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Messages of Encouragement:
(262-67) and (262-72)

Messages of Encouragement for the Lesson on DESIRE TOWARDS CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS (262-67) and (262-72)

First, that you each make that move necessary
as in reference to that which has brought to you
moving in and through the efforts of the body in your own experience.
Then may there be TRULY given that which may aid you
in UNDERSTANDING your approach the better.
For, each soul is a free-will agent in a material world,
with the choice before it in its own experience.
This you each will recognize as you meditate upon putting it into ACTIVITY.
To KNOW to do good and to do it not, is what?
He that had experienced same gave that it is sin.
Listen to that which convicts you that ACTIVITY is necessary in your experience,
in order to come to the knowledge and understanding of what an approach should be
- through such an activity.
Why, say ye, activity?
For the Lord thy God is a LIVING God; not of stone, but a LIVING God.
And the Christ, thy mediator, thy brother, is a LIVING Christ,
that may be known of all that would seek to have His Consciousness.
For He has come to those among you;
He will guide and protect you.
He is in sorrow when ye speak unkindly; when ye forsake even for the moment
that thou hast purposed - thou HAST purposed - in thy heart to do.
Make thy purpose, thy desire, one with Him. "Here am I, Lord, use me - send me."

Let thy purposes, thy aims, thy desires, ever be in the light of that which has been given,
"Inasmuch as ye do it unto the least of these, my brethren, ye do it unto me,"
whether in desire, in the purposes of the heart, or in the aims of the activities of the body.

Glory in those things that bespeak of the activities of the spirit of truth
as it convicts the hearts, the minds, the desires of those that seek to know His ways;
For he that would know the Father, that would know His will, His desire
as toward him, must believe that He is.
That, then, which moves in the hearts and minds of those who seek to know Him,
is OF Him. GLORY thou in same.

As the purposes and desires of the body, the mind, are made more and more in accord
with that thou seest to praise in thy fellow man, more and more
will the consciousness of the Christ Spirit working in and through men be manifest in thine own heart.

Keep the way as thou has purposed in thine heart, for His ways are not past finding out
to those that seek to know Him.
And they that walk in the light shall have no darkness at all in their heart.
For He giveth life, light, hope and eternal life to those that seek His ways.

Let praise and honor ever be in thine purposes, in thine desires towards those things
that make thee aware of His presence abiding with thee.
For His promises are sure that they who walk with Him shall KNOW Him even as He is.
Let thy light so shine that others may know thou walkest, thou talkest with Him,
and that thy desire is towards those that seek His way.

In the Father's house are many mansions.
As thine desires are towards the knowledge of the Father's ways,
of the Father's purposes with thee as concerning thine fellow man,
put INTO PRACTICE that thou knowest and give praise and honor
and be joyous in the service that thou renderest to thy neighbor.
For they that do good unto their neighbor lendeth to the Lord,
and HE will repay in those ways that bring peace, harmony and understanding
in thine conscience;
For ye know that ye are His, for He calleth His own by name.

That thou purposeth has brought - and purpose in thine inner self
- that consciousness of the purposefulness in being one with that spirit of truth
that maketh every soul alive in Him.
Let thine praises be, then, to the Father of light in whom there is no variableness,
and He will walk with thee as thou goest about doing good.

Let thine inner self, thine consciousness of the desires and purposes of thine heart,
be more and more one with Him; leaving with Him - that is within self
- that knowledge that He will be thy guide, wilt thou but let the Christ have his way with thee.
Let thy yeas be yea and thy nays be nay in the purposes of the Lord.

Keep that which has been purposed in thine self and the desire of thine heart towards Him
shall be made manifest in thine life.
Let the Father have His way with thee.
For His word has gone out to those that seek to make
the desires of their hearts, of their minds, one with Him,
and it shall not return to Him void.
Let thy light, then, shine in praise, in glory to Him.

