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"4 Previous Lives (Readings 351 to 400)" 

Nearly all of the "Life Readings" mention 4 previous lives (sometimes 3) and how past lives affects the current life.
The Astrological section that affects our experiences (when WILL is inactive) have been removed for easier reading and understanding.

During those periods when there was the establishing of the freedom of this land (USA),
these surroundings in America; and among those there was that individual
who made intercession with the French land, acting in the capacity of the ambassador,
as well as gaining the ear of the peoples in power.
The entity then acted in the capacity of secretary, companion and leader, to that individual;
and was LEFT in the French land, to LATER return to Philadelphia in a place of position or power
- yet from the social standard it was not considered any too high,
although the entity was accepted owing to the political conditions that surrounded those
with whom the entity was associated. Then the name was Adelia, and also called Emma.
In the experience, from the material standpoint much was gained;
from the development of the mental - and the abilities for the spiritual influences
to become the guiding forces in the soul's activity through the various experiences - not so good.
Yet, PERSONALITY developed; and those forces that may be used for weal or woe in the present experiences
arise from those INNATE influences, INNATE experiences, from the sojourn in those environs.
And we find those desires for travel, those desires to act in those capacities as one to whom many
- or all - should cater, and not be questioned as to those things that make for the impelling influence
- arise from that experience; as well as the entity's abilities to grasp quickly those things pertaining
to the exchange of social activities of individuals that may be called of different classes, sets, or the like.

In that Grecian experience
during those periods when Cretus and Artaceus [?] [Artaceus?] were among those
that added to the activities in classifying the stage activities with the fetes
or gala occasions of worship.
The entity then was among those that were the companions and associates of those
that acted in the capacity of presenting or preparing the associations
for those that would engage in such activities.
Hence, as may be termed, the one to whom the artist peoples of every field came for counsel;
and for those pleasures or activities in their social life, their commercial life,
their political life, and all phases of their activity.
In the name Plenia, the entity gained in those experiences and lost;
for we have pointed out that which may become the experience of those that are given
the opportunity for the manifestation or expression of that which a soul would worship
as its creative influences in any manifested experience in the earth,
and use same for gratification or justification of self - in the activities in relationship
or association with others, without considering other than self.
As it did in that experience, such makes for contentions, inharmony, disappointments,
disillusionments; and destructive influences were brought to the mental and soul experience of the entity.
In the present we find much of the tempestuous in the personality;
the abilities to forgive and forget easily, also arise from that period
- provided that in so doing the point the entity would carry forward is aided
(in the mind of the entity); and these are not always good, for they beget selfishness
- and self-indulgence is the fruit of such mental activities,
or such potentialities of an entity that seeks through such channels to make way for self.

In that land now known as the Egyptian,
during that period when there was the establishing of those tenets and truths
that they might be distributed to others through the activity of the Priest
that had been returned - and those associated with him.
The entity then was among those in the temple worship,
and aided in that activity in the Temple Beautiful;
yet there arose - from those activities and associations - that which made
the opportunity for the entity to turn much that was gained into self-aggrandizements,
self-indulgences in the way of social, political and economic affairs of the entity.
Hence the ability TO dress, the ability to DESIRE those things that partake of personal adornments
to the body of unusual characters or kind, arises from the entity's experience in that land.
The entity gained in some directions, lost in many - through the experience, as Na-Li-La.
In the present will be seen especially the influence that linens have upon the entity,
whether that worn close to body or that prepared for others.
This is from an unusual experience of the entity,
in its respective cleansing through that particular period.
Yet, in the applications of self, the ability to make self - when DESIRED to be
- apparently compatible, apparently adjusting itself to the various environs
in which self may be surrounded or may find self; this also is seen from that period.

