thought and study of the mental forces,
and are to be used as a basis for thought and study
of the individual self, and to gain the knowledge of how
and in what manner these do vary from that of men,
and are to be interpreted by self.

A dream of a wholly reaction in
the subconscious forces, and is emblematical
of that existent in self of the timidity of expression
and the lack of the correct study of self before
expressing self to others.

This dream is that co-relation of the mental forces of individuals
acted upon by the mentality of the subconscious force
through the individual visualizing same in that called dream,
and the lessons are gathered from this dream are interpretations,
or as has been given aforetime,
"That given (dream) is for Man's learning and understanding,
and should be studied as such."

Dreams are the correlation of circumstances
and conditions presented in the mind
and the subconscious forces of the body,
and viewed in emblematical ways and manner,
and each dream has its individual interpretation
or meaning in the life of the body.

(Q) Explain: "By the suggestion the subconscious
may be wavered by the forces that are brought to bear
on the subconscious to reach conscious mind,
just as we have in a purely mechanical form."
[3744-3, Par. 18-A]
(A) In the wavering of forces as applied from
the subconscious to the conscious mind,
first we must take into consideration that
conscious mind is of the material world a part.
The subconscious mind may only be fully understood
when viewed from the spiritual viewpoint or aspect.
The conscious mind rarely gains the entrance to truth
in the subconscious, save in rest, sleep, or when
such consciousnesses are subjugated through
the act of the individual, as in the case of Edgar Cayce,
through which the subject matter was given.
The illustration as given of mechanical way,
that is as appearance of stick in water appears bent.
When the consciousness views subconscious forces
they appear wavered or bended, when viewed
from wholly a material viewpoint,
whether from the dream in sleep, or viewed by
a conscious mind or material mind of truth
from trance or from the subconscious condition.
Hence in the sleep we may have the superseding
appearance of the consciousness and thus waver
the appearance of truth obtained, or we may have
the suggestion as is given to a mind directing
the truth to be obtained from subconscious forces
bended in such a manner as to give the wavered
aspect to the truth as given.
In such a manner, or in one of such manners,
then do we see the wavering often (not always)
of truths obtained by a consciousness from
the subconscious forces.
Just as illustrated in the mechanical manner
as given in subject matter.

This Enity with many of the dreams
and the co-relations of the conscious
and subconscious minds of this body, with
the lessons from such co-relation through Urim.
may be used to the betterment of
the understanding of the individual.

Dreams coming to the body,
are the partaking of correlation
of the mental with the subconscious forces,
and are presented in a physical tangible manner
in the way of those of emblematical forms
for the body's, mind's, own interpretation of same.

Dreams are are the various presentations
of the mental forces of body being correlated
through action of subconscious forces with
that element to which the suggestive forces
of consciousness in dream or subconscious state
direct such co-relating of conditions presented
to the consciousness through the manner of dream
in emblematical and in picturalization of conditions
that are and do appear, giving then the inductive
reasoning to the points to which the deduction
has brought the mental forces and capacities
of the individual mind.

Dreams are the manifestations
of the enquiring forces given to
the conscious forces from inductive reasoning
of subconscious with the body-mind in
the sleeping state, and are brought as lessons
to the developing forces of the body,
that same may act as an experience in the spiritual life
of the entity towards the truths and lessons,
and are as an illustration from the emblematical forms
as presented to the body from time to time.

Dreams are the forces of subconsciousness
being in that position of the active mind of
the physical forces, and bringing manifestations
to the body from subconscious interpretation
of the thought, intent, purpose, desire of
the body-mind, with the correlating of
the spiritual forces as are manifest through
such desires.
Also we see those purely physical forces with
their spiritual elements gaining in such a way
as to be interpreted through the inductive forces
of subconscious or soul forces of the body.

The body-mind and enquiring forces
of this mental development of the entity brings
those of the dream or vision to the entity that mean,
through their projection of the various elements
considered by the inductive forces of subconsciousness,
the lessons presented.

