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Messages of Encouragement:

Messages of Encouragement for the Lesson on SPIRITUAL LIFE FOR TODAY AND TOMORROW (262-121)

In the interpreting of the desires and purposes in thy heart and thy life,
keep ever first and foremost,
"Lord, use me; not in my way but Thine,
that there may in my day, my generation,
come a greater awakening to the needs of Thy ways
in the lives and hearts and minds of those I meet day by day.
"And may I live my life in such a manner as to constrain others
to look to Thee, and not trust in those arms that are short by their very selfish purposes.
"Keep the ways that I choose in those directions that may bring this to pass in my experience."

Today, hope; today, desire.
Today those things that would make thee afraid are far, far away.
Shadows and doubts and fears will arise in thy experience,
but keep before thee the light of all good consciousness,
of all good and perfect service to Him;
and ye will find that the shadows of doubt and fear will fall far behind.
Let those things that cause the doubts and fears be far removed from thee,
through just the little kindness, the little service ye may do here and there.
For as ye keep thy mind, thy body, in service that His kingdom may come in the earth,
so will joy, peace, harmony come into thy experience.

Joy, happiness in a life well spent in seeking, is in thy experience today.
Keep thou the ways that thou hast known,
checking as it were upon thy own self day by day.
KNOW in what and in Whom ye have believed.
And be sure that He in Whom ye have believed
is able to keep every promise He has made thee.
Put thy trust, then, in Him rather than in those things
that falter and fade away.
Let love rule THY life!

In thy experience comes material, spiritual, MENTAL experiences.
Be a thorough discerner of truth.
Hold to that which IS eternal and changeth not in its purpose
or in its intent with the children of men.
To be sure, individuals grow in grace, in knowledge, in understanding;
and as they apply that they know, the next step, the next purpose is shown to them.
For the promise is, "I will be WITH thee always, even unto the end of the world."
He WAS with thee in the beginning.
Ye wandered away, as with those activities that brought the needs
for the material experiences that grace might indeed the more abound;
for it is not by works alone but by every word that proceedeth
from the mouth of the Father, - not others, but from the Father-God!
Keep thy purposes, thy desires, thy ways circumspect in thy own conscience.

"In the Lord's house are many mansions, - if it were not so I would have told you."
What meaneth this in thy experience today?
How have ye furnished, how will ye furnish that place, that room, that mansion?
Will it be with those things that fade away, or with that which is eternal?
Only that which grows by its usage is eternal.
Only that which is of the fruit of the spirit of truth is eternal.
Discern ye, then, the SPIRIT.
That which denieth He hath come in the flesh, have naught to do with same!
As ye seek, so will ye find.
For this is among those promises that have been to the children of men
since they sought to have their OWN way, their OWN desire, their OWN purpose.
Let thy might, thy strength then, be expended - yea, lost in Him.
For He IS the light, He IS the way.
And He standeth at the door of thine own heart and consciousness.
Will ye not sup with Him?

As today is expended so will the morrow bring joy,
hope, gladness or sorrow and doubt and fear.

For God is not mocked among the children of men,
nor in all the earth is there any other than the one God.

As ye then seek, as ye then give, let that blood
that cleanseth from all doubt and fear
be not given as naught for thee.

Great are thy abilities.
Great are thy hopes.
So, too, great are thy RESPONSIBILITIES!
For of those to whom much is given is much required.
Then, let thy yeas be yea, and thy nays be nay.
Be ye stable in thy purposes, in thy desires;
and let thy prayer be, "Here am I, God; send me, USE me!"

That doubts, that fears in the material things come into thy experience
is today a portion of thy lot.
As ye have trusted wholly in Him,
these fears, these doubts have faded away.
For His promises are,
"Rely ye on the Lord, and see if He will not open
even the windows of heaven to pour out a blessing upon thee!"
Then, let thy desires be in the ways that are in keeping
with those activities that ye know indicate to self
as well as demonstrate to others where thy heart and thy purpose lies.
For, though ye gain the whole world in EVERY way of fortune, fame or what not,
and lose hold of that love that cometh from just being kind and patient,
ye have lost that harmony, that peace which comes from being at one with Him.
The way grows brighter, if ye will come with Him into the light of thy own understanding!

