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"A Reading regarding the teachings of Jacob Boehme
From Reading 1602-3

Regarding the teachings of Jacob Boehme,
the German philosopher and mystic of the 17th century.

Tenets and teachings and illustrations presented by Jacob Boehme;
is the relationship of man in his search for God.

Much of that presented by Boehme,
illustrating the activities of the consciosness and the various phases of consciousness,
the effect of the unseen forces and cosmic consciousness in its relationships to the emotions
and activities of which the body is conscious in its various stages of development,
These are identical to those presented by John in Patmos. (Revelations)

As the individual studies the bodily forces and emotions
arising through the activities in the material sphere
in relationship to the influences arising from without,
These are identical to the representations and interpretations
of that presented by John in Patmos. (Revelations)
We also find variations in some of those things presented.

With Boehme more of the consciousness
through which man has passed in his study
and in his search for that as might be used
as an illustration of same.
As related to the consciousness related
to the seasons, 
the changes, the zodiac,
as well as the planetary forces
and the activities of planetary forces.

All of these from time to time are relative to one another.
The influences/forces through the sojourns of the individuals
in activities in the planetary forces
and the astral aspects of the individuality of an entity.

These are influences through the activities of an individuality
as the motivating forces
become expressed, or
the choice taken by an entity
regarding that which is constructive or destructive
in its experience.

Motivated by the spirit of that which becomes

the impelling influence in the activity of the individual.

 In 1998 we may find a great deal of the activities
as have been wrought by the gradual changes that are coming about.
These are at the periods when the cycle of the solar activity,
or the years as related to the sun's passage
through the various spheres of activity become paramount to the change
between the Piscean and the Aquarian age.
This is a gradual, not a cataclysmic activity in the experience of the earth in this period.

It is true that the activities so far as in this sphere or Galaxy
of activities of the planetary forces within this present solar system,
the earth first became as the indwelling of the consciousness of the race or the man
in this particular sphere, but sin - the separation -
that as caused the separation of souls from the universal consciousness -
came not in the sphere of materiality first, but in that of spirit.

The activities of the individuals through the various actions
or consciousness or awareness
in the various spheres of activity
a part of the divine plan for the return.
Only through the reincarnation into the actions in which
choices may be made by the individual
for the alleviating or the satisfying or for the development
of the individual entity or soul 
to be
in the awareness of being itself

and in relationship to the Creative Forces
as become one with Him.

As shown by the necessity of the First Begotten (Christ),
the only begotten of the Father to enter into the material plane
as the first consciousness or awareness of its being able in itself
to choose for its activity independent of materiality
where those activities became and become manifest
as a part of the whole consciousness.

The awareness of the soul of its separateness
only comes through the manifestations of the principles (spiritual laws)
of that cosmic consciousness in materiality.

It is like evolution in a part of the development of the whole of the universe.
Not this consciousness of our own solar system, but of all solar force,
or which our own system is only a mere part of the whole consciousness.

In the earth and man's awareness into the three-dimensional consciousness,
only those that have entered earth may relieve or leave earth through the awareness
of there being those influences through their various spheres of activity,
including not only the earthly sojourns or material sojourns as we know in a physical consciousness,
but the sojourns throughout the spheres of activity when they are absent
from a physical or material consciousness.

As an individual entity or soul becomes aware
of the full consciousness of being aware of its relationship
or its position, it IS part of the law itself,
it IS the law of that relationship,
by the full awareness of it, and not merely an outlet,
not merely a channel through which
an activity or awareness or consciousness
may be made as a manner or way.

(Q) In what way is Perseus representative
of the Godly-feeling Consciousness?
(A) Only as a station along the way,
a consciousness of,
a place through which as each individual entity
passes is illustrated in the manner
in which their approaches come -
they are then as aware OF that position or place.
The name is the consciousness, not the name the way, see?