Dreams come in various forms
and manners and are presented for
the body's understanding, will the body but
accept the lessons given and profit thereby.
The body-mind becomes more sensitive
to the various planes of mental development
and mental relation with subconscious
and spiritual forces.
The magnifying of conditions are presented
to the body in the way partaking of various forms
of physical presentations to present the lessons
gained from such correlation of the mental
and spiritual forces of the entity.

Yes, we have the body and mind here,
with those dreams and visions as come to the body
as interpretation, or as an exemplification of the
thoughts made deeds in the subconscious forces,
with same giving the inductive reasoning to same,
that the lessons may become a portion of the body,
(spiritual) of the entity, [900], and are applicable
then to the body in the study as is being made
of the phenomenas of life in the material world.

Dreams are the experiences necessary
for the mental forces to gain insight into the
spiritual laws manifested in material manner.
Dreams are as would be termed psychic
phenomena, or the spiritual law using those forces
of the mental forces, or the subconscious and
soul forces, to give the inductive force of reason
as may be put into practical usage in a material force.
Well to judge between those of a spiritual lesson
and that as may be used for material gains.

Dreams are those interpretations
of the subconscious with the physical and the
superconscious through inductive reasoning forces.
Dreams are the lessons that the entity 
may gain the better insight into the issues of life,
using dreams to illustrate, direct, that message
given to this entity, see?

Dreams are lessons given for the understanding
which the body seeks to gain by
the correlation of the subconscious forces
with the mental attributes to the body-mind;
then giving the dream to the consciousness in such
a manner to make the lessons from dreams
the practical application of that being studied by the entity.

Dreams are those coordinating forces of the
conscious, subconscious and superconscious
forces, manifesting in a phenomenized manner,
and from which the entity may gain lessons
and truths, such as may be used in a physical
manner, for truth is truth and makes one free.

Dreams are the developments, of the
correlations of physical and subconscious forces,
that give the experience to the body-mind,
that lessons may be gained into the study
of life's phenomena, as exercised in the
material world through spiritual forces,
as are manifest in all life.

Dreams are the correlation of physical conditions
that wish to weigh conditions between
physical consciousness and the subconscious
inductive forces from the cosmic consciousness,
and may be the interpretation of the physical or of
the cosmic forces, depending upon, then, the intent,
the purpose of the individual when same is received
through and by the conscious forces.

Dreams in their various stages,
show the development of the entity and the correlation
of subconscious forces with physical, presenting in
emblematical form various lessons that may be used
in the physical life of this body.

With the gaining of understanding of the spiritual laws
that govern the spiritual action in physical life,
the concept of the manifestations presented
to the body in that state when the subconscious
becomes the mind and the ruling force of
the physical body, many insights to the reason,
cause and effects of phenomenized conditions
in a phenomenized world may be seen, experienced
and lessons gained from dreams that will give
the truer meaning to all life.

Dreams are what the mental-physical
forces brings to the subconscious for its acceptance
or condemnation (weighing), as seen in the dreams
that come to the entity.
Dreams may be used for the developments of the entity,
would the entity gain knowledge and understanding
of laws governing same.

Dreams are the correlation of the subconscious
with cosmic forces and the spiritual entity giving voice
to the physical developing forces of the entity,
that a more perfect understanding through
correct application may come to the entity,
to carry out those conditions, those places,
those lessons, those statutes, that have been set
and which the entity may give in an
understandable manner to many.

Dreams are the correlation of the mental forces,
with the cosmic and the subconscious entity
giving those relations and facts that lie between the two.
Through this manner the entity gains the insight
to the spiritual forces manifesting in the material world.

Dreams are the correlation between
the conscious forces and those cosmic forces
being built in the entity, with the action
of subconscious in giving the relations
of each in an emblematical manner,
when such are presented.

Dreams are the conditions in subconscious,
mental, superconscious and cosmic forces,
weighed together in such a manner as
to give to the body-mind consciousness
lessons or visions of conditions, whether in
the mental, the superficial, the subconscious
or from the cosmic forces, and often are
a combination of all.

Dreams come more and more closer
to that correlation of the subconscious in
the consciousness of the entity, and as
the spirit forces manifest more nominally,
the understanding to the entity comes
clearer and clearer.

