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"4 Previous Lives (Readings 1 to 200)" 

Nearly all of the "Life Readings" mention 4 previous lives (sometimes 3) and how past "emotional urges" affects the current life.
The Astrological part (effects of planets to our mental urges) have been removed for easier reading and understanding.
Reading 5-2

In the land of nativity.
This person was the judge of peoples' differences.
That influence, that ability, brought about better relationships between individuals,
Being a representative of corporations does not appeal to this person, for individuals, as individuals, appeal the most. 
The conditions in the present experience make for varying conditions in these relations.
The greatest abilities, the greatest satisfaction in the chosen profession will be in individual counsel and individual advice.
This person may go far in development of self (self-development).
Many trust in the abilities of this person.

 In that land known as the Trojan land.
This person was among those that counselled with Hector and with Achilles' forces.
Being a mediator between those foes of old, and bringing much to bear on the various forces
that gradually drew the peoples together later in the experiences of that land. 
The counsel of this person may be found as records among those who wrote of the period,
called that only in the minds; yet real in its actuality. 
In the [emotional] influence felt, is the halting of opinions by those that would act as the lording over others,
or as the recognized leaders as varying with the abilities of self.
Establish self by being the leader in fact.

In that land known as the Indian in the present.
In that period when the peoples from the mount went into the valley,
and many of the men were destroyed and the women were taken as prisoners for the
building up of the land. 
In this period this person led as a warrior.
Gaining much during a portion of the experience.
Losing in the latter portion, and from that experience of having many women
May this person be called now a one-woman man.
For the experiences were sad in the latter portion of that period. 
In the present, the abilities to counsel - especially to do with lands, land grants,
and those of the relationships of peoples in grants
Land grants are particularly interesting to this person, and well to study land grants.

In that period known as the divisions in the Egyptian land. 
This person was among those that were of the school that was built
in the latter portion of that division reign. 
This person was a teacher in the school.
In the relationships of man to man in what is called in the present as penal law.
The codes of law established are to this person in the present,
prefaces to the knowledge pertaining to penal law.
In this present period, and that of the latter experience
the first to combine the abilities of law and judgeship,
and the mediator between individuals, and between groups.
But the greater ability is in that of being the individual advisor,
and the judging the rights of individuals according to the written law.

In the abilities in the present and that to which this person may attain:
(1)  Self is first to be conquered and to be known.
(2) Establish self, once that control of self is gained
- irrespective of those that are felt as inclinations;
Not to seperate self from others by one that would lord it over another.
But that one that would manifest abilities within self to aid others. 
Keep that as an ideal. Be not only idealistic that is have not only ideas,
but be an ideal and ensample of that the self would have the other be.
Reading 6-2

In those days in beginning of the establishing in the present sojourn [USA] of this person
those of the homes, those of the councils, those of the settlements in the land. 
This person brought much to the peoples in that day and land,
being among those of the first to bring the real blood
of the native land in the nativity of the land. 
In this experience this person gained, though through hardships
- yet in the latter days this person's counsel was sought by many,
both of the natives and of the peoples who gradually grew
into first the little forts, then the State;
This person gained through this experience. 
In the present, the home, the home land, [USA] to this person is ever the best land. 
Interested in those affairs in the experiences of individual
Interested in the effect, association, and the division that comes between
that of heritage and of the surrounding conditions: 
Or often this person ponders with the question of heritage, or hereditary and environmental.

In the land known as the Trojan. 
This person was among those that tried to prevent the invasion into the city.
This person - while in the same sex - defended with self, in bodily form, those that invaded the city. 
Many and varied conditions were encountered by this person during that experience. 
Many of the conditions brought disagreements, misunderstandings, discontent. 
These often arise in this person's present experience, through those that surround this person
in closer relationships. 
In the experience in the present, these bring those of decided likes and dislikes;
Yet the ability to make friendships with the high, the low, the aged, the young;
those of high estate, those of the more ignorant class. 
All, to this person, have their own conditions to meet, their own problems to face,
and this person could, does, and may, counsel well.
Even in the experience this person had in a latter period. 
In the present much may be gained by this person in the study of those two periods.

In that land known as the Canadian land.
When there were many changes in the climatic conditions,
and what was then of a semi-tropical nature became - during this person's period and sojourn
- that of the glacier or ice period. 
This person, during this period, gained much and lost much. 
Gained through the assistance given in the establishing of the homes,
even when forced to move to other lands, and then known among the peoples as the
Mound Builders of the Central Northwest. 
This person lost, through the using for self those aggrandizements of selfish interests. 
This person lost. 
In the present we find those [emotional] influences come as oft tempt this person innately.
As to whether to think first of self and self's interest or of those whom this person may aid.
This person will gain much, through seeking first to be true to self.
And through seeking first to be true to self will never be false to anyone. 
Not as selfish interests, but as to the protection of those whom this person would aid.

In that land known as the Egyptian land.
During the period of dissensions and of banishment of those
that would establish the laws and the relationships of man to the Creative Energies,
and man's relationship to man, making for the first moral codes that afterward
were builded in the chosen peoples' land. 
This person of the peoples to whom those were banished, aiding as a pupil
- and later as an helpmate to those that afterward came back into the land,
as teacher, counselor, guide. 
This person not of those that labored as the servant.
But as the companions of those that were returned.
And especially assistant to the companion of the deposed priest. 
This person gained, and many are the tenets this person holds from this experience,
as to the relationships of the created to the Creator. 
While many may term this person's feelings, as expressed
- as not wholly of a religious nature, those of the Christian
- or of the fellow feelings - are innate within this person,
and may find expression most in doing for others.

As to the abilities in the present, as is seen, twofold may be this person's work. 
Few are given the ability to be both business and of the home.
But both may be builded. 
Keep true to self, to self's own ideals.
Lose not hold upon these innate feelings of there must be something done each day
to manifest that love felt within self, as must be shown as the reflection of that felt
by self to the Creator and the created.


 In the country of the North, in the region known as that of Stockholm.
There we find this person's forces exercised in the rule of the people in the correction courts.
The present [emotional] forces as exercised in this entity is the desire to ever keep in the ways that are subject to
the powers that rule in the physical.

In the country of the Mongolian forces.
When the rule was first in that of the Yogi
that gave the law to the nations as now control that peoples. 
In this we find the present inhibition of those elements [emotions]
as go to show the inner dwelling love of family and the [emotional/love] force exercised therein.

In the land of Alta or Atlantis.
When the forces then gave the first rule of the peoples
to become the ruler of the destiny of that country, then at the height of the then known civilized forces,
and this person there gave the first force or manner of the keeping of records for that country.

As these would then all be used in this present plane for the developing of this entity,
Weigh all well and keep in that way, with a centralized force as may be found in self's understanding.


In that period when there were troublesome times in the land known as France. 
This person was the one to whom the young king [1005], or ruler, was given in charge,
and was the keeper (servant) of the young king - even until the time of the passing from the body. 
This person lost and gained through that influence. 
During the first portion of this period this person lost, for oft were the stripes laid on
the body of the king by this person;
Then in the latter period were there the sorrows as were known from the conditions as
surrounded that brought this person much of an understanding of the better relationships
between those of high estate and those that were of the keeper, or the servant, in such periods. 
In the present [emotional] influences this person finds, that those in authority are, to this person, as the lowest of peoples. 
Hence, one in political office - or of political influence has - little to do this person
- while this person listens, yet little reaches the bounds, or bonds, that have been builded innate within self. 
To this person, the allness of purpose is most appealing, and all peoples are as one.
This kept, this builded upon, this understood, may make for the greatest development in the present experience. 
In the influences as found from this person, makes for those innate influences of music that is of the slow,
and rather of the dirge nature, the most appealing.

In that period when there was the inflow in the land from those who came as
conquerors, or as an attempt to make for one thought to all peoples, known as the Crusades. 
This person then among those of the peoples that were overrun, and attempted - by force of arms
- to be made to think as those who came in, with all the pomp, all the glory, of an idea
- and an Ideal, overrun by that of self-exaltation. 
This person gained through this experience, in that - though this person suffered physically
- the care as given by this person, and those of this person's household that cared
for those that were wounded, and this person won many to the religious thought,
or to that cult held by this person during that experience.
Keeping self aloof, yet becoming one with those that would override. 
In the present experience, innately [emotionally] there is seen that of the feeling oft of the religious force.
Yet, as being able to divide self and become pigeonholed as believing in one set sect or individual rule,
is hard for this person to understand.
Rather being good for Good's sake, being good for something, than being just good;
Rather seeking to good;
Rather seeking to manifest the spirit of truth, of life, of love,
than taking as a tenet or as a line of demarcation between that which is good
and that which is called evil by another - these are hard lines for this person to draw.
Gaining, through the experience, much. 
Of this experience is that as will be applicable in the experience of this person
during the present experience.

In that land known as the Egyptian.
In the period when there were divisions in the land. 
This person then among those that were the keepers of the linens, and of those of the dress
- or that as needed in the temple worship. 
Then, in this experience, this person rather the one that made much fine linen,
made much of the drawings that made for the vestry of the peoples in that period. 
This person spoke little, yet thought much during the period
- and in all the troublesome times, little did this person act other than as innately filling that place
to which this person was given, and filling same well. 
In the return, and the change as wrought during the period, This person brought much understanding
- until the division as arose between the brothers [[341] and [78]] as were in power,
and when the Ibex ruler sought to carry away this person there arose troublesome times
over this person's experience, and only in the banishment of the Ibex ruler did there again
become that of a period of rest to this person. 
In this experience this person gained, yet fear of types of men - and this person always looks for a type
- is [emotionally] innately held in this person's experience, even in the present.

