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Messages of Encouragement:
DESTINY IS IN CHRIST(262-75) and (262-86)

Messages of Encouragement for the Lesson on DESTINY IS IN CHRIST (262-75) and (262-86)

In thine heart - let not your heart be troubled, and be not afraid.
Fear rather Him who may destroy thy soul, thine mind.
Keep the faith.
Look only upon that which brings peace, harmony, joy,
in the lives of those that thou may serve from day to day.
Think not upon those fearful things about thine self.
For HE (in faith) will care for these.
"As ye do it unto these, ye do it unto me."
Art thou, then, mindful of what the Master would say,
as He would walk with thee?
Listen to the voice within;
For He is nearer even than thine own body!

Know, let the love of God and not of man constrain thee at ALL times.
LOVE the Lord, eschew evil.
Think not of the glories other than that thou may create
in the hearts and minds and bodies of thy fellow man.
For thus may thine own soul learn the lessons that thou hast given.

Glory and peace and honor is thine, in that thou - as He has given
- looketh on those things that bestir the soul to activity towards thy fellow man.
Let not the things of the earth disturb thee.
Let not that which would make thee afraid come NIGH UNTO thee!
For HE IS thy guide, thy guard, and will defend thee against all that would make thee fearful.

Let HIM be thy decisions.
For thy destiny is in HIM.
Let HIS hand, his love, his strength, GUIDE thee day by day.
Thine own heart, thine own mind, will direct thee as to thy choice,
as it is made in accord with - AND DIRECTED BY - Him.

Ye that love the Lord know He is nigh unto thee,
even in the pulsation of thine own heart that is the life flow of thine own body.
Let each heartbeat, then, be as a greater love for thy fellow man.
Let the glory of the Father be thine watchword,
that He may use thee as He seeth fit;
NOT as thou wouldst go but rather:
"Let Thou me know, though the day may grow dark
and the night stormy yet in Thee, O Lord, I put my trust.
Thou ART the haven of rest.
Thou art the good shepherd.
Thou hast the words of life.
Thou art the living water.
Let me drink deep, then, that my life, my body, my soul,
may SHINE as a light for those along the pathway."

Keep the faith that there may be more and more awareness in thine daily life;
not disregards to those things that are not understood.
Take TIME to be patient with those that are in wonderment,
yet harken to the voice that calls from within that ye make thine own paths straight
that He may come and abide with thee.
Know ONLY true light may shine down the STRAIGHT path.

Know the truth and the truth shall make you free IN the Lord;
For he that is the law is no longer subject to the law;
For being the law he hath put away fear, doubt, and those things
that would hinder or make afraid.
The Lord is in His holy temple;
Yea, in the temple where He has promised to meet thee
- if ye will enter in and sup with Him.

Know, he that endureth unto the end shall wear the crown of life;
He that letteth little hindrances become stumblingblocks
is not worthy of those things that are glories in His name
- yet He heareth, ever. ABIDE ye in Him.
Let the GLORY of thy love guide thee;
For righteous is he that believeth and doeth as he believes.

As the Father hath loved Him, as His love hast guided thee,
let THAT be the love ye show to thy fellow man.
Let grace, mercy and peace be with those that ye bless;
For many are blessed by thy very presence when ye call on the Lord.

Know the promises that He has given in Him are ever nigh unto thee,
and in and through thee; If ye will keep thy paths straight, many may be blessed.

Glory in the SON and His promises, as He gave
"Ask in my name, believing, and ye SHALL receive."
Let the love of GOD, not of self, constrain thee ever.

As thou hast chosen in thine heart so be it unto thee.
For the power, the glory of the Son that He sheds
upon the sons and daughters of men is as He gave:

"I, not of myself but the Father that worketh IN me,
so I in you and you in me and I in the Father,
may bring that peace, harmony, joy,
that maketh for those activities in EVERY experience
that become the light to others."

Let thy love for one another, thy love for truth for Truth's sake, in Him, GUIDE you - ever.
His peace, His mercy, His glory, overshadow you day by day!
Study that ye may give as He gives unto you; not of yourselves
but as thy Master, thy brother, giveth thee,
through the measure that ye mete unto thy fellow man.
Keep thy Mind, thy Body, more in accord with thy own ideal,
if thou wilt know that thou ART One with Him.

As thou hast been shown the necessity
of the purges within thine Mind, thine Body,
that thou may know the glory of Him who took His own body
that ye might have a pattern, so keep ye the way.

Let the Lord and His ways EVER be thy guide.
Let NOT the word of man, in any form,
turn thee aside from that thou hast been shown in thy heart.

Let the ways which lie before thee be kept ever open
that ye may know more and more the glory of the risen Lord,
that THY body may be one with Him.

Unto him that hath shall be given.
Keep the ways of the Lord before thee.
Bind them upon thy forehead,
that ye may see and hear and know only that which is good.

Let the law of the Lord be as a lamp unto thy feet,
that ye err not in thy walks before thy fellow man.
Thus shall ye keep the way and walk therein.

The light of the Lord is precious in thy sight.
Let NOTHING deter thee nor make thee afraid.
For ye shall see Him as He IS.

THOU hast seen the way;
THOU hast known that which maketh men afraid;
THOU hast known that which easily besets the ways
of those that would harken to the vicissitudes of life.
KEEP the faith thou HAST had!

The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the ways that seemeth awry,
making straight the paths of those that love His coming.
Keep in those paths as thou art shown from day to day.

In the Lord's house are many mansions,
and they that keep His ways shall dwell therein;
in those Bodies that they BUILD with their fellow man day by day!
Know the Lord, that He is good.

In the way of the Lord the earth seems afar off.
In the way of the earth the Lord seemeth far off.
Keep, thou, close to the ways of the Lord.

The Lord's ways are not past finding out, if ye will seek them.
They that seek for the satisfying,
for the gratifying of the MATERIAL forces, know NOT the Lord.
Let HIM have His way with thee.

The Lord keep thee;
the Lord bless thee,
And cause His face to shine upon thee and bring thee peace!

Unto those that trust in the Lord, He MAKETH the paths straight.
Unto those that trust in the might of their own counsel,
or their own strength, it cometh to naught.
Trust ye in the Lord!

The Lord's ways thou KNOWEST.
Keep them, if ye would know HIM the better.
Let not the cares of thy Body, of thy Mind, of thy life in the earth, deter thee.
For the Lord loveth those that are JUST KIND to His children.

As has been given, study that thou hast had presented to thee;
lest thou experience much that would show thy shortcomings.

Updated: 10 June 2014