As to the abilities of the entity in the present, and that to which it may attain - and how:
As we have indicated, there are two ways lying before the entity.
These may be chosen BEST by self; for the gift of the Creative influence is that
- in the life, or in material affairs, termed in the lives of each soul
- there are the abilities to make self, through the application of will,
one with the constructive influences or to turn same to self's own indulgencies.
And those that seek to know self may find the way.
Those that find the way become content, and find joy, peace, happiness,
even though the way be hard.
Those that look for self-indulgencies, self-interests, without being tempered
with the true love as of the Father in life TO those that seek His way,
THESE find those things that make for hardships, strifes, turmoils,
even though there are - from the MATERIAL standpoint
- abundances of earth's materials, earth's storehouse, in the experience of an entity.
Then, seek Him while He may be found.
Build the life in those things that make for constructive influences in the experiences of others;
for in so doing will the help come as from the hills of the Lord.
(Q) How can she conduct herself so as to gain the good-will and respect
of her family and friends; and rid herself of her temper?
(A) As indicated, there must be builded the purposefulness in knowing self
as one with constructive influences - that build for peace, harmony and happiness.
(Q) How should she be treated by her family?
(A) In that manner which may be called as loving indifference to the temperamental outbursts;
not condemnation, but in that of quiet, peaceful contemplation with the body
as to the manner in which the personality may be made for constructive influences
or forces in the experience.

As to the appearances, then, and their effect upon the activity of the entity in the present experience,
the entity's sojourns for ACTIVITIES - or those influencing activities
- are rather those of a set rule, or order, or as the rule of the entity's experiences
are methodical; but duty bound, ever.

The entity was during that period (USA)
when there were the sojournings of many individuals
that came to this land of the entity's present nativity;
not only for the freedom of speech, not only for the freedom of the rights as pertaining
to the manner of worship, but many were BANISHED and many followed those that WERE banished.
The entity was among those that followed in such a condition and relation,
and was in and about that land now known as Maryland;
being then among those that aided in establishing the colonies
and the conditions in and about Baltimore.
These conditions or experiences of the entity, then in the name Marian Herdina,
brought to the entity much suffering physically; yet much was builded in the experience of the entity
in lending aid to those that suffered in body and in mind.
The relationships with the opposite sex caused a DEFINITE stand to be taken,
through experiences in that particular environ; for much might be given as to this particular relation;
yet the entity in itself developed through the experience, gaining a place, a position,
that was enviable to this period.
And in the present, the abilities that lie in the field of ANALYZING the activities and doings of others
come much from that mental development - which has been indicated - through that experience.
From that experience, too, there may be gained much that, applied in the present,
would give the ability to become more effective and effectual in the ministration of the body
to or for others, in whatever direction the efforts might take.

The entity was in that land now known as the Persian, or Arabian,
during those periods when there were many peoples being gathered for a teaching,
a ministry, of one in the hill country. [Uhjltd Period?]
The entity then was among those who foregathered there, in the name then Xeniza,
and was of the peoples of the land called Chaldean.
Then the entity became one of those who aided in ministering to those that were ill in body,
and THROUGH the ministering to the needs of the physical did the entity give to those peoples
- that came under the supervision of the entity - the ideas and ideals of those teachings
in that particular experience.
The entity gained through the greater portion of the experience,
yet REMAINING in this land until there arose those that attempted to overrun the land,
the entity lost in the character of resistance that was set up.
In the present arises those abilities again in the ministering,
especially in that ability to analyze from that individuals may relate TO the entity
of their experience in the sleep, or in the various things that frighten or worry individuals,
in whatever walk of life they may be. In APPLYING this may the entity open for self
the greater abilities, greater efforts, to gain for self, for others,
that which will not only aid in the physical - but the mental and spiritual body as well.

The entity was in that land now known as the Egyptian,
during those days when there was the building up of those tenets and lessons
with the return of the high priest to the land; and as the changes came about,
the entity - though being of the natives - came to comprehend, and to minister,
and to gain for self and for the building up of those truths in the lives
and experiences of the peoples in that land. [Ra Ta Period?]
The entity only lost when these were turned, by political influences,
to the detriment of those whom the entity trusted - and whom the entity felt
SHOULD gain control; and in this the entity lost confidence in peoples.
Hence the wariness that often occurs in the experience of the entity,
in its relationship with those especially in power, whether political, home, economic,
or what not; for the entity too easily often doubts;
yet sincere seeking, sincere counsel within self, from that builded through the ability
of proper analysis and deciding from within, may the more often bring the right answer.