In that land known as Poseida. 
This person known among those that used those of the innate experiences for the development of mind, matter,
and of the physical usage of same.
Being in that experience in the household of the rulers of that land, much pomp, much power,
much of those things in life as bespeak of - in the present - those that make for the satisfying of earthly,
or the gratifying of physical desire. 
This person ran riot in that experience, losing in the experience. 
In the present, many of those conditions, those things as were developed,
are to this person not as strange, or even new - but rather as meeting the necessities
of the desire of a well developed individual. 
In the present this may be made for good or for bad, for this person finds,
that in the application, in the usage of that in hand, does depend that, whether it brings for that
as is satisfying or that as brings for tumult within self;
for the mental is ever the builder, guided by the spiritual truth and life and light
brings for the satisfying of that as builded. 
Gratifying of selfish influence or desires of self [emotions], brings for that as is of the carnal,
and makes for dissatisfaction, distrust, dis-ease, in every field.

In the abilities of this person - as has been seen and given:
(1) That in the home.
(2) That in the satisfying of the self by giving an understanding to others
as to the relationships of introspective experience
May this person find that will make for the most satisfying in this experience,
and for the greatest development in this experience.


During that period when there were rebellions or oppressions in the land known as the French.
This person was among those peoples who were in touch with those in authority as rulers
[GD's note: 760 and 5618], for This person that one - of the offspring
- To whom these peoples went upon their attempt to escape from the land.
In this experience this person gained in a mental development,
Lost in those things as pertain to grudges, as of contentions.
Hence this person often finds, rather than to become contentious with one
this person will cease to speak or to act;
not that the aversion is not held innately;
rather does this person sulk.
Best to be outspoken and have it done with!
Rather than to leave impressions that are not understood by self nor by others!
In the developments, these may be applied in self in a manner as to apply will's forces
- for when such [emotional] conditions or such contentions, or such dissensions arise,
think and speak and then act!
Don't act first and think and speak afterwards, and be sorry - or sulk!

In that period known as the Grecian highest development period
When there was the beginning of the understandings from the various schools of thought.
This person was then among those - even though of the women of the day
- that were well spoken of as to their abilities to think or to act.
Beautiful in body, in mind, in activities. this person gained through this experience.
This person excelled much in the arts of the periods as pertain to the dance, as well as to the sculpturing of the day.
Hence molding, and such, make for this person an interest that is sometimes hard to be understood,
even by self, and most by others; for molds of such figures, or those that represent many of the muses
or of the figures of that period, may easily be interpreted by this person
- yet this person often feels a hesitancy in giving expression of that to which such figures, such statuary, such pictures,
or such depicting of conditions or periods - or elements of mental forces - mean or baring into the body's experience,
for fear of being made fun of, or of being spoken of in an unseemly manner.
This received not from that experience for boldness was obtained from that experience,
and this person often feels within self that - would it dare to do that which it really feels it can do
- it would accomplish a great deal more than it does!
In this activity may this person find, that with the expression of self
- in the abilities to manifest or speak that as is felt or thought [emotions]
- may this person gain much for self that will make for a contentment that will be in a developing way and manner.

In that period known now as Egypt.
And in those times when there were divisions.
And when there were the making of many of the mounds, the symbols, and the various edifices of the land.
This person was close in contact then with those in charge, or the builders of those periods.
And this person gained much through the associations of the peoples as builded in the land;
not only as the builders of the edifices, but the building of the relationships as existed
between individuals as individuals, and the individual's relationships to the Creative Force
and a manifested way and manner of expressing same, brought thought, contemplation,
and a period of development to this person.
This person used same, in the latter portion of the experience, to self's own detriment
- for with the passing of those to whom this person felt the closest drawn,
This person separated self from those peoples and established in the southernmost portion of the land
a kingdom of their own ruling in same for an eon and more.
In the present experience those conditions of the land mean much to this person,
and the variations as have come to this person in the feelings [emotions] as seen in the Egyptians
- towards dance, or those forces as make for manifestations in replicas of those conditions
that were taught mean much to this person - yet some hesitancy is often felt [emotions].
A study of same will bring to this person a closer relationship with many that this person associated with during that period.

In that land known as the Atlantean period.
And during that time when much of the peoples were in the position of using all the forces in nature.
This person was then of the princesses of the land, and in power, in authority, in one close to those that ruled the land.
This person then in ease, luxury, comforts of the material forces - and in a portion of the experience did
(that which to the peoples even) err, and to self brought distrust in others and in self.
In the name Asmee did this person become the ruler of fire, and of those forces in nature that had to do with fire and its origins.
Hence a tendency, and a warning to this person -
beware that the lungs and that that makes fires of the body
does not consume same in an unseemly manner.
Beware, then, as respecting those distresses in same.
Keep as much in the open as possible, but not in night air
- neither in those things that tire or unfit,
or eat up those forces of the physical body,
else the mental and spiritual may not have that opportunity
In the present experience to develop or manifest that as is toward
that universal force that is set in each and every entity.

In the abilities of this person in the present - these, as seen, will lie and will come in varied fields
during the varied experiences or developing periods of this person's present experience.
(1) This person may make the success in a commercial field,
(2) Or this person may make the success in the home field.
While these for this person may not be wholly combined,
nor wholly kept apart, yet those that make for the engaging forces
that may be builded in self; for building the home is the greater success for this person
- or for anyone, through these experiences.
Keep, then, an ideal - not an idea.
Oft may it be asked, What is an ideal?
That not made with hands; that that is eternal - that is an ideal.
Keep self in accord, in attune with those forces as may make manifest through self
in mental and spiritual manners - and this will keep one in attune with an ideal as may be set before self.
Being true first to self, will prevent self from being false to anyone.
Be not too close mouthed in expression of thoughts, for in the use of that as is held or known,
or had in hand, is development obtained.
Know in whom thou hast believed, knowing He is able to keep that which is committed unto thee
against any experience.
Keep self unspotted, but be not sulky in doing so!

 In that period when persecutions were in the land where the peoples were taught of the Master's teaching, or Rome.
This person then among those who subscribed to those teachings, yet in fear,
for this person of the household of one in power under the ruler.
This person in the name Lycia.
This person gained through that experience, for this person
- while in fear and in service - gave much to those that came about This person,
in the teachings - not so much of precept but of well living.
The [emotional] urge as is seen, the desire to delve into the mysteries of life.
The [emotional] innate expressions of resentment that arise when any other individual is persecuted,
either for weal or woe, and the [emotional] ability to be mad - yet sin not - arises much from that influence.

In that period when there were wars made in that now known as Persia
by the invading forces of the southern Arabian country, now.
This person then of the Persian (now known, or then as Iran) peasantry, and gave much in the way of training the young
for the abilities of the household, in applying the arts of preparations of foods, preparations of those little things
that make the home beautiful.
This person gained and lost, and gained, through this experience.
Gaining through assistance given others;
Losing through that of setting self beyond those that would accomplish in the direction of building up
when the self was questioned;
Gaining in the ability to overcome self and give self in service for others in spite of oppression or debasement.
The [emotional] urge as seen, the love of the beautiful in jewelry, clothing, in delicate paintings,
and little of the heaviness - or that as would be termed heavy, in power - appealing to this person.

In the period when this person was as the recorder of conditions then in the land now known as Egypt.
This person then the historian, the writer of the day, and many of those writings as made by this person
were destroyed in the Memphis and Alexandrian libraries;
yet some may yet be found in those casements in the pyramid yet uncovered.
In that period this person gave most to the peoples through the ability to coordinate the teachings of the land
and the teachings of those in power.
Even when the division arose, this person able to record the actions of each division without showing favor or partiality
in either division.
Hence this person was accorded a place of power, position, during that period, by the ruler and by the seer
and by him who was ruled as of power in the beginning of this rule.
This person gained through this experience, and hence that [emotional] innate desire to write of such as was experienced
often creeps in when this person least desires same to do so;
yet, as given, were this person to write along these lines the greater success would come to this person
through these channels, for from this experience
- with that attained in Mercurian forces, as is weighed with the influence of love [emotion] and Jupiterian
- power, glory, honor, bigness of all applicable forces brings the abilities to this person in the present.

At the time of man's first indwelling in the land.
This in the land now known as Mongolia.
Then this person among those who first assisted in the building of home as home,
setting same apart from the gatherings of groups and making home home,
as would be known in the present  experience.
This person gained and gained through this experience, for many peoples worshiped this person,
yet this person always gave self in service without desiring worshipfulness.
That seen in the [emotional] innate forces is to be loved for self's abilities, rather than for self's self.

 In the abilities, then, as given,
Ascribe unto self that as is attained through self's own experiences
and in so doing give unto others that ability to know
duty in duty's place,
love in love's place, and
service in service's place,
honoring service, honoring love, and making all one with that universal force
as is ascribed, in that all-creative energy known as God,
who gave self in the Son that man might approach that throne in a way
that all may be one in Him, knowing self to be a portion of that whole,
yet individual in the gift of the Creator that made each themselves,
yet can make themselves a portion of the whole.

Reading 37-1

 In the French court when there were many changes being made.
This person among those brought into the court by one that held a position in England,
and This person established self well there, becoming a power and an influence
in the conditions political and social that came about through many of the changes as happened there.
In this experience we find This person gained and lost, balancing - as it were
- WELL toward the development to that position, to that understanding,
as must be attained through a sojourn in the earth's plane.
In the [emotional] urge as is felt from this:
The dislike - INNATELY - of French or Frenchy conditions.
Rather the love of the home land, yet there is ever the wonder,
ever the desire for the great outdoors or open places, or quiet - in shady places,
where the study of nature may be inclined to meet the needs of the mind and the individual.

 In the plains when there were wars in that now known as Persia.
This person then among those of the Bedouin tribes that brought in captives from that court,
and This person among those who kept charge of such captives,
acting in the capacity of the interpreter and of the keeper to those so brought in.
In this experience This person gained much through this sojourn,
for the study of those conditions that are as innate desires
were brought forward through This person's experience in the open places and the open spaces.
Hence desert wastes, and the palm tree, offers a peculiar feeling for this person,
and the shady pool with the trees about same
- This person is satisfied to let the rest of the world act as it may when surrounded by such conditions,
and THROUGH THESE may be seen many of the conditions that others do not understand
in the innate feeling of This person.
Not that home is loved the less;
Not that the conventionalities of these surroundings are unminded by This person
- yet little of convention ever enters FIRST the mind of This person when such conditions are presented.