Dreams come from the correlation
of the various conditions as relate to mind and
the conscious, subconscious, superconscious forces,
as are manifest through these conditions as
presented to the consciousness of body-mind in dream.

Dreams are those correlations of physical,
mental, subconscious and superconscious
forces manifesting in this phenomenized manner,
giving those lessons to the consciousness
in forms of illustrations, or in emblematical conditions
as give experiences to the physical forces of this entity.

Dreams come nearer and nearer,
when allowed to do so, to that inner consciousness
that may be brought to the oneness with the mental
and the subconscious reasoning, see?

Dreams still come nearer that literal experience
to the subconscious forces of the entity and may be
used in the way and manner given, see?

Dreams are the correlation of
the conditions existent in the physical mind,
correlated with those experiences of the
subconscious mind, and give to the entity
those lessons that may be applied in the life,
as regarding conditions relating to the entity.

Dreams in their various phases, represent
in the physical conscious mind those conditions
as have been weighed in the mental forces of the entity,
with the subconscious; thereby gaining the greater insight,
through same, of the action of phenomenized forces
in the physical plane, and as to how these apply directly
to the entity, in thought, and through same, in action,
as relating to self, position with others, and to others'
relations and thought, and action, toward self.

Dreams and visions come to the entity
in that way and manner for the entity,
and in these various experiences,
which partake of subconscious and soul forces,
of physical mind, and those conditions
as subjugated to same, these lessons,
may be used by entity to build into
the consciousness of the entity
those truths and lessons as are experienced
through the visions.

Dreams are a correlation of physical
and mental conditions in the entity, acted upon
by the subconscious forces 
and are the correlation of these conditions,
under the stress or mind action of
the subconscious entity, and vary according
to that suggestion given by the mental forces
of the entity when the physical consciousness
is laid aside, or may be that consciousness
awakening in the entity when such is heard,
as a voice, or as an impression to the entity,
as an existent condition present with
the physical body.

Dreams that come to the body from time to time
are in that relation to the entity, its development,
its mental forces, its subconscious reasoning,
through the subliminal, to the entity,
and are lessons, or experiences for
the mental force to use as has been given.

Dreams come to the body
in the way and manner as have been given.
The developments of the entity,
as to the consciousness of that transmission
or transition of body conscious mind to
the subconscious forces of the body,
and the correlation of same, become more
and more cognizant to the entity, bringing more
and more that which, if studied the more thoroughly,
will bring the better understanding to the entity;
as the development progresses, the increased
consciousness of the transition becomes apparent.

Dreams are the interpretation
of those conditions that are correlated
in the subconscious, of those conditions
in the mental and body mind, and
may be used by entity in way and manner
as have been given.

Dreams are the correlation of the physical
mental mind with the subconscious forces of the entity,
and presented in visions that are emblematical,
or presentations of various conditions as are studied,
wavered, judged, by the body physical mind.

Dreams and visions that come to the consciousness
of this entity are the correlation of the various phases
of the concept of the conscious and the body mind,
and with the subconscious giving at times
the interpretation thereof.

Dreams are in that way and manner
of giving the experience to the body conscious mind
of the correlation of conditions, as things, that are
presented to the subconscious for its interpretation,
and these are acted upon by the subconscious
and superconscious mind of the entity, and the visions,
the voice, the lessons, the conditions, come then
as experiences, that the body conscious and the conscious
mind may gain the greater concept of the existing conditions
in the life, and in the world, for the entity.

Vision and dreams presented to the body
are those conditions that the subconscious answers,
or the body conscious presents to the subconscious
conditions and circumstances, and these are answered
often in emblematical form.
There are conditions presented in the subconscious
and answered through the superconscious' introspection
of the subconscious of the entity with the concept of the individual.

Dreams present themselves,
- in visions from the subconscious,
- in visions from the body conscious mind
seeking solutions of conditions
in the mental forces of the body,
as may be correlated through those experiences
of the subconscious forces and of the superconscious,
giving the impressions through subconscious
to the body-conscious mind.