(Q) Will Humanity now turn back to en-rapport with Him?
(A) What does the Word say?
"He has not willed that any soul shall perish
but has with each temptation,
with each condition that has arisen
within the experience of the soul prepared a way,"
- and these are a constant change being wrought.
Not that through activities - Of course,
the time and the place and the position -
but it is ever as the choice of the individual.
It is that which makes or is the godly force within an individuality,
or an entity or a soul, that makes it seek its level.

(Q) Explain the meaning of the Ancient Cepheus'
"Yawning" following the Perseus feeling,
and will it open the "Escape"
again out of the Reincarnation Circuit. How? Why?
(A) Only as there has been -
This is again a CONDITION, see?
A RELATIVE force or relation.
What is the natural consequence as given
as an indication of what becomes acceptable
to the Creative Force or God
in its relationships as incense might arise?
The releasing of same might be called as
the yawning here of Cepheus.

So as the releasing made the awareness
which becomes as a flowing out through
the material things as pertain
to the attitude of the mental force as the builder,
as one becomes en-rapport
with the Creative Forces or God
in its relationships to that sought or desired.
In THAT way and manner, yes -
if there will be the CONTINUED reaction
through the influences or forces.

But remember, it is as a law:
As He, the Way, the Son, showed in materiality,
in earth, the ability to become one with the Creative Forces
as to pronounce His at-onement with the Father-God,
so must each soul.
He that climbeth up some other way is as he has indicated.

(Q) Explain correspondence between the Sieve Bone in Golgatha
- and the Skull in Humanity.
(A) Emblematical.
As the influence or force as surrounds that which is
the manner or the way in materiality through which
the awarenesses come to the personality and individuality
of an entity for the making of its choices in reality
in relationships to others, - so as these are but
emblems, shadows, visions,
we know these are the MANNERS through which,
the places through which, the consciousness
through which individuals approach that change.

What did Golgotha indicate in the consciousness of mankind?
Just that completion of what?
The first announcement was that Emmanuel, God with man,
would mean that in his material consciousness.

As that was the announcement that it would come about,
then Golgotha only represents - as does the Skull
- which is gradually changing in man's physiognomy,
through the various applications of itself,
whether to the material things or to spiritual things
- as these in their search for materiality close
the outlet or eye to the whole body through which
the light entered as an awareness of this relationship
or this at-onement or God within the individual,
so does the Skull or Golgotha show the completion
which must be the channel through which
these awarenesses come into the consciousness of individuals.

(Q) Is it gradually becoming responsive through
the restoration of Phosphorus so that man
will talk back and forth with the Cosmos -
like the radio principle - as prevailed in Primitive Light Man?
(A) This is gradually a development
to which the awarenesses of the use
of the spiritual consciousness
may be as a medium through which such may be done.

(Q) What does the "restoration of Phosphorus" signify?
(A) The relationship of the individual to that awareness
of the universal consciousness which should be
and is the promise of all who have wholly put on Him.

For as He has given,
"he that abideth wholly in me and I in him,
to him will be made aware all things
from the foundations of the world."

This is ALL there, in His words, in His promises to man.
Just as indicated in His exhortation upon
the activities of John and as to what they meant
in the affairs of man.
That place, that awareness.
And yet when individuals will, even as John,
become aware of being within the presence of Life itself,
God Himself made manifest, - how few accepted it?
Only such as had known INDEED the reviling of man!

(Q) What will the Aquarian Age mean to mankind
as regards Physical, Mental and Spiritual development?
Is the Aquarian Age described as the "Age of the Lily" and why?
(A) Think Ye this might be answered in a word?
These are as growths.
What meant that awareness as just indicated?
In the Piscean age, in the center of same,
we had the entrance of Emmanuel or God among men, see?
What did that mean?
The same will be meant by the full consciousness
of the ability to communicate with or to be aware
of the relationships to the Creative Forces
and the uses of same in material environs.
This awareness during the era or age
in the age of Atlantis and Lemuria or Mu brought what?
Destruction to man, and his beginning of the needs
of the journey up through that of selfishness.

Updated: 15 December 2013