In the Egyptian country when there were changes in position of church and state.
This person then among those who were in the keeping of those as were banished by the king
when divisions arose, keeping especially the young of those that were so banished.
This person gained, and then lost mightily, in that as was attempted to be perpetrated - as it were
- by This person's position.
Loving rather the suffering of those that were banished,
and desiring to put self in an exalted position with those in power.
Losing in self's expression through the desire to gain fame and position for self.
In the [emotional] urge as is felt from this, that as is seen in the peculiar feelings,
as represents tenets of religious truth and its relation to man.

 In the country now submerged [Atlantis], and this person among those of the high priestess'
to the then worshiped or worshipful position held by such.
Loving pomp, loving glory, loving in the desires of being bounded about
with those things that gave ease, comfort, and the feelings of earthly condition;
yet losing little in that experience.
In the [emotional] urge as is seen from this experience, we find this person desires - as it were, INNATELY
- those better understandings of the ease with which one slips into the vicissitudes of fleshly desire.
See? Fine point in these! yet This person loves the study of this.

In the abilities, then - as is seen - much may be attained in the present experience,
either through that of writing, or of the teaching to those that understand little of the innate forces
as may be manifest through self - yet forget not that self must be kept aright,
for through the will much may be gained or much may be lost.


In that period in France when there was the rule under Richelieu.
This person then of the ruler's household, among those who served that sovereign in entertainment
in its BETTER sense, being one administering to the needs OF those held in high esteem
by the sovereign or ruler, and attendant to same during illness.
This person gained through this experience, ministering to the needs of many,
and in service found pleasure rather than that of hardship,
finding the way, the means, to often comfort the disconsolate, the sad, the weak;
strengthening the broken-hearted, and ministering to the PHYSICAL bodies of many.
In the [emotional] urge as will be seen from this experience, comes both good AND bad,
as is seen by that as has been given.
The [emotional] innate desire to ever help those that are ill, or the nurse, or the administering angel,
and it were, to many; yet desiring ever a high position for self in that administering. See?

In the land now known as Persia.
This person then among those of the school that were destroyed by the invaders from the now Arabian and Egyptian country.
This person was one that was loved by the king's daughter,
and one that gave self rather than see that friend fall into the hands of the invaders;
yet prevented it not.
Gaining, then, in this experience - and true may it be said of this entity, a love child.
In the urge as seen from this experience, again good and bad.
That of the [emotional] urge to be slow in making friendships,
yet when once made this person gives ALL in the defense or succor of same.

In the country now known as Egypt.
This person in the period when divisions were between what would be termed now as church and state,
or the founding of communistic ideas from which much of the Christian era thought was builded.
This person then the musician in the king's household, and a favorite of both kings,
and a musician of note, especially upon stringed instruments;
and This person gained and lost through this experience.
In the [emotional] urge as seen, that of the critic - rather - of music,
yet the ABILITY to apply same may be brought to the forefront of this experience.

In the land known as Poseida, in the temple of that peoples.
This person again the musician, and sounds of all natures were produced upon the instruments of the day.
While this peoples, as to material conditions, reached even a higher state of application of material things
(hence called civilization) than even of the present day;
yet the application towards material surmounted that toward the spiritual;
though a form of worship was maintained through the period,
and This person was among those worshiped by the peoples of a portion of the land.
In this experience this person lost through the self aggrandizement, or selfish motives.
In the [emotional] urge again may be seen that love of power over others that may be attained or maintained
through abilities of self surpassing others.
This, guided correctly, may be made worth while.
Let run without consideration, may bring that of self-condemnation when gone to seed.

In the abilities of the present entity:
We find either that of the musician or the nurse, the administrator of idea and ideas,
either through service or through the instrument,
guide and direct This person aright, and job, peace and comfort,
will come to many through the efforts of This person.
Give these as the first principles that must be builded upon by This person throughout the experience:
Seek first the Lord while He may be found, and when This person has grown in years in this experience
This person will not depart from same.


This person among those who came to this present land [USA] in which this person sojourns,
rather than that in which this person entered the earth's plane,
and among those who builded in that land now known as the Rhode Island,
and this person among those of the followers of Williams, and in the name C. A. Williams;
and this person gained and lost, for in the application of aid to others in the buildings of the people's centers this person gained,
in the turning same to self's own interest and disagreeing with those in power brought dissension and the banishment from the land.
In the [emotional] urge there is seen the fear of being misunderstood,
and the ability also to see into the inmost understanding of others,
often to self's undoing, without first understanding self better. 

 In the early period of the settlement in the now England land.
This person among those who came from the Norse land.
And this person then one who was as the father to those that set the land in order in the new country,
giving in the manner of study and of understanding to apply laws to mankind in new environments.
In the [emotinal] urge as gained from this appearance, we find the adaptability of self to conditions surrounding,
no matter under what intent, yet ever worrying self as for conditions of others.

 In the land where there were wars being made between the Nomads and now the Persian country.
This person among those of the Nomad tribe, in that day of second to the one in the lead of those people known as Uhjltd's,
and This person gained in that period, for This person became the aide to that ruler in the latter days of that entity's sojourn,
And the [emotional] urge as is seen - the love of the open, and of the fantastic drawings,
and of especially those of raised materials in wood, cloth, or carvings,
and in the application This person may gain much, when tempered with those elements in the understanding of self.

 In the Egyptian country, when there was the division, between the church and the state (as would be called now).
And this person gained through this sojourn; for this person took sides with NEITHER;
For this person then that one who gave the greater to the designs of throne and of temple, in wood,
and in the application of color, stain, dye, and an assistant to him who gave the first of the appliances
to preserve men's bodies.
And the [emotinal] urge as is seen in the present, the inner desire to know the mysteries of the laws as were ever taught to men
as respecting the inter-between in experiences in life, and This person in applying same may gain the better understanding of self.

 In the abilities of this person - these lie, then, in either of two fields:
(1) That of the study and lecturing in the mystic field,
(2) or of wood and its products, or of raised materials in cloth and their products.
As to the study of self, understand first self, and in this understanding will be added much to the mental body
that will bring to this entity in the present sphere glory, and satisfaction in the life well spent,
in bringing the understanding of life and the issues of same to others,
through the application of the study of the modes, the whys and the wherefores, of men's ideas and ideals.



 In that period of the first settlers of this particular land (USA) in which this person now resides.
This person then among those who were carried by Bainbridge, in the entering of the land, to the southern clime,
as the new settlers in what is now known as the pleasure resort of the South.
Hence the beauties of outdoor, the harmonies of the actions in nature, are ever to This person as lessons for life's own experience.
This person gained in that experience, and in the giving of self to the peoples in aiding the sick, the suffering,
This person gained much of the glimpse of experiences gained in the previous experience.
The [emotional] influences in the present experience, that of the love of nature;
yet the home builder, the aid to the weak and oppressed.
This person ever takes sides with those that are oppressed.
While not loud in SPEECH, yet in action exhibits much.

In that period when there were the construction of the temples in the land of the hills [Rome].
This person then among those that were persecuted under the hands of the ruler of the period.
Gaining through the experience, losing in the faults of others and in the action of others toward This person.
Hence this person hates the lie, the deceiver, he that would speak one way and act another.
In the [emotional] influences in the present there is felt the love of that tenet or truth that was espoused by this person in the period,
yet ever the fear of those that proclaim their belief or their moral action as not bespeaking the acts of the individual,
and this person rather, then, taking the experience of that experience as the guide,
that that which this person acts speaks much louder than what one says.

 In that period when the land now known as Persia was overrun by the nomads of the desert.
This person then among those that were taken captive by that leader, in the school that was destroyed,
and losing the life in the march to the oasis.
This person lost and gained through that experience, learning much of hate for man,
or the little dependence that may be put in man, that speaks one way and acts another.
In the [emotional] influences as are seen as personalities, or individuality reflected in personality in the present,
that of the love [emotion] of understanding, yet ever feeling that experience, or applicable experience,
is the greater teacher than that of text or only precept, and the love of music, rhythm,
and the ability to gain a moral and spiritual lesson from same is held innate and active
in the experiences of This person.

 In the land now known as Egypt.
This person then among those who waited upon the priest as was banished in exile during the troublesome period.
This person among those who waited on the holy place from which the ministration of that given as moral, penal,
and spiritual precept, that both from the priest and the teacher of that period.
This person lost during the first portion of this experience, setting self up as an ensample, or example,
and not keeping that as was claimed as self's life.
Gaining during the period of reconstruction in the ability to make friends among those who were enemies in the rebellion.
This person's influences may be seen in many of those findings as may be found in the pyramid yet uncovered,
for with the waiting on the priest, with the ability of the active agent between the king and the teacher and the minister to the ill,
This person wrought in gold and in fine linen, many of those replicas of the day that may be found,
YET, among those of the king's belongings, as well as of many of those that were placed therein.
Growing, in this period, to be the eldest among those of the period, seeing, then, the invasion, the reconstruction, the rebellion,
and the replacing, and the building up, and the experience of the highest civilization as YET,
in its broader sense, was experienced by This person.
The innate [emotional] feelings or experiences being the love of those things oriental as pertain to the worship of deity;
the dislike of medicines or that bespeaking of drugs, or that that becomes in any way of the nature,
yet [emotional] feeling ever that there MUST be SOME awakening from within that enlivens all.