Dreams come to the entity through
those channels and are for experiences
to the body conscious mind;
then are lessons from the subconscious and
superconscious forces of the conditions in the life,
or experience of entity, when studied in that way
and manner.

Now, the dreams as we see that come to the body
are nearer and nearer, as the consciousness
of the Entity becomes nearer to that one consciousness
- that is, as the body conscious, the physical or
sensuous consciousness, and the subconsciousness,
becomes nearer in one, or nearer in accord with each,
the visions, the dreams, as are seen, are more profound
in their presentation of the experience to the entity
of the combination of the consciousness, or consciousnesses,
of the entity, and therefore require of the entity nearer
the correct solution to the body consciousness,
or the mental consciousness, for the entity to keep
the normal equilibrium, for, without the perfect collaboration
of each, there may come that variation as has been given
in various conditions as have arisen from time to time.

Dreams are one of the various phases
of presented experiences, or conditions
weighed or seen through the subconscious
forces of the body.

While not all body-conscious experience is correct,
the lessons and the tenets of these experiences are correct;
the variation being the sum of the difference
in the expressing of body-conscious and
the subconscious through the mental-conscious
of the entity.

Dreams are the experiences
to the mental conscious mind of conditions
enacted and are correlating the experiences
of the subconscious and gaining through
that subconscious many lessons,
through the visions and dreams, that may be
used by the entity for development.
In the dreams the body shows the various phases
of the development. Use them.

Dreams reflect many of the conditions
the entity passes through, at or about the time.
Dreams are of those three elements of the mental mind,
of the subconscious mind,
of the correlation of the body mind with conditions mental,
and of the subconscious,
and often the subconscious with superconscious
giving in an experienced manner, or in vision,
those lessons, those truths, that the entity
may apply in the daily life, in the social life,
in the study life, in the mental life, to build in same
that as is necessary for the entity, as the ENTITY,
to gain the full consciousness of that power,
that force, manifested, exhibited,
shown, magnified, or belittled, through the efforts
of the entity in this physical plane.

Dreams come to mean more and more to the entity,
in the light of information and knowledge gained,
and the consciousness of the concept presented
to the entity through this manner of the subjugation
of the material and the cosmic consciousness and
subconscious and superconscious give experiences
to the entity of the field of vision of the soul mind,
or of the subconscious forces answering those
questions in the body conscious mind of the entity.

Dreams come through as experiences
to the body conscious mind,
from the correlation ideas, ideals, and
speculative reasoning of the conscious mind,
correlated with experiences of the subconscious
and may be used in the ways
and manners given.

Dreams, visions, and the meditations, are 
the developing consciousnesses of the entity
regarding the various conditions presented
to the entity from time to time, through correlation
of physical-mind, body-conscious-mind,
and subconscious and superconscious
conditions of the entity.

In the dreams presented to the entity from time to time
we see the various developments of the mental conscious,
the body conscious, and the correlation of these
with the subconscious forces.
And the entity is well to separate these,
one from another, and through these
gain the physical consciousness of conditions existent
and how they operate with the individual, see?

Dreams are lessons, either directly or emblematically,
and the body consciousness experiences in dreams
are those lessons that - applied in the physical forces
- become a portion of the inner conscience.
For mind is the builder - being conscious, subconscious,
superconscious, or each of the various phase of the whole,
the entity as a whole a portion of.
Then the applying of dreams one builds to that attained
through the ability to apply the lessons and truths
gained by experiences in and through earth's phases of life.

Edgar Cayce's mind is amenable to suggestion,
the same as all other subconscious minds,
but in addition thereto it has the power
to interpret to the objective mind of others
what it acquires from the subconscious mind
of other individuals of the same kind.
The subconscious mind forgets nothing.
The conscious mind receives the impression
from without and transfers all thought
to the subconscious, where it remains
even though the conscious be destroyed.
The subconscious mind of Edgar Cayce
is in direct communication with all other subconscious minds,
and is capable of interpreting through his objective mind
and imparting impressions received to other objective minds,
gathering in this way all knowledge possessed
by millions of other subconscious minds.

