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"4 Previous Lives (Readings 201 to 300)" 

Nearly all of the "Life Readings" mention 4 previous lives (sometimes 3) and how past lives affects the current life.
The Astrological part (effects of planets to our mental urges) have been removed for easier reading and understanding.

In that period known as mythological, when there were wars among the Trojans -
and the entity then among those that were in accord with those that would defeat the peoples gathered at the gate,
and to Achilles did the entity report, and to him many were the counsels given and taken.
In the name Tischol.
The entity gained and lost through this experience.
Gained through the application of self as respecting the interests of others.
Lost through aggrandizing the power to which the entity arose;
for while suffering may bring understanding, CAUSING to suffer to satisfy one's own self brings reproach.
Hence in the present experience there is ever the urge by the entity, to others and for self,
Be True to Self in such a manner as to not bring reproach from others, and most of all from self.
In the application of this may the entity, [204], find a deeper thought
- in that it is SELF'S EXPERIENCE being latent,
yet seeking expression and expansion in the present experience.

In the land now known as Persia.
The entity then among those who assisted in the defense of the king called the Wonderful.
The entity then in the name Jdjil, and the keeper of records to that ruler,
and put in bondage by those that overran the country from the plain.
Then under Croesus did the entity take counsel, and unto him did the entity remain faithful.
Hence in the present experience the entity finds self often galling under oppresion
under those that would govern or rule, yet finds in SELF the best answer
- of being faithful to that highest, that noblest, in self's own endeavors.

In that land now known as Egypt.
In the period when there was dissension, and when the priest as was banished was brought back to power,
and there was the gaining of knowledge through the establishing of that portion of the rule
where there was the dissemination of truths as proclaimed by the seers, by the rulers, by the priest of the period.
The entity then as Aaich, went as the interpreter of such knowledge to the layman,
both of the native and the foreign in the land.
Hence in the present experience the entity finds that of dissemination of knowledge, of truth, of understanding,
the greater effort to be put forth by self.
Hence, as the teacher, the lecturer, the interpreter of that which IS knowledge, that which may be applied
- NOT as theory, but as PRACTICAL - is that TO which the entity should, will, attain the greater in the present experience.
Keep faith, then, in self, - and in Him that gave First Know Self,
and in that knowledge gain the understanding of the relation of the Creative Energy
to that created, and how that created is a portion of the Creator
in just so far as the SPIRIT or LIFE OF the created and Creator are in accord.
KEEP FAITH with self and those whom the entity may assist
- especially of the household of that ruler in the Arian land. [Aryan-Iran?]

As to the abilities and the application of same these are in keeping WITH that as given.

Then, in the influences as are seen through the experiences of the entity in the earth's plane
- these also bring that environ to which the body has come,
as well as for the entity's influence in its soul or mental development.
Those influences, then, are as these:

In that period when the French rule
was being governed much by the aggrandizement of selfish interests.
The entity then was a dancer to the peoples, and gained in that experience in the expression of emotions
as were brought to the peoples through the influence of the activities of the entity in that experience;
being among those that first accomplished that feat in that period of the toe dancer,
being then in the name Eschel, and there still in the present experience may be seen the letters of the entity.
This bringing in the present experience that ability, innate, physical,
that would endow the body with ABILITIES in this direction (dancing).

In the period when there were destructions in the palaces in that city in the hills,
when there were being destructions to those believers in the new religion.
The entity then was among those of the court of that ruler Nero, and in the name Aschell;
losing through this period, gaining only in the last portion of experience in the acceptance
of those bonds physical, brought on account of beliefs.
In this experience, those innate are the rebellion against authority,
yet ever mindful of care, attention, adornment of the body,
and unless guided in proper direction this may prove detrimental in the present experience.

In that period when there were divisions in the land known now as Egypt.
The entity then was among those that were in the temple worship,
and a favorite of the ruler of that period. In the banishment of the priest, the entity
- then in the name Isli - gained in that the entity chose to stand for the rule,
rather than following the priest in the exile; losing in usurping power
when re-establishment of the temple worship brought
more understanding to the peoples of the period.
In the present the entity finds little answer to that ordinarily termed as religious thought,
especially religion as rule, but in that of the love of individual for purport or in aid.
This may mean much to the entity, and bring gain to the entity in the present experience,
if the influences will guide same in THAT direction.

In that land known as Atlantis.
The entity then was of the Poseidans, and gaining in repute of the abilities of the entity through the adornment of body,
using nightside of the influences in earth's plane brought destructive forces TO self through the misapplication of power.
In the name Eld.
In the present the entity finds innately those of companionships abhorrent in gain,
yet if these will be guided in the channels as to use that in hand as aid or service to another rather than to self,
it will bring the better elements to the influence of the entity.

As to the abilities, and in the application of same:
As is seen from the experiences, and the influences innate in the entity,
as well as that inherited in the earth's experience - these must be guided aright,
that the entity gain first that of the understanding that in service to others may self gain in the material, the mental, the spiritual plane.
Whether guided in the influences toward adornment of body, mind, or activities OF the mind,
WELL that these be tempered with that,
"First seek ye the Lord while he may be found, and all things shall be added UNTO you."
As a dancer the entity may gain fame and fortune; GUIDED aright may bring development.
(Q) Will it be necessary for this soul-entity to return again in what we call the earth's plane?
(A) Dependent upon the application of self, self's abilities, in the development of the soul or subconscious mind.
(Q) In what reign of France, or in whose reign was the entity a dancer?
(A) In the last Louis.
(Q) Is there any further advice, that this entity may know that this earthly experience is but a phase of development of the internal soul-being?
(A) In the application of self's own innate feelings and desires, these may be compared to the experiences, and the entity experience
through such comparison and application of THAT felt OR experienced, to make self become aware of the oneness of life.

In the personalities of the individual we find as obtained from these conditions:

In that of the Grecian age
when the fall of the Government was under the rule
of the idealists and the materialists became the ruling force of the day.
This entity, as then, was the leading force in the minority at the time;
hence was often referred to as the weakling of the day.

The entity as that of the leader as chosen for the first king [Saul]
in and with the chosen people, and was the herder
as sought the lost animals of his father when appointed as the leader.
[1. Sam. 9:2; 11:15]

Hence we find in this present sphere those elements bringing through
in this personality and individuality those as in this:
In the first the one chosen of the higher elements.
Hence ever those forces about this entity where,
though all others fail, this one may, through direct self-control,
gain those forces of the higher and highest realms in the present plane.
In the second that force as is manifested in the great thoughts and ideals
builded about self, yet ever just beyond carrying those to execution.
May be done by sheer will and by adhering to those immutable laws
that give self the insight of the forces that lend to the upbuilding of all force
relative to the higher elements.
In stature from that of all force, as is given, ever has the entity been under the influences of Mercurian elements.

Then the appearances in the earth's plane show how these are manifest in the present personality,
and why the entity seeks to give such as is shown in the present earth's plane.

In the time when the first settlers came to the now United States' shores, in Massachusetts,
and the entity then among the first to land in then called Plymouth,
and in the name of Alex Alden, and the personality as is shown in the present earth plane,
that of the ability not to be shaken in the faith as is once founded in self,
except through the mental forces as would show a reasonable action
in the premise that is attempting to be established.
The entity there we find in the developing stage,
and though in the earth plane as only a young man,
dying in that time at only twenty-two.

In the early portion of Louis the 14th,
and the entity then in the armed guards about the place
where the King held the official residence, and among those who defended the principles
as were given by the royalty.
In that we find the entity then in name of Doran [?] - D. [de?] Doran [?],
and the entity sought the development, yet overpowered by the influences as were brought into the life.
In the present personality we find the entity seeking to know the personal forces as manifest in each
whom would become in close friendship with the entity.
Then producing, as it were, one slow to make new friends.

In the plains of now the Arabian country,
when there was war made on the ruler then of Persia,
and the entity then as a soldier in the army of the nomads, and under the rule was the guard or secretary
to the ruler who lost life in attempt to again bring the ruler, or the one whom the entity served,
from bondage. In the name then Khurdus [?] Uhjltd, and one in the charge of the affairs of the leader Uhjltd.
In the personality then, we find in the present the seeking to be the one to gain much knowledge
of every character and nature, whether pertaining to that field in which the entity labors, or in others,
and to correlate such knowledge in a manner wherein would be beneficial to self and others.

In the Egyptian forces,
when the second Pharaoh ruled in that land, coming from the plains as the guard
to the ruler and the courts, then giving the first laws to the people as regarding manner of life in earth
and that expectancy in death.
The entity then in the name of Rhaha, [See 341-9 giving further details]
and in that plane we find the entity developed to the position of taking the place of the deposed
first high priest in that time, and gave much judiciary knowledge to that people.
In the personality then shown in the present life, we find still that seeking of all forces pertaining to judiciary subjects,
and especially as related to the physical, moral and spiritual life of individuals.

In the land of now the Peruvian country,
in the second rule of the Ohlms [?] [Aymaras],
and the entity then the ruler in that plane, and giving much of the earthly splendor to the country,
retarding self in that time through the relations as had with those of the lower class, or caste,
and then we find the entity in the name of The Great Ohlm [Aymara].
In this, we find in the present the desire to see much splendor in others, and in many places,
yet shunning those of the opposite sex in a manner, yet desiring ever to bask
in the better judgment or thought of such people.

Among the first in the land of now the East Indian,
in that time when the peoples from the mountains covered the plain country,
and among those who first established a dwelling other than among the caves and rocks.
In the name at that time we find in that as would be called at present Ouijahbekzd.
In the development at that time the entity was among the first of the land and gave much to the peoples,
though under stressing times and the entity suffered much in the earthly existence through harm
that came through those enemies that sought the life of the entity,
and we see in again the present earth's plane the care as shown in selecting those
with whom the entity would be closely associated in any manner,
studying the character of such individuals [the opposite sex?] with care and attention.

Among those who first came into the earth's sphere
before it became inhabitable to human life.
Only then as the vision did the entity (spirit entity) view the earth's sphere,
and in that passed to the other spheres about the earth.

As to the abilities then in the present earth's plane, we find these then run in many channels.
The entity is especially adapted to that of any scientific work of any character,
needing the attention of one who looks closely into the details of such work.
In that as the mathematician, in that as the critic of any work, whether of one class or another.
One that may make self in the class as a critic far beyond the field as is now seen in the entity.
Then, as to how, class the work of self in that specific line,
following closely in that as is obtained in mental and occult forces,
for the entity obtains a spiritual insight into spiritual and material conditions.
Then to use this, study to show self approved unto Him who giveth all good and perfect gifts,
forsaking not that as is set in Him who came into the world
as the propitiation for the sins of the people.


As for the appearances, we find these have been in many spheres.

In the days of the Crusade,
and this entity then lead in that Crusade, or that known as the Holy War in Palestine,
and lost its existence then in that land, and was the second in command at that time.
In the present we find this personality exhibited in the love of the study of conditions relative to these Crusades made.

In the land when the rebuildings for the walls were begun,
and when Sanballat resisted those under the guidance of the ruler
this entity then kept the South wall and builded above the gates,
and in this present sphere we find the personality as is shown in stature
and in the effect of such Crusades intermingled with the second in its individual life.
Hard to understand, yet giving much to many.

In the land of Poseida [Atlantis],
when Alta was in the height of its civilization.
This entity then was in the service of the country in its relation to other countries,
and in the present sphere we find the desire for similar relations ever in the inmost soul of this present entity.

When the earth's forces were called into existence,
and the Sons of God came to-gether,
and the sounding of the coming of the Man was given.
This entity was there.
In the appearances, and that as has been builded and is manifested in the PRESENT experience:

In that land, that period known as France,
and during the exile of Charles the Second.
The entity was among those in that land who aided that ruler during the sojourn in the land,
and the DAUGHTER of the house in which the ruler was entertained.
Gaining and losing during the experience, for the entity THEN was carried by that ruler to a DIFFERENT land,
and in the power given over others the ENTITY lost;
for while there were definite views as respecting moral and spiritual relations in the change,
self's interests were considered often first. In the name Marlan.
In this experience many of the relations as come from the social and home relations
have been denied in that builded in THAT experience.
In giving expressions of same to OTHERS may the entity OUTDO that BUILDED in THAT experience;
bringing into self and self's OWN understanding that of the NECESSITY
of ever being in accord with Creative Energy, manifested in every form in the material or earth's experience.

During that period known as the Trojan period.
In that experience the entity was among those who were of the household of the one causing so much dissension
among a peoples that were given to laud that of desire and of expressions of beauty in every form.
The entity GAINED through this experience, for the entity chose to teach
- rather the concepts of that as was given by the teachers of that period.
In the name Momon.
In this experience those same teachings are INNATE in the entity's inmost being, for beauty of form;
beauty of mind, nobleness of spirit, wonderfulness of expression, are worshipped even within
- but in accord with those of the CREATIVE forces.

In that period when divisions arose in the land known now as Egypt.
The entity was then among those who, after the settlements of those divisions and the building up of the land,
in the way of establishing man's relationship with the divine, man's relationship with the fellow man
- the entity was among those who wrote the songs in that period, that were chanted and sung in the temples then.
Even in the varied temples that arose as destructive forces, the entity's songs were chosen above those of others;
giving much to the peoples in that period of the understanding of the relationships of individual to individual,
of individual to the Creative forces as may be manifested in the various forms in materialness.
In the name Isunldxeol.
In the present there is seen the imaginative forces as are expressed from within,
and those that are tinged with that which will tend to bring to the inner vision of an individual an expression
of beauty in the Creative end.
THIS is the forte, this is the being that may be developed in the present.

In the abilities of the entity, and that to which it may attain:
As has been seen or given, there may come in the present much that may be builded in self,
through expressing in the way and manner of self's own experience,
that others may gain the greater insight into their relationships between the divine and the material,
the Creative Energy and the soul of an individual;
for in Him is the light, and the light shineth unto the darkness,
and therein the entity may then come into the hearts and souls of many,
that as will be but the light shining unto the souls of many.

In the appearances, and their influence in the present experience not that much more may not be given
as respecting these influences, but these are given that the entity may know self better:

In that land known as England.
The entity then was a guard to the king that came from exile, (Charles II), and in the service of that ruler.
The entity gained much through that period, being in the confidence and in close personal contact,
the things of the inner life being known to the entity;
and yet, in this experience, many are the secrets of individuals and groups that are carried by the entity,
and it is as unmindful of expressing abroad that given in confidence as it would be in destroying its own self.
In this association, then, with Charles the Second, the entity came to power, that was not used to the detriment of others;
but often in CHASTISING many.
In the name Warren.
In the experiences in the present there is seen that those conditions as of the economic,
the political and the financial interests of that day are of special interest to the entity,
and those exploits of individuals that are given special missions by others in power,
or to seek out interests for others, whether individual or groups, are of special interest to the entity.

In that land known as the Persian.
The entity then was among those that were the keepers of the moneys for the ruler known as Croesus.
Not the HEAD of the exchequer, but rather the confidential secretary OF that ruler;
falling only in the power through the defeat of that ruler.
The entity gained in the latter period, FAILING in the period when hardships or hard times,
or when lean days came upon the entity and those associated with same;
holding much malice during that period against those who were the cause of the downfall,
and of those who made war against those peoples.
In that as experienced in the present,
oft has the entity been called into counsel much as of that period, and especially by that ruler
has the entity been sought often for aid in a material, in a social, even in spiritual controversies
have there been those conditions that have been much in keeping with that period,
yet POSITIONS - in a manner - reversed. [Croesus his sec'ty now?] [II Croesus - Uhjltd period?]