In that land now known as India.
This person then among those that came in from the lowlands to possess the highlands,
in the early portion of the gathering of the peoples from the upheavals and the changes in the earth's face.
This person among those that gave to the peoples that of the understanding of the differentiation
between the beast and man, and man's indwelling of the higher forces of the Creative Energy.
Losing in the mis-application of that gained.
In that [emotions] as is seen in the present experience, of doubt - as related to individual activity.

 In the abilities of this person in the present experience, these lie in music, and home, and in precept and example.
This person may give much to many in various experiences through these channels,
for service to others is the highest service to the Creative Energy.
Knowing, then, that doubt arises from the non-activity of that energy from within,
gain first the understanding of self and keep that precept as is held sacred to self.


 In the days when there was the study of the church relations with the state in England,
This person then in that group of recluse students who gave much study in the way of such conditions,
applying self, though, in that more to those of ornamental conditions relating to architectural forces.
Hence This person, we find in the present, has that ability to design many things that pertain to woodwork.
Not gifted, other than designing.
In that entity we find in the name of Lapid, known as Father Lapid,
and This person developed much in that plane, gaining the love in the latter portion of life
as pertains to the relation of same with the physical forces of body.
Hence we find those [emotional] conditions latent, as exhibited in the personality of this person:
recluse in nature, slow to anger, violent in likes and dislikes and exclusive in thought.

In the times when the wars in the Holy Land,
This person then in the name of Egbert, and was a defender in the land where he went
as a shield bearer to the then leader of those forces.
This person lost the life in earth's plane in the second fray in defense of his leader. [341?]
In the abilities and personalities in the present from this, we find this person
[emotionally] the defender at any cost of principles or of friendships, or of those whom this person likes or dislikes,
the same principles bearing in each. [See 341-17.]

In the plains country, where this person became the follower of the Nazarene,
under the tutelage of one close to the Master.
Then in the name of Giovod, and this person became a missionary to the peoples in that land,
and in the last days of earthly existence in that plane suffered martyrdom
with This person whom he was then associated with in those labors. [341?]
In the present we find This person then, especially, gifted toward the study of the religion
as was then deep-seated in the soul of This person and remains a part of same,
giving the ennobling influence in the life of This person and becoming a part of same.
Then, the abilities in the present plane lie in those [emotional] relations as is sought in the inmost being of this person in this sphere:
As that of the teacher, lecturer or writer, to those seeking the knowledge of the spiritual indwelling in man of the principles of the Christ.

In the days of the second rule in now Egypt,
when this person then in the brother of the ruler
who gave the first laws to the peoples of the indwelling of the Higher Forces
as might be manifest in the earth's plane. [341]
This person then in the name of Ralij [See 341-9 indicating that [78] was [341]'s brother in the Egyptian sojourn.],
and was first the hindrance to the brother and later the assistant,
when the laws began to take shape in that country and the effects of same became manifest.
In the present these personalities become then exhibited:
The ability to study conditions as are presented and withhold criticism until the truth of same is either shown or disproved in same,
and the ability to apply mental forces in physical and in spiritual development.
In each, then, we find, this person has developed in the earth's plane, save in the first appearance, in this as just given.

The abilities in the present earth plane lie in that of this person gaining
the understanding of self and of self's relations to the Higher Forces,

and in gaining control of will's force as manifested in the flesh;
then becoming, through this manner, able to apply same to the assistance of others;
forgetting not those first injunctions as are ever latent in the inmost forces of This person,
the approach to the higher elements, whether of physical, spiritual, mental, material,
all must come through Him, the Advocate with the Father, for in applying self, as was the Ensample,
making self of no estate that the truth may conquer in the name of Him who is above every name - the name of Jesus.
In the present earth plane, then, apply self in the developing of the mental forces
and correlate those conditions, those studies, those elements

that have ever been present in this person's indwelling in the earth,
for in so doing this person renders the highest service to man, the lord of God's creation.


 In the land now known as France.
This person among those who ministered during the rule known as Richelieu's rule.
This person of those who were close in touch with those in power in high places,
and acted in the capacity of entertainer to both Richelieu and the king - in the name Isabelle.
In the experiences of that appearance this person gained and lost.
Gained in the first portion of the experience.
Lost in taking sides and becoming so one-sided as to cause both wrath and madness
to destroy the mental abilities of application of truths known.
In [emotions] that as is innate is the dislike of any element that partakes of a two-sidedness;
yet the rule - or that of good - the ability to portray in act that of any character,
particularly as pertaining to that period; and here it may be given,
well that such characters as of that period be acted by this person,
either in play or in life; and in the company of those living through the period will this person
find the greatest success in finance or in peace of mind in the present experience.

In those days when there were wars in the now Grecian country,
just before Xenophon came as the guide to the peoples of the land.
This person then among those who ministered in the house-hold of the ruler, in the name Iadeloi,
and this person gained, lost, and gained through this experience.
Gained in the application of self in service.
Lost in - when power was given - aggrandizing selfish desires.
Gained through ministry to those that were in peril.
In the [emotional] urge as seen, the ability to class the various elements of the mental forces of bodies
as to their abilities in any phase of life's experience.
Hence one that forms opinions at once respecting individuals and rarely changes,
and one that finds that if self is not taken or understood at first does not care
to be approached on the same subject later.

In the land now known as Egypt.
This person then among that peoples who gave the first study of the laws as pertaining to the relationship of man to man,
and man to the creative energies,
and this person then in that of the nurse to that founded during that period relating to the physical ills of the body.
This person gained through this period in ministering to others.
The innate - or the [emotional] expressions finds that as given, a minister in every sense,
especially interested in ministering to the aged and afflicted. In the name Sisiel.
This person will find much in the present experience to remind self of those experiences through that period.

Abilities of this person lie in that of the ministering or preaching through the various spheres or channels as given,
either as the nurse, the minister, the teacher, or the actor in the various roles
- especially that may be given from the various experiences through Richelieu's rule.
Keep self in the way as given.
First knowing self - for in knowing self one finds God.
Keep thy paths straight.



 In that period known as the Gold Rush, in the forty-nine's (in USA)
Then this person among those who journeyed westward, being then of that name Hambeing.
This person lost in the experience, only gaining of this world's goods much.
Not taking from, directly - but running over many to attain same, and in that land
may there yet be seen piles of stone set up by Sol Hambeing in that land.
In the experience, this person finds in the [emotions] present, that
"No man may ever say that a wrong, intentionally, has been done him by me".
This person suffered much physically, and in the experience the feet has brought much in of that suffered in that experience.

 In that land now known as the French land,
and in that period this person one to whom many of royalty, many of position,
went for aid; being then the lender in the period of two - yea, three - Louis's.
This person known in the period as the lender, and the gatherer of those of the jewels
of that period for many in and out of the court, and in that experience this person gained and lost;
for many were the peoples of personage, peoples well spoken of, peoples evil spoken of,
their moral life were known and held in the hand of this person.
In the judgement this person gained.
In the use of the few this person lost.
In the present, from this experience, jewels have a peculiar influence;
but "None of them for myself or for those closest to me" does this person innately feel and act;
yet those that come to this person for counsel in these respects, as of that period, go not away empty handed.

 In that period known as the Trojan period.
This person then among those of the defenders at the gate,
and in that experience this person the first and second guard at the gate,
known in the name as Hault.
This person gained through this experience,
For this person gave not only self but the mind of self to a purpose, a cause,
held as uppermost in the mind and the experience of this person.
In the present, the defense of that held as truth, as purposeful,
will this person defend to the last; whether with body, with physical, or with material gain.

 In that experience when the rebuilding of the walls of the Holy City.
This person among those who builded in the temple, and also in the wall.
Under Zerubbabel did this person first enter, and also under Nehemiah did this person labor.
In the name of Gehgin.
This person gained through this experience,
yet the religious experience of this person during this experience was not altogether satisfactory to this person;
For the lives of many as leaders, the lives of many as priest, the lives of many of those
that waited on those that were of the house, of the temple, were not in keeping with that held by this person
as compatible with that they professed.
Hence this person in the present experience, hard to judge, hard not to condemn,
hard not to say the life is not so and so; yet the broadness of vision as respecting religious experience is gained through this experience.

 In that land known as the Egyptian.
And during the period when the priest in exile did this person act in the capacity as the valet, or body guard to that priest.
This person gained and lost through this experience, for only when this person was sent as an emissary of the king,
or king's father, did this person turn to be the friend and the aide to the priest.
Termed, in the experience, as a turncoat, or one as a spy, yet in the latter experience this person gained;
For much was given by this person in building for those who suffered in body, in the building of the school
and the learning of medicine;
for this person became the first of those who bled peoples to count their blood clots. In this this person gained,
and in the application of healing did this person excel;
and in the pyramids yet to be discovered, may much of that compounded by this person be made
to be worth while, even to those of the day when this is found, for those of this person's building
may be still read. In the name Ehel - hated and loved.
In the experiences in the present, these may be made to be helpful, to be harmful
- dependent upon the application of self as related to many during that experience.

In that land known now as the Peruvian, or Equador.
This person then was among the Ohums (?) [Aymaras?] of that period,
and among the peoples who journeyed in and conquered the peoples from the Atlantean upheaval,
or the first of the series of upheavals that occurred.
This person gained and lost, for this person the aide then to the king who conquered and lost through associations with, the women of the land.
Hence this person became one who was also lost in the relationships of the women of that period.
Known in the name Huoon.
In the present experience, these as we find from that experience,
comes those influences as make for judging,
or for the [emotional] innate expressions of knowing peoples by their actions,

rather than what they speak.