When the consciousness is laid aside, what
takes place is much in the same manner
as the spring to an automatic curtain roller.
This, then, is able to be pulled down or raised up
with the release of the spring.
Some call this going into the unknown.
Some call this spiritual, or spirit, communication.
Some call it the ability to gain the force of
the activities of the fourth dimension - which is
nearer correct than any explanation that may be given.
For it is the plane that is of the inter-between,
or that of the borderland - which all individuals occupy
through that period of gaining consciousness
of that sphere they themselves occupy,
until such a period or such a time that there is
that joining together of such forces as may again
bring that individual entity into the realm
of physical experience or being.
Now each individual seeks experiences, see?
Each individual must experience conditions
to become aware of that being present
or existent in their own experience,
or that becomes a portion of the whole of that entity.
Then, know, whenever there is the wholehearted
desire of all seeking such, there may be
the perfect action of the roller or spring,
or there may be the perfect application
of the information that may be gained.

In the mental forces, the entity and individual has the capacity
for much mental development, when the cares of the world,
or the lusts of the eye, do not interfere
with that spiritual force that should guide
and direct the mental activities in each life.
Not that the body in mental proclivities, or action,
should become pessimistic, sour or dormant
along lines pertaining to such, but in moderation,
ever knowing that in the correct development,
in every entity in mental forces, must be in that
direct way, taking of many elements, for all have
their relation one to another and each soul,
for of the mental the soul feeds.
The body must be well rounded in physical-mental attributes,
that the soul may develop and that the spiritual will remain
with that entity as the guiding force in the correct and upright channels.
As to the dreams, we have in these those elements
that enter into the mental forces and partake of those
entity's conditions as are exercised through
the various attributes of the mind, the soul
and the physical forces.
In the first, the condition merely representing that projection
with the activity of sub-conscious forces, acting with
desire in the body, which is an attribute of
the mental activities in an entity.
This is to be classed in the manner the entity,
or mental forces, sees fit, ever remembering all dreams
are but the speech of the conditions in the mental,
physical, or sub-conscious self.
In the second, we have that projection in a vision,
or the action of the spiritual in its relation to
the soul forces of the body.
This gives the same projection as has been given.
Each entity leaves its impressions in
the physical or earth plane.
Each entity may communicate with such by attuning
the soul and spirit forces to the plane, ever being
controlled by the mental activities of such conditions.
Hence, this partakes of the spiritual forces,
the soul forces, the sub-conscious forces,
the earthly forces, as manifested in the dream
and should be studied by the body through
mental forces and acquire the understanding
of these conditions.
In the next, we find through the sub-conscious
and super-conscious the projection of that injunctions
as has been given this entity.
"This day there has been set before thee good and evil.
Choose thou."
In this we find the possibilities of the development,
and is given, and was given, as a warning to
the body to be directed in that channel that would
bring the greater joys, for with the study as would
lead from the third the understanding of the first two
would become the normal conclusions of a well
balanced mental, spiritual and sub-conscious force
in the body.
Appearance in conditions as given, the relation
between the spirit of the entity in the beyond and
that superconsciousness in the entity of [900],
called (and improperly so) by some
as the spiritual appearance.
It is the attuning of the two consciousnesses
one with the other, for we find the guide of [900]
is that of the father.

Yes, we have the enquiring mind of the body of [900],
with dreams as this body has had.
We have had the mind here before.
The gradual development of the mind of this body,
in its different phases of expansion, has much to do
with the various visions as come to this mind
when in touch with the subconscious and
superconscious, or spiritual elements of the body
and the Universal Forces of same.
As the various discussions of conditions pertaining
to physical and material matters are weighed,
with the spiritual and the development of
subconscious contact, brings many conditions
of emblematical nature to the mind and
the various conditions are often presented
to the body through such, as we see in many
as have come to the individual, both in those
that have escaped the physical memory
of the body and those pertaining more to
secular conditions that have been brought into
the confines of a physical consciousness
of an experience in subconscious forces.