The ways of the Father maketh known His praises, His glory unto the sons and daughters of men,
are through the purposes and desires that are builded by the sons and daughters of men
towards the LORD'S way in the earth.
THOU knowest the way.
Walk therein, and His light and His ways shall guide thee as thou goest;
For His promises are sure and may be thine as ye fulfil that ye have purposed in thine heart
to DO towards those things thou knowest to be the Lord's way with man.

Let thine desires, of the mind, of the body, be one with Him;
For He will guide thee and direct thee, if ye will but put thy trust WHOLLY in Him.
And He will walk and talk with thee, even as He has promised to those
that let the inner desire be one with thy Lord, thy God.

As the ways are opening before thee, as to how the desires of the heart, of the mind,
may make for the pathway being bright or dim, so let the light of truth in the promises
in the Christ BE in thine life, that thy words, thine acts, may be in keeping
with that thou desirest toward thy Lord.
For, as ye do it unto the least of thy brethren, ye do it unto thy God.
For He is in the life, He IS the life, of thy brethren.

Walk in the light, even as He is in the light. Let less and less of self enter
into the desires of thy mind, of thy body, but that thy desire may be,
"Have Thy way with me, O Lord. Be THOU the guide.
Let that Thou WOULD have me do be the purpose of my life, the DESIRE of my heart,
and let me give the praise to Him that leads the way."

Glory in the Lord.
As thou hast seen, as thou hast heard from within how the desires of the self make
for the opening or the closing of the door to the heart of God, so let thy purposes, thy desires in self,
be more and more aware of the fact that the Lord is in His holy temple in thine self,
if ye will but let HIM be the guide.
For thine body is the temple of thy soul, the image of thy God.
Let Him have His way with thee.
Be up and doing with that thou art given to do day by day.

Faint not in trial nor tribulation.
Let thy purposes and thy desires be in Him.
Let the ways of the Lord be known in thine inner self,
"Not my will but THINE, O Lord, be done IN me, through me.
Let me be a channel of blessing to someone day by day,
that Thou has purposed in the inner man, that which is needed
for my soul awakening in Thee to its greatest abilities be
in the desire of my heart towards the will of the Father in me."

Glory and praise to him who purposes in his heart to seek the Lord
while He may be found in thine own self.
For He is not far away, but even in thine inner self.
Open the door of desire towards Him in such measures, in such manners,
as to bring in thine own experience the ways of the Lord being manifest in thine daily life.
For His promise has been, ye that seek in the name of the Lord thy God, thy Christ, thy Savior,
SHALL receive according to the desire of the heart unto the Christ HAVING His way with thee.
What has thou purposed?
That ye may know the way in the light of thine own desire, or that the Lord would have thee do?
Let thine mind, thine heart and thine purposes be as upon the altar of love to Him
whom ye would serve, thy Master, thy God.
For He is mindful ever of those that seek to know His ways;
For His ways are not past finding out.
For to those that have put on Christ,
who have named the Name of Him that promised,
"If ye love me, keep my commandments, and I will come and abide with thee;
my yoke is easy, my burden is LIGHT to THOSE that LOVE the Lord."
Let not those things that would trouble thee interfere;
For yet a little while and thou should see face to face
- even as thou hast been called unto a service to thy fellow man,
even as He; for He will not leave thee comfortless,
but will come and abide with thee,
and thou shalt KNOW Him as He is.

AS I (Name thine own name)

Grace, mercy and truth be with thee as ye seek to bring the glad tidings of truth to others in His name.
For there be no other name under heaven whereby MEN in the earth may be saved.
Let His love, His grace, His mercy be sufficient unto thee.
Be not anxious of the morrow,
For HE, thy Lord, thy God, doth provide.
KNOW thy Redeemer liveth, and is in and with thee.

What seekest thou HERE?
Ye know the way, and in whom ye have believed;
For He is ever with thee as ye seek to bring
a message of cheer and comfort and hope to others.
"In as much as ye do it unto the least of my brethren, ye do it unto me."
What MERCY, what graciousness ye wilt find if ye will but KNOW
that as ye do in His name ye lend unto thy Maker - and HE WILL repay!
Be not impatient.
Be slow in thy judgment;
For as ye would have mercy shown, so be merciful.