In the abilities of this person, and that to which it may attain, and how, in the present:
As is seen, many are the fields - many are the experiences, many are the known laws innate by this person.
In making of men men, even though they be pieces; in the counsel of those who would slip,
or misjudge their purpose or duty; in the giving of self in service; may this person gain the more;
making the will one with Him, who being the Word, and in the beginning,
and in the experience becoming the brother, in the application of self to the Word,
that through Him the Word may be made One with, yet each individual a portion of the Whole,
with the ability to know self as such, may this person conquer most.
We find the entity among those who served the king in his attempt to escape from France,
in the town where the carriage broke down - in the name Yonvel.
In this experience the entity gained and lost.
Gained in the service as was given and as applied.
Lost in the position as when raised to power by those that headed rebellion,
yet gaining again in that the entity learned a lesson and applied self in the latter portion
to the aiding of those that suffered physical reverses in the rebellion.
Hence ever the [emotional] innate feeling of just BEING almost in turmoils,
yet never encompassed, yet often well set down by same, overcome, empowered, subdued;
yet rising above same.
Never a reverse without an equal bound upward.
An application of will, and called in the material plane determination
- for the entity is often very determined, if classed in THAT direction.
RATHER would WE give that when such modified with those influences from the ennobling powers of Jupiter,
it - the dominating, or domineering as called - the application of will in the PROPER direction.

In that period that has often been called mythological, when in Troy
And the siege of Troy.
The entity then an aide and assistant - yet still in the sex as the woman,
but an aide to that one over whom the dispute arose;
aiding particularly when Paris and Hector and Achilles first drew the lines for the array before the city.
The entity then, not as a soldier, not as a servant.
Rather as the aide to that one that brought about such dissensions;
aided Achilles in ENTERING the gate, by calling to the son (and is the son [102] still) to open when called.
In the present we find much of that vim, that application of power.
Used aright, a blessing. Used awrong, a curse.
In the name Xenia, and the entity has often wondered when those letters were put together.
The innate self may gain MUCH by the study of the name, even as written.
Many visions, of many fields, of many positions, of many places, may be brought close
to the consciousness by meditation on JUST a name.

In that land now known as Egypt.
The entity in that period when there were dissensions on account of divisions in high places,
among those to whom the banished priest sent, and an aide in that land,
returning to the city with those of the band brought when restoration was made
and the peoples thought as one, and aided in giving the understanding of man's relationship
to his fellow man and to his Creator.
In and from this experience the entity, as Isto, gains much of its influence over those in position,
in power; also that [emotional] innate feeling of wishing to aid those ailing.

In that land now known as western United States, in the state known as New Mexico.
The entity among those of that land when there were emissaries sent to the meetings of the peoples
that would defend themselves against those beasts and the animal world.
The entity then as an emissary, as one who went to the meeting and reporting same and
at THAT period one that went to many climes.
Always the curious, the unusual, has had a fascination for the entity. The out of the way places.
Not necessarily of high place, but rather that that influenced the mind of the PEOPLES in the various places,
THEIR surroundings, THEIR environs, THEIR experiences, and ESPECIALLY has clothing or coverings always fascinated.
Yes, the entity would have made a GOOD merchant, or a good buyer - yet a better doctor.

As to the abilities:
As is seen, much has been gained through application of self's will, when the WILL made one with the Creative Energy's purpose in the earth's plane.
When combative WITH that, often comes, has come, will come, IS that which brings doubt, fear, uncertainty, in the experience of the entity.
Fear is the greatest destructive force to man's intelligence.
In the application, and how:
Apply self in that direction in which the most aid to the fellow man, in applying will, in applying knowledge, in applying understanding of Creative Energy's purpose with man,
to make man ONE with and equal to that Creative Energy, will bring to self the satisfaction of the experience well spent,
and when these are added no uncertainty may come - as to whether power, place, position, wealth, or self - or self will NOT suffer.
(Q) Should present way of living be followed, or is change advisable for better contentment?
(A) Work well with that in hand, adding to that as comes with the use of that, and the changes as will come will be those satisfying,
if the will is made ONE with the Creator.


The appearance we find in the body when the Master came.
The Entity then was in the household of the Phoenician, as a maid servant, whom the Master blessed with the household.
Entity in name of "Iaundia" and the Entity gained through this period, even though fear always remained over the Entity's ability
to express or manifest that desire to be giving to others, the position, physical, the mental abilities of the Entity did not coinside.
In the present experience the [emotional] urge is seen of the weightiness that is ever felt by the Entity of the words spoken by that Holy one,
and the manner in which same has been diverted by many of the writers of same, is as a thorn in the flesh often to the Entity,
yet would the Entity bring that peace that passeth understanding, clinging close to those truths as is set in the words of that one:
"He that believeth in Me, or that cometh to Me, I will in no wise cast out, for even as I am in the Father and ye in Me,
we are then one with the Father that doeth His will."

In that period when the first understanding of the relation between the All-Creative energy
to the putting aside as filial and as penal laws among the people, in the land now known as Egypt,
and the time 10,500 years before the Prince of Peace came, as counted by men.
The Entity then in the name of "Miium" and the Entity waited on the Priest, and the Teacher that gave the lessons as laws,
and as the first of those that came as the rituals of the peoples minds to the understanding of the Creative energy.
In the division that arose the Entity sided first with the Priest, then with the Teacher and Ruler,
and had much to do with the reconciliation that made a united service in that period.
In the present [emotional] urge the Entity savors often and wavers often between that of the purely mental application and of materialistic,
necessary in the lives of carnal man to gain a lesson, hence though the Entity often denies this to self,
[emotionally] innate there is that element of a fear of supernatural or superstition, or as some would term same.
But when this is analyzed, it is not superstition, but the wavering between the elements the Entity experienced in an age
when ritual and the spiritual warred in trying to express self in the word and in the deed.
The Entity gained and lost through this experience.

In the land known as that of Atlantis.
The Entity was a teacher among the people of that period, and among those destroyed in the overflow of the land,
and again will the Entity be in Earth's sphere when a change comes to same.
In the name of "Isshuta" the Entity lost through this experience through fear [emotion], created in own self
by that misleading when the truth was known in the present innate. Fear [emotion] often hinders.

In the application of abilities of the present Entity this is given,
lies in the dissemination of truths to those that waver, and Entity thereby gaining that inner knowledge
of [word(s) missed] as [word(s) missed] in the Teacher, there will come the peace happiness
and joy that goes to self in knowing that the experience, not life, is well spent and life gained more abundantly.
In the appearances, these we find bear an influence in the present experience, and the ability to control self.

In that period in France when changes were being made in the mode of government,
when the king was driven in exile, when there were rebellions.
The entity then well in years, and one whom the king counseled with in the quieter times or periods.
In the name then Markle, or in the better known name as the counselor to the young king and aide to him in his education,
his advice in care of self, and of the ones coming in contact with him, as the teacher.
In the present we find the ability to counsel with those that are in straitened circumstances, straitened conditions,
yet ever within self has been a fear
[emotion] of being censured by others.
This [emotion] should be better conquered in the present experience.

In the land when the chosen people returned from captivity.
The entity then among those who were first sent by Nehemiah to search out the land through which those returning must pass,
and the entity gained through this experience in the service rendered others.
Losing in the censure of those who did not apply the lessons taught, even in the law.
In the name Elsia, and in the present we find that [emotionally] sacred regard of trusts given the entity, and friendships
- while not great in number, strong and enduring - yet that same applicable condition as regarding law as a text.
Rather to the entity is that law that is enacted in the mind and soul of the individual.

In that land that was overrun by the peoples from the plain, when the land now known as Persia was divided,
or overrun by the hordes of the hill and desert land.
The entity then the keeper of the moneys of Croesus, the king, and among those that were counselor to the king
and the peoples, gaining in favor with the peoples, and keeping the trust as was given in the entity's charge.
The entity then in the name Coleus.
In the present is seen much of the ability to gain the proper concept of orders and of trust that may be made to the entity,
and the ability to serve others as the teacher, the counselor in MANY experiences,
brings twofold in this experience that of the one who may, knowing SELF, apply that knowledge in aiding others.

In land now known as Egypt.
The entity then among those who came in from the land in which the priest was banished,
or from the hill land where the temple was builded later - and NOW overflown when the Nile rises.
The entity among those who became the aides to the priest when ORDER was restored.
AGAIN becoming the minister to the peoples in this strange land (to the entity of that period),
and the entity gained through service given to others, in giving the understanding to the peoples
of his OWN as WELL as of the strange land, becoming what would be termed in present parlance
the minister or missionary of the period.
In the name Asiue, and the entity gained, and in the present - study, counsel,
is ever the keynote in the entity's experience.

In the abilities, then, as may be gained in the present:
As is given, the entity may be the minister, the teacher, the missionary,
the active one towards aiding others to understand themselves,
whether by word of mouth or by written letter.
The entity would find in self's application towards same the ability to write,
and should use self's self in this direction, knowing there must be first the purpose,
and the purpose and aim held before self, self may build to that understanding as is found in Him
- who came that others might know.
We find not so great a way off, for in the period when that dethroned monarch [Charles II?] ruled in France.
The entity then an attendant, and an aide to, the offspring OF those that suffered physically,
and gained - even through the suffering.
The fear [emotion] of power, of might, without the divine influence of its rule, becomes INNATE in the entity
from that which the entity suffered during that period.
In the name Maithae.

In that land now known as Greece,
during that period when Xenophon carried on after the return from the eastern land.
The entity then among those whom service was made and given by that ruler, or one in power.
Gaining and losing through the experience.
Gaining for the faith and service rendered many during the trials of that waiting.
Losing in the mis-application of the power GAINED by being put in an exalted position.
Many were the experiences for the entity followed THEN in the aggrandizing of BODILY or PHYSICAL desires, and the dance
- the wine cup and revelry, in the desire for plaudit for plaudit sake, sought by the entity.
In the present, these [emotional desires] - we find some come among those tempting; yet be not hard upon those who seek
in such manners to find expressions of themselves, for they know NOT what they do.
In the name Xercia.