In that land known as Egypt.
The entity was among those that were subdued when the ruler came in from the north.
Among the natives, the entity suffered in the re-establishing of the rule under the young king.
The entity was placed back in power, and in the position of the keeper of the outer gates,
and of those who brought in and out the fuels, the feed, and the labors of the field.
In the experience as a WHOLE, the entity gained, though much bewilderment came to the entity
through this period; not knowing to which group to cast the lot.
Indecision being the fault, then through this experience.
Be DECISIVE in every phase; not FOOLISHLY so, but do not try, do not attempt to straddle the fence.
Either be for or against - for "He that is for me will not be against me"
- "He that is on the Lord's side, who can be against him?"
In the name Iltan.
In the present experience, MANY of that period will be, have been, contacted by the entity.
Do not become undecided in the relationships with any.
In the experience the entity saw, heard, knew, understood, much of that as was given in that period
- for few were the experiences in the earth's plane that CHANGED the whole of man's IDEAS
as regarding his relationships to the Creative Forces, as passed during THAT period,
and the entity was a part of same. BE the same in this.

In that land known as Poseida (Atlantis),
and in the cities of that land.
The entity was among those that were made powerful by the use of, the application of, universal forces in the land,
and the entity gained materially through this experience.
Losing much in the mental and spiritual efficiency of the entity, yet those relations often bring to the entity
many of the conditions that have to do with the changing of the relation- ships of mechanical appliances.
Then, in the field of creative forces, or patented influences, may the entity gain much
- WILL they be applied for the use of not merely labor saving, but the abilities to make for man the mental influence as well.
Do not make self a part of any that bring curses.
Rather those that bring blessings to many.
In the experience the entity lost and gained,
and in the present many of these influences have THEIR influence in the experience of the entity.
In the name, Eesme.

In the abilities of the entity in the present, and that to which it may attain and how:
As has been seen, the application of will, as toward influences in the life, alters
or changes the development of the INNER man - the soul.
When these are in accord with the divine, or the Creative influences,
HOLD to that which is good - cleave to that which is RIGHT, IRRESPECTIVE of the thought
or the speech of those who would be questioned in same.
In the building up, keep thyself aright. Avoid even the APPEARANCE of evil.
Keep so that, that committed unto Him will be ANSWERABLE in the acts, material and mental,
for thoughts are deeds, and may become crimes or miracles.
These are within thine OWN making.
Think right, LIVE right, BE right!

In the appearances in the earth's plane, and the influences these have had upon the entity in the present
- for these are builded also:

In the land of nativity(USA), in that place known as Fort Dearborn.
The entity resided there among those people who were both of the French and the native,
and then in the name Isica.
The entity was with that one who stormed the fort, and attempting to bring succor and aid from the South
- with Bainbridge, [294], then, the companion - went into the wilderness, and losing the LIFE in the ICE.
Hence those conditions as have to do with those places in those lands where ice and snow are found,
are fearful to the entity - especially has there ever been a dread about waters of expanse,
especially of turbid waters; yet they have a fascination for the entity beyond compare.
In the experience the entity gained and lost, for while the companionship was BEAUTIFUL - not always moral.
In this the entity finds in the present experience, those associations, those relations as bring the understanding
that virtue, truth, morality, are not only their OWN reward, but are as jewels built in the experiences of each entity.

In that land now known as England,
and during that period when Alfred the Great was in power.
The entity then was of the household of that good and bad ruler, [304], and gained through the experiences
in that place known then as Lady Gondolivia. In the experience the entity gained through that of the service to others,
irrespective of self's own status or self's own position.
The thought of others builded that as, innately and manifestly in the present experience,
gives the love for those who seek to know through their own experience the understanding of Truth.
That's a good one. Remember that!

In that land known as the Persian.
The entity then was among those peoples that were overrun by the nomads, and in the period the entity suffered much
in the way of both MENTAL and physical, through those conditions brought about; for the entity then loved the peoples of the land,
and was of their own household, yet the household was divided, and a portion with the king and a portion with Uhjltd [294],
as they overran the land. In this division, the entity was torn as between two opinions, yet in the conquest,
and in the taking up of the sojourn among the peoples in the South country,
the entity gained; becoming then as again one of those who
- to the companions of Uhjltd the entity became as a leader and RULED in the latter day with an iron heel,
rather than hand, for many were those that suffered as the entity had suffered through those experiences;
yet these are builded as temperamental conditions through which the entity has passed,
and often passes in the present experience.
These make for the easiness of grudge FORGIVEN, the easiness of wrath expressed.

In that land known as Egyptian.
In that period we find the entity was among those who came in with the rulers that overcame the land,
being of the household and a sister to the one raised to the priesthood [294],
and of the high priest did the entity gain and lost through that experience, for taking sides cost much to the entity's own peace of mind;
yet in the last building up, after the return, the entity, in the name It-Cit, GAINED through the latter portion of the experience,
being in charge of that portion of the development turned towards the school, in which AFTERWARD became that,
under many, as of the healing arts.
In this experience the entity finds much in common in the present,
through the various vicissitudes as respecting the activities in the present; for much in that of apparel,
much in that of foods, much in that of meeting individuals of many castes, of many positions, of many understandings
- these brought turmoils, and again turmoils are seen;
 yet will the entity find that in the ONENESS of purpose,
in the sureness in WHOM one has believed, may the way be made safe, secure, and peace of mind be the greater blessing
that may come to an entity, or to the soul; for knowing that the race is run in the manner as would be in keeping
with the understanding of Him in whom IS life, and light, may be development of the STRENGTH attained,
give the blessings to the entity in all its associations.

The abilities of the entity,
then, lie in first conquering self, and in administering those little THINGS
that make for the strength of might in many places, in many lands; for she that sitteth not in the seat of the scornful,
hideth much that may be amiss in thine OWN understanding. Keep the faith as is set before thee in Him,
remembering that each act, each word, each thought, is weighed in the balance.
(Q) How, and in what way, could entity make her life more worth while and helpful to others than at present?
(A) As has been given, first conquer self; then in the little conditions as may be handed in kindnesses; for
"He that ministereth unto the LEAST of these, my little ones, ministereth unto me."

In the appearances, and the effect these have upon the entity in the present:

In that land known as The Fatherland, [Germany] [Germany:Alsace Lorraine?]
and near that border of the mountain land.
The entity then, in the name Swchegen, was during those periods when turmoils were in the land,
and in that region where those peoples were in war against one another.
The entity was of a household that was inter-between those peoples,
and the entity harkened much to those conditions that passed as to political power, political position,
to the power of INFLUENCE of individuals' lives over their life through their tenure to those things given by others.
The entity, then, was somewhat of an economic-culinary entity, with an eye single to conditions
that pertained to relationships of people in varied stations of life.
Hence the entity is a good dietician, unless becoming lopsided through harkening to experiences of others.
That tested first in self is to the entity the sine qua non to the usage of that as given.
In this experience the entity gained in the MENTAL being, yet NOT an excess gain in the full development
- for the material conditions, circumstances of power, of position, rose most in the entity's thoughts,
through the harkening to those through which the entity gained the mental development.
In the present we find that ability to be an excellent conversationalist,
and innately acquainted with many subjects - even though the entity has not studied them.
 A good listener, as well as a good speech maker.

In that period in the land now known as Greece, or in the isles thereabout.
The entity was among those in the days of the sages of that land, that took note
- though the portion of the entity's sex was not taken to account, as in many periods
- yet did the entity gain in the thought as gathered from many with whom the entity was associated in varied capacities.
The body beautiful, sculpture, art, literature - these are the entity's developing forces;
for either in art or in expressions of forces in the body manifestations of beauty
may one find an answer to MANY of those conditions that bespeak of the forces
that manifest from an All Wise Intelligence to the Sons of Men.
In this experience, in the name Perculisa, the entity gained and lost;
gained most in the development of the spiritual portions of the entity;
for in the thought and study of the period the entity lent MUCH to others in service, counsel, advice
- both by precept and by ensample.

In that land now known as the Egyptian,
during that period when there were the reconstructive forces as to the rebuilding or the replenishing of man's correlation of thought,
and the studying of the relationships to individuals and the relationships to the universal or the divine from within.
The entity was then among those who waited upon the priest in the temple,
and ESPECIALLY as to those HANGINGS of the temple.
The entity was among those who first wove the COLORED patterns or papyrus in the various tapestries, or in linen brocade.
The entity still has an eye single to the PATTERNS of PECULIAR design, ESPECIALLY turning to those of the lotus and scarab,
which were the forces that were considered in that experience.
In the name Iszeiu, the entity gained throughout this experience, not only in the mental AND the cosmic or soul development
but in the manifested way in which individuals were aided by the entity in the services rendered.
Not merely as one of the temple attendants, but as a home maker - and many were the peoples gathered in those places,
as the entity sought for the caring of the young that were without the care of the maternal or the mother love.
In this experience many gathered from the entity's labors the taking of State to care for individuals that made access
into the experience; yet the entity fought hard in mental, in meeting in many places, to prevent this being accomplished by others.
In the present, the love of family, the love of large friendships, the love of those experiences with the young, the babe, the debutante.
All are as an experience to the entity, seeing something innately felt fulfilled in each individual.

In the abilities of the entity, and that to which it may attain, and how:
As seen, mental, spiritual and soul development have been as separate in the entity's experiences.
These correlated in that ideal of one force, from one source, in one service to God and man,
will bring an understanding that may excel any of the entity's developments thus far in the earth's experience.
In making for this, keep the eye single to service; for he that saveth a soul covereth a multitude of shortcomings.


In the appearances in the earth plane,
these we find coordinate with these vary conditions that may be builded in the entity, for -

The entity was the monk in that rule when the peoples in now England
set out for the Holy Land to defend the Cross against those inroads
of the then surging crowds or hordes over the land.
The entity remaining, yet following same and ever begrudging, as it were, those that were able in physical manner
to carry forward that felt within self the defense of that ideal.
In the name Islac.
The entity changed same, in the taking of the hood, to that of Adria.
In this present experience, these of study - these of the stars - these of mystic numbers, places, conditions,
are all absorbing to the entity.
Rather apply same as to the relationships of numbers, mystic forces and symbols,
to that of the creative energies as are given through Him that came as the ransom for many,
making man one WITH the Creative Energy in the life, in the manner of showing forth to others
that the pathway may be led in the direction where all may be one with that Energy.
So, in numbers - so, in mystic forces - so, in the cycle of things - may THIS entity,
applying same with the life as led by the Master, guide many - as aids in physical, in material, in spiritual life.

The entity was among those who were of the Wise Men
coming into Jerusalem and to Bethlehem
when the Master came into the earth.
The entity then in the name Ashtueil,
coming in from the mountains of what is now known as Arabia and India.
The entity gained through this period in pointing out that through the various forces as were added in the experiences of man
with that creation of forces necessary to keep the balance in the universal forces,
the earth must bring forth that that would make man's balance of force with the Creative Energy as one,
and the Son of Man appeared.
The entity brought the frankincense and gave same to the Master at that period.

In that land where divisions arose, or as may be called Egypt now,
when there was the building of those that came to understand the teachings
as were being propounded by the professors, the doctors, the lawyers, the artisans.
The entity builded in that of setting up the first study of how that the square of the one equal in the square of the other,
as related to numbers and the POSITIONS of numbers as related to the stars in the universe,
and the relation of one to another.
The entity will EASILY understand Einstein's theory. Few would!
In the abilities in the present experience, the entity gains and loses.
Loses in the gratifying of selfish desires.
In the application of the present, still we find figures, numbers, and peoples' mental development, most interesting.

As to the abilities, then, and the application of same in the present
- in the studies as are being made here, will the entity apply self in that direction,
the entity may become that one that may aid much in having individuals understand numbers,
mysticism of numbers; also in the relationships of ASTROLOGICAL effects
(without the application of will) in the lives of individuals.

In the plains country of the Saracens,
and in this development the entity was among those close to the seashore,
and was of the valor men of the country, though not of the war makers;
rather the peace makers. [Time of Jesus; see 257-10]

The entity was in the land where the peoples were become the separate and distinct people,
and was of the priesthood of that people, and in that time was he one of those offering strange fire upon the altar.
[Nadab, one of the sons of Aaron. See mother's rdg. 325-63, and others verifying this.] [Ex:6:23] [5502-3, etc.]

As to these conditions as brought in the present sphere, we find first:
Those that bring the entity's soul and spirit forces close to the worship of the Jehovah,
yet holding itself ever afar from giving of its best, or of its first self, to those natures.
In the second that of the strength of the elements necessary for the insight,
yet with the first giving that peculiar bend to the insight as not understood by self or others.
Hence, the mighty force of will to know self, and understand self, if it would make the best in the present plane.


In those days when the forces in this country, America,
were in that of the Rebellion against the yoke [American Revolution],
or against that as felt as persecution from the Mother Country.
The entity then was in that of the aide to the General in the name of Howe, [aide to Gen. Sir William Howe],
and then led those forces in the successful termination of those in the Eastern portion of the country, see?
and from this there is gained much of the ability to act in the capacity of the general, or supervisor,
and little of the ability to be subordinate to anyone, and the inability to take orders,
save that the WHY and WHEREFORE of order accompany same.
One that may be easily led by right, but hard to be driven, even to RIGHT, unless first seen in self.
This gained from these experiences, and in the present plane, as we see, makes the good soldier,
in the Service. [GD's note: He had become a Captain in World War One.]

In the land along the Rhine,
when those of the peoples were being driven back and forth by the invading forces from the South.
The entity then in the name of Oblaob [Oblaub?], and the entity then gained much in its development in the earth plane
in the stability of the entity in leading and in giving hope, strength, to others, in speech and in service;
rising from that position of the farm labor to that of the leader in putting down those invasions.
The entity gaining, then, in this experience that of the love of speech, the love of the ability to hold others' attention;
the inclination for exaggeration at times coming from the will of the entity in PUSHING UP at the time, see?
though a development through that period.

In the land of the Saracens,
when the Son of Man walked in that land, and the entity was in the group who saw those works
as were accomplished through that manifestation of the Universal Forces as phenomenized in the earth's plane at the time.
In the name then Soshiel, and in the study given to that as was experienced, the entity both lost and gained,
for the love of that phenomenized force is latent and exhibited in the present earth's plane.
The fault lay in the application of that plane.
Hence that, as has been given,
as to the applying of those urges as are seen in the entity's forces of phenomena of occult and mystic force

as come under and are experienced by the entity in the present earth's plane.

In those days when the walls of the Holy City were being repaired under that direction of Ezekiel,
and the entity coming in, then, from that of the King in exile [Jehoiachin, Zedekiah, Nebuchadnezzar period?],
and was then the assistant to Ezekiel, as the Scribe [Ezek. l-48], and the entity gained in that plane,
for under the tutelage, the power of the force as was manifest in Israel, the entity assisted much to those who labored on the wall,
who defended the helpless from the invasions of those who would hinder.
Then in the name of Abidda,
and the urge in the present is that closeness as is felt to all things sacred,
as worshipful by any people, in any clime, in any place;
yet the entity hasn't ever been able to answer from within self in the present plane WHY,
[Nadab incarnation omitted here; see 257-5; 5502-3 etc.] [5502-4] [See also 5502-3]

In that day when the divisions were in the rule in Egypt [10,500 B.C.],
in the days of the Second Ruler, [Araaraart],
when the division arose on account of those conditions as brought to bear in the Temple.
The entity then was in that of the defense of that Priest [Ra-Ta] driven into exile by the aggrandizement of self interest
and of fleshly desires [See 294-l42--152].
The entity, though, remained in that position of being faithful.
Hence the inner intent at times for the exaggeration of conditions,
especially when they are felt at the moment beneficial;
yet that injunction as has been given would ever be well:
Weigh well that the words spoken, when met face to face again, will appear in that same light as was meant when spoken.
The name in this - Arsha. [See 257-201 saying he also had been in Atlantis time of thought forms.]

