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Messages of Encouragement:
GLORY OF THE FATHER AND SON (262-91) (262-94)

Messages of Encouragement for the Lesson on GLORY OF THE FATHER AND SON (262-91) (262-94)

Let the Glory of service to thy brother, in the Christ,
show forth thy life, thy mind, thy heart;
that the light of the whole body may be strengthened in Him.

Let the Glory of the Father,
through thy efforts in thine dealings with thy fellow man,
bring thee joy, bring thee peace.
For like begets like.
As ye sow, so shall ye reap.
Keep the faith that is set in Him,
and press ON to the mark of the higher calling set BY Him.

The Glory of the Father, of the Son,
keep thee in the ways that thou shouldst go day by day.
Realize in thine daily experience that indeed
in Him ye have life, in Him ye move and have thy being.

The Glory of the Father, of the Son,
keep thy days, thy ways,
that there may be no shadows, no faults,
in thine inner self.
For He is the light and He is the way.
Follow where He leadeth thee.

Let the Glory of the Father, of the Son,
be as the light to thy feet, to thy ways.
When the turmoils of life, the turmoils of associations trouble thee,
look rather to Him who hath given,
"Put thy burden on me - LEARN of me
and thy burden will be light,
and thy way will be straight."

Let that Glory thou hast seen in thy service to thy fellow man
strengthen thee in the way that He leadeth thee.
For He faileth not those who put their trust in Him.

Let that Glory of service, of understanding,
be as WISDOM in thy dealings with thy fellow man.
Not as knowledge alone but as wisdom,
that giveth the manner, the way, the how, the when,
to speak His name - in and before thy fellow man.

The Glory of the Father, of the Son,
shadow thee in all thy going in, thy coming out.
Let the Voice as thou hast heard,
as thou mayest hear calling,
be as those experiences that make more and more aware
of His abiding presence with thee.
For whom the Lord loveth He directeth.

The way of the Lord is not past finding out.
And the Glory that thou hast had,
thou mayest have in His presence,
abides nigh unto thee.
Glory, then, in the Father, in the Son;
that His name, His promises, may be sure to the sons of men.

Let the glory of the Lord abide with thee.
Know that he that calleth but harkeneth not
is as they who build their house on the sand.
When He calls, answer - and give forth
that which may be in glory for the purposes,
for the service of the Son.

Let the Glory of the Father, of the Son, suffice thee.
Not what man thinketh, or what man sayeth.
For man looketh on the outward appearance,
but God looketh on the heart.
Know that as thou hast purposed in thy heart
is that which comes before the Glory of God,
that may be manifested IN THEE
- for as He abides in thee and in thy fellow man,
then not to the Glory of self but to that spirit of love,
of truth, that abides with Him.

Let love be without dissimulation.
Abhor evil. Cleave to good;
that the Glory of the Son in the Father may
- through thine efforts among the sons of men
- be more and more glorious in the eyes of those
that seek to know the way.

Let the heart be not troubled.
Let it be not afraid.

Let the Glory of the Father EVER be before thee.
For whom the Lord hath called, they will be borne upon those glories
that may become as shining lights before men.
Keep the faith that HIS ways may become more and more
as the ways of those ye meet day by day.
For with the measure ye mete, it will be measured to thee again
- either unto the Glory of the Father or to thine own confusion.
Let the Lord guide and direct thee.

Let that thou hast held in thine heart keep thee ever.
For the Glory of the Lord is nigh to those that seek Him.
For He hath given, "If ye will be my children, I will be thy God."
Let that seeking, then, be the Glory of thy purpose, of thy desire.

Keep the purposes thou hast been called to do.
For as ye have purposed, then to that end will He bear thee up
- if ye will but remain TRUE to the purposes in thy love for Him.
Ye may indeed Glory, for ye have been called of Him.

Keep thy paths before thee as brightened with the promises of thy Christ,
and the ways will open for thee in thy service to others, through Him.

Let the words of HIS mouth be as lamps to thy feet,
that the Glory of the Lord may shine roundabout thee.

Keep the mind, the heart, OPEN;
that the light of the Lord may enter in and abide WITH thee.
For He WILL do thee good.

Let the words of thy mouth and the meditation of thy heart
coordinate with thy purposes in Him.
For in such does the light and the Glory of the Lord shine.

In the Lord is thy hope, thy trust;
in Him there is builded about thee
the light of the Glory of the Christ.
KEEP Him in thy heart.

Let the ways of the Lord come nigh unto thee day by day;
for in thy meditations ye walk along "this way,"
and He, thy Christ thy Brother, is the light thereof.

Keep thy mind, thy heart, as one in Him;
knowing even as He, the faults in others ye CANNOT correct of thyself.
Only open the way; let the LORD have HIS way with thee.

The Glory of the Lord shineth roundabout thee when ye put thy trust wholly in Him.
The ways of the Lord are not past finding out;
neither do they become as a mystery
to those that make their purposes, their desires,
CLEAN in the sight of the Lord.

Updated: 10 June 2014