In that land now known as India.
The entity then among those when there came the destruction of the peoples in the valleys
by those who WOULD make rule from the hills.
The entity then among those that were CONQUERED in body, but NOT in mind
- and little by little the entity, through that experience, brings to bear such influence, such a condition,
as to bring the peoples who would become the rulers in accord with the mental and the spiritual BUILDERS of that land,
and OF the house came Abraham.
Of the body came that leader, THAT people.
In the name Terahe. NOT the father, but the mother.
[GD' note: EC spelled T-e-r-a-h-e. She was the wife of TERAH who was the father of Abraham.
See Gen. 11:26-32.]
In this present experience the entity finds history, travel, seeking of knowledge, study of stars,
to the answer of a SOMETHING not wholly understood;
for in that period the great outdoors became the dwelling place of the entity,
and much gain in position, power, abilities to aid, abilities to control, abilities TO lead.
The entity became the real BUSINESS head of the then Chaldeans that arose later in the land.

In that land when divisions arose, now known as Egyptian,
and the entity then in the household of the ruler as was deposed when those of Arart came in from the north.
The entity then that one who became the recluse and hermit in the halls of the house of worship,
learning the peoples first of the CHANT for the dead; and the BOOK OF THE DEAD were a portion of the ENTITY'S own inscribing.
In the name Itasldhoia.
In the experience the entity lost and gained, lost and gained.
Gained in the latter experience, when there were harmonies set up and the chants were again heard in what later became tombs.
In the present, much of that [emotionally] INNATE in the entity of music and color is a PORTION of the entity's inner being,
and one from outside may play upon the chords of the entity's feeling [emotions] in word, or song, or stringed instruments.
Not the fanfare of the trumpet calls, but in STRINGS MUCH is felt.

In the land known as Atlantis.
The entity among those who held for the subserving of the ideals as to turning same into self-glory, self-satisfying;
knowing much of the abilities of the peoples during the period of destruction,
and destroyed PHYSICALLY with the first destruction that came to that peoples of THAT period;
Yet holding - holding - aloft, that the relationships of individuals' experience should be in accord with the divine,
rather than using the divine for SELFISH motives; whether as fame, fortune, power, or BODILY pleasure.
In the name Asma.

In the abilities that the entity attains in the present, as to accord and the desires of the entity towards the people of the period,
are still held aloof as worshipfulness of the power used for destructive rather than constructive forces.
In the present, the abilities lie in the INNATE forces as the teacher, the guider,
towards attuning self in harmony with the divine from within, and HARMONIZING self in color.
(Q) How can the entity best help humanity?
(A) In aiding to gain for individuals, NOT GROUPS, the knowledge of the individual's attunement in its individual field for development;
that is, as the entity goes about to and fro about the earth, there are attractions and detractions of individuals.
Help THAT individual to find SELF'S own relationship to the divine;
for in self must come the response of a need for such before it may be wholly awakened in an entity
- for true indeed is that given, they who would seek God must believe that He IS, and that self must SOME time, SOMEWHERE,
account for that as has been LENT to the servant.
In the earth during the reign of Charles the first in England,
and the entity then was the attendant to Henrietta, the wife of the Monarch,
and in that position gave much counsel, yet absorbed much of the elements of the one with whom the entity engaged.
Hence the condition in the present plane of the [emotional] urge of, as would be termed in slang, "to get even with you yet."
In the conditions then, we find the entity in the name of Mary Tudor, and in the present personality as is exhibited,
that as given, with the desire and ability to make the best of situations that may arise in the life;
no matter under what conditions the entity has the urge, the ever latent power, realizing the entity can meet the conditions necessary.
Hence, with will used with this [emotional] urge, the love development and the Jupiterian, or the ennobling forces,
the entity may develop far under certain influences in present earth's plane.

During the days when the Trojan forces were being attacked,
the entity was in that capacity of one whom there was much made over, being in that of Helen of Troy.
The entity then was in that development in the higher forces as found in physical body, development in mind, development in the law of love.
In the present earth's plane we find the abilities to bring about self
those who seek to give the acknowledgement of the abilities of the entity to fascinate many.
Not in the manner of the one seeking those of the nature, yet the innate ability to bring these conditions; yet never lording them over any.

When the Chosen People started from the land wherein
they had been as the ones held, or in bondage, (in Chaldean forces).

The entity then only came in earth's plane for a very short time, coming at the time of the leaving of the country
and going into spirit forces before reaching the Holy City.
Hence the entity's return, and in that of a chosen personage.
In the development in this we find only the gained consciousness of the plane
in which the elemental may be manifested through flesh.

In the Egyptian forces, when the Pharaohs were in that land, and under the second shepherd King, or second Pharaoh,
we find the entity, in that entity then known as Isiso [Ra-Ta period - See 341-10, Par 5-A, on 6/02/25.] and in the Temple
as one of the ones making music before the altar as erected there for the first times.
The entity then received the greater development in the earth's plane,
and reached the understanding of occult and mystic forces,
which remains dormant in the entity, and may be awakened through
 that element of the faith, as is set in the entity, in the Higher Being's realm manifested in the earth's plane.

Then, as to the abilities and how these may be used to the best advantage,
we find in the present plane needed most of all that which would give the directing force to the elements of the relation in higher spheres,
obtaining through this relation the ability to understand the conditions in self as relating to that to be overcome in the body.
In the relation then, we would find the building of the home the larger, the larger elements necessary for the development of the body,
and the ability in same, with the acquiring of the understanding of self, to build same on a firm foundation,
bringing and giving then through this builded a light unto many peoples.
As to the appearances and influences as [emotional] urges that will be presented in this entity:

The entity was in that known as Hamilton,
who presented the financial conditions to this present generation and peoples,
and who in honor served mankind; in self's own personal interest lost in expression of defense of honor of that position held.
[Alexander Hamilton]
The [emotional] urge seen in the present experience will be the exceptional interest in the financial conditions of those with whom the entity
may be associated and of the mental study of those conditions related to same.

The entity was in that period when there were wars being made in that country now known as the Grecian.
The entity then won in the defense of her taken as hostage for the followers of one who brought about the wars in that land.
Then in the name Ioniah, in the defense of principles, the entity gained through that experience;
being and becoming beloved by her whom the entity defended, and giving self in the service to same.
Hence the [emotional] urge as will be seen in the present experience will be that particular love shown for the mother [[136],
Helen of Troy during Trojan period, now his mother], which is the urge seen through that experience.

The entity was in that period of the return to the Holy City,
the entity then being among those who were in the service of the temple as repaired
and became the Scribe to the High Priest.
Then in the name Iticai, the entity gained through the experience in that the service brought to the entity
the abilities to give succor and aid to those who would learn the laws anew.
The [emotional] urge as will be seen in the present experience will be that respecting the religious trend of the entity,
and the especial interest in the law as set forth in same, especially as applying to populace.

The entity was in that period when there was a division, as may be termed, in Church and State in the Egyptian rule.
The entity then was the offspring of the councillor who gave to the ruler the laws set forth by the priest
and adopted by the people and the ruler. [Son of present father, [900], during the Ra-Ta period?]
Though in that position of being oppressed in that period,
the entity gained in its influence over the peoples, and in its position as the guide or scribe to the people
gained in favor and in power in misapplying same in self's interest.
The name then was Ioaudi, and there may be found the writings of the entity in those tombs being opened at the present time in Memphis,
of that country; and these will become a portion of the study of the entity in this present experience which will carry the entity to foreign lands.

As to the abilities, then, in the present, we find these are to be builded,
rather than as exhibited in the present time,
through those influences brought to bear upon the urges and the desires as are expressed
by light in the field of the study in law and in the financial forces and principles of the land and all other lands.
In the application of those things necessary for the development,
keep the entity's mind ever near those laws as were set forth in the re-writing of that which has been written by the entity,
and which was compiled much in that which the entity taught in the newly constructed temple.
As to the appearances, we find:
In that of Peggy O'Hare, in the island of this entity's present birth,
and was in the days of the first settlers in this island and gave much of the world's goods
to the assistance of those then giving themselves to the development of the country.

In the days when there was the rebuilding of the walls of the Holy City,
under Ezekiel's direction.
The entity then was in the household of the leader of the peoples,
and directly connected with the present generation in earth's plane.

In the days when there was the change, or call of the people,
and they became the separate peoples, and the chosen ones.
In the household then of him who was called faithful.
In the personalities that may be exhibited in the present earth's plane,
we find, we WILL find, those of the nature of the love of pomp and of show.
In that that becomes contradictory to the conditions first shown.
The desire to be led or directed by others.

We would give, in the summing of the present, that the entity's mental, with consideration of the physical health,
be directed in those ennobling influences coming from its sojourn in Jupiter, Venus and Uranus,
and we will bring an exceptional and acceptable entity to the world's development.

During that period when much was being attempted in this present land (USA).
The entity then among those who builded for the good of those to come,
ministering in many ways and in many manners to the needs of the nation yet unborn,
and many of the words in verse, in line, are often yet quoted in schools, in places of learning, in copy.
In the name then Franklin.
The entity gained through this experience, giving self in SERVICE to many,
rather than turning same into channels for self's own interest,
as might have been done through that experience.
In the [emotional] urge is seen that of the love of the young,
and of the making toward better manhood in the home, in the office, in the field.

In that period when the walls were being rebuilt in the Holy City.
The entity then among those who resisted those that builded, being in that of Sanbad, the armor bearer to Sanballat
- and the entity lost through this experience, for those that builded builded in a purpose.
Those that resisted did so for the satisfaction of the self and for the power that might be given to self
through that of destructive forces to man, and that the builders represented.
Bringing to self destructive forces through aggrandizement of selfish interest.
The [emotinal] urge as is seen from same, that of mistrust in some that build towards selfish motives,
even though the appearance is good.