The abilities to which, then, the entity may attain in the present sphere lie in the following out of those conditions
as have been given, as have been outlined for the entity, in the manner, the nature, the character of earthly labors,
ever remembering first: Service to others is the highest service to God.
Ever keep self in that way and manner as to be able to answer for the faith that lies within.
Ever be in that way of using all force as is manifest before the entity to the glorification of God rather than of self,
for the application of self is self's reflection of the God worshiped.

As to the appearances in the earth and those influences brought to bear
upon the entity in its material, mental and spiritual developments in the present:

In those environs of what is now known as Jamestown, Virginia,
during the periods when there was the reestablishing or reenforcing of those
that had come in these environs for the establishing of a material dwelling place in this land,
the entity was among those that were born under that new regime when there had been the establishing
of a government and the spreading out of those peoples into the adjoining vicinities.
Then the name was Bainbridge (Mary), the entity being of those that had come as the activities of one
that had been a sojourner in this land; growing in the activities that went for the developments of those peoples
to the bringing MORE of the people that were to aid in the further development for the land.
The entity SOLD for the crown was claimed by same, through those in whose care the body-physical
was given in the experience. Hence in associations with some of those that became the leaders
in that particular vicinity, and associated the more closely with those that made for the establishing
of that indicated in the seal - LIBERTY; for the entity was the associate of those that PROMPTED the activity of Henry;
becoming a close active associate of those that made for the Custis, the Lees, the Randolphs, the Curtises, Lancasters,
of this particular land.
Hence in the present the desires for those things pertaining to power in the fields of politics,
and the entity COULD MAKE of itself and excellent politician - should it choose in these associations or environs
to make its activities in that direction; yet, as we find, this is not the greater field for mental and soul development
- as will be seen.

The entity was in that land now known as the Roman, or rather the Grecian and Roman,
during the periods when there were what are now known as the Trojan Wars,
during the activities between those over that entity Helen of Troy.
During those activities the entity then was the companion of the assistant keeper of the gate to the city,
and during the experience the drawings of the entity enabled those that were of the besieged to encounter
- in part, in the main; though little credit was given Garcia in the experience, yet such enabled the armies
- or the individual activities of those in Achilles' activities - to succeed in bringing destruction to Hector's forces.
And the entity saw those activities.
Hence the abilities in the writing, or to depict by word or by drawing, or by the activities in the artistic temperament,
arise from the associations in that experience.
The entity neither gained nor lost in the soul or inner development. In the material things, a success;
yet these experiences will - through its developing years - play an important part, or impress or produce urges
that may find expressions in the material activity of the entity.
Yet, as is significant in the latter portion of the seal, purity of purpose, of mind, of body,
must be kept if there would be the mental or the spiritual urge that will bring peace and harmony
in the experience in this sojourn.

The entity was in that land now known as the Arabian or Persian,
during those sojourns or activities of the people that became the leaders in that land.
We find the entity then was the elder sister to that one who rose to be leader, or Uhjltd;
for with the divisions of the people, with the turmoils that arose through the raids of Uhjltd's own people,
the entity - then in the name Ujilda - made for much turmoils with those that were of the tribes- people.
But with the establishing of the city in the plains and hills where the healing arts came,
the entity then was among those of that leader's people who eventually came and aided much
in the activities during that sojourn.
The entity itself aided in the aid to those that were BLINDED by the sands, the glare,
and may be said to have been among the first in that particular experience and in that particular environ
to make for the protecting of the eyesight by the shades, by the glass that was imported then
from the Egyptian and the Indian experience.
Hence in these fields of material activity may the entity find much as a means for the expression of self in aiding others,
and in bringing comfort and help - even as then; yea, as a teacher, as a director in that field may much of this WORLD'S goods
come into the experience of the entity.
Yet, as we find, even a greater field may be seen later; for there we find those periods when color and odor
played an important part in what would be termed in present day parlance the psychological effect
upon the minds of those that WOULD BE healed.

In the Arabian land,
when the peoples journeyed into what is now called the Egyptian land. [Ra-Ta period]
The entity then was among the people that did not in the first journey to the Egyptian land,
but with the establishing of the young king, with the banishment of the priest that was a relation of the entity,
then Iu-Ptl-In made a journey and brought the first of the turmoils being settled with the princess and the peoples in Ibex,
as an aid rather than a hindrance to the young king.
There may be particular note that those who were in that sojourn as individuals have an antipathy for the entity,
and if their associations were drawn together the entity would eventually have the same character of influence
upon many of those even that rebelled - or that in any way made for the troublesome periods in that experience.
Later, with the return of the priest, the entity made the drawings that would in the present be termed the commercial,
architectural drawings, for much that had to do with the interior as well as exterior of the buildings.
Hence as the entity develops in body, in mind, spiritually also,
if this is kept as an activity of the body in the present experience it may be made the most satisfying of the experiences
- as an INTERIOR decorator, as an aide in color schemes in the various activities in home or hall, in church
or in the more humble edifices in the experience.
For much talent, as would be termed, that is innate may be expressed by the entity in that direction.
Hence a portion of the activities of the body in its developing years should be given to such,
that there may come in the experience that which may be the more helpful in the material and the mental welfare.
BETTER will the entity find it to make for self a career; not as a lone soul,
rather as one with many in various associations, but not in wedded life
- for such relations would bring the character of hardships that would break
the purposes in the inner self.

As to what the entity may attain, and how, in the present:
Apply self first in liberty, in faith, in purity of purpose, as indicated in that which has been necessary
for its activities through the earthly sojourn; bound oft by ties, bound oft by the will of others in its material activities,
that the will of self must rule.
Yet being made through those purposefulnesses in the ideals of an INNER urge that comes from the soul's sojourn
with the Creative Forces.
Study to show thyself approved unto thy Maker, avoiding the appearances of evil, keeping the self unspotted from the world;
and there will come - through the experience in this sojourn - peace, happiness, and JOY IN LIVING
- as an emissary, as a light bearer for thy King - the Christ!


In the appearances and the effect these have had, or may have, upon the entity's present experience:

In the land now known as England,
and during those periods of reconstruction from the uprising of the common peoples
in a religious warfare under the leadership of one (Cromwell), of the common peoples.
The entity then was among those who re-established those associations and connections
in financial circles with the surrounding nations or countries.
In the name Guildo.
The entity succeeded in material things, and gained much in the development of self during that period.
In the present, those influences of peoples - their reactions as to associations and relations in many aspects,
as to their culture and knowledge, their reading matter in their relationships to their positions
- become an innate or manifested study as well as does the study of those of physical prowess,
not only from that experience but from another, as will be seen.

In that land known now as the Grecian.
The entity then was among those of the noblemen of the land.
In that period of reconstruction in the land after the peoples had settled from the turmoils of the strife in the East.
The entity, in the name Philemon,
gained and lost during that experience; being considered by some as a soldier of fortune (from the many wanderings),
again as a usurper of authority through conditions or circumstances.
The entity had many foes, and many a follower - but the foes exceeded the number of the close followers;
yet the entity did rise in part to a position of power, wielding a mighty influence over conditions
as they turned toward the cultural side, or the mental abilities of individuals,
through the influences of word and precept as the entity gave to many in many places;
for the entity was as much a politician as one of the economical forces of the period.
In the present, as is seen - the prowess of men's physical abilities are as of a portion of man's whole experience;
cleanliness of body, of mind, especially, from this experience
- for the entity made it a portion of the many baths in Athens
during that sojourn, and the Romans gained much from the entity in the periods following,
by those things laid out by that entity in the experience.

In that land now known as the Egyptian.
The entity then was among those keepers of monies, of corn, of wine, of skins, of precious stones,
and one close to the king that rose in power during this experience.
The entity gained, for not only did the entity make for better relationships with the peoples round about
- of the various lands from which was gained or sought for the developing of those truths
being given by the peoples of the period - but the entity prepared,
through those material relationship with others,
the CHANNEL THROUGH which the gained understanding was carried to other lands.
Hence we have found that in periods of distress to many another,
to the entity have become the periods of opportunity for the advancement of self in material manners,
in secular conditions, in spiritual thought - yet these may take wings and fly away,
will the entity not hold those things in abeyance to those influences that
have brought the opportunity to the entity.
Much of the religious tendencies, and their at-variance to the set rules, are felt in the present experience.
Sincerity is rather the criterion of the entity. In the name Ptlaemar.
There may still be found, in the pyramid yet uncovered that was builded during that period,
not only the entity's seal of the king, but the entity's own private seal bearing those of the dove
- or that one of peace - with the horns of the ram.

In the abilities of the entity - these, as we find, lie especially in taking advantage of opportunities
that arise in others' experiences; not as to a detriment of those individuals that have tried and failed,
as it were - rather making those comparisons in self's experience,
both as to the mental, spiritual and physical forces of others and self
- but in using that gained in a manner as in keeping WITH the CRITERIONS and the IDEALS
as are set by the entity; for, as may be seen by the entity's experiences and reactions to same
throughout the entity's experience in the earth plane, there is a differentiation in the IDEAL by the entity,
or set by the entity, in the approach to same.
Never being wholly of rote, or of idle ceremony - but criterions are weighted in the balance and left out
when found wanting; for many have the entity sided, many have the entity tramped upon,
through the eons of experience in the earth.
Many are the influences as may YET be felt by the activities of the entity in the present experience.
Carry on! but carry on in the name, and in an ideal that will make for that that will not be found wanting
in self's own application. Keep not only the body clean, the mind pure, but in the light of the spiritual forces
as aid - keep in at-onement with same.

As to the influences in the experience of the entity from the sojourns in the earth,
we find these have been periods of an activity in the nature of expansions in many varied ways and manners,
yet under those environs and circumstances in the experiences of the earth when the changes were being wrought
in the activities of the earth.
Then, as to the experiences that make for an activity in the present, we find:

In those periods when there were the turmoils and strifes that arose between nations
in that just preceding what would be called the Civil War,
in this particular land of nativity (USA);
during those sojourns when there were the particular activities in what is nigh and around Sumpter, Charleston,
during those activities that made for the periods of cession, the period of making for turmoils and strifes
that arose from the individual application of might, power or strength.
The entity then, in the name Jane Wentworth, was among those that made for the impelling influences
in the activity of those individuals in and about Charleston and Sumpter;
the records of which may be found.
In the experience from the material the entity gained. In those from the spiritual and from the mental
that made for development the entity lost.
These brought strifes, discontent, and in the present experience we find urges at times when irrespective
of what may be the order of things as to temperament or purpose, the entity desires or wishes
or impels self at times towards making a law unto itself, making for those things that would - as it were -
be in opposition to the regular routine.
These the entity must submerge to an extent; not in the way or manner as submerging that they become
as but hidden or covered over, but using rather in those directions where such activity may become constructive
in the experience.
And when these arise in the experience, through sheer will, find an outlet for same in doing something
for another who has those same CHARACTER of impulses in their experience.
This will not only make for strengthening of purpose, the directing of the will and of the mental abilities,
but make for a growth in the experience of the entity; for the Mind is the Builder,
and if these are not of a spiritual constructive import the end thereof must be contention
- that arose in that experience.

In that land now known as the Spanish,
during those periods when there were the gathering of many
that made for a united effort in those directions for the Holy Wars.
The entity joined with those of other lands in those activities during that experience,
in what was known as the Second of the Crusade activities;
then in the opposite sex from in the present, and a leader
in those peoples not only in the Spanish but those in the activities
of a portion of French and of those in the German,
or as they would be called in the present.
For the entity rose to one of power and might, though there were the failings in purposes
in some directions, the determinations in the activities of the entity, then in the name Richelleneaux.
In the experience the entity gained in the mental, the material, in the spiritual carrying that of a purposefulness
- yet innately within self holding that these would only find expressions in that of materiality in the things
it made individuals or groups do as respecting their relationships with others, which is half a truth!
In the experience the entity made for activities that brought for a development in MANY about the entity.
Hence in the present we may find those periods when the entity wields rather a benevolent influence
upon the lives of others that in self is never very satisfactory.
These AGAIN make for periods when the entity shall look well within and see and know and experience
that which is the motivative influence in the experience of self, whether from the spiritual import
or from self-indulgence or the aggrandizement of the mental or material forces of the body itself.
These are as ever that which is the guide in a material or earthly development.

The entity was in that land now known as the Persian or Arabian land,
during those periods when many of the peoples in many lands were gathered to the city in the hills and in the plains.
The entity then was among those of the Persians that were in the school that had been raided by those peoples
that later rose as their leader rose to power, to that of making for a union of the strength in those activities
that brought a great development to many portions of the land.
The entity was among those that later became associated with those activities,
making for a development throughout that experience; for the entity
- while in that of pomp or glory, as would be termed in the present,
through the wealth or the riches or the gold of the garments of that land in that experience
- these the entity used rather in making for those activities in the experiences of others
that brought hope and faith and brotherly love, and those things that make people unafraid in their activity in the earth.
Then in the name Vashten, the entity brought to those of the Persian land that of the leader
later associated with the Zoroasterian reactions, or a companion with that teacher in the land.
Hence we will find those things of an oriental nature, whether they be of the dance, the rug, the dress,
the manner of service or of rote, that were of an innate activity in the experience of that period,
the entity finds a harkening within self to those things.
These would be WELL to develop in the experience, for they will make for that awakening to the abilities within self
to use not only the mental and innate faculties of the mind and soul in spiritual imports and truths,
but making for a strength of purpose in the experiences in the earth.

The entity was in that now known as or called the Egyptian land,
during those periods of turmoil and strife that arose from those rebellions in the land
during those periods of the activities when the Priest was banished
and there were the uprisings of those in the land.
The entity was among those who joined with the Ibex rebellion, making for those associations and connections
that later held out for longer activities against the return of the Priest or the activities of the King during that experience.
The entity lost and gained during the experience, for with the beginnings of those cleansings in the Temples,
with the rejuvenation of the Priest and those activities of individuals that made for the ingatherings of those that these tenets
might be taught to others in all the various activities, the entity became among the first as a TRAINED nurse.
And in this sojourn could the entity have made for itself a life of service in a manner that would have been excelled by few.
This required self-sacrifice; this the entity from other experiences of sojourn did not make.
These may be developed in self in such ways and manners in the present as to bring
an advancement and a development in this experience.
In the name then (as of the native peoples) She-Hihen.

The entity was in the Atlantean land,
in those periods when there first began the withdrawings from the Law of One,
those establishings of the sons - or of the SON Belial in that experience.
The entity made for a foregathering with these for power, having been of the priestesses of the land;
and through the activities of Belial became the priestess in the temple that was built in opposition to the ones
- or the sons of the ONE.
And in this the entity lost.
When there were those destructive forces brought through the creating of the high influences of the radial activity
from the rays of the sun, that were turned upon the crystals into the pits that made for the connections
with the internal influences of the earth, the entity through turmoil again joined with those of the Law of One.
Returning in those activities, the entity rose to one of power, in the name Ameene.
In the present we find these still combative influences in the experience;
for coming when there are many of those in the earth that sojourned through the experiences
when the earth and material things were being turned to destructive rather than constructive forces,
makes for combative and compelling influences from the SENSE urges.
Hence these must be kept in rather the constructive channel,
if there would come the greater development to the entity in the present.