Then, as to the abilities of the entity in the present, that to which it may attain - and how:
As indicated, the abilities lie in the field of ministry to others;
through the power of the mental forces that are innate,
and that may find expression in relationships with individuals or groups
that are set with ideals pertaining to constructive or creative influences and forces.
And with the application of the MENTAL-MECHANICAL, and the abilities that may flow THROUGH the body
IN its application, may there be brought to self, to others, the greater development
in the present experience.
Hence that termed - not only mechano-therapy, but that termed - magneto-therapy
may be added in the applications as to the relationships one with another.
Keep self, then, rather in accord with that which may be awakened through
the meditation with the inner self; and be guided by that which is held
as the ideals of the spiritual, rather than the material or physical things;
for the Creative Forces manifest in those that are chosen.
Who are chosen? Those that do His biddings.
Who will do His biddings? Those that harken to the spiritual influences from WITHIN,
without thought of self-aggrandizement!
(Q) How can the entity develop that ability, gained in the Persian experience,
to help individuals through sleep?
(A) In the application of those forces that flow in or THROUGH the body,
in its application to those the entity would aid - see?


As to the appearances and their effect upon the present experience of the entity,
as contemplative and activative with the mental or astrological sojourns of the entity:

The entity was in that land now known as Massachusetts and Rhode Island (USA),
during those periods when there were the persecutions for those that adhered to tenets
that partook of visions and experiences of individuals' mental forces.
The entity then, Gracia in name, the daughter of a minister in Salem and in Providence Town, gained much;
yet the persecutions and the misunderstandings with an associate - that brought about the persecutions
- brought sadness, sorrow, in the experience; yet the entity aided many in finding themselves,
through the abilities of the entity to DEMONSTRATE - to those that even sought to persecute
- that ONLY from good may GOOD come; that evil begets NOT goodness.
In the present will be found the abilities of the entity in intuitional manners,
as well as in the abilities that may be developed in self to gain - or to receive
that which may COME to self through what is often termed by others as a very poor medium,
yet the entity - guiding and being guided by those influences of the higher spiritual forces
- may, in that called automatic writing, gain much.
Do not be misled in that that received is greater than the source from which the entity is acting
as the medium for transmission of the truth or knowledge;
for the servant is never greater than the master, though he may be equal with him.
For, this is the birthright and the gift of the Creative influence in this world!

The entity was in that land during those periods when there was the attempt
of those in England, France and Germany, to establish a different condition
in the land being overrun by a peoples of a different religious thought,
or during those periods that were known as the Holy Wars.
The entity then, in the name Sairi, was of the peoples that dwelt near what was - and is
- a ruin of Bethany, near the Holy City, but of those peoples that had accepted Mohammed as the prophet.
With the coming of the zealous ones of the English land, and with the taking of many prisoners,
the entity then was among those that waited upon, cared for and aided in restoring,
and yet producing turmoil in the camps of the invaders;
yea, those that would keep the Holy Land for a faith.
For the entity then, as Sairi, turned many of the minds and hearts
of those that would destroy the peoples.
Hence in the present is seen the abilities to understand many of the tenets of that particular religion
that deals principally with the hereafter and the associations of the inter-between.
In the application of these innate tendencies, that find manifestations in the activities of the entity,
these may be turned into those influences where the entity may - WILL - become one
that may aid many, and especially those that were of the Crusaders,
that will give much to the peoples of the present time of the spiritual truths
in all those that set themselves as interpreters of the relationships of an individual soul to its Creator,
and to the creatures of the Creator that may meet in a sphere of activity for manifestation.
(This should be well understood!)