Yes, we have the body here and those dreams, as are called,
that have come to the consciousness of this body.
First, in giving an understandable interpretation of dreams,
or visions, or projections of a conscious mind
and of the superconsciousness, from which dreams, or visions,
may be obtained, we will give that producing same,
that these conditions as have arisen
may be understandable to this body, [900],
as we are speaking of here.
First, there are dreams that are produced by conditions
of the digestive system of a physical body.
None enter in this at this time.
Then, there are those manifestations that come
as the correlation of mental forces in a physical body
to the mental forces of other bodies and conditions.
These enter here.
Then, there are the relations of the mental
with those of the spiritual conditions of an entity,
from which the mental of a living physical entity
may gain impressions.
These also enter.
From the first condition as given, little credence may be given,
save as to the physical condition of the entity
gaining such impressions, for these are in reality dreams.
The second are such as those who receive such impressions
would do well to study. As has been given,
many receive such impressions, and might be benefited physically,
mentally and spiritually by following or adhering
to many lessons as are given through such impressions.
In the third we find many conditions wherein moral, physical,
mental and spiritual aid is obtained for self and for others.

Dreams come as experiences for the physical body
may rest, the mental body is rest in itself,
when not turmoiled with the vicissitudes
of a physical existence.
Through the various experiences, then, of
the subconscious, or through the various phases
of the activities of the subconscious, lessons come.
Many that may be brought back to the consciousness
of the physical body.
Others that are not so active, as to make that impression
that the physical consciousness gains.
Just as acts of the physical may mar or impress
the subconscious or soul to the extent as to leave
little by little those building those truths,
those conditions in same that become a part of
the intricate forces of the individual.
Hence, just as one is to build and gain or give
those proper lessons to the subconscious,
so gain those lessons from that subconscious
that will give to the physical consciousness
that better understanding.

(Q) What is this spirit entity in the body, [900],
and how may he develop it in the right direction?
(A) This is only the portion that develops
other than in the earth's plane. Spirit entity.
For soul's development is in the earth's plane.
The spirit entity is in the spirit plane.

(Q) Does the spirit entity have a separate consciousness
apart from the physical, and is it as
the consciousness of [900] when he dreams,
or has visions, while asleep?
(A) The spirit entity is a thing apart from any
earthly connection in sleep, yet connected.
For the earthly or material consciousness
is ever tempered with material conditions;
the superconsciousness with the consciousness
between soul and spirit, and partakes of
the spiritual forces principally.
In consciousness we find only projections
of subconscious and superconscious,
which conditions project themselves
in dreams, visions, unless entered into
the superconscious forces.
In the consciousness of earthly or material forces
there enters all the attributes of the physical,
fleshly body.
In the subconscious there enters
the attributes of soul forces, and of
the conscious forces.
In the superconscious there enters
the subconscious forces,
and spiritual discernment and development.

In this [dream] we find again the projection in the subconscious
of the conditions as have to do with conscious,
or of material conditions, modified, clarified, exemplified,
in the vision as seen, for with the mental condition,
as in this body at this time, with the conscious mind submerged,
those conditions partaken of by the subconscious
and acted upon by the super-conscious,
these represent conditions in existence,
as we have the projection of conditions
where subconscious and superconscious
may give the relative conditions,
or prognostic conditions to exist.

(Q) What form, or how can the Conscious Mind
conceive of this Soul in a human entity,
and then in the Spirit plane,
after the physical has returned to earth?
(A) We have the Soul as the body of the spiritual force
manifested in the individual, as we find in every body
animated with the ability to reproduce in self
a thing separate from the rest of the world,
yet depending upon the material world for sustenance,
the same as we have in the soul, as given,
and separate entity, the dwelling or indwelling in man,
is that dependence upon the attributes of the body
that it possesses for that necessary for its development.
Hence the conditions as regard its developing,
depending both upon the environment
and upon the hereditary conditions,
considered from the physical only.
Hence the relative attraction for conditions of the soul
for that necessary development of that soul
from entity to entity, whether material or spiritual.