Then, in making for that which may apply - and how the entity may apply self in the present:
First find self and know what and who and in whom thou wouldst believe, to whom thou would serve, and why
- and whether these be for the spirit of the Law of One or for the aggrandizement of self's own individual self.
For as ye chose in that experience in Atlantis BOTH WAYS, these will be thy experience in the present.
Meet them ONLY, and they may only be met in Him who is the author, the maker of light, life and immortality
in that He came that man in the flesh might know the way.
For He IS the way, the water of life, the vine, and men and women are the branches
- if they are grounded in Him.
If they take root in the earth for their OWN dependence,
it must become as tares that must be rooted out.
Then, study to show self approved unto Him, WITH Him.
For as thou hast had power, might, in the earth;
so in Him in the earth may ye again make for that of an awakening in self, in others,
as to those truths that, "If ye love me and keep my commandments,
I will come and abide with thee, that thou mightest have that power in the earth
as was GIVEN thee in the beginning."
(Q) What is my true life's work?
(A) True life's work that is set before it is in the home and in making same as an ensample, an example, to many;
that others taking thought may see through the application of self as to what may be builded by being close to Him
who is the author of love, of life, of hope; in the home, in the associations, in the activities among men.

The entity was during those periods when there were the settlings of the land (USA),
when there were many being persuaded by various individuals
who presented themselves in the various activities of the development of the land.
The entity then was in that portion from which, in which, it developed or came into being in the present; or in the Carolinas,
but nearer that known as Roanoke Island; in the name Dwoidel.
Then the entity was well-balanced in body, in mind, and a helpmeet or aide to those in that particular vicinity and environ
- until one that came through the land, in the name Bainbridge, led the body far astray in its moral and spiritual intent
in the experience; and there came troubles by grudges, by being in the position of not considering self
as being led but constantly blaming the body's associate for the troubles in mind, in body, in associations,
and for the happenings that came in the experience.
However, in the latter portion - when there was the weighing together of the tenets that came from the influence
in the experience of the body's companion in the present, towards those things pertaining to mental, material and spiritual laws
- the entity calmed, and gained through the experience, bringing much to the development of self because of the experience.
In the present much of the associations of that experience weigh upon the mental, physical and spiritual influences of the body;
as may be seen by self in analyzing same.

The entity was in that land now known as the Arabian,
during those periods when many gathered for the lessons that were gained by the teacher, the minister, the soldier, in the hill country.
The entity then was among those who came from the Grecian land, and gained much by the sojourns about this particular surrounding.
With the uprising, the falling away, and the call of those of the nationalism (as it may be termed in the present) the entity fell away for the period
- and when it sought again for the truths that were given in the experience, brought suffering in the mental and the material influences of the entity.
The name was then Celceoin.
In the present the love of groups - as a home, as a state, as a nation - has a peculiar influence in the experience or make-up of the entity;
yet the entity finds self still questioning as to whether these are well in the experience of every soul, for fear enters in
- by the acquisition of judgements from others - from that experience.

We find was the appearance which influences the entity in the present,
when there were those divisions in the land now known as the Egyptian.
The entity was then among those that were in the exercises of the Temple Beautiful,
wherein the activities of the body were able - or enabled, through the thought
as given by the study of the tenets of the period - to become more and more in accord
with that which was held as the development of the body beautiful.
Hence those expressions - whether in music, in words, in songs, or in activities in dance (rhythmical dance)
- have a peculiar or IMPELLING influence upon the inmost being of the entity.
In the analyses of such activities - whether they be for diet, bodily adornment,
or the development of portions of the body-physical
- may the entity be helpful in offering aid, counsel, understanding.
For, the entity's body will be cleansed in the present, even as it were so through that experience as Ipt-Sa;
for the entity then was one well advanced in the mental and spiritual influences,
and in the concept of bringing into MATERIAL manifestation the spiritual influences
in entities, bodies, souls, minds. And may be used by self in the present.

As to the abilities of the entity in the present, and as to how these influences
may be turned into those material concepts for the betterment or development of self,
as well as for the aid, counsel and strength that may be given to those who seek through these channels:
Be strong, first, in His might.
Remembering from whence self and all power comes, be guided more and more by Him
who has shown the way.
Whether in that or the other position in the experience, this will bring for the entity
the greatest contentment, the greatest peace, joy, happiness.
Be happy! Be joyous! Be gay in the life, for in Life is the manifestation of Him!
(Q) Could I render better service to humanity by becoming a Scientific Analyst or a Metaphysician?
(A) This has been indicated.
(Q) Where and how have I been associated with my present husband in any other incarnation?
(A) Two or three of them! In the Carolinas. In Persia. [853-2]
(Q) Have I been associated with my present mother [851] [See 851-2] in any other incarnation?
(A) Not in one of these, but has been. Not a great influence, for these are held as apart;
yet dependent one upon another from another association in other concerns.

The entity in that land of nativity (USA),
but - as has been or was expressed during the experience
- far from the birth in the present; rather during those periods when there were oppressions
about Salem and Providence Town;
of those that chose to give the expression of that felt,
from the feelings of those that chose to GIVE the rise to those differences from others.
The entity then suffered rather as one that was accused of being able to cast spells upon,
or to wield an unseeming influence in, the lives and activities of others;
in both Salem And Providence Town, but suffering most in Providence Town,
under the name Hester Wayne.
There still may be found some of those things, expressions and experiences of the entity during that experience.
In the present there is brought those intuitive influences within the activities of the entity.
With the development of these, if they are attuned to their variations in the experience,
there may come much satisfaction; and much ability of the entity for bringing the desires to others
that would come to know themselves and their relationships with the UNIVERSAL forces
that may be manifest in that which was given,
"He that will be my son, I will be his God."
It would be well for the entity to gain through the experience,
that those influences which come from the UNIVERSAL are those that may bring the greater peace;
in enabling those in the third, the fourth,
or even the seventh expression of animation in the spiritual sense, to better manifest.

The entity in that land now known as France,
and in that portion which has so oft been under oppression or the change of environs;
but during THIS period it was under those influences that made for the joining together
of those that would go in defense of the Holy Land, during that period known as the second Crusade.
Then, the entity joined in among those that went to see those that would go across the waters for the defense of that ideal.
The entity gained much through this experience, yet with the waiting and the longing brought much discontent;
and to the latter days came much worriment that made for indecisions (that arise in the present).
For the entity then, in the name Charmiloe,
did give much for the development of MANY that had an ideal set in service.
So, in the present, OFT is the entity termed - when decision has been made
- as a very hard-headed individual; very set in the ways.
Yet the PURPOSE is known within self, and when that arises
- with body, mind and soul does the entity rise in defense of those purposes, those aims.

The entity during that period when there were many from even the Grecian land
going to the hill lands of what is now Arabia.
The entity then was among those that journeyed forth to gain something of an understanding of those reports
that had come out of that land, and joining self then to those that dwelt or built in that experience
the entity became an aide to those that attempted to disperse that gained from the teacher in the land.
Being misunderstood, and the things given being misconstrued,
there came again those persecutions and disappointments in the experience of the entity;
yet with that determination to hold to that which was gained through the experience,
though suffering from privation in many of the necessities even of the physical life,
the entity journeyed again to those same lands and aided in building anew,
even through those destructive influences being brought by the entity's own people;
and builded much within self's experience, in the name Axelia.
In the present there may be seen much of the determinations in gaining that to which the entity sets out to accomplish,
in WHATEVER may be the field of endeavor TO which it has chosen for the reaching out.
THIS, EVER, makes for development - when the IDEAL is set in constructive influences.

The entity in that land now known as the Egyptian,
during those periods when there were the returning and rebuilding of those influences
that were carried on in that land when the priest returned from the southern lands.
The entity then was among those peoples who returned to the Egyptian land;
aiding in building much that was of the material as well as of the mental and spiritual influences
in the lives of those peoples, as they sought to coordinate their lives under a spiritual guidance
during that period, in the name Apt-Soi.
The entity gained throughout the experience.
Coming under the influences of the teachers, and later in the influence of the priest,
the entity joined self to those of the Temple Beautiful and its services there.
Colors, incantations and intonations of music have their particular influence
in the experience of the entity from that builded innately in self during the experience.
The life, the experiences, may be called both beautiful and constructive during the experience;
for, toward the latter portion of that sojourn, many people WORSHIPED that which the entity did
- as also the entity itself.

As to the abilities, then, and that to which the entity may attain, and how:
As may be seen from those experiences, the abilities are present in most any field of endeavor.
The abilities to strive, even against odds, are innate within the entity's experiences.
Hold fast, then, to the ideals that were set in that gained through the experience in the Egyptian influence,
and we will find that to which the entity may set itself may it turn for material, for mental,
for spiritual benefits in even THIS experience or sojourn.
KNOW in whom thou has believed.
KNOW that those called (and self has been called, as seen by the various experiences in the earth's sojourn
in the various influences through which the entity has passed) have also been predestined;
and that there may be the calling together, then, of many that will make for the development for self,
for the aiding of others in their spiritual life, in their mental life.

As to the appearances, then, and the effects that are brought in the present experience of the entity:

The entity (as oft) was attracted near to those surroundings, those environs,
in which there was an unfinished activity by the entity;
in that place known now as Jamestown Island.
The entity then was among the first peoples that came to this particular land,
among those who endured much of the hardships; yet the entity - in the name Amy Armstrong
- gained much through the experience, in the abilities to make for associations and relationships
with the individuals with whom these first people found themselves surrounded.
The combative influences that arose through much of this made for misunderstandings among even those peoples.
Hence with the sojourn from that particular experience did the entity find, or feel, that there was an INCOMPLETE work.
And when the entity has been in, or about, or around these particular environs there has often been felt that feeling
as of some associations or relations with same, something of the familiarity of those conditions that may have
or can be understood by the entity, that may be little understood by many in this present period.
From the experience the entity finds much of that which is expressive of turmoil in its relationships with individuals,
especially those individuals closely related or whose relationships are close in the present;
for some of these, as we find, were in this particular environ - and there was the continued combativeness
brought about during that experience, which is being continued in the present experience.
As to the activities of the entity from that period, there are the abilities to RETAIN that which may be read or studied;
or the ability to follow any given direction as to going to this or that place, while following directions
that may be classed in that of the rite or rote pertaining to mechanical or to chemical elements is foreign;
yet those abilities pertaining to ways and means are a portion of the experience of the entity.

The entity was in that land now known as the Roman,
during that period when there were the persecutions of the peoples for their belief in a new thought,
or those thoughts that came with the peoples then called the Nazarites or Nazarenes.
The entity then was among those who in MENTAL activity warred against these peoples,
for the entity was then of the nobility of the land; of the household of Pompeathiolus,
and joined in with those who watched often in the persecutions of the peoples.
The entity lost through this experience; yet in the latter portion gained much from that which had been brought over,
through the application of self to the tenets within the mental abilities of the entity.
The name was then Gracia.
At present there are the particular influences that make the abilities of the entity in relationships to those of other kingdoms,
and the study in those relationships; as the animal, the mineral and the vegetable kingdoms are all of interest to the entity,
and their activities or associations - as it were - one with another are of particular interest; yet in the rite or the ROTE
of these little interest is found.
Their material activity as in association one with another is of particular interest to the entity in the present.
For, as will be seen from the experiences throughout the sojourns within the earth plane, the spiritual or the psychic,
or the innate forces, are still the ruling influences in the activities of the entity, even in MATERIAL things;
yet little understood, often misconstrued even by self and more often by others.

The entity, we find was in and about the same surroundings, the same lands (Rome),
when there were the first buildings of the cities on the hills,
when there were gathered from other lands those that were brought in to supply the association or companionship
to those of that particular field who established in the land.
The entity was then among those who were brought in from the Carpathian land, being then of beauty in figure, in mind, in ability.
The entity became one that was often persecuted for the envious positions that were occupied by the entity,
in the name Iliato, through this particular experience.
In the latter portion the entity lost, for those very persecutions brought to self the desire to make for the aggrandizing of selfish interests,
through the position to which the entity was raised in that particular sphere.
In the present there is seen those associations that make for the environs giving power,
whether prestige in the activities of the material or the mental associations,
are STILL combative one with another.

The entity was in that land now known as the Arabian,
during those periods when many were gathering to those hills,
when there was the spreading of the lessons that were being given by a peoples in that particular land and period.
The entity then was among those who came from the isle now known as Crete,
for the gathering of those peoples brought much of an understanding in the relationships of the MATERIAL forces and the spiritual forces.
Then in the name Illeon, the entity gained; for, as the influences that were brought to bear in the material life had to do with the healing
of those conditions which made the abilities for the expression of the mental and spiritual, through the understandings
brought through the associations with the leader in that particular sphere, the entity became an emissary
 - and gave out, through the greater portion of the experience, those abilities attained;
becoming what was later known as "the prophetess of the hills",
and many were the peoples that came TO the entity for the counsel, the advice, the understandings,
and for the gaining of the knowledge of that as might be given by the entity.
Then, the entity dwelt in the hills and caves; where the home may STILL be found,
near those now known as the Ilex [?] hills.

The entity was in that land now known as the Egyptian,
during that period when there were the re-establishings of those people who gave much to the land at that time.
The entity then was among those who came from the Libyan land, and became one of those that were OFFERED in the Temple Beautiful
for the carrying out of those experiences that made for the changes in the material expression of the mental and the spiritual.
Much was gained, as much was lost materially, by the entity during the experience.
Then, becoming the altar body that attended those who counseled with those as to the spiritual interpretations of the body-expressions.
Hence the appeal in the present of the high emotions that may be expressed in body-movements, or body-activities,
as related to the higher vibrations in a material body.
The entity was then in the name Apxl-Nio.

The entity was in the Atlantean period,
during those greater upheavals in the land, from the first and the beginning of the second destruction of the greater body of the continent.
The entity then was among those who were the rulers, or the higher class of people in that particular sphere;
giving much in the interpretation of those activities throughout the period; understanding much as as to the CHANGES
that were wrought through the changing from the thought form to the various associations with the MATERIAL things during that period;
in the name Seilena, and the entity gained in the experience.
Through the activities as indicated in the name, the entity gained;
for it brought for the peace and harmony of those who held to the according of the SPIRITUAL activities
rather than to the carnal influences that were brought by the materializing of emotions
 from the spiritual aspects of the carnal forces in that experience.

As to the abilities of the entity in the present, then, and that to which it may attain, and how:
The abilities, as seen, are in those fields of activity pertaining to the spiritual and mental far advanced in the entity
from that ordinarily experienced.
Hence many of the misunderstandings that are seen in the entity's experience; but by the quietness of meditation,
by the seeking for the expressions that may come through prayer and meditation,
there may come the peace and the harmony for the entity, and the abilities to give much to others
that will enable them to find themselves in all of their trials, their temptations, their activities,
if the entity will hold fast to that which is set as an ideal in the Creative Forces.


In the land about that known as Baltimore.
The entity then among those who came as the first settlers to that land to escape persecutions of the religious fervor as builded and felt in self.
The entity came with those who settled in that land, and in the name Chalk, and the entity gained and lost,
gained and lost, through that experience; for with the building of antagonism toward those not seeing, believing, with the entity,
there naturally was builded persecutions for those not BELIEVING as the entity saw the moral code, or religious code, should be governed.
In gaining, the entity served others, in the capacity of director of the buildings about the settlement, and in the record of the courts,
or the foundations of the laws in the new land.
In the urge as was seen, and is seen, from that experience - the entity finds all law as hindrance rather than as an aid;
yet innately there is felt the necessity of law (penal), but that same is not correctly administered, nor correctly applied
- either as individuals or as groups.

In that land known as Grecian.
The entity then among those who followed in the ruling of the land after Xenophon left off in the besetting of the people with the new ideals.
The entity among those that set up that criterion of the physical being, and of the worship - in a manner
- of abilities in the field of physical prowess, in the beauty of form, in figure, and in the abilities of the body to perform certain functions
in the direction of games of every nature.
These are particularly interesting to the entity, AND the entity would have made a good ideal body in that of the director in gymnasium
or in any of the games and sports as receive direction from individuals trained in that line.
Yet while innately the entity finds these appealing, never finds self exactly associated with same,
but the knowledge that laws exist concerning every game is EASILY understood and gained by the entity when self is applied
to the understanding of same. In the name XENXIA.
The entity gained through this experience in being able to serve, through the gaining of physical health and of the application
to the moral law as pertains to physical conditions of body; yet LOST in making this rather the selfish, or worshipfulness,
than that that gives the power from within.

