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"The Forces" 

The Forces by Hugh Lynn Cayce

17 January 1978 At Tuesday A.M. WORK READINGS discussion group,
Hugh Lynn Cayce was asked to describe what he thought
was meant throughout the Edgar Cayce readings
by "The Forces", such as referred to in 254-25.

(Q) Give any information that will assist in becoming established at Virginia Beach.
(A) First, locate the residence, getting in place as given.
Then will come the means necessary for making the proper location.
The Forces will provide same - indirectly.

The following is from 254-25 Reports:

As I understand "The Forces", I think we have to go back to the beginning, really.

The original plan, the original purpose in the mind and heart of God
for the creation of the soul that was set forth in the creation,
in the original plan, as is indicated in one place in the readings,
"stamped on every soul," is the image of the Christ Consciousness
which was given by God and only needs to be awakened by our wills,
in application.

The will was given to Man as part of God's original creation:
The Divine Mind, the Divine Spirit and the Divine Will.
That's a part of God that makes up the soul as it was created.

Now, you have the forces that relate to God's purpose
for man in creation.

Then, as man, as the souls began to express themselves
in different planes of consciousness, they did this
by creating thought forms.

This is clearly defined in in the readings as "thought patterns"
that were created like what God had created.

Man saw what God had created and man,
with his creative mind, created a form like that.
As he created it, he became involved in it.

As a simile, we might say that man reaches into a tar barrel
which is a kind of cold tar and it is hard to move it,
hard to control it, and tries to shape an image with his hand.
He gets caught; he gets stuck in the tar barrel.
He's trapped there by what he has created.
He won't turn loose of it and he can't pull it out.

It's almost like the old symbol of the monkey
that wants the piece of fruit that is in the jar,
and as long as he holds the piece of fruit in his hand
he can't pull his hand out of the jar.

The thought forms that man became involved and ensnared in
became hardened and they trapped a part of the soul energy
in the earth.

I think we can find readings that indicate that this trapping took place;
that part of the soul is caught in what it has created as matter.

These were the thought forms that gradually have hardened
and have become what we know as bodies, as energy patterns,
in the three-dimensional expression.

Then, through the bodies, man's mind, the soul's mind
began to create thought forms at the flesh level
where the body becomes an energy pattern and a thought form.

In addition, on other levels of consciousness,
man built a finer physical body which is a thought body
that interpenetrates the flesh and moves much faster
than the flesh body.

That thought form is the one we use when we die.
That is the Doppelganger form that we use in
the out-of-body experience.

It, too, is a thought form and it relates to matter.

The readings say we're free of the flesh when we move
in that body, but we're not free of matter.

It still is made up of finer, faster moving, material thought processes.
So, it is a finer thought body.

There are readings that say that some people in having
out-of-body experiences see shells, empty shells
of these thought forms on other planes of consciousness.

Some people call this the astral, but that's a limiting term, I think.
There are many other layers, other levels.

Dad [Edgar Cayce] described these thought forms
as he went out looking for readings.

He speaks of himself passing on a shaft of light through many planes.
Every plane had thought forms on it that had been created by man;
energy patterns that had withdrawn from one shell,
withdrawn from another shell, and were moving in consciousness.

These thought forms are "the forces" that are spoken of in the readings;
these thought form forces combined with the original forces
and pattern of God's purpose for the souls in the earth;
in creation, not only in this earth but in all creation.

So, when man builds patterns that are opposed to God's will,
he creates negative forces, rebellious forces.
They become rebellious forces to which he can attune.

However, he also builds cooperative forces in patience
and love and long-suffering.
The readings reiterate these over and over again;
so, these forces that he builds become good.

As groups of people, groups of souls, come into the earth in cycles,
they develop agreement in trying to move the constructive forces
and to return to the same consciousness that God had for man:
the Christ Consciousness, in other words, in a broad universal sense.

So, in one incarnation, they developed a plan, a pattern to express love
and service and they began to carry on a work that is in accord
with God's love.

Those thought forms become FORCES.
Those patterns of thought, those purposes, become FORCES in the earth.
Man can draw on what he has done together with a group.

In the work of the Association, I'm sure, we are seeing
the effect of forces that have been building.

The readings say this - for me they say this:
that we built a pattern of service and healing and help
in one incarnation in Egypt and then we built another pattern in Persia...

Here, again, we come back and pick up and draw on
these forces of thought forms, these purposes and ideals
and goals that have been set.
We draw on those.

When they're in accord with God's purposes they move forward
and they create help and magnify service and magnify patterns
of healing, and good is accomplished.

But when we, in ourselves as individuals, tune in to the rebellious parts
that we have created, that man has created, we become rebellious.

Then we are in tune with the negative forces.

They are of our creation, but they were also of God's creation in the beginning.
But we, in our slowed-down state of consciousness, have lost track
of the forces for good that God created.

We don't see angelic forces as often, apparently,
as the Bible people used to see them.

Maybe we do, but it's certainly not reported.
There are descriptions of man being in tune with God's forces,
in the history of his being in the earth.

Gradually, he shuts that off until he no longer is in tune
with the original forces - the original forces that God set up
as man's purpose in creation.

At any point, man has the right, the opportunity to attune himself
to the forces of good, as the readings say; that is,
to God's original purposes for the soul.

Or, he has the opportunity to tune in to all the negative purposes
that he has created in the earth, the rebellious parts
not only of himself but of others.

Then, he is influenced by the negative forces and he suffers
as a result of that. He gets sick, he fights wars,
he kills his brothers, he destroys himself and others
as he attunes to the negative and the rebellious.

At every point we are able to tune in to the good,
the creative, or tune in to the negative.

And there is, as old Moses said to us, there is set before us
this day light and darkness, good and evil;
choose thou which way you are going [Deut. 30].

We have that choice to make, that exercising of the will
at every second of every moment of every experience
on whatever level of consciousness we are.

Whatever world we attune to, that will is there
and can make a choice of attunement.

To me, that is [what is meant by] THE FORCES,
the good and the bad forces.
That explains spiritual healing, too.

The Physical Readings are full of the forces like the rhythm forces,
the kidney forces, the heart forces, the brain forces.
They're all patterns.
All patterns for each element of the body have been going on
and adding to the creative or the destructive,
every time we eat, every time we think.

We forget that the mind is the builder, as the readings say so frequently,
and [that] the physical is the result.
Any form is the result.
We think about a chair and then we build a chair.
The thought has to do with it the minute it comes into
whatever dimension we are working in.
And it's not just in the flesh or the three-dimensional,
but in all these other dimensions in which we build
these forces and thought forms, that we are all attuned
either to good or to the rebellious.
That's the way I see it.

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