(Q) How are projections received from spiritual entities in the next plane?
(A) As each entity in the earth plane, or material plane,
or flesh plane manifestation, such entity
(material now we are speaking of)
leaves with that relative conditions about the environment
that spiritual force as manifest in that entity;
when such an entity has left the material plane,
or laid aside the carnal conditions,
the body then, we have that spiritual entity in the spiritual plane.
The spiritual entity possesses that element as is known,
or called, in the earth plane, or material plane,
the subconsciousness.
The subconsciousness is awakened in material plane
through an attunement, through such attunement
there may be projections from one to the other.

(Q) What form does the Spirit Entity take, or explain -
(A) Taking that form that the entity creates for itself
in the plane in which the existence is passed.
As we have in the earth's plane the imagination,
the mind of the individual pictures to itself,
through its carnal relations, that condition to which
its individual relation of entity assumes to itself,
and the entity possessing that same ability
to assume that position in which it may manifest itself
according to its relative position to that merited
condition in its existence.

(Q) Explain the plane of Spirit and Soul forces,
and what relation this plane has to earth.
You will start with death, as we know it.
(A) In that moment - as in birth
we have the beginning of an earthly sojourn,
little or long, as time may be
- as the birth into the Spiritual plane begins
with the death in earth plane;
merely the separation of the Spiritual
and Soul forces from the earthly connections.

(Q) Explain what the divide between
the soul and spiritual forces is?
How manifest, and how we may study self
to gain the approach to that divide.
(A) This [is] of the spiritual entity in its entirety.
The super-conscious [is] the divide,
that one-ness lying between the soul
and the spirit force,
within the spiritual entity.
Not of earth forces at all,
only awakened with the spiritual indwelling
and acquired individually.
(Q) How may the individual think, study,
and act to acquire this awakening?
(A) Study to show thyself approved unto Him,
rightly dividing the words of truth,
keeping self unspotted from the world,
avoiding the appearance of evil.
For as is given, those who would seek God
must believe that He IS,
and a rewarder of those who would seek Him.
That is, that the Creator has that One-ness
with the individual to make that One-ness with Him.
As is given in the conditions as is manifest
through those who would seek the One-ness with God,
for only those who have approached sufficient
to make the mind of the physical,
the mind of the soul, the mind of the spiritual,
One with Him, may understand or gather
that necessary to approach that understanding.

(Q) Explain that barrier between conscious
and subconscious mind.
How may we eliminate it to allow
the subconscious to direct?
(A) As would best be illustrated in this:
We (individuals) find in the earth's plane
those mental conditions wherein
the conscious and subconscious
would manifest by some given suggestion.
The entity, through will, reasons with the condition.
Hence the barrier as created.
Again, we have as exemplified, or shown, in this:
Any indiscreet condition, as regarding
the mental development, that would be made
as to submerge the subconscious forces,
then the barrier that would bring
the direct condition in the given condition.
As we find when the mental forces
are in that condition of submerging
the conscious forces, the entity attempting
to create the consciousness of the transition,
creates barrier.
As we would find illustrated in these conditions:
As the physical body sinks into that state
wherein slumber of the physical body
takes hold of physical conditions,
and the body becomes submerged
into the earthly subconscious,
the continual thought as is carried,
to see physical reaction, creates barrier.
Now, to overcome such conditions,
bring about the consciousness,
the Oneness of Mind, Soul and Body,
that when such submerged conditions
are enacted, we find the subconscious
takes the direction in the physical plane.
Then such an entity is given,
as spiritual minded, subconscious minded,
subconscious directed,
spiritual directed individuals.
The more this becomes manifested,
the more the entity may gain the impressions,
the actual conditions of the subconscious forces,
those ever directing, that gives the light
and development to the soul's forces
from the physical plane.

(Q) Explain in detail further soul and spirit forces
becoming as one force, and manifesting their force
and workings to the physical plane,
by securing information from subconscious minds
presented, or reflections of impressions
left by those who have gone to next plane.
(A) With the perfect understanding of any law,
the law may be made a part of the entity,
and as the development through the physical plane
is to gain the understanding of all Universal Laws,
the knowledge thus attained and made a part
of the entity, brings the development,
whether from those still in earth plane,
whether from subconscious conditions,
or from those who have left their impressions
in the earth plane, and have passed to other planes.
Hence the necessity of the given force as was said,
"My Son, in all Thy getting, get understanding",
and the ability to apply same.