In that land when the division arose in the land now known as Egypt.
The entity then among those who were finally chosen to supervise the educational forces of the period,
especially as pertaining to the records kept in the physical application of physical conditions,
and the spiritual applications through the religious rites of the temple's set-up.
Hence the entity found much dissension through the office imposed on same;
for with those that were the counsellors of the ruler, found the entity disfavor with these,
as the entity also found disfavor with the attendants in the various temples;
for the entity came to be known as the SPY, or the telltale, for either the king, the priest,
or the one in charge of the school and the temple.
The entity then in the name DIEUL.
The entity served man well through this period, yet not finding favor with many, save with the priest (deposed), king
- after there was the reestablishing of the better worship as accomplished through this period.
In the urge is seen that of the ever fear of being misunderstood for the things, conditions
- whether of MENTAL or physical applying of self to varied conditions.

In that period when the Atlantean peoples
were near the turning of the higher civilized forces as apply to the application of physical and material elements to the use of man.
The entity then the one that was first able to GENERATE that power since known as the latent force in applied physical beings,
or electronic energy as later called.
The entity then one in power, position, and gained much in this experience, being able to serve through service given.
In the urge as seen, the love of position and power, and innately the love of those of INSTRUMENTS that would serve mankind.

In the abilities of the entity - these, we find, vary;
but particularly in that line wherein the entity may govern those that keep,
direct, various phases of endeavor, and the entity acts rather as the clearing house for the endeavors of various groups,
in keeping such tabulated truths, the entity will find the greatest success - whether of physical, material, or spiritual truths
- but well that the entity find self first in those conditions as have been pointed out in correction of ideals.
(Q) What business or industry is the body best fitted to pursue, and thereby acquire the worldly things in life
- with consideration to the present employer and my 20 odd years of service therewith,
or would it be best to change business, location, or both?
(A) Best to serve in the present business and location for the present,
for while there is seen slow progress in advancement in the material sense,
yet the ability to serve and the abilities of the entity do not pass unrespected in the present conditions,
 and will soon - sooner even than would be contemplated by the entity
- bring about advancements that will be more than satisfactory, coming particularly
to those lands where the entity first served in this present plane.


As to the activities, then, as from those appearances in the earth that act as the creative through mental urge in the present experience
(for the mental is ever the builder, and that which is held as the ideal or as that to which one would advance becomes the growth
to which it may go, or achieve):

The entity in that called the Nippon land,
among those peoples that are in the DEVELOPING - or advancing from a period of misunderstanding.
The entity, then in the name Sujuih, gained - even under those influences that made for the crossing of material influences in its development.
But, with the conditions arising that made for the consciousness - in the material plane - of being different,
and being looked upon as being askance from and separated from others;
there was the turning to those of purely materialistic influence; so that the entity brought upon those that the entity
and body contacted the fires of the body, that brought destructive forces in the influences
- of many; and far-reaching were those influences even unto the meeting of same in self in the present experience!
The influences that have been brought to the entity in the present from that experience, are the doubts,
the disillusionments in the mental;
yet the constant groping for that in the spiritual which might blot out such a deep-seated influence
in the experiences of the body.
(It would be well to stop here to say to ALL, the ability to be conscious of a thing - MENTALLY
- is the only manner through which ANYONE experiences anything!)
It might be given also that this appearance was with the entry of Perry
[Commodore Matthew Calbraith Perry] into, Japan [1853 or 1854?], and the entity was born there.

In that land now known as the French,
during those periods when there were the settlings up of the lands in and about the center of the land,
as would be called in the present, or during that period when the Gauls overran the land.
The entity was then among those who were the founders of this particular city on the Seine, in the name Gullsipo.
In this experience the entity gained through the greater portion of the sojourn there,
and in the manner of giving an understanding to the peoples of the period as to the principles
and the foundations of justice meted to individuals, to groups, to classes, to masses, the entity gained.
Lost only during the latter portion of such sojourn, when destructive forces came from the armed forces
that entered in from and over both the Pyrenees and the Alpine ranges.
Hence Mars again, and wrath, and the determination in self to mete out or to call down destructive forces
on the heads of many, brought that known in the earth's force as holding grudges,
and the contentions and disorders of condemnation in all its fire in human experience.

The entity was in that known as the Persian land,
among the first people that were left by the passing throngs for the aid to be given
- or for the destructive forces to be brought to naught by those that were gathering about the teacher [Uhjltd] in the hill country.
The entity then, in the name Ipbsen, suffered in body, in mind, through the early portion of the experience;
being abandoned by those to whom the entity or body had clung, yet found in those new environs that which builded
- first - HOPE, then good cheer, then an ideal.
These brought for the entity that of peace, harmony, understanding, and a development throughout the rest of the experience.
The entity aided in tempering justice and mercy to the varied groups, to the varied individuals that came into this environ
as the word spread of that being BUILDED by this UNUSUAL group in this land.
The entity may be said to have to have been the one set about the recording of, or the putting into effect,
that as was chosen as the code as to judging between friends and foes of groups,
and other groups of people at home and abroad.
Hence that termed LAW is of special interest to the entity, and that which will deal with the making of agreements,
of contracts, of the relationships of individuals with various societies, organizations, corporations, or the like,
will be the field, rather than that of the criminal code.
This would be the field for a change in the present; for isn't it that period when changes came in the experience OF the entity?
and to the extremes did the entity go from its sojourn then, in the Uranian influences.
Then, with their beneficence, with the influences of Venus AND the mental abilities from the sojourn in Mercury,
there will be brought those periods to the entity in the present which will make for mental, material, spiritual developments
AND advancements, a returnment to the atonement with the influences of the Creative Forces that DO manifest
- and WILL manifest - through channels that are open for the activity in this material world!

The entity was in those influences known as the Indian,
when there were the peoples from the hill country who made war on the valley dwellers.
The entity then was among those of the valley lands, and with the destructive forces that were brought in material things
there was the turning to those influences that were drifting in from those that made the tour or the exchange
to and with the Egyptian land.
The entity then became a sojourner (from the Indian land), for some periods,
in the Egyptian land; coming under those influences that were being disseminated from the priest
that had arisen to the power of dissemination when the regeneration had taken place,
and when the first pyramids, tombs, and the like, were being erected. [Ra-Ta Period.]
The entity then became one of those in the Egyptian reconstruction,
yet later returned to its own land and established associations and connections
that made for the exchange; especially of the silks, the fine linens, brocades, and the like (those of the heavier corded),
and those materials from the hemp that were created or builded, or made in the Egyptian land.
Hence many of those things that pertain to such in the present find a particular interest to the entity;
silks, especially those of the raised figures, and also fine linen
- with those, especially, of figures that are woven or made into same.
The name in this period was changed somewhat from that given in the first indwelling of the Indian land; from Denuol to Elpthno.
In this period the entity gained much, and in the present are those influences that may come in the latter portion of the entity's experience in the present
- which may be used for the arousing of those latent forces and abilities, in being able to disperse mercy, justice,
bringing peace and harmony out of chaos, bringing to the mental and the spiritual forces of the entity the awakening
- that those universal forces in the activities of the Creative Forces on high, to the creatures in the earth,
are established through the ideal the entity saw in the Egyptian influence and manifested in those hills of the plain land;
and may be aroused within self to make for the re-creating of the ideals in Him; for HE is the way, the peace,
 the hope, the Life - there IS no other!
And, as the self comes to rely on that Ideal more and more (He that brought understanding in the earth),
though destructive forces may set in array, the power that comes from understanding in His laws brings peace out of turmoil,
brings coordination in the mental, the physical body; and there may grow that which will make for contentment and dealings
of mercy to others.

As to the abilities, then:
There is the period just ahead when, cleansed in mind, in body, there may be the RENEWING of hope that is found only in the name of Him
that gave Himself as ransom for many THROUGHOUT the eons of man's indwelling in the earth;
and He today calls that ALL may know His presence abides with those who seek His face.
Then, follow as He leads, and there will come a contentment and joy in service to others,
in bringing to THEIR experience a consciousness of the love of GOD being above all else.
(Q) Would it be advisable for me to take up the practice of law?
(A) As indicated, it would be well.
(Q) Would I be happier and more successful at that work than I am now?
(A) As indicated, would be VERY much better.
As to the appearances, and their influence upon the present experience of the entity, THESE - of course
- are only those that INFLUENCE to the GREATER degree the activities physically of the entity in the present:

The entity was in that period when there was the seeking out new associations by a people in a great land,
newly discovered (the native land in the present of the entity - France).
Then the entity was among those of an expedition who came to the new land, and
- in the name Jacques Fond du Lac - gained through much hardship in the material conditions
as well as developments in the MENTAL influences of the experience.
The entity made many tours through various portions of the southland (in the new land to which the entity came),
in what is now known as Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and toward the north.
Hence the various activities that were considered as NATURAL to the varied portions of the country
became of special interest to the entity.
As the developments come in the present experience, in the various fields of material endeavor in which the entity engages,
it will be found that the association or idea of the flower and the fungi of this PARTICULAR region
will not only prove an interesting MENTAL experience to the entity but will - and can - be turned into MATERIAL benefits,
to aid in carrying out or furthering many of the ideas as to benefits that may be derived for the gratifying,
or satisfying, of some of the impulses in human experience in this particular plane.

The entity was in that land now known as the Arabian,
[Uhjltd period?] during those periods when there was the re-establishing of the land from the inroads that had been made
by the people from both the north and east.
The entity, in the name Ferri, gained in the abilities to present to the peoples
(though they were of SCATTERED groups and undecided as to activities) the mental, material and spiritual influences that are
- and may be - the impelling force for activities in a group, a nation, a class or a mass, in their working together for the common GOOD.
The entity then gathered much from the varied influences that had been brought to the peoples by these over-runnings
from the various types and groups of people; and builded much that made for the beauty of the arts pertaining to,
especially, the furnishings for the household and for the use of people in their quieter moments;
and in the activities that made for the building up of the hearthstone, or home, by a TROUBLED people.
Much that the entity builded in that period is still held as the criterion by those who are under the influence of the environs in that particular area.
The entity gained in service; losing only when the efforts became of such a nature as to cause the aggrandizing of selfish interests.
In the present there comes, from this experience, the entity's tendency from WITHIN to BELITTLE self;
and to be dependent upon others for the ideals of ideas, associations,
even in those things that may have become very active in the mental abilities of the entity.

The entity was among those who reestablished the influences in what is now known as (or then called) the Chaldean country,
during the periods when there was the bringing in of those peoples from what has been termed the Holy Land,
or that peculiar people. [Abraham's time?]
The entity then was the one in charge of much of the work to which these varied peoples were put in this land.
Not of the soldiery, but rather of that division which made for the COMMERCIAL advancements of this peculiar people,
and was in the name then of Bazzyndizhellii.
In the experience the entity gained much in the MENTAL activities, through the associations of the varied MINDS and peoples
from this peculiar land.
And, much of the ability that has ever been in the present experience of the entity,
as a judge of precious stones, gold, silver, and the alloys that may be added in their activities for creating adornments,
or for the usages in various activities of human experience, came UNDER the influence and through the experience
of the entity in this particular sphere.
This ability also, as we find, may be that PHASE of the entity's experience,
if it will be turned into the direction of the mystic-occult influences in archaeological research
with those who may seek out this particular field of endeavor; for the ENTITY'S activities lie farther to the north
of that which has been sought out in this PECULIAR land, or particular land, and the FACTORIES

(as would be termed today) may be discovered by the entity in a search in the Chaldean land.

The entity was in that known as the Poseidian land,
during those periods when the people had come from Muir, Ur, Lemuria, and the other lands,
for the indwelling of the various activities, the seeking together for the divining of many activities
or principles in human endeavor.
The entity then was among those who would be termed in the present the alchemists of the period,
and was in the name Aa-rr-ll-uu (as would be termed in the present, from the combination of those sounds).
In the experience the entity gained, lost and gained; for much was turned into the abilities of subserving people
to the whims or fancies of the entity.

As to the abilities of the entity in the present, that to which it may attain, and how:
In the particular fields of endeavor in the present there are the abilities to combine those elements
with particular activities in an immediate portion of the present land, or sojourn.
The efforts in this direction may make for both material and mental influences that may be helpful or beneficial to the entity.
Also there lies the ability within the entity for the seeking out, through associations with groups or individuals
who may act in the capacity of research in a particular field of archaeology.
The entity may join with such a group, through the abilities for testing peculiar types of materials or associations,
and thus lead into that which may bring to the experience of the entity a development in a different field.

Choose thou; knowing that the abilities are present.
As to what self will do with the knowledge which is innate, or that intelligii [? intelligence?] which is the "I AM" within self,
depends upon what is set as the IDEAL, and the ideal relations with the groups, individuals, or associates.
Know that, to use such for self alone is to use for self's undoing; but to use for the magnifying of that which is held AS the ideal
is a development of self mentally, spiritually, materially, toward the ideal set before self.

In the appearances, and the influence these will have - or may have - dependent upon the application of will of the entity
as respecting various experiences that will come THROUGH this present experience:

In the land of the present nativity,
 and during those stirring periods when there were the raids and the invasions of those peoples
who would dislodge the settlers in this new land, while the entity of the native - or of those born to the first settlers,
and in the name Zangrill.
In this experience the entity gained in many manners, especially as to the abilities to apply the hand to that of decorating, sewing,
and of knitting or spinning, and such of those things that pertain to the crude manner of the preparing of apparel
are especially interesting to the entity.
In this experience the entity gained in that as pertains to the religious influence.
Not from purely that of the imaginative, but as WELL that as is BUILDED by the personal application
of the relationships of individuals to other individuals; and to the entity, in this direction, it matters not the claims of one
- but the actions, to the entity, speak the influence as one may hold, or one may expect to influence the entity with.
So, pretty speeches mean little to the entity - though the mannerisms OF others influence the entity much.

In that period when there were the destructive forces made manifest materially
in the land when peoples were persecuted
for their religious beliefs. [Nero period?]
The entity was among those of the household of a ruler who participated in this character of influencing the peoples of that period.
Hence in the arena the entity watched MANY an individual perish,
and especially was there that expression that brings in the present an influence as to rending of limbs.
In this the entity lost.
In the latter portion of the experience the entity gained in the manner in which the entity suffered.
In the name Partheniasi.
In the present the influences as seen are those of outdoor sports, those that partake
of that which would remind one of such experiences
produce an inexpressible feeling of fear,
often causing sensations in the body of the entity
- especially if blood be drawn.
While the influences also make innate that of the DESIRE TO render aid to the suffering,
rather in the field of preventative measures would the ENTITY gain the most,
and present a better development from same in the present experience. [See 275-19.]

In that early portion of that known as the Grecian rise of civilization,
during those periods when there were the first considerations of the body beautiful,
even in the isles where much of such was enacted; not as wholly of play,
but rather as of a portion of the study of that which became as the period of statuary.
The entity was among those who participated in the study of same,
and in many of those periods was the entity's body-beautiful made into figures
- as were later transferred as reliefs in various developments of the architectural designs.
In the name Xera.
In this experience the entity gained in the early portion,
losing only in aggrandizing of selfish interests.
In the present, the innate love of figure, statuary
- especially that as defines the body as relating to the various aspects of natural or nature's expressions.
In the first of those that bring such, may the entity gain in development of that, as a student of, an interpreter of,

that meant by such artistes in their expressions.

