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Messages of Encouragement:

Messages of Encouragement for the Lesson on SPIRIT OF RIGHTEOUSNESS (262-128)

Let that light be in thee as was in Him,
who thought it not robbery to make Himself equal with God.
Thus, as He said of Himself,
"Of myself I can do nothing."
Let that be THY theme,
that of thyself - nothing;
Of Him - ALL.

Keep that faith which has prompted thy meeting
to thy fellow man righteous judgment to all,
of love to all, of faith in Him, that He IS the way and the light.

Let not thy heart be troubled.
Ye believe in God.
Believe also in Him, who hath given,
"Lo, I am with thee always, even unto the end of the world."
Though there may come disturbances and turmoils,
know that peace cometh only in Him - and in doing that thou knowest TO do.

Let that heart and that mind be in you as directed Him
in the choosing of those and of that one to whom
He would give even the keys of the kingdom,
and to whom He could give,
"Those that ye bless are blessed, those that ye curse are accursed."
So live, then, as it is required of thee, that in thy judgments
and in thy measures of administration there is none else but He as thy guide.

The peace that comes from Him comes only by abiding in His word.
What, then, is His word?
Put away those things that would cause fear or doubt.
KNOW in thy inner self that He IS the way, the truth, the light.
There is no other joy to compare with the joy which comes
from being counted worthy of His recognition,
and the knowledge that in His way ye abide day by day.

Let not thy heart be troubled.
For He careth for thee.
Would that all would come to know, "Jesus careth for me."
If that is held constantly in the trials of the day,
in the troubles of associations or activities,
there need be little fear or doubt.
Then, do with thy might what thy hands find to do day by day.
For the Lord, the Christ who came,
who will save the world - careth for thee.

The law of the Lord is perfect.
It converteth the soul of those who will harken,
who will make daily application of that His word
and His promptings bid them to do.
Be not weary, then, with well-doing.
For He will guide, will uphold those that carry on in His name.

Let that which has kept the way be in thy mind and thy heart,
as ye minister day by day to those who would seek the Lord,
to those that consciously know not the Lord.
For He hath committed such to thee
that they might through thy efforts
be made aware of His presence in the earth.

Let not that as would hinder thee from keeping in the way
deter thee from the righteous judgment.
The law of the Lord IS the way,
and His truth and His way is not past finding out.

Remain thou faithful unto the trust that has been committed unto thee.
For the law, the love of God should prompt, should direct thy ways day by day.

Love the Lord and His ways.
Pass not judgment upon others,
lest He judge thee for thine own judgments.
Who art thou, that thou may tell others what they may think or do?
Doest thou as well as they?
The Lord hath loved thee,
For He hath given thee that love in those that are nigh unto thee.

They that seek shall find.
They that knock, it shall be opened unto them.
Then, forsake not the ways that would bring to thee
the wisdom of applying daily that thou hast learned of Him.
For He keepeth thee, if ye keep Him in thy purpose, in thy heart.

Let not that deter thee because of evil days that may come about thee.
For when sorrow and sadness and joy come,
these are of the Lord.
For whom the Lord loveth He purgeth;
that they may bear more fruit in Him.

Updated: 10 June 2014