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Messages of Encouragement: PATIENCE

  Messages of Encouragement for the Lesson on PATIENCE (262-26)

Keep that as is set before thee as thine ideal,
whether in relationships to individuals, home or abroad,
And know that no temptation or trial is not accompanied
with the way or manner of escape in thine ideal
else thine ideal is below the mark of the higher calling set in Him.

In PATIENCE comes understanding of the relationships of ideals,
and those that make for that unworthy of being tried
are unworthy of being trusted for the entering in.
For who goeth to war without first counting the cost?
So, in thine ideals, as in relationships to the attributes of the Father,
count the cost through the PATIENCE that may be had in thine own experience.

Count not that day as an ideal that something has not been overcome
in the experience of PATIENCE;
For as ye sow ye reap - and the reward is in Him.

In using day by day that as is known, in Him does the growth come;
For ye grow in grace, in knowledge, in understanding, in Him.
Through PATIENCE does there come the abilities of application of that gained day by day,
line upon line, here a little, there a little.
As ye overcome is strength gained.

Keep in the way that leads to the spiritual awakenings of the abilities in Him
that may be manifest in thee.
Thou art the keeper of that entrusted in thy care, that is of Him.
What will ye return for that as has been given thee?

In PATIENCE does the ability come to manifest His attributes in the relationships with others;
For the kingdom is within.
With PATIENCE does the knowledge and understanding of its attributes come to be known in thee.
Let thine acts day by day be in keeping with that He has given.

Watch, that ye be not overcome.
Watch and pray, for as the Father giveth so does the understanding come
as to what may be accomplished in the efforts of the self in relationships to others;
and ye are the light bearers for Him.

Ye know in whom ye have believed.
Keep that as is committed in thy care,
that the returns may be in keeping with that trust as given in thy care.

Day by day showeth forth the love of the Father.
In PATIENCE do we become aware of same in our own experience,
and as to how same adds to the spiritual man.
In hope, in faith, in charity, in love, in patience,
does the understanding - and knowledge - and intellect and integrity - come.

Keep the way open that PATIENCE may have its course in thee,
knowing that the crown comes to him that overcomes self.

The way is set before thee.
In PATIENCE vary not from same.
In the glory of the Father may all be accomplished.
Follow in His way.

By the works of self, through the faith in that thou believest,
does PATIENCE exercise itself in thine experience.
Know, as ye are known, that the answers to thy problems are set in Him.

Through PATIENCE and endurance does the crown of joy, happiness,
as the peace of His presence, give those blessings that are from His throne.
His presence, with peace, is the promise of those who with PATIENCE
endure the crosses that are set before thee [and them] day by day.

Keep the faith, and in PATIENCE know in what thy faith is placed;
For it is as the crucible and the test of all attributes as related to the forces in the earth to the Father in glory.

In PATIENCE does the knowledge of the peace and understanding of His presence come.
An active force, not a passive one necessary that PATIENCE be exercised
that ye know the hope, the faith, the knowledge, the understanding of His ways in the earth.

In knowledge and power comes responsibility, that in PATIENCE may be tested in self.
Be not overcome by either trials or by those joys that may make forgetfulness of the source
from which the power comes.
In PATIENCE is the race of life run, that the joys may be the greater in Him.

As PATIENCE magnifies His presence in thy experience, so does the glory of "Well done" come
with the activities of the attributes of love, hope, charity, patience, that ye know the way - and He is the guide.
In PATIENCE possess ye your soul.

In those understandings that bring the knowledge of the Father, in the relationships of individuals day by day,
may there with PATIENCE be gained the understanding of the crosses that may be borne,
the attaining of that as may gain the greater knowledge of His will.
He that is without those crosses has ceased to be of notice, and is no longer among the sons.
In PATIENCE, then, comes the knowledge and the abilities to apply same in the relationships of men among men,
for "All power is given me in heaven and in earth",
and in PATIENCE may ye receive the promise of
"My presence will be thy guide, my peace will be thy reward."

Keep the promise.
They are thine, who are faithful in the little things - and ye will be ruler over many.

Ye have taken upon yourselves that as is worthy of the calling as set in Him.
"Ye have chosen me, even as I have chosen you."
Be faithful and PATIENT, that ye may enter in.

Updated: 6 June 2014