In that land now known as the Egyptian,
and during that period [of Ra-Ta] when there was the height of the first understanding - in an expressive manner
- of man's relationships to his Maker and man's relationships to his fellow man.
In that first school established as a curative and as a preventative, did the entity act in the capacity of an aide
to those who ministered in this period.
In the name Ai-Si.
The entity gained through this experience, and many were the combinations of delicacies
as were given to those recuperating from fevers, from injuries external in battle,
and those various conditions that dealt with the developments of the INNER man.
The entity gained through this experience,
and in the present that as may be applied in the same direction would be the field for development.
Not until the entity has passed its twenty-eighth year should union,
or those of the opposite sex relationships be oft considered
- for those developments in body-mind, in body-physical,
must in the present bring that to which the entity may attain,
as in a life of USEFUL service first being set, that the entity
may gain the more in the present.


In that land now known as the Roman,
and during that period when there were the ministering and teaching of those peoples that came up from Judea.
The entity was among those who accepted those teachings, and coming in contact with those of that period,
taught by the lessons of, the experiences of self and others in the contacts of this new peace,
yet suffering in body, by privation - yet able in mind to control those beast,
both of the field and of the dens and lairs that the body was placed in;
the body bore same, gaining - gaining - oft the liberation for the teachings again through these STRANGE abilities
in this particular period; being among those who journeyed again to the Grecian land for the teaching of the peoples,
as the entity was carried away from same.
In body beautiful, in mind pleasant, in abilities surpassing many in that period;
gaining throughout the experience,
though suffering in MANY ways and manners.
In the name Phoebia.

In that land now known as the Arabian,
and to that portion of the country where the banishment of those peoples sent from that known as the Egyptian land.
The entity was among those peoples called the wild peoples, or the barbarians.
The entity then came under the influence of those so banished, and being awakened through those tenets
that were held by those in the land the entity became one of the followers,
and returning to the land gained in experience through the teachings;
becoming an expert horseman of the plains, and carrying the messages to those peoples in the sand and waste places;
returning to the land from which the teachings were gained in the latter days of the sojourn,
the entity aided much in the building up of the hospital (that would be called in the present),
ministering to the ills of those who suffered in body AND in mind.
In the present experience such may be that field,
that ministry through which the entity may give into the lives of those contacted those deeper thoughts,
that may find their expressions in THIS experience.

In this same land now called Egypt
(this before the mountains rose in the south, and when the waters called the Nile then emptied into what is NOW the Atlantic Ocean).
[GD's note: See [5748] Egypt.]
The entity was among those peoples who gathered in places to establish various groups, or families, or sects,
to prevent the inroads upon the peoples from the beasts from without,
and the entity aided through this experience in the gathering together of various groups, various peoples,
to join hands as a COMMON interest for the common interests of all.
In the NAME Hein.

In the abilities of the entity, these - as seen
- lie in that of ministering to others, and IN the home.
Will there be kept those ideals that have long been innate
- though rebellious spirits rise within from SUPPRESSIONS that existed through the entity's experience
- this may be curbed best through those of loving gentleness, kindness,
and pointing the way of keeping the body that temple THROUGH which He, the Father, may manifest.
(Q) Has entity a hidden talent?
(A) As given, this the greater talent - that the entity may train self, especially in these directions partaking of same
- ALL of those factors that pertain to the ability to minister, through the music spheres, through the color,
through the needlework, through all of those that make for home.
As to the appearances and the effect as these have upon the present experience of the entity:

In that period, in that land that these people came to as an escape from punishments of religious beliefs.
In the land, in the country, in the state of this entrance, did the entity come, with those that FOUNDED the city,
and in those treaties as were made with the natives of the land the entity then acting in the capacity of the first town clerk,
as would be termed in the present, or the registrar of those that were aided, or as divisions of lands were made.
In this period the entity gained and lost, for the entity being one of those STRONG of mind, determined and set in ways,
often acted on the impulse as vengeance, rather than as serving an ideal;
yet in the land that the entity came to, in the service as rendered to the weak,
in the service as given to the many in the period, did the entity gain.
Hence in the present is seeing the details in any direction as pertains to the upkeep of,
or as to that necessary for the developing of any proposition at a glance.
Rather as the director IN, in the present, than DOING, or BEING the detail keeper himself.
This the entity may turn in the present as to being worth while.
Being as the innate influence IS to be conscientious, and one desiring that the proper consideration and judgement be in the proper place,
do not ABUSE the abilities but USE same in this direction.
This also brings, (as in that period) much money passing through the entity's hands that is of service to others.
Others' money, as well as self's, passes through the entity's keeping, the entity's direction.
These also may be used well, or may be abused in the present experience.
In the name Eldred, and an ASSOCIATE - to be sure - of Penn [William Penn, Philadelphia],
and the records may yet be seen in some places of the entity in THAT experience.

In those days when those peoples in the promised land gathered about to hear the new teacher, the new minister.
The entity then was a keeper of custom under the Roman rule, and a brother of Levi, or Matthew
[GD: Now [417], [279]'s friend. SEE MARK 2:14; LUKE 5:27, 29, SAYING LEVI FOR MATTHEW.]
in this experience; rejecting much that was accepted by the older brother,
yet coming under the influence that brought TO the entity a development in that of being gentle in nature,
as well as masculine in body and mind, KIND, affectionate, kind-hearted, tender-hearted, true, pure in mind
- THIS brought development, even under stress, to this entity, Judah.
In the present there is that innate awe of any religious service, of any cult.
Any purport of a service brings awe and a respect of the one so serving, unless there is seen that same is a sham
- THEN abhorrence comes to the entity.
Then, as an innate experience in the present, the entity may be trusted as to word given,
often to its own UNDOING, if governed or judged by the material-MINDED body,
but remain true to that though the heavens fall! for being true to self
brings that satisfaction that does not breed contempt, nor does it bring dishonor or shame.

In that land now known as the Arabian land,
and during that period when there was being builded [a city]
in the land about the caves that are now known as the town of Shushtar.
The entity then came as an emissary from what is now known as the Grecian land,
coming as one that would bring to these peoples that of the care of the PHYSICAL body,
being sought by those [helpers] of the leader [Uhjltd] as a teacher for those that WOULD know
the control of the physical body.
In this experience the entity gained and lost.
Gained through the lessons as were taught by the leader Uhjltd,
losing in the aggrandizing of selfish interests when the passing of the leader left confusion for the time.
From this experience, as Philas, the entity gains those of the influences in the athletic forces,
or tendencies of physical prowess, of physical abilities in the various sports, games,
of either those for defense or offense, or for sports - these have the appeal to the entity,
yet are easily set aside for the more PRESSING matters of the hour.

In that land known as the Egyptian land,
during those periods when there were those divisions in the land, and there were those expulsions of the priest [Ra-Ta]
and of those that gave those understandings to the peoples.
The entity then was the SON of the priest who was in exile, returning to become a power in the developing of those influences
that gave to the world, as well as to the land, the highest point of the civilization IN that period,
or for ANY period as yet.
The entity then, at the height or the power of that experience, stood in the place as of the Council,
and as the ruler of that land; not as the king, but as the counsellor TO the king,
and as the priest that took those influences of that BUILDED
and added the dispersing OF that as had been gained.
Gaining throughout the experience, for under the guidance of the sire the entity in that land
became as the one upon whom that priest leaned, and upon whom the WORLD at large
depended upon for the dispersing of that through those associations, those connections, that the entity
- in the name Amarat, gave TO the peoples at that period.
In the present, that of the stability of purpose, of the ideals innate in the entity.
Hark to THAT experience; for whether the entity chooses in a field of that of the mental, of the spiritual,
of the social, of the financial, when the entity looks from within, sets before self an ideal, forgets SELF
as only the one that may do the biddings of the higher forces, the ENTITY excels.

As to the abilities of the entity, these being many
- may be hedged only by self, for in whatever field the entity may choose
(other than political) may the entity rise to that as may be DESIRED BY the entity, leaning upon those truths gained,
those lessons put into execution by self, by and through others in the experience as Amarat,
may the entity call on the powers that be in earth, that be in the inter-between and in heaven itself,
for the fulfillment of that desire, if kept in accord with the Creative Forces that are within the Fire, the Water, the Air, the Earth.
For, as high as the heavens, as low as the depths may that force be.
As one WIELDING [yielding] to those influences AS the entity had upon the shaping of the earth's influence IN that of Galilee,
 that about the mound city, so may same be in the present.
Keep those things inviolate. Know that first there comes, as was given of old, that admonition to
- present thine body a holy, acceptable sacrifice; for thine own body being the temple of the living God,
this is only a reasonable service.
(Q) Do our life readings change from time to time, necessitating bringing them up to date yearly?
(A) As application is made of those influences as exist, with that knowledge as is gained,
as is builded or NEGLECTED, these may aid. Only in this direction do they change.
As to the appearances, then, and those influences that build for the innate expression or individuality of the entity:

During that period when there was the establishing and sojourn of the peoples in the land of the present nativity,
at and about that known as the isle or island of Jamestown.
The entity was then among those that builded there,
and with the experiences of those that brought the contentions and dissensions from many activities the entity gained and lost - and lost
- through the experience.
For, many of these things that were as dissuading others from associations with the natives, that were established in those sojourns there,
caused much discussion and suffering in body, in mind, in many of the associations.
Yet losing from those determining influences within self for the self-expressions that were gained through those activities.
The entity was then in the name John Ailsworth.
In the present we find - as seen in the individuality, if the body will go aside with self in the quiet, or in a stroll,
or even among a group where counsel is given - there is the absorption, or changes in attitude of the entity or body in such experiences.

The one before this we find was during that period known as the Roman,
when there were those destructions by the people in power of those that adhered to a thought, a way, a change
that was being brought by the adherence to a particular line of thought.
The entity was then among the soldiery of the period, and - with the associations of those in authority as well as the associations
the entity had with those who were persecuted - there was brought much that through the mental body put it at an unbalanced condition;
for the entity was then pulled this way, that way, with the duty in the material life and that calling for the answer
through the mental and spiritual life for those that suffered in body during those experiences.
Then, the entity finally threw itself, as it were, into the defense of those that made for the followings of those from the foreign land.
Hence again we find in the present, those that make for pretensions or those that are given to the activities in the spiritual life
have a particular interest for the entity.
Yet as suddenly does the entity in the present turn against, and berate,
and belittle the activities of those who follow in such lines of thought.
The entity then, in the name Pothosin, was an individual of striking appearance in the physical.
In the present there is seen the reverential awe that is often experienced by the entity
when there is the exhibition or activities of an individual with unusual strength in the physical or in the mental.
And the entity holds such as something above the ordinary in the present.

In those lands now known as the Persian,
during those periods when there was the over-running or the attack of the land from the Bedouins
- or the roaming people from the south and from the hill country. [Uhjltd period]
Then the entity was in a position of power and trust with the king called Croesus,
and was one that gave counsel; and was in a position of royalty and in power.
The abilities from that experience are those in which the entity acts the more normal in the present,
respecting the keeping, preservation or expending of moneys or mediums of exchange.
Yet in this even does the entity at periods find a reverting to the extravagance that was exhibited
in the activities during that experience.
In the name then Medeni, the entity gained much through this experience until there were those overthrowings
of those that were held to the entity near and dear; as the companion [288] of the king's daughter [369]
was carried away during those experiences, and the entity then, in throwing self into the attempts to retake those
that had been carried away, suffered in body, in mind, in experience; for the entity was taken captive,
and through the activities of Edssi [437] lost much respect for that held as to the veracity of promises made.
The entity in the present, in extremes, makes many rash promises, yet intentionally within is the desire
to carry on for the seeking out of those associations, or something akin to same, in the present.

In that land now called the Atlantean, in Poseidia.
The entity was among those of the upper classes who belittled self that there might become a better understanding
between those that ruled in power, might and mind, and those that supplied the necessity for bodily adornments
or material supplies.
Through this experience the entity gained, and often in the present those things dealing with labor saving devices
are of interest.
Hence at times there is exhibited a turn towards mechanics, or mechanical appliances;
and in same would the entity have in the present exceeded or excelled much,
had the thought been carried farther in the developing periods of the entity's experience in the present.
The name then, as would be sounded in the present, was Auoir.

As to the abilities of the entity in the present, and that to which it may attain and how:
Through the associations of those with whom the entity experienced the developments or retardments in the earth,
that made for the dissenting or dissemination of differentiations in material, moral and spiritual rights,
may the entity succeed the most.
Study alone, study with many, often brings the greater developments for the entity's present activity.
So, with the rising of those benevolent influences in Jupiter, (that will rule those under its influence)
in the next three years will be found the experiences when the entity may in the present,
with those environs and surroundings, make for the greater development in this present experience.

In the appearances, and the effect these have upon the present experience:

In that land now known as France,
and in the borderland now called Alsace.
The entity was then in that period when great distress arose through the overrunning of the land.
The entity, then in the name Stresbergh, gained through the experience in the service rendered the peoples
- even under stress.
As a soldier in the land did the entity gain, though suffering in body and in mind, yet wholeheartedly, wholesoully,
did the entity labor for an ideal; losing confidence in many, losing the respect of those close in hand,
yet to an ideal did the entity hold.
In the present we find those tendencies are to harken to many and counsel with few,
yet DECISIONS are mostly made in the intuitive forces from within - and ALL of a sudden.
Too often is this called a fault in the entity, too quick to make decisions.
Will this be [If this will be] guided by the intuitive forces from WITHIN,
and not harkening to those voices from without - whether of the fair sex or of those in power,
but with the communion with self - these may be made to grow and blossom
as the rose of Sharon in the valley of the beauties of life!

In that land known now as the Persian, or in the Arabian and Persian land
did the entity then serve in the capacity of an aide to those who overran the land,
in the settling of the country after those invasions were made.
Then entity gathered together those peoples as they came about the leader [Uhjltd] in the building up of the city in the plain,
where that well, that cave, just below Shustar now stands.
In this experience the entity gained in power, in understanding, in the relationships with individuals;
for the entity became an emissary or an actor for the leader injured in body.
In the name Ullend.
In this experience much of that as has been for the religious influence, as well as the belief in unseen forces
and the occult powers of the entity, is seen; yet in this experience also comes those influences towards the bodily conditions
- as are warned of, and this from those aggrandizings of those very things builded in the body.
[Karmic - prenatal conditions - See 282-1]
In the experience in the present, those abilities to present, or to represent, interests of others as well as of self;
the love of home, the love of the connections or the family relations, these are the outgrowths,
yet these are the very conditions in which warnings may be seen.

In the land known as the Egyptian,
and in that period when there were rebellions in the land.
In this period the entity was among those who succeeded in the latter portion of that rule, for the entity
- being in the household then of the priest - gained in power and in the use of same.
As the entity developed in body and mind, and as the powers were gradually shifted to the entity
as the responsibility for the carrying on of the forces that were manifest,
the entity gained through the experience; losing only in the latter portion when there again rose rebellions,
when the entity pitted self against many who had gained power FROM the spread of those tenets given in the land;
yet in this same tomb - in the upper portion of same - is the chamber there of Ra-La-Ral.
In the leading of the people to the services of those before the beasts, the entity failed,
for this brought in those of another people that led the peoples later astray.
There the Ibex WITH the entity locked horns.
In the present the indecisions, yet the quick decisions, are seen.
The questioning of peoples as respecting their marital, as well as their religious relations.
Hence the entity's injunction to make for self an ideal, one that - through WHATEVER conditions the body, the mind,
the material affairs or what not, may come to pass - the entity may be ever able to lift up the eyes unto the mountains,
as of old, calling on the forces of nature to guide through the innate forces that lie in each individual
to make a portion of and with the creative energies that are manifest in the earthly experiences.
In the abilities that are seen, these are those that the entity may adhere to most.