Sing a joyful song unto thy Lord and thy Redeemer,
who hath STRENGTHENED thee in the hours of trial, of test, of tribulation;
For they that meet their troubles, their sorrows, with JOY in the Name of the Lord
shall not be troubled again.
They that kick against the pricks find that they but entangle their own mental minds,
their own consciousnesses in the turmoils of the flesh.
Ye LIVE in the flesh, yet be as He - in the world yet not OF the world;
For all strength, all power, all glory, all joy is given unto Him
For HE has overcome, and ye may in Him overcome also.
Count it rather as a blessing, rather as that thou art CHOSEN
that ye may in the name of thy Lord speak a kind word
to those that are abrupt or cross with thee,
and in so doing ye will heap the coals of judgment upon their consciousnesses;
For ye are His and He is thine, if ye will hold to that thou hast chosen.

As others look to thee for strength, for guidance in Him,
in thine home, in thine life, in thine meetings day by day,
so be ye strong in Him.
For to him whom much is given, from him is much required;
yet him that hath, to him it SHALL be given
- and thou hast known His ways.
Keep thine way perfect, then, in thine walks, in thine talks
with those that trust in thee.
For as thou dost represent the home, the way, the light to many,
so will HE give His strength, His power, His grace,
that YE may bear those burdens in the flesh in the way
that He would have ye go.
For He will not leave thee comfortless,
For He will guide thee as ye walk day by day.

Keep thy ways in the light of Him that has promised to guide, guard and direct.
Be not impatient.
Be not other than that thou wouldst have thy fellow man be unto thee.
For as ye speak of another, as ye speak TO another,
so will ye be spoken to;
For the seed ye sow will be GIVEN the increase by the power of His Word.
So, sow the seed of joy, of love, of life, in the minds, in the hearts
of those thou meetest day by day.
Let thy love for thy Maker constrain thee in thy daily activities,
for to thee hast been entrusted that which may wreck,
may make, thine own understanding.

Let the law of love, of mercy, of justice,
that is shown in the law of love and mercy,
be thy guide day by day.
For the Lord is not slack in counting His mercy as men count slackness.
And be patient and be trustworthy, even to thine own soul.
For the brighter day dawns, and the star of hope to thee rises
in those that ye show the way and the light.
MERCY, MERCY, for those that err;
even as ye would have mercy shown to thee!

Up to the Throne of grace hath gone thy words of commendation and of love,
yet ye trust in the power of those things that are within thine own self.
HE is able through thee to make thee strong in the ways that thou shouldst go!
Eschew evil, LOVE justice and mercy,
and put those things FROM thy heart that would cause thee to doubt.

Let those things that would cause thee to fear, to doubt,
become the stepping-stones for those things that have been promised
in and through thee if thou wilt keep His ways.
Let justice and mercy, let JOY and harmony, let thine self be the way;
For "He that would be the greatest among you, he is servant of all."
Grace, mercy, peace, the love of the Father through the Son
abide with those that love His coming.
Be patient, be KIND, be JUST in thine commentations,
in thine activities to thy fellow man;
For only in such will ye find peace and harmony.
For some cry Peace when they themselves become,
through the condemnation of self in others,
that which is the stumbling-block to many.
Make a joyful noise unto the Lord
for the mercies, the promises, the glories
that may be thine in the earth through the love
thou may show unto thy fellow man.

As thou hast been strong in thine weakness,
strength and grace and power is given thee.
For many are they (and the number grows) who seek through thee
to know more of the light and the way.
Be thou strong, then, in His power, that the blessings
that He has prepared for those that love His ways
may be thy very own.
Let not doubt nor fear turn thee aside,
For in HIS ways are the peace and harmony and love
that will bring this to come in thine own EXPERIENCE.
They that love the Lord shall PROSPER in the earth.

Updated: 10 June 2014