As thy purposes have been from the mental as well as the spiritual purposes in thy life,
ye have found, ye do find joy in the expression of life in thy experience.
When those things have prompted thee to desire or to feel a slight
when none was felt or given or intended, these have brought fears,
these have brought disappointments.
So, look to Him who IS the light, who IS the joy of life itself.
Being the water of life, the bread of life,
feed then upon love of God IN expression of just being kind to thy fellow man.

Again would there be given, seek ye the Lord while He may be FOUND!"
For, they that put their trust in those things that fade away,
those things where moth and rust doth corrupt,
find that sorrow, disappointments, fears begin to take the place of joy in service.
And know, He that is the greatest among you is the servant of the more.
He that would come to know the Lord and His ways must practice
in the daily life those things that partake of the SPIRITUAL life.
Let joy fill thy heart, for the day grows in every way before thee.

Let that peace that has come today, in thine heart, find a resting place there.
Not by thy relying upon just the sentiment of those hopes,
but by creating by thy daily activity that hope in the heart and life,
in the mind and purpose of those about thee.
For the Lord will keep thee in that way which will bring greater blessings to thee,
as ye give unto others that joy, that hope ye have found today.
Then, let thy life be so filled with that love, that tomorrow brings the greater joy,
the greater glory, the greater beauty of a life of service.

As today brings thee wonderment in thy own self, in thy own experience
- and as ye analyze, as ye determine in thy own consciousness
the purposes that prompt thee to activity,
- know the sources of same must arise only from wells
of pure, living water of mercy and grace and peace and beauty.
For, WITH those things that bring contempt or fear in thine own heart or mind,
these are magnified by the very water ye would drink to understanding.
As ye grow, then, in the grace and mercy of thine own understanding,
let this be magnified in the manner and way ye give to others that EXPECTANCY, that HOPE.
Expect much of thyself, and then go about to see that ye are NOT disappointed.

Hold fast to that thou hast purposed in thy heart.
As ye vision the lights of the lives ye have led,
let them be as directing lights to thee.
For His promises have been to bring to the remembrance of those who love Him
the knowledge that needs be for the souls to manifest in the material plane
that needed for not only their OWN development but for the very joy and hope and life
for the others that such will aid in their activities through this material experience.
Think not more highly of thyself than ye ought to think.
For He humbled Himself and became as one with the lowest of men,
- that love might be made manifest.
So may ye, in the humbleness of heart, come to know the greater glory
by and through the greater service ye may render to thy fellow man.
Harmonize thy life as ye do the tones of nature itself;
and more joy and beauty will be in thy daily experience.

As ye grow in appreciation of the love of thy fellow man,
and the needs of such in thy daily experience,
give the praise to the Father-God;
that ye may be USED more and more in a service for others.
And this will bring less and less of fear, and more and more of hope.
For remember, these ARE at war one with another - hope and fear.
Let not thy mind, let not thy body, let not thy purpose, thy desire, entertain fear.
For as ye entertain these that make for the building within thy consciousness,
so may ye grow in that understanding and in thy purposes
with those conditions of every nature that ye meet day by day.

As today ye come to those experiences of seeing, of feeling greater hope and love,
greater peace and beauty, so rest ye in the Lord.
OFT hath He given, fret not thyself but stand still and see the glory of the Lord.
These apply in thy experiences day by day.
Keep in the way of the seeking, - opening thy heart, thy mind
for a greater service to others.
Teach thyself in teaching others to be patient, to be content;
not satisfied but CONTENT in the ways of the Lord!

Keep that thou hast purposed.
As ye have taught, as ye have aided others in searching out themselves,
so search thine own heart; putting away from same all those things
that would hinder, and run the perfect race.
Or, as has been indicated to thee,
TURN to the right, - walk straight ahead!
Find not fault with others who have stumbled in the way.
Lend a helping hand, and climb - climb to those heights of content
upon those things ye have seen as failures in the lives of others.
Encourage those who are disturbed.
Give strength and aid to those who falter.
It isn't those who have attained that need thy counsel,
but those who falter and fear.
Remember, He that is thy Light came not to save those who are satisfied
with the way they have chosen.
Know the difference between contentment and being satisfied;
not only in thine own life but in the lives and purposes of those ye meet day by day.
Call ye oft on the Lord, that He may draw nearer to thee.
As ye walk then and talk with Him (for as ye walked then and talked with Him,
as ye have counseled), so may ye counsel with thy fellow man,
and look for and expect His strength to sustain thee throughout EVERY activity - here and now!