In that land now known, or has been called, the Atlantean,
and in the city of Sus [?] [Zeus?] did the entity rule as a leader.
Hence the mechanical turn of forces, especially as will relate to those forces now termed the chemicals,
does the entity have PECULIAR interests.
Here the entity lost through the misapplication of the truths gained in that experience, as Lus-Lu.
In the present, those of the visionary forces, and the apparent feeling as of [that]
EVERYTHING maybe done from a chemical sense is INNATE and FELT in self.
This is true in many respects, yet life itself may be lost through this carried to too great an extent for FORCING issues
rather than for the giving of a sustenance of life to many.
In the present, and the abilities, the entity may - through the study and through the ideals
- gain for self a place of power in those directions either as of or for self-building in things
as pertain to individuals AND things as pertain to the home.

As to the appearances and their influence in the present experience,
these that influence from the present activities are those given.
There WERE some in a portion of the experience that may be said to have been withdrawn from,
or by sheer will put aside from influencing the activities or abilities of the entity in the present.

The entity was in that period when changes came about, with the indwelling of those of royalty from a foreign land,
during the period when Charles the 2nd was an exile in France.
The entity then was among those contacted by this influence, and that aided in arousing not only the people
where this entity lived, dwelt, or went among the peoples, but arousing also those of the ruler's native land
to the necessity of the royalist movements at that particular period.
In that experience the developments were helpful and also detrimental; for in the present the set ways and manners,
that almost at times reach that stage called stubbornness without reason save self's own will,
arise from those influences in that experience.
Yet abilities also in the direction of considering the ones not as fortunate in body conditions or in the mental surroundings,
and the abilities to meet people in all walks of experience, arise from the influence in that particular period.
The entity was then in the name Murieuex.
From the activities in that experience may be seen in the present much of the sensitiveness,
to a degree where there may be often the detection of ideas that are attempted to be kept hidden by individuals whom the entity meets.
Or, the entity may be said to possess the faculty of ferreting out, in an uncanny manner at times,
the impelling influences in the lives of those the entity contacts from time to time.

The entity was in that land now known as the Persian or Arabian,
during that period when many were gathering to hear and understand the teachings of one that led,
or influenced many peoples of many lands, during that particular experience.
The entity then was rather of the royal household in the Persian land, then nearer to the Chaldean activity;
yet the entity sought to know that influence that was carrying so many under the spell, as it were, of this individual.
And the entity gained through the association, and throughout that experience;
gaining (in the present) those abilities that may be as latent and the manifested in many respects;
the ability to teach and to hold the interest of developing minds; music
- and especially that relating to the characterization of same in story, folklore, or the like,
and the abilities that are worth while come much from this experience as Cordellii.
Also the inability to at any or at all times TRUST the opposite sex,
or to put the wholehearted confidence in the abilities of those who would seek
through associations to carry on any particular line of work.

The entity was in that land now commonly termed the Egyptian,
during those periods when the uprisings or divisions made for turmoils,
before the settling into the general advance by the people who arose to be such a might
in the affairs of not only the world, but the worlds and worlds.
The entity was then among those of the king's household,
that came into the land, and was associated closely with the young king who was made the ruler;
yet joining with the activities of the native that was raised to the council,
and was of those that were separated when the priest returned to the activities in the land.
The entity gained and lost through the experience,
for it was through this association or influence - with those that would build upon the activities of others
- that the entity lost so much faith in those that were called or termed by the entity as pretenders.
Hence in the present we find those deeper feelings that are aroused by sincerity
from whatever quarter it may present itself.
Then the entity was in the name Ptl-Orrt,
as seen, taking the closer companionship with the natives.
In the present there is found that much of the love, or the judgment as pertaining to not only civil, civic, state,
but national affairs are always of interest.
And the entity, INNATELY, then, is a student of those impelling forces that are of a POLITICAL nature.

As to the abilities of the entity in the present, and that to which it may attain and how:
Study those things that hindered, those conditions that made for those innate feelings that come as impulses.
Knowing that which has been chosen as the ideal, work towards correcting same, in same;
or study to know self, and being true to self in the fields of activity that enable self to give that impulse
or that activity in the minds and hearts of others, will also raise self in all forms of developments.

As to the appearances and their influences (as perceptible in the personality or individuality,
and the innate influences in the activities of the entity) in the present:

The entity was during that period when the first settlers came into the native land of the entity
in the present, during those sojourns in the first English settlements that were in the heart of the land.
Then the entity was among those who pushed forward into the wilderness and made agreements
with those natives as to the activities, such as to make for an indwelling with harmony among the natives of the land.
This brought developments for the entity in the activities, for the thought of self was left far behind.
The buildings or developments for groups, individuals, masses, and for a nation, were held first and foremost.
But with the belittling of the efforts by individuals, there was brought consternation for the entity,
and much chagrin, that made for vengeance held in the innate self for such a period as to bring consternation,
a slowing up of the activities and a general decline in the soul or spiritual development during that experience, as John N. Fentroy.
In the present there is seen those influences as for the distrust of self, when it comes to the abilities of leading or counseling for large groups;
yet ever the innate feeling of the desire to be a spokesman, or to speak out, provided self is backed with the facts, the figures,
concerning what may be spoken of.

The entity was in that land now known as the French,
during those periods when there was the establishing of those places along the coasts that made for not only the outlets
to other lands but for the places where there was the handling of exchanges, as to the commodities of various lands.
The entity then, in the name Parcelli,
gained through the experience.
And may be said to have been the first, in this particular land or port, to set up the definite ideas
of the exchange between peoples of one land and another,
that made for an equity in the activities of all parties concerned.
Hence we find in the present experience those things that deal with national or international exchanges
are of particular interest to the entity; rather, though, as of the passing fancy,
or as of knowledge that may be had for the service in exchange of ideas, conversation,
or to make for the influences of the activities of self as related to others.
Yet developments in this field of activity, either in the capacity of one that would be in diplomatic or consulate service,
would bring forward those developments in this particular field of activity of the entity that would be well;
provided these fields of association are chosen by the entity.
And such would give to the entity one expanse, or one activity, that would be broadening in the abilities to meet groups, masses,
as well as individuals; giving that which is ever innate in the entity's fields of vision,
a period when there may be the travels for the entity in the present.

The entity was in that land now known as the Arabian,
during those periods when there were those that were gathering in the hills for the lessons
that might be gained from the teacher who had established the city there.
The entity then was among those of the Persian land, the northern Persian land, and in the name Esdraus.
Throughout the experience the entity gained, for he not only accomplished the feat of living without self
but being able to extend to others much of that aid that may be had through the field of activity
in bringing about the change of thought in individuals, so as to affect them bodily.
Not only as for their influencing to the extent as to heal physical conditions,
but bringing about activities that were easily turned at times by others into detrimental influences
in individuals' lives.
The entity did not take advantage of others, but saw the advantage taken often.
Hence in the latter portion of the experience the entity began to doubt self.
Hence the entity may be said to have been among the first in that particular experience to use the abilities
for raising the vibrations in self for helpfulness, and also to raise them to the extent as to override the will-influence
in the activity of other individuals.
In the present, then, the study of hypnosis, mesmeric and rote influence, is held askant;
yet there are the abilities within self, provided these are basically in that principle gained in self even in that experience
- that, when such influences are used for good, it is well - but when they are used for personal gain, bad!

The entity was in that land now known as the Indian, or East Indian,
among those peoples who established much of the associations with those of the various fields of endeavor,
in the centers where various characters of learning had gained such a hold as to be noised
even by the lesser individuals or peoples, who made little journeys here and there.
The entity then, in the name Burmdno, gained and lost, gained and lost.
The experience from the material viewpoint was rather a hectic one,
yet much of the thought that is held by many peoples in that particular land in the present is easily understood by the entity;
especially that as related to the interpreting of names, as to their soundings, and the influence
such has upon certain portions of a physical body at the sounding of same.
Much as does the sounding of o, a, and i, in accord one with another in the present,
influence certain glands in the system, as incantations.
Yet these in the present to the entity mean little, save when studied as to the idea of their being constructive
rather than controlling self's influence.

As to the abilities of the entity in the present, and that to which it may attain, and how:
In two fields there may be advancements.
The one, in the study pertaining to faith healing - or the raising of vibrations in individuals through the activity of those forces
by the laying on of hands.
The other, through the mental and commercial field - that would have to do with either associations in the field of politics,
yet in the diplomatic, or in the consulate association (being the better).
Then, as to the choice in the present - those influences making for the greater spiritual development lie
in those endeavors from the mental and spiritual basis of activity.
While these do not offer as high material valuations, the worth to the fellow man
and to the associations of self-development will be the better.

In appearances and personalities, we find in this four:
Now, these as exhibited in the former appearances, there are many stages of the developing that may be given.
This we find, those not of the whole life, but those points which had to do with the developing upon the earth plane,
or that in those lives as lived upon which the soul and spirit of the entity developed to bring the various stages to the individual entity.

One born in the household of royalty, and of the royal family, in the King's Court of Louis the 15th.
That of the King's own household, the daughter, and in the conditions as were surrounding the individual then
was in the Court of that country, of which the individual and entity was a part, with the pomp, the glory,
the magnificence of the worldly show as was manifest in that country at the time,
with the education in the hands of those of the Church as was manifest in and through the minds (secular) of the people at the time.
The first change came in the seventeenth year of the life, then,
with the meeting and betrothal of this individual to that of the Duke of York, as then known.
This, we find, was not consummated, and brought to the individual that in the inmost soul of the distrust of man, or of the opposite sex,
and the body then became an inmate of the confined walls, where the rest of life was spent, and only lived to the age in years then of thirty.
In this, we find that personality as is given in the present sphere, with the innate feelings oft of that same distrust,
though the body, with the whole being and soul, enters into that which it makes a purpose.
[See 288-10 indicating she was Louis 14th's daughter but lived during the Regency,
when Louis 15th was the child king. See 288-27]

In the land that is now known as Persia, [Uhjltd Period, 8,058 BC?],
and in the forces under that of Croesus.
In this we find this body still in that same sex as has been and is shown,
and those points then we find that made the manifestations were in the association of the individual
to whom this body then was close, that of the only daughter of the ruler,
and their studies and education of the time were together, though they were of different households;
yet the position of him who was in the earth plane, the father, brought this body into this contact early in the life,
and in this same place where the entity spent the days with this individual was where the life, as known,
was taken by the invading forces from the South and East, and in this the aversion to those cutting instruments,
for in that manner the bodily destruction came, and those forces, as given,
in personality were the manifestations in the present sphere, and added that of loyalty to friendships made.
[See 288-10 and 288-27, also 288-38.]

In the Egyptian forces,
and in the rule of the second ruler of that land, when the glory of the country was near its height,
and was in the household of Potiphar [?] [Ra-Ta] but the sojourn in that sphere, was of short duration,
for we find only a short span is given in earth plane. [See 294-147 through 294-153 EC readings on Ra-Ta.]

In that fair country of Alta,
[See 339-1 saying Alta was a ruler, a scribe, just before the third destruction of Atlantis.]
or Poseidia [GD's spelling based on Poseidon in Greek Mythology.] proper,
when this entity was in that force that brought the highest civilization and knowledge that has been known to the earth's plane,
and this entity was one of those who lent much assistance to the developing of those forces that made the common peoples
that they became the assistance in the knowledge as obtained.
Again we find the entity in that sex as given, and was in the household of the ruler of that country.
[This body (not physically) will be present when the earth is changed again, see?
See 288-29 expanding on "when the earth is changed again."]
This we find nearly ten thousand years before the Prince of Peace came,
and this entity then found the destructive forces to life in the misapprehension of those who were attempting to be of assistance,
and not by their fault was the catastrophe brought; yet not until the entrance into the land of the unknown did this entity come
to the realization of this as truth, and in the affliction as brought to the physical were the personalities
and manifestations of same brought through to the sphere at present. [See 288-10 and 288-27]
Follow well in those paths that are set by the present entity's will and knowledge of those laws that make [the entity]
its self secure in the blood of the lamb, that taketh away the sins of the world.

As to the appearances in the earth,
- all of these may not be indicated,
but those that influence the entity more in the present,
or in this particular period of its unfoldment or awareness.

In the land of the present nativity (USA),
in the environs of the early settlings in the land,
especially in Jamestown and Williamsburg.
These places have an influence upon the entity; the more oft the entity gives expression as the places to stay away from,
but the activities there, or in those environs, were such that the entity may find self oft in the experiences there.
Those things that had to do with building, with the manner in which some of the reservoirs and places
were made for permanent sojourn there, were a part of the entity's activity.
Thus the interest in architecture, or in buildings, or in those things pertaining to such;
finding an answering latent and manifested in the experience of the entity in the present.
Thus as an architect, as a builder, or having to do with those things such as residences or places of business, or public buildings,
- the entity may find in same that which will bring into the experience the material gains,
as well as an application of self giving a real outlet for the abilities of the entity.
The name then was Amos Scott.
In the experience the entity gained, the entity lost.
These brought into the experience those turmoils with some who would usurp authority.
Hence in the present, if you want to make the entity mad - someone who hasn't authority just try to apply it,
or to boast of such, and then you may hear from the entity!
These experiences brought turmoils in that sojourn.

(Among those having to do with the present) the entity was in the Promised Land,
during those periods when the Master walked in the earth;
though the entity was among the Romans rather than the Jews.
And he doesn't like the Jews any too well!
This is a part of the experiences from that sojourn.
The entity then was not as one in authority, but rather as one who was in the position as the judge;
and thus able, and in the position, to exercise the authority the entity represented in that land.
Thus we find the entity was in that capacity as a judge, as would be called in the present.
And oft the entity in the present is aware, and unawares at times,
of being brought in to be the third party, or to act as the peacemaker,
or the judge in the relationships of others.
This especially has to do with groups or organizations, or where there are those activities
of individual or organized labor or work, or activity.
In that sojourn the entity became aware of the tenets of the teachers, or the Apostles,
through the associations and activities of those individuals who became acquainted with them.
Though the entity was not acquainted with the activities of the Master,
he was acquainted with many - or several of the Apostles; Peter, John, Philip - Philip the entity knew the better.
These were those activities for the entity then, in the Antioch area - as the judge, or as the procurator in that period of activity.
The name then was Pontitutulus.
The entity gained, the entity lost.
The entity found those activities of the race, or groups that represented the followers, as not true to their own activities.
Thus the questioning that still remains with the entity as respecting that particular group, or race. [See 289-9]
In the latter portion the entity became acquainted with Timothy,
and thus found those activities in keeping with many of those tenets,
as may be found especially in the letters to Timothy by Paul; for Timothy was not all a Jew.

The entity was in the Arabian or Persian land,
in the "city in the hills and the plains;" when there were those activities
in which there was the application of the healing arts of the various groups.
It was when there were those particular groups that by injury, or by old age,
or by mental derangements were given particular attention
by those groups in the "city in the hills and the plains." [Uhjltd period, 7-8 thousand B.C.?]
The entity aided those peoples, especially, that were brought into the activity from Greece.
The entity had too many wives in that experience for his own good!
These brought periods of disturbance - until there were those activities in which the healing of self
made for the building of those places for the care of these,
and especially the water cures that were prepared.
Thus, as would be called in the present, the plumber, the heater,
- having to do with those things today called hydrotherapy, were portions of the entity's activity there.
In the application of the healing arts, this phase of electrotherapy and hydrotherapy for the entity
will have more effect than quarts or gallons of medicine or other means of application for self.
For, the entity sold self on those things accomplished there.
The name then was Bez-en-er.
In the experience the entity lost and gained; gained when those applications were for the benefit of the many
and not for the indulgence or satisfaction of self alone.