In that period when divisions rose in the land now known as Egyptian.
The entity then among those that counseled with the ruler, being the FATHER of that ruler
who set the house in order, being then in the kingdom of the palace
and coming from the north country subdued the natives,
and establishing the kingdom upon which the foundations were laid
for the first of the manifested study of man's relation to man and God's relation to man,
establishing same as was carried on by the young ruler,
even DURING the king's own lifetime, being among those that counseled for the return of the priest
and the re-establishing of the school or church, and the assistant to that counsellor that gave the tenets to the people,
even though the counsellor was the native.
In the [emotinal] urge as is seen, the WONDERFUL forbearance to all peoples in all positions,
and the entity GAINED through that experience,
losing only in that desire to subdue.
Remove such far - far - from that as it appears in the urge from time to time, even with forbearance,
for each entity has its own troubles to meet.
Rather give counsel, even as given during that experience in the earth's plane.

In the abilities as are seen, the urge or the ability to lead, guide, and direct.
Guard then self in the way and manner that the self is lost in the glorifying of Him
that gave self that man might be the nearer to that oneness with the All Creative Force
that shines unto the darkest corners and brings life and light to the end.
Keep the faith, and in the faith worshipfulness ever in Him.

In the land now known as Gennesaret.
The entity then was among those that were keepers of the flocks in the fields
when the peoples were disturbed by the raids from the Roman rule.
The entity gained through this experience, in the name Guidia,
for the entity defended a principle and gave to the peoples the better understanding of relationships
to those that were in power and those in service.
As the effort then is in the present experience towards relationships of the same NATURE,
the entity may apply self and will's forces in a CORRECT manner that will bring to self a greater development
in the present experience; for these relations govern that of law and of application of penal as well as moral law.

In the days when there were changes being made in the land now known as Persia.
The entity then was among those in power in the land when same was overrun by the peoples
from now southern Arabia, and from the north, and the entity lost through this experience;
for while in power NOT the good ruler, while in servitude not the good servant;
for the entity finds in self in the present experience the hardship of taking orders from any;
yet, as is given and as has been seen from that given,
to learn to understand self and self's relation is the first law of knowledge,

and the application will be that to be served is to be a good servant.

In that period when there was the reconstruction of the division in the land now known as Egypt.
The entity then was among those that came in from the north country,
and was the younger son of the king who set up the new rule in the land,
bringing much to the peoples in gaining the understanding of that taught by those that were put in power,
and by the division the entity then GAINED much in the way of being able to discuss or to understand many sides of a question.
This is an [emotional] urge in the present, as the desire to know more.
This is one [emotional] urge that especially should be developed in the present experience
- know both sides of any question, any thing, pertaining to WHATEVER the entity may put self in its entirety - understand the whole!

In the abilities of the entity as seen in the present, these would relate particularly to PEOPLE and to things,
whether of lands or of study of any nature as pertains to law, land, or peoples
- and in EITHER of these would the entity make the greater success in the financial ways and manners;
yet for the greater development keep first the understanding of self and self's relationship to others first and foremost.
Beware of entanglements with those of the opposite sex, especially those whose birthdays come in May.
Beware of conditions as pertaining to bodily ills that have to do with the digestive system.
Keep self unspotted from low relationships, and keep thyself bodily clean.
In appearances - these, as may be seen, are from their influences changeful,
and under many conditions, and each has its changeful and inter-changeful influence in the present experience:

In that period when the first of the establishment of homes in the new land (USA).
The entity among those of the first of the families in that land now known as Massachusetts,
and of the peoples who were of the first settlers, and TRUE in THIS entity may it be CLAIMED for self "of the Puritans".
Puritanic, even, in the manner in which the entity brought up,
yet holding self aloof from the things which the ENTITY endured.
Understanding more of the influence of close to nature,
and to the ever changeful things in nature, feeling same in self as a bar.
The entity GAINED in the manner in which the entity served,
even those that persecuted the most.
In that experience, the entity finds in the present that innate feeling [emotion] of desire of expression of self's thoughts,
self's inner feelings; yet often hampered by the fear of "What will people say?"

In that land now known as India.
The entity then among those peoples who were PERSECUTED for being of the sex that were being used as the means,
or the channel only, through which mankind - or man - might be given an heir.
The entity thought deeply; the entity suffered much in body, in mind, in repression;
yet in the name that the entity bore many peoples have found that which ANSWERED - for the time, at least.
In the name Adlhji.
In the present the entity has innately that desire [emotion] to know more of what such influences brings in the heart of those that are used, abused,
and made to be manual servants; or the study of India's religion has ever been innate in the entity, and will be
- for the entity UNDERSTANDS MUCH that is not seen by but few.

In that land now know as America, in that land known as that of the West.
The entity then among those that were come into the land as immigrants from the far east, now,
or from the now known as India land, settling with those peoples in the plains now known as Arizona.
The entity among those, then, that set up this combination of cults that built in the land the temples and the dwellings in the rocks.
The entity then GAINED much through that experience, becoming the priestess to those peoples.
Known then as the Happapulpick people, and giving much to the aborigines of the land, and understanding,
and OF same came those that made of the land, or of the metals and the clays,
much of that that was later taken in the Yucatan land, in the Mexico land, into the southern land,
being driven down by the heavy men from the north.
The entity among those that immigrated again in its latter years, setting up the new - IN the new land,
that which became as the land of gold.
In the name Zklpu.
In the present there is seen, innately, the association of any gold or filigree work as being associated with the tenets of religious thought;
the entity seeking rather to know the effect in the present of same upon the INTUITIVE forces of man.

In that land now know as Egypt.
The entity then among those who were in command of the rule when the land was overrun by him
who set up the new rule in the land.
The entity was then brought low from its position of power, yet came to be a MIGHTY one
with those of the natives put in comparison TO those brought into the land.
Then the companion of the one that was the wife, as would be termed in the present,
to the INTERPRETER of the truths gained, when there was the attempting to make the understanding
of the relationships of man to man, and of man's relationship to the created force, or energy,
and the applying of those in man's experience.
Hence the entity in that finds that the care of others is ever just in and out of reach of the entity's or bodily endeavors,
yet SOMEONE ever dependent upon the activities, physical and mental, or the entity.
Then in the name Isabdleoxdz.
In THIS experience the entity finds that in the dreams there often comes that vision of a temple
THROUGH which the entity wanders, seeking for the counsel, for one that must be the rule there.
The flames often interfere, yet as each step is gained towards the altar that the entity seeks, there comes
- as it were - a new chapter in the life of the entity.
This has occurred as a dream to THIS entity, [172], at least four times - SEEKING in this temple.
LOST in a crowd, FINDING a seat among those that are of the mighty.

In this same land (Egypt) when many changes were wrought, when the upheavals caused much change in the surface of the lands.
The entity then among those who fled to the mountains, that later became Mt. Horeb by name,
and the entity set up that of the first kingdom as a rule in that land, gathering the peoples out of chaos
into a more circumspect surroundings, a labor common to all.
In the name Zeud.
The entity gained through this experience, especially in the service as rendered,
and much of that as is sought in the present, of experience - experience
- in all its phases, great or small, is INNATE from this.

As to the abilities in the present - as the teacher, the writer, the minister to many,
may the entity gain for self; keeping ever that as is felt - of the IDEAL
must at least be beyond attainment - in the flesh.

As to appearances, as have much to do with the present sojourn and that with which the entity surrounds itself
with many that have been in other planes surrounded.

In that of Behrn, in the Courts of Louis the 15th, and the entity then a henchman,
as it were, of the Cardinal in that Court [Andre Hercule De Fleury (1653-1743)?],
and through this sojourn we find those urges as are seen in the present life of the distrust in a manner
in those who put so much store in their liberality pertaining to religious conditions,
and the personality exhibited then from this, we find the entity then does not mock at religion or religious subjects,
yet desires [emotionally] what to the mind or the material would be of a materialistic viewpoint of such individuals.

In the days when the peoples in Greece were studying the religions as were propagated by thought
of the religions or moral teacher, Socrates, and the entity then in the name Onraron, the astrologer and the physician.
The entity in that sojourn developed much in the earth's plane, and gave much council to the peoples.
Rather lived the life of the recluse, and only having the distant relation, or the hatred in a manner of the opposite sex,
for in early youth the entity was in that position of misplaced confidences, and best friend assuming (Pontimus)
the relations with the then closest friend;
Onraron finding relief, or the study as was set for self in subjects metaphysical and of the astrologer.
In the present earth's plane we find the [emotional] urge for knowledge of Universal and Universe forces,
and the mental abilities easy of grasping such conditions,
and we would find the entity could have, might have, in present earth's plane,
made wonderful success, mentally, physically, financially, through the study as an astrologer and astronomer,
and mechanical contrivance concerning same, and may as yet manufacture those conditions and articles concerning
mechanical designs and instruments pertaining to astronomical and astrological mechanics.

In the Egyptian country.
When the first laws were being transcribed or given to the peoples under the second ruler,
or the one who gave the greater forces in learning pertaining to all arts and designs of man to show the relations
with the Higher spheres, or relation between the Creator and the created.
The entity then in that name of Aardhai, [See 341-9, Par. 11-A on 6/02/25 saying [182]
found disfavor with king's favorites in later yrs.]
and was in the capacity of the soothsayer, or magician of that Court.
The personality and urge as we find from this, in that of the study of all things mystical
and pertaining to the lost arts, especially concerning metals and alchemy.
These are the studies the entity seeks.
However, the development that has been deferred brings rather that condition in the present plane of the bungler
when applied to such conditions, yet the [emotional] inner urge of the entity is to seek and gain knowledge pertaining to such conditions.

In that day when there was the destruction to the elements of earth [Atlantis?],
then in now the PERUVIAN countries, when the lands disappeared in the low places
and the entity was left alone in the higher mound to which the entity had then gone for its study.
In the name then of Oumu.
In the personality exhibited in the present, the ever fear [emotion] in the deep recesses of self of destruction
coming to many suddenly.