Look not on that which has passed as that to be thought of or turned to.
Remember Lot's wife.
But lift up, look up; knowing that He hath said,
"When ye call I will HEAR - and answer speedily."
So as ye keep in the way of APPLIED understanding,
so may ye grow in grace, in knowledge,
in comprehension of what He would have thee do.
Say not in thy heart, nor in words, what YE would do, but rather
"Lord, lead Thou the way."

As ye seek, as ye knock, so may the way be opened unto you.
For His ways are not past finding out; and as He hath given,
"Seek me, try me," that ye may indeed find - the Lord thy God is mindful of thee!
For He calleth His own by name.
As ye seek, then, so will ye find.
Let HIS words be with thee, ever, -
"Come! Open thy heart, that the Father and I may abide with thee."
Be satisfied with nothing less than those PROMISES fulfilled in thy life and thy experience.
Hate not.
Be not disturbed by those who seek through any other channel,
but know that the Lord is thy strength and thy might.
For indeed in Him ye live and move and have thy being.
Trust Him, as ye would He would trust thee.

Disturbances are thine today, because of the thoughts of and the desires
for the application of others.
Let rather that fill thy mind and heart which has been given of old,
- that it is not who will ascend into heaven to bring us a message,
- not who shall come from over the sea that we may hear and heed,
- for Lo, the answer to ALL thy problems is in thine own heart!
Set thy face and thy purposes toward the light of truth that is in the promises of God!
Make them thine, - not by just acclaiming same,
but by so living in thine own heart, and in thine own activities with thy fellow man,
that what ye have builded and do build
becomes the fulfilling of those promises in the lives of others!

In this way alone may ye know the peace He hath promised.

Let that purpose, that desire which has prompted thee oft to approach the throne of mercy,
continue in thy heart and mind today, tomorrow, forever.
For the Lord is the same yesterday, today and forever.
They that put their trust wholly in Him shall not want,
- neither shall their seed beg bread.
But do ye the will of the Father in thy relationships to others,
in the office, in the home, in the street,
- wherever ye meet thy fellow man.
Thus may they know, not by thy boasting but by thy gentleness,
that ye walk oft with the Lord thy God.

Thou hast purposed oft, - thou hast sought oft.
Ye are drawing closer and closer to that day of the greater awakening.
Then, let not discouragement, let not disappointments cause thee
to falter in the ways thou hast chosen to serve thy fellow man;
but give GOD the praise, and never threaten another by thy own might, nor by thy position.
For, know, each soul merits that condition, that position it TODAY occupies!
But be not THOU the judge.
Rather OPEN the way that new hope, new light, new joy, new aspirations
may be in the hearts and minds of those ye would serve.

Fear and doubt have been a part of thy experience,
because of the suffering, because of the fears thou hast seen
in the experiences of those nigh unto thee.
Put ye rather, then, thy trust in the Lord.
For HE is life, and health, and strength to those who put their trust in Him.
Not everyone that saith "Lord, Lord," shall enter in,
but he that doeth the will of the Father by just being patient, just being kind to others.

Boast not thyself because of those experiences that have brought thee
to be in that position of power over others.
For with thy purposes ye may become the blind leading the blind,
and both may fall in the ditch.
Let rather the love, that has been shown in the Father
through the gentleness and patience with the children of men,
be manifested in thy OWN life.
Then may peace rest with thee indeed.

Much has been thy purpose, little at times has been thy activity in the Lord.
Know that He is thy strength.
Thy purpose, then, should be rather in those things that take hold
upon the ways of the Lord.
For if ye will but come into the more perfect knowledge of HIM,
the more perfectly ye may serve thy fellow man.

Ye have sought, ye have heard, ye have listened to the many who have cried,
"Lo, here is the way, - Lo, this is the direction, - this is the manner of approach."
Rather turn ye to these: In the 30th of Deuteronomy FIND what is told thee - THEE - to do!
Turn again to that as found in the 150th Psalm, and give praise that He, thy Lord, thy God,
has entrusted to thee that way, that belief innate in thy purposes.
Then turn to the 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th of St. John,
and know that He speaks again with thee,
- and that in thine own heart, in thine own mind will come that peace of the way chosen,
- that leadeth to life everlasting, to JOY that knows no confines,
to peace that passeth understanding!

Updated: 10 June 2014