The entity was in the Egyptian land,
during those periods when there were those activities setting up the various groups.
The entity was among the judges, or as was called - the advisory counsel to the King, to the Young King;
being in those positions where - when the disputations arose during those periods of turmoil
- the entity counseled with the Old King as well as with the Young King.
The entity was among the twelve counselors, then, during that period of activity.
Later, with the establishing of the relationships with the Atlanteans
and the various groups from other lands, the entity was the emissary.
Thus the desire at times to go places, see things for self; not satisfied with the report of any.
The name then was Arn-Art-El.

As to the abilities of the entity in the present, then, that to which it may attain, and how:
First, - as has been indicated, - study self. Know innately, - physically, mentally, spiritually,
- WHAT ye desire to do. Know this must be in keeping with the spiritual, the mental and the physical law.
For these ye have judged oft, and ye interpret many correctly;
though ye may be at quite a variance to the tenets of others.
But know the author of thy judgments, of thy faiths, of thy purposes;
and know they are not for self alone.
For ye will judge these when ye analyze self and the desire or hopes.
Activities having to do with building, architecture, or with water draining, heat or the like,
are a part of thy experience; and these may be the material, the mental outlet for self's abilities.
Do not refuse when asked to be the peacemaker, for ye have judgments in same
that are worthy of others considering.
But keep the faith.
294-8 (Edgar Cayce)

In the present place of the physical plane sojourn (USA),
but in that of the soldier in the British forces as were in the force that developed in the surrounding plains.
The name, John Bainbridge, and in that life we find the birth in Cornwall, England,
and the training in the Canadian forces as taken by that country,
and the drifting into the present plain as known as American, or United America,
and the life was lost then in the waters as in the crossing of the river at the time the battle was fought
near the present sojourn.
In this, as that given just previous to the present appearance upon this plane, in which the body's sojourn was near unto that at present,
we find the body's or the entity's and body's condition is then entered upon that of the Saturn forces, [See 5755-1]
and the life was manifested then in the plane was as that of the adventurer, when the forces of the king,
under whose rule this entity was a subject, entered in that force, or in the colonization of the country,
was the first appearance upon this present sphere's plane or scope, and was connected with that
in the group that were landing in the East coast of the new country, now known as Virginia,
and near where is now the resort known as Virginia Beach.
When this raid was made, this John Bainbridge was carried in this raid to the Southern coasts of the country; escaped,
and with the forces then going in the inland way, and making the surrounding of the places in which the present sphere's plane
has seen much of the same country, and developing, and finally making the way to the fort then on the Great Lakes,
now in place known as Chicago, and from that fort entered the fray in which the crossing was later attempted in the Ohio River,
and there met death as known in the earth plane. [See 294-8]
The body was known as under two names, and was never wed during that sojourn upon the plane,
though was in many escapades that have to do with those of the nature of the relations with the opposite sex.
In the developing upon the present plane, we have much of the personality as shown in present spheres,
as from that of the ability to take cognizance of detail,
especially in following instructions as given from other minds or sources of information.

In the Courts of the French,
when Louis the 15th was King, and in the Royal Guard was this entity's sphere,
which was of short duration, so far as years go upon the earth plane.
This entity, then, was the attendant upon the Royal Court, [See 4121-2],
and the Guard for the household of that Ruler, and lost the elements of life, as known,
in the defense of those under whose care they were placed, as both lost the elements of physical life,
in the defense. [See 294-9 on French sojourn.]
In the forces or personal conditions as seen in present sphere from this sojourn,
we find that of the intense defense of those principles that to the entity's inmost soul or force is the right.
In the name, we find that of Ralph Dahl [Dale?].
[See 1001-7 indicating that Louis the 15th & [294] had same grandfather?
1001-7 or was Louis 15th grandfather of John Bainbridge?]

In the force as manifest when the Trojan rule was in that fair country,
to whom the nations of the world have looked for the beauty in culture, art and refinement of the physical, mental and material force,
and in that we find again the soldier and the defender of the gate, as was the place where the physical
or material destruction came to the body.
In the experience of that plane, we find these cover many and various stages.
Those of the student, chemist, the sculptor and the artisan, as well as of the soldier and defender in the last days.
In that we find the name Xenon, and there is, and has been, and will be many more in the present sphere
that were in contact with that plane's forces, that the contact will be, has been brought in the present sphere.
In this, we find those present forces exhibited through that of the art, and the love of the beautiful in any and every form,
especially those that partake of human form Divine.

In that which is now known as the Arabian plane.
In this we find this entity's developing under that of Uhjltd,
and there are many of the conditions, personality, knowledge, understanding, thought, reference
as is and will be in the passing of the plane of today.
For we find there are many upon this earth's plane, and in different locations,
who were associated with this entity at that time.
[GD's note: See A.R.E. Library index heading: INCARNATIONS:PERSIA:UHJLTD PERIOD.]
[The area [Persia] now known as IRAN.]
In the entity's force of that day, we find this entity one of power, prestige, royalty,
and the leader in many raids or wars as made upon the surrounding peoples, tribes or nations.
This we find the most outstanding of that period, in the connection as was shown in the war
as made on the Persian ruler, Croesus, and this Uhjltd led the expedition into that country.
The force under this leadership was successful in the bringing submission to the rule of the nation which Uhjltd led.
And the developing in that plane was with the suffering of bodily ills from injuries received in the escape from the force
as connived from the weaknesses of the physical to make the Uhjltd a slave in bondage.
His escape and sojourn upon the plain, with those surrounding him, was the developing stage,
and the first of that developing known in present earth plane as psychic force.
For, with the developing as received in the plane just before this [in prehistory Egypt as the priest Ra-Ta],
as we shall see, [this Uhjltd sojourn] was the continuation of the one found at that time.
[See 294-8 in re Croesus.]
The passing of the portion of the entity again into Nazova [?] [nirvana?]
was through the wounds and infections as received upon the plane,
in the vicinity of the well about which the three palm trees [stood, which]
has remained in the inner being of the soul's developing force. [See 294-8]
And not until that entity [[538]?] is again reunited with this entity [294] will
the developing upon this or other planes be efficient,
or as good as should be. [See 294-8 in re associations of [294], [538], [288].]
In the elements as brought to the present plane, we find that of the deep love as manifests to others
in any or all positions or stage of conditions in life.
The inert [innate] and the hidden love for animal and live creatures of the Creator's make, as was developed in this sojourn upon the plain.
With the meeting or contact of this entity's mate, for upon the 19th day of March, in present year,
that entity will again be in physical touch with the entity's present development,
again will come the power of monies, both in the way of earth's fame and glory,
and with this will again the opportunity to develop as has been set in this plane of development,
and again give the place in the world development towards the mark of the higher calling,
as is set in Him.
Upon that meeting will the developing depend, or begin, to be made manifest, or be cut short,
as the will of the entity expresses and manifests itself. In this sphere or plane,
we find there are many that come under the influence of the personal or personality of the entity's forces,
and for many, many years after this return to the other spheres was this influence felt in the earth's plane,
as in this influence felt in the earth's plane, as in this present plane, this with this union of forces may
and will give that incentive to others to develop in that plane that leads to the understanding of the forces
that give of the strength of the universal force. [See GD's note in 294-8 also see 254-8]

We find that as known in the dynasty of the Rameses or Pharaohs in Egypt,
and in the Court and rule of the Second Pharoah [341] or Rameses, [10,500 B.C.]
and was at that time the high priest of the cult as gave the religious element and force in the age,
and reached the heights in that dynasty, yet was cut short in the allowing of physical forces and desires to enter in,
and the taking of the daughter [538] of the order of the one who offered the sacrifices for the priest's force,
and going or leaving the shores of this country brought the destructive elements to the body.
That same entity that was taken is at present in this earth's plane,
the companion and mate as should be in the present sphere [538],
and in this Court we find there was the study of the religious cults, isms, schisms
as would be termed in this day and plane.
The High Priest [294] who gave the elements of the religious force, and in this dynasty or reign of this Pharoah [341]
did the religious cult reach its height, as given through this priest, though he became the outcast,
but for the good as had been accomplished by this individual was in the resting place of the King,
and the forces as manifest in the present is the delving into the whys and wherefores of all
who express a different mode of manifesting the hope that lies within the human breast of the life
after the passing from the earth's plane.
This, we see, manifests in the present.
As to those forces that have brought this condition that the entity is in, the elements
as brought the destructive force to self in the two, again we find that the karma of each
must be met, [294] and [538] and in this plane overcome if each would enter in.

In the beginning, when the first of the elements were given,
and the forces set in motion that brought about the sphere as we find called earth plane,
and when the morning stars sang to-gether, and the whispering winds
brought the news of the coming of man's indwelling, of the spirit of the Creator,
became the living soul.
This entity came into being with this multitude.

As to the experiences as have been given in this plane, the earth,
and the often sojourn upon this plane, we find all summed in this:
Take this thou hast in hand and make and mould it into the present plane's development,
that thyself and others may know that God is God, and demands of His creatures
that of the knowledge of self, that they may better serve their fellows,
and in so doing present themselves as the ever giving force,
bringing to others to the knowledge of Him.
There are many other influences as have been shed abroad in the earth's plane from the entity's sojourn there.
These are given that all may know and understand that the record of each soul is kept in and unto that Great Day.
Be not deceived. Be not overcome, but overcome evil with good.

The entity was in that period when the last of the Louises reigned. [Louis XVI of France?]
The entity was the daughter who escaped in the snow, when the attempt was made to leave at the time of rebellion.
The entity was the only one of the royal family to escape during that period,
being carried by stealth to the land now known as Austria.
The entity then was in the name, as changed to, Marie Augusta.
In that experience we find the entity gained when the entity became the singer,
being unmindful through those conditions set ABOUT the entity, of the condition as befell the parents
and the rest of the family. Gaining in the experience through service to many,
and was one of note to those who were of the circumstance that brought the oppression in their lives;
ministering to them through song, through little kindnesses that brought that in the entity's OWN self of a CONTENTED,
yet UNSATISFIED, life.
In the present we find the entity seeking, seeking - yet not wholly content,
nor wholly satisfied. Make for self, through will, contentment whatsoever station one finds self,
but NEVER satisfied. Rather looking to that one to whom ALL must seek, through HIS grace, HIS spirit,
for that which brings CONTENTMENT in a life.
[ See 295-9 -A saying she also had incarnation in England, time of Alfred the Great.]

In that period when the Master walked among men.
To her the Master said,
"She hath chosen the better part." [Luke 10:42]
In ministering to Him through that period, loved by Him in that experience,
as the SISTER of Martha and of Lazarus, the entity gained through the experience
- and little is the wonder to others that ever the song, or the wish, or the desire for help
and succor and aid is paramount in the ENTITY'S soul;
for only that others MIGHT be aided did the entity enter into another experience
- for, as was said by Him: "Wherever my gospel is preached, her works will be spoken of" [Mat. 26:13].
What a heritage! In the present experience we find that His tenets, His truths,
are easily taught, understood by the entity.
Only be broader in the vision, condemning none - even as He condemned not even those who persecuted Him.
Condemnation in the entity is BUILDED. Blot THIS from THINE experience,
THROUGH Him who maketh all things possible. [ See 538-32, in re [295] in Persian period of Uhjltd.]

In that period when there were divisions in the land now known as Egypt,
through that condition arising from the differences between the priest and the ruler.
The entity then was one that counseled with the ruler and the priest,
bringing the first of the messages to the priest of the POSSIBILITY of the return;
and the musician in the temple after the restoration,
and one that may yet be found many of even the COMPOSITIONS by the entity
during that period, when that of the first of the pyramids is opened.
The entity then was in the name Islta.
In this experience we find those tenets as were set in motion by that experience may be made compatible
with that gained by the association with the Master, for THEY be one - even as has been given,
they were the foundation of that as taught by the Master in HIS experience in the earth's period.
In the abilities of the entity from that experience, much must come from the ENTITY'S application
of self's OWN experience to that period, and of MANY THROUGH that period,
in the gathering of those tenets as must become a portion of the whole.

In that known as the Atlantean.
The entity then was the princess in that land.
Here the entity got the experience of pomp without the application in the proper manner
[See 288-27 saying [288] & [295] were associates, friends, companions in Atlantis],
yet the entity felt, acted, enacted, against the people
- suffering much in body and mind for an ideal.
GAINING - yet losing in grudges, and DISCONTENT. In the name Amliea.
[See 543-11 indicating physical karma from Atlantis.
Miss [295] gave magnetic tr. to Miss [543] to rid her of 'possession.']
In the present, the wonderment or the force as may be applied,
and the fear as enters in by CLAIMS by others.
Discard fear from self's INNER being, for the fruits belie the source of any effort.

In the abilities in the present - as is seen, these are given
- in that the entity may give much, the entity may suffer much, the entity may develop much.
[See clarification in 295-2]


In the appearances and their influence upon the present experience
- the entity that that may be termed by the STUDENTS of psychological influences,
or of psychopathic enfoldments, an OLD soul. Hence that tenderness
WOULD those responsible for, those whose care the soul is with,
SHOULD make in their activities WITH the budding of the soul's awakening in this,
a material and CHANGED world.

In that period when there were those dissensions, and those suppressions of the teachings
in that land known as the Roman land.
The entity then among the children of those that were persecuted WITH their sires during that period,
yet finding favor with those that saw the oppressions the entity,
while growing under an environ that meant the suppression of activity,
gained AND lost during that experience.
First known as Dafna, then changed in its environ and name to that of Sapina.
In the present experience will be found, from that influence, that of the tendency of hauteur and moods,
and that necessary influence then that must bring those of a very POSITIVE
- yet loving - directings of the entity's thoughts, as WELL as activities.

In that land, that experience known as the Persian or Arabian Land,
when there had been those developments in that land from those leading
in a rebellion to the northern kingdom, and those had gathered about the leader.
The entity then an associate of, a sister TO, its OWN [present] MOTHER
- in the NAME Melene. In this experience the entity developed throughout.
The entity became one of a MUSICIAN of FAME, even in this plain.
In the development the entity applied those tenets that were given in that period to MUSIC, that it brought from the plains to those surroundings,
that of the joy in service of one to another; becoming a healer
in the latter experience through the laying on of hands,
in song and in the chants as were made by the entity and its associates.
In the present, with those directing influences, may the entity - in those of stringed instruments
- bring AGAIN those of the shepherd song, again those of the mountain song, in rain, in sunshine,
in the various activities in nature.
Hence those directing influences will bring that awakening that will bring joy, harmony, peace, loving understanding, to self and many.

In that land now known as the Egyptian land,
and following those periods when there were the rebuilding and the activities of those
that gave the understanding to many of the tenets in that period.
The entity then was among those that came in the household of the priest [Ra-Ta?]
during that period, being then in the latter days an EMISSARY to the various peoples
that that land took, or undertook, to disperse those teachings to.
The entity again a musician in reeds, and a worker in fine linens; yet a one of note in SONG during that period. In the name Del-lli.
In the present there will be seen that art that pertains to linens, cloths, or those of bas-reliefs,
will be of interest to the entity; and - guided aright
- may the song of the inner self be awakened, as was in that experience.

As to the abilities, and that to which it may attain, and how:
As is seen in the unfoldment of a life, a soul, in each experience
- that to which it may ATTAIN depends upon that which is builded in its formative years as its personality.
It either conforms to the ideals of its individuality, or is changed to become something apart - bringing adversities and contention when made separate.
When made one with that which is as continuity of Life and Force as manifests itself in the earth
through the influences of the DIVINE, as through the Son, do the blessings come;
as was said, "SUFFER little children to come unto me, for of such is the KINGDOM of heaven,"
that "He that offends one of these, my LITTLE ones, has offended me indeed."
Keep, then, inviolate, its experiences. Thrust not thine own dominion, yet teach,
train the little one to know, in HIM is peace and understanding, in Him is the way for all earth - as in heaven - to know the JOY of BEING alive!

Updated: 15 December 2013