Then, as to the abilities of the entity in the present earth's plane, and how to apply same for the good of the present conditions:
In all we find the entity a seeker of knowledge, and often with ability to apply same.
The usage of gained knowledge and the monetary returns from same becoming the destructive forces,
through the weaknesses of desire in the earthly conditions.
Then, overcome these through the will forces, that may be applied in the material world,
and use that that will come in the next twelve to eighteen moons for development of self rather than of degrading of principle.
Give of self's forces, knowing the higher rule, and the Giver of all good and perfect gifts lie within
the reach of those who would seek and give of self to those higher forces.
As to the appearances that we find, these come as the urge to the individuals:

In the days when the strife was between the peoples in the present land (USA),
the entity then being among those who fought in that rebellion.
In the name then we find of Artemus Davees [?].
In this we find the urge as will be in that of the thought as is exercised in self,
being strong-minded,
very centered in thought and action.
Hence the necessity as will be of the training of the direction of the mind and of the developing in same.

In the days of the development of the country into that of the republic forces in France,
when the rebellions were in the land.
The entity then in that of Vasi Borgenes [?].
The entity then the one that assisted in the capture of those forts about which the soldiers
of the ones defending the royalty became the ones necessary to overcome or overthrow these conditions.
The entity from this we find gains that dislike for those who would be over-bearing,
or those who would be presumptuous in their action.
Hence the necessity of those training and giving the correction for the development of the entity
of always knowing and showing the reason, and reasoning with the individual in its development.

In the days of the rebellions in the plains country, when this had become settled.
The entity then was in that of the Viva [?] who became the heralder of the new religious thought
as was given to that people then in Arabian forces.
This we find became the developing point of the entity.
Hence in this present urge we will find the desire of the study of such,
of the religious thought and study as pertaining to psychological and astronomical conditions.
Yet for the same reason, by not being directed properly, may be turned into adverse channels.

In the one before this we find in the days of the Atlantis,
when the peoples were in that of the higher state of civilization.
The entity then was the teacher in the psychological thought and study,
especially as that of the transmission of thought through ether.
Hence the urge as will be seen in this entity in the studying of those as has been given.

Then, as to what this entity may develop, along those lines as has been given,
and well that these be followed and directed in that manner as to bring the best to the entity,
ever knowing that the way of the transgressor is hard, and that knowledge gives the understanding,
when given in the manner that may be applied in the individual's life.

The earthly sojourns make for rather the innate and manifested urges that come from the emotional forces of the body,
while the astrological sojourns make for rather the mental urges.

Then we find that the earthly sojourns become the emotional forces that oft in the experience of this entity have produced,
or have proven to be, those experiences where the little hurts have come from the indifference of those whom the entity
has in its goodness of grace aided.
Hence these have brought discouragements and wonderments at times.
But there should ever be the knowledge in the experience of the entity that bread cast upon the waters will return in due season,
and that to be in a material world a light of goodness - as is exemplified in the hope of the eternal
and the divine that is innate in the experience of every soul - becomes the growth in the soul development in material sojourns.

The entity living in the earth during those periods when there were wars in the land of the present nativity (USA),
in and about the city (or town then) in which the entity was born in the present, during those periods called the American Revolution.
The entity suffered in body as well as in mental conditions owing to hardships brought on by activities about the entity.
For while the entity in the material world was among those that were free from want and care,
the ideals that were a portion of the entity's experience - in its allegiance and its holding to the Crown
- made for mental hard ships in the experiences during that period.
Then the entity was associated materially with many who have been in the acquaintance and in the friendships of the entity
in the present sojourn; and much as may be indicated by such association has to be worked out by all.
For in the experiences or sojourns an entity is constantly meeting itself.
For what ye sow, so do ye reap - or that indeed ye reap; and with what measure ye mete it is measured to you again.
Then in the name Charlotte Bontee, the entity gained and lost and gained.
For during those periods of trials in the latter portion there came a greater understanding,
when there was the gaining of the better knowledge as to what freedom indeed is in the experience.
Hence the latent urge to the entity is not domination but dominated,
and the sense that force and power must eventually from the material source - override.
This MUST be put away. It has been, it is at times.
At others, power of influence, power of those that are the mediums of exchange in fame or fortune, becomes as a ruling influence.
But all power, all force, arises from one source; and those that have same are only lended same by an All-Wise
and Merciful Creator as talents to be used in His vineyard.
For each entity, each soul, IS his brother's keeper!

The entity was in the land now called English,
during those periods when there were the changes in ideals,
as that represented by the Holy Wars and the periods when there were those activities
and gatherings of those who went upon those missions that the more oft prove to be as ideas rather than ideals.
The entity in that experience or sojourn was in the man,
and leading [leaving?] the home, making for material burdens,
and yet looking for that of power through an idea that was set rather as a criterion than as the teachings that prompted same; for the force of fame, the force of an idea, overrode.
Then in the name EdmOnd (though ordinarily U) Blachard, the entity made for material gains but spiritual and mental losses,
through the tendency to become dominant and dominating by the force of mere strength.
Hence those latent and innate urges for the capacities for man's work,
for man's abilities, arise from those experiences or sojourns.
These are good if used properly.
For all must pass under the rod, or under the experiences of every form of activity in a material world as to place, position, sex,
and the abilities for the use or application of material gains.

The entity was in the Promised Land,
during those periods when there was the returning of those peoples of promise from exile,
in the rebuilding of the walls, in the redecorations of the temple,
in the beginnings of again establishing the law as was given by the leader of the entity's peoples.
The entity then was with those peoples of Nehemiah but of the household of those close to Zerubbabel,
and of the tribes of the Levite peoples.
Hence with the journeying of Zerubbabel, the entity was too young, and in the inclination for the associations,
because of the lack, the entity later came as one well fitted for redecorations.
Hence the entity's activities in the present may be found in that field of interior decoration,
or the weaving of cloth or brocades, or the making of draperies and hangings and the like.
These things should be part of the entity's experience, for in same the entity finds an answering
 to that something within which was the period of such great gain in the entity's experience then.
The name then was Hannahar, but of its present sex - though name might indicate otherwise.
However, the name was given rather because of the abilities of the entity to compete with, to cope with,
the best of the men workers in such during the experience.
The entity gained throughout, for then there was the interpreting and the application of the law,
even under those hardships materially that the entity labored to interpret the law.
Later the entity was an aid to Ezra, the scribe, and to those who made for the readjusting
or interpreting of the law into the language of the day.
Again we find the entity then given in those things as pertain to the interpreting of language,
or the speech of many varied peoples; and the abilities are latent
and may be made manifest by the ever turning within.
For how hath it been given to those that seek to know the Lord? Thy God is ONE!
Look not for those who may bring a message from abroad,
or those who may descend from the heavens to bring word again,
but rather into thine own heart.
For THERE He hath promised to meet all.
Hence as the entity gained during those experiences, in the land of promise,
so may it be applied in the present sojourn.
As to material things, those that have to do with decoration of the home or of the abode,
that represents in the present the own temple or castle of the individual groups,
or in the interpretation of the law, should be the fields of the entity.
For as the Lord thy God is ONE,
so is the law under which, through which, one attains fellowship as one with Him.

The entity was in the land now called the Egyptian,
when there were the emissaries that were being sent for the various activities to aid those
that were attempting to correlate the messages of the teachers of the period.
The entity then was one of those who aided in correlating that as related to the development
of what in the present is called hospitalization, or the need for individual care
and how that during such and in such not only is the body preserved but the mind and the spiritual relationships.
Hence the natural inclinations in the experiences of the entity in the present towards things pertaining to same,
and the drawing close to same, and the innate abilities to offer aid when emergencies arise
in the associations of the entity at any time.
During that experience the entity's name was changed.
For the entity was first of the peoples of the Natives who followed close with that Native who made for the rebellion,
and of those that were pitted against the young King.
Later with the reestablishing, the entity's name was changed to Istah-iel.
In the experience the entity gained, lost, gained, as may be indicated
by the varied activities of the entity during the experience.

As to the abilities of the entity in the present, then, and that to which it may attain, and how:
First, study to show thyself approved unto God,
a workman not ashamed, rightly divining - or dividing - the words of truth;
that is, giving proper evaluations to the material, the mental and the spiritual relationships,
the economic, the social, the orders of things in their proper form.
Be not hasty in decisions but know that the answers may come from within.
In the fields of activity as indicated, in the associations of that as has been outlined
may the greater expression be made.
Keep self unspotted from the world of thine own consciousness, condemning none
- and most of all not self. God loveth the cheerful giver.

The entity was in that land of the French Courts in the time of Louis 15th,
and in that time was in the Court, or the second in command,
with the religious environment of the day, and was in the office of the Cardinal of the day;
and in the present entity we find the study of all religious subjects as subject to the life as lived by the professor,
or professors, of such religious faiths.
For in this condition and in this sphere we find many thoughts and doubts [emotions] arise
in the entity's inner self regarding others.

In that of the warrior tribe in the plain of the now Arabian forces [Uhjltd period],
though known as the bedouins, and this company made war on the forces in now known Persian rule,
in the days of Croesus.
In the present sphere we find much of the [emotionally] antagonistic condition toward those who are oppressed
for seemingly unknown reasons, and the desire [emotion] to help comes through those innate developments at that time.

In the days of the first dynasty of the Egyptian rulers,
and the head of those forces that gave to the peoples the rule of the development
along geometrical lines, and in the present sphere much of this condition in the development
of those things that require mind forces is brought from this entity's sojourn at that time,
and the ever innate desire to explore certain conditions and phases of these dynasties
lies in the dormant self of the present entity, [195]. [See 341-9, Par. 12-A giving further details.]

In the first days, when the soul's development began in earth's plane,
this entity then was in the beginning and among those who first gave the works of the iron development in the earth's plane.
Hence the innate desire to work with metals of every character,
and the clinging ever closer to that universal force,
as is found in the indwelling forces that lie between the soul and spirit in every entity,
as developed to the soul proportions of the body.


Updated: 13 December 2013