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Selected Readings on Faith

Selected Readings on Faith
Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.
Do not cast me from your presence or take your Holy Spirit from me.
Restore to me the joy of your salvation.
And grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.
(Psalm 51:10-12)

 And Jesus said to him,
“If you can! All things are possible for one who believes.”
Immediately the father of the child cried out and said,
“I believe; help my unbelief!”
(Mark 9: 23,24)

Who then can stand before the Lord? 
Only those who have the pure heart, the pure purpose. 
To them there is peace, even in the midst of strife,
even in the midst of bloodshed.

Keep in a pure heart, and perfect understanding.

"Create within me a pure heart, O God,
and renew a right, righteous, holy spirit within me."

Keep faith in thyself, in thy God, in thy fellow man!

In keeping faith with thy God, thy Maker,
ye keep faith with thyself, thy friend.

Hold fast to that which is good. 
Keep faith in the Divine.

That evidence of that which manifests in the inner self, through the
subconscious knowledge of those correlated conditions between
the conscious and subconscious, acted upon by the superconscious. 
The application must be made through the self,
and can only be understood by that indwelling answer
from within the entity.  This can be applied.  Apply same.

And, most of all, do not lose faith in self nor self's abilities,
when trusting in the Divine Influences that are
the birthright of every soul.

The light and love draws near to thee, and thy ways are close to His ways. 
Keep faithful in the little things. 
Be not unmindful that persistence is a whole sister of patience.
And if ye would know the greater joy, the greater love of
the Christ Consciousness, these ye must keep in thy daily life.
Grow not weary, then, in well-doing.
But let the love divine, the beauty sublime, the joy as of the Lord, keep thee. 
This does not mean there are no joys in the material surroundings
or in the material associations, but they must be in the spirit of truth.

In faith one seeks, and in self alone may the full knowledge
and full understanding come. 
Trust not in powers made with hands, but rather in that builded
in the life of Him able to keep that committed unto Him. 
Faltering is only a proof of the abilities;
for who would gain heaven and the whole of the knowledge of heaven,
must know there are the opposites, or a way from. 
Trust in that given thee, and in use of that given, understanding comes.

Keep faith in self and in Him that gave First Know Self,
and in that knowledge gain the understanding of
the relation of the Creative Energy to that created,
and how that created is a portion of the Creator
in just so far as the spirit or life of the created and Creator are in accord.
Keep faith with self and those whom the entity may assist.

He that doeth my will shall ask and there shall be given that
necessary to meet the needs of the inner and the outer man."
Then be faithful, if thou wilt wear the crown of life.

Keep faithful. Keep alive. Keep true. 
Keep impersonal. Keep going on!

Keep faithful, then, in thine service, in being a channel
of blessings to many.  Be not weary.  Be not slothful. 
Be not unmindful of that which is set before thee. 
Turn not back, but press on to the more glorious light that comes
with the closer walk with Him day by day.

Let not disappointments and disturbances alter thee
in thy sincerity of purpose. 
Keep faith with thy promises,
if ye would have His love, His promises.
Keep faith with thee!

Keep in the faith. That is, as thou hast chosen,
as thou dost choose from day to day, from circumstance
or from experience to experience.
Know that ye keep faith with that thou believest in thine inner self.

For the fruits of the spirit are that ye keep faith with thy Christ.

Keep faith first with self, and will not be false to friend or foe.

Look within self and know all the conditions,
all circumstances that have to do with the mental or the
spiritual development must rise from within self. 
When there is the expression of desire motivated
by Constructive Forces from within and not of a selfish nature,
they set to work for those influences that will bring about
Constructive Experiences in the activities of the self
and those about the entity.
Keep faith in self, in God, in man.

Those with many talents or abilities, of them much is required. 
Keep faith in self's own abilities to draw upon
the fountain of all power, all faith, all hope,
and the praise be ever unto Him!

Keep faith with thy better self, if the greater accomplishments
would be had in applying the abilities of self through this experience.

For as ye do it unto the least of His children ye do it unto Him.
Let the attitude abide, not that others are negligent or unmindful
of their obligations or duties;
but art thou in the prayerful manner keeping faith with thyself
and with thy God in relations to others?
These attitudes put in the spiritual forces of self helpfulness
in every direction.

For as the man thinketh in his heart, so is he.
Then, if ye would not be condemned, condemn not. 
If ye would have faith, show faith. 
If ye would have love, show love.
Yea, - ye say, "This I have heard so oft!" 
Yes, but what have you done about it?

For it is not all just to have faith, nor to be good.
But have faith in something sufficient to put it into practical
application in the daily experience; to be good not only as
for the ease, the satisfaction it may bring, but being good
for something; expending self, as it were, abasing self in
the service of others - this is worth while, and brings joy,
contentment, and an experience that is worth while.

If ye would have love, be lovely. 
If ye would have friends, be friendly. 
If ye would have faith, show it. 
And as is the law, it will come back to thee!

In what faith means to the individual.
As we have faith in the substance,
or that which is hoped for,
with the evidences from things seen or of things unseen. 
As in this, the desire of the heart or issues of life to be the
assistance not from self, but as the Maker gives, as is
given that love is law.  Law is love.  Love is giving.
Giving is as God, the Maker.

In the abilities, keep in the way in which ye judge not, if
ye would not be judged.  Remember, with what measure ye mete
to others must eventually be meted to thee.  If ye would have
friends, if ye would have love, if ye would have patience,
manifest same.  Each of these are the attributes of the
spirit of truth and as ye apply same in thy experience, the
greater becomes thy measure of faith.
For if ye have not faith in others, how can ye have faith
in God?  If ye have not faith in God, how can ye find it in
Keep sweet, keep true, keep earnest!

In the application of self in the present, keep the faith.
Ye know in whom ye have believed.  Trust others, yes, not to
thine own undoing or that in judgement tell ye not.  But if
ye would have friends, be friendly.  If ye would have others,
to have faith in thee, have faith in them.  Keep the faith!

(Q)  What new idea or plan is recommended to me to make an
unusual success?
(A)  To make an unusual success one must BE a success.
Nothing succeeds like success.  Have faith in yourself, have
faith in God and your fellow man.  These are necessary for
unusual success.  First faith in God, second faith in self,
third faith in thine fellow man, but don't put the cart
before the horse!

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Updated: 7 August 2017