(Q) Explain and illustrate the difference
in the faculties of Mind, Subconscious and Superconscious.
(A) The superconscious mind being that of the spiritual entity,
and in action only when the subconscious
is become the conscious mind.
The subconscious being the superconscious
of the PHYSICAL entity, partaking then of the soul forces,
and of the material plane, as acted upon
through and by mental mind.
Hence the developing in the physical plane
through environment being that as is given
to the soul forces in subconscious mind to live upon.
Illustrated, as has been given, in the light
as came to Saul on way to Damascus.
The superconsciousness of Jesus
came to the subconscious of Saul,
yet he could not retain in conscious
that necessary for him to do.
The superconscious came to that of him
directed to act in the conscious manner,
or Saul, as he continued in the subconscious,
seeking for the light of that he could not
make clear to his consciousness.

(Q) Is it correct for [900] to say in his book
that the superconsciousness is the mind
or supreme controlling force of the Universal Forces?
(A) As pertaining to an individual, yes.
As pertaining to Universal Forces,
in the larger sense, no,
but through the superconscious the Universal Forces
are made active in subconsciousness.
As is illustrated in the work as done through body,
Edgar Cayce:
Through consciousness the suggestion
to the subconscious forces appertain to
those conditions of the superconscious of the individual,
coming then in touch with the Universal Forces
in that manner and channel, for as the spiritual entity
in its development has been in and partaken of
the Universal Forces, in its development,
the entity, when submerged from physical
to that of superconscious and subconscious,
appertain to those elements, and of that element
the superconsciousness a portion of the great Universal Forces.

Yes, we have the body and the enquiring mind of
the body of [900], with the dreams as come to this body.
These [dreams], as we see, with others, still bring those
interpretations to the individual of the studies
of the body-mind into those of the metaphysical,
or of the spiritual forces, as are phenomenalized
in the material world.
These from time to time, then, bring those lessons
in an illustrated manner, being then the interpretations,
as it were, of the subconscious force translating
those findings of the body or material mind, and
the metaphysical or spiritual forces manifesting in
and through same through co-relation of the action
of subconscious or soul forces, that of the body
and spirit element lying between in the elemental
forces of spiritual divination of truths as may
become body knowledge to an individual through
study and interpretation of same, and more
by applying same from time to time, for as any
great truth is seen, cognizance or consciousness
of same gained, without the physical application
in the material world, same does not find its
conscious corresponding conditions within
the elements of forces as are manifested.
Do that, then.
DREAMS are phases of consciousness

Dreams are various phases of consciousness
experienced through this channel.

know that the mind is the builder or that phase of consciousness
which carries the impulse in the physical self,
as well as the reaction of that which the entity as a whole
holds as its ideal, and reacts upon same;
finding expression through the sensory self,
as in the emotions of the body.

A body - in analyzing its life, its activities - finds itself
body, mind, soul, in a three-dimensional phase of consciousness.

There are those latent and manifested urges
arising not only from the earthly sojourns
but from the astrological also.
Not that the entity dwelt on the planets in human form,
or in a consciousness that is recognized in
a three-dimensional plane, but in
those phases of consciousness represented
by the astrological sojourns as related to that
in our own solar system; of which the earth,
to be sure, is only a small part,
- yet a place, a consciousness in which
the entities or souls may manifest
a consciousness in a manner as to either
apply its relationships to others in conformity
to a divine law or in a selfish or material-minded
nature without respect to the sources
or the motivative influences.

The entity finds body, mind and soul
as the three phases of consciousness in materiality,
or in earth expression.
They each have their attributes,
yet in the awareness of an entity
as to the Creative Forces are expressed
in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Hence MIND is EVER the builder.

(Q) [585]: What is meant by paradise
as referred to by Jesus in speaking
to the thief on the Cross?
(A) The inter-between.
The awareness of being in that state of transition
between the material and the spiritual phases
of consciousness of the Soul.
The awareness that there is the companionship
of entities or souls, or separate forces
in those stages of the development.

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