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Messages of Encouragement:
THE HAPPY WAY (262-109)

Messages of Encouragement for the Lesson on THE HAPPY WAY (262-109)

Keep thy heart singing, for there is music and joy
in the Happiness of knowing that you may be - and are
- at a oneness with Him.
Though there may come disturbances, shadows, turmoils,
these must pass in the light of patience, persistence, lovingkindness.

Let others do as they may but for thee and thy house, love a living God.
Keep His precepts.
Thou knowest the way and that it is good.
Then seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto thee day by day.
For others look to thee oft for counsel.
When ye least suspect ye are an example for others.

Let the ways of the earth pass over thee and reckon not them
by the spiritual truths ye have seen.
Rather magnify in thy life, in thy labors,
in thy dealings with others, the love, the patience, the joy,
the HAPPINESS ye find in service to a living God
- even when others speak unkindly,
even when there is that which is the least in man's knowledge
- the lack of appreciation of the service one does.
Know ye look not to the earth for thy reward.
For only ONE can give, does give,
that peace that brings joy and Happiness in thy experience.
This is only accomplished in doing that thy hands find to do in His service day by day.

The ways of the world, the joys of living, are before thee
oft as questionings, as disturbing factors
in the experiences of those you would direct.
Let others do as they think; only sow the seed.
Some fall on stony ground, some fall by the wayside,
some fall among the thorns and briars;
but much on goodly ground.
For as you keep the faith,
God alone giveth the increase and He addeth - daily
- such as may be, should be, will be saved in this experience.

Let not the little things of the material mind so unnerve, so disturb,
that the greater things are overshadowed.
Much joy, much Happiness you bring to others.
Does it not bear the same fruit in you?
Keep that thou hast sown NOURISHED!
Let it not die by neglect, nor by forgetfulness.
For as you do sow, so shall you reap - if you keep the way clean.
In many ways, even as He gave, let the thorns and the wheat grow together,
but in THY life, to know love, to know joy,
to know Happiness is to make it in the experience of others.

The light and love draws near to thee, and thy ways are close to His ways.
Keep faithful in the little things.
Be not unmindful that persistence is a whole sister of patience,
and if ye would know the greater joy,
the greater love of the Christ Consciousness,
these ye must keep in thy daily life.
Grow not weary, then, in well-doing,
but let the love divine, the beauty sublime,
the joy as of the Lord, keep thee.
This does not mean there are no joys in the material surroundings
or in the material associations, but they must be in the spirit of truth.

In thy Father's house are many mansions.
All are not for the one nor the other;
each according to the use of his abilities
is meted that with which he is attuned.
Keep thy purposes then, keep thy aims, thy desires,
of a material, of a mental, of a spiritual nature,
attuned to that YOU would occupy for aye, for aye, forever.
For these temporal things must pass away,
but that spiritual house, that temple - that cleanliness
so akin to godliness - is that which lives on and on.
It ever was, and you have drawn close to His ways.
Then steer thy course to that thou knowest that brings peace,
and the calm that brings Happiness in thy daily life.

Let the joy of the Lord keep thee.
For His ways are not past finding out.
For as He has given, search and ye shall find;
be STILL and ye shall hear the Lord.
For He is nigh unto thee.
Though there come discouragements, disappointments, disagreements in thy experience,
know that thy purposes, know that thy desires are of and for the Lord
- of as well as for the Lord; and ye shall know
the Happiness of the divine love as He sheds to those who keep His ways.

In keeping the law of the Lord, take it never as a hardship upon thee,
for then it is law alone.
And it is mercy and grace and love ye seek,
and would show in thine experience one to another.
In thine experience, have you found ever that to "get even" with anyone made thee happy?
To forgive them is divine and brings Happiness to all.
THESE things SOW in the lives, in the hearts, in the minds of others.
"Grace and mercy, Lord, not sacrifice - nor judgment."

The heart that seeketh the Lord may find same only in day by day, step by step,
living that you preach to others.
For the law of the Lord is not as a precept but is as a living thing,
known of those who deal with thee day by day. Is love, is mercy sown?
or is judgment or questioning or discouragement?
They that become discouraged are not worthy of the mercy
and the merit of true knowledge or true Happiness.
For HAPPY is the man that loves the Lord and His ways, not thy ways.

Let mercy and judgment and honor be as one in thy dealing with thy fellow man.
For he that showeth mercy may obtain mercy,
he that brings Happiness into the lives of others will know Happiness.
And only by the sowing of the seed of that nature that ye desire
the full activity of in thy life may ye accomplish or accede to such an experience.
For what you ARE speaks so loud, few hear what you say.

Let mercy and justice be thy watchword rather than judgment upon others.
For "Judge not that ye be not judged" is the same as saying show mercy to those
that are wayward, to those that are awkward,
to those that are unkind, to those that are rude
- if you would have God show these to you.
For in thy awkwardness, in thy stumbling, ye oft find fault in thine self.
Do not judge thyself.
Let God's mercy and love rule thee.

In knowing Happiness ye find that it is the little things,
the little "I thank you," the little patience, the little mercy, the little kindnesses
that bring it to the lives of others.
So does it grow in thee.
Then let grace and mercy and patience be thine.
For in patience ye become aware of thy soul,
that ye are indeed a soul in a material world;
though stumbling oft, following blindly at times.
The way is narrow, yet it is the Happy Way.
Only in Happiness may one indeed KNOW Jesus.
ONLY in HAPPY WAY may one know Jesus.
For He is the Way, as thy soul knoweth;
and He was Happy even to the Cross.
Not that moments of discouragement do not arise in thine experience,
for as He gave - and these are His words, and His words,
though the heaven and the earth may pass, do not pass away -
"It must indeed be necessary that offences come,
but woe to him by whom they come!"
Then never be in the way of being an offence to anyone.
Let mercy and patience keep thee.

In the house of the Lord ye find His offices,
His steps of understanding, of comprehending.
Sing thy joys of thy Lord.
Know in Whom ye believe as well as in what ye believe.
Know the source of thy knowledge and ye may know the end thereof.
Know the laws - or the love; for the law of God is LOVE of God,
and is not a hardship.
For the law as man's law killeth,
but the love of the law as of God maketh alive - every one.
And thy Lord, thy God, is God of the living.
Make thy life and thy love of thy fellow man a living thing
in thine experience day by day.
Smile oft.
Speak gently.
Be kind.

Happiness is the love of God made manifest by those who love God's ways.

Updated: 10 June 2014