The entity was in that period when many changes were brought to a peoples throughout the world.
The entity then was in that land now known as Egyptian,
during the period when the princess Hatshepsut (the entity's mother) was in power;
and the entity's name was Sidiptu, hence a sister of that leader Moses, the law giver of Israel.
During the reign of the mother, the entity was associated with those peoples later despised
on account of the love (physical) that the mother found in association with a peoples.
And the entity was then pledged to one of the leaders of Israel, in the house of Levi;
and being despoiled by an Egyptian, it was THIS one that the brother Moses slew,
hence causing that disruption which brought - at the latter period of the mother's
and the entity's sojourn in the land - a NEW pharoah to the ruling of the peoples;
this one coming then from the mountain or southern land of an almost divided land
over this incident in the entity's experience.
While the entity may be said to have gained and lost, gained and lost through the experience,
under the tutelage of those peoples with whom the brother was associated
- as did the entity's mother - much understanding was brought of the legends of a people
that had been called for a particular service.
THIS is noteworthy of interest, then, in the entity's experience in the present;
that to the entity, one that has had an experience that deals with the universal manifestation
of a spiritual or unseen power is sacred to the entity.
Hence another reason for precaution in self, as the developments come - and will come,
if there will be the application of self in the mysteries of the unseen that may come for self.
And it is well that self, when contemplating and meditating,
surround self with the environs of an oriental nature; for the dress itself
should ever be rather the robes or loose clothing about the body.
There should ever be something that is OLD, something that is plaid,
something that bespeaks of either the scarab, bull or serpent;
with the perfumes of the East.
But know that these are but those things that will make for the arousing OF the INNER self,
and NOT the force that ARISES; rather a MATERIAL element for the PRODUCING of same.
And the abilities from the experience of the entity in Egypt may be brought forward in the present,
in aiding to give much to peoples that seek for the development of self and of their relationships
with the Creative Forces and their relationships to their fellow man.
For, the wisdom of Hatshepsut may be in the entity in the present experience as a BUILDER in a mental,
a commercial or a material way.
The spirit of the mother in that experience, then, may YET aid and guide in the present;
BEAUTIFUL in body, BEAUTIFUL in mind in the experience, yet turned the world upside down!

The entity was in the same land again of Egypt,
during those periods when there was the re-establishing of the priest in the land.
The entity was among those that were of the Abbyssinians that came with the priest,
and became - towards the latter portion of the experience - very close in the activities of the priest;
and was what may be called in the present a secretary or a body companion
oft in the giving out of instructions, advice or counsel to others.
For, the entity then was well versed in the arts of making understandable in the different languages,
or dialects, that which was set by the leader in that particular environ or period.
Then the entity, in the name Hel-Ttus, gained;
losing only when there arose those desires of the physical forces as related
to other companionships of the priest.
The entity then rebelled and lost much in the return to the native land;
yet gaining later in the understandings of how the application of the spiritual truths
makes for a development, in the application in material things.
In the present the abilities of the entity lie in developing that which may overcome those turmoils
that arise in the experiences of individuals, especially when it comes to the associations with others
and their relationship with others; if the entity's ideals are grounded in those principles
that were maintained by the leaders throughout the experiences of the entity in the earth's plane.

Hence a study, an analysis of the soul or the filial relationships through those particular experiences given
(for there were others) will make for a FINDING of self.
Then, study to show self approved unto the Giver of light,
for all may approach the throne of grace who with pure hearts, pure purpose, seek to know His ways;
for these are not past finding out to those that would BE a channel of blessings to others.
But those that would seek to know the application of material forces for personal gain become stumblingblocks
to themselves and to others.
(Q) How can I vitalize my abilities?
(A) By entering more and more into the inner self, through meditation.
And there is outlined a manner.
Do not let the MANNER become the god, but that that may come through
- even from the spirit and spiritual influence of that guide.
(Q) For what vocation am I best fitted?
(A) As a companion, or a secretarial position that deals with individuals,
and for those things that may develop - BETTER as the teacher, eventually.
(Q) Have I pursued the right course of study and development so far?
(A) Draw the comparisons that have been set, and in that thou hast done
- know first that self must find self, and acquire that ability to examine self
in the light of CREATIVE love as of the Father.
(Q) What part am I supposed to play in the lives of the lady and gentleman
with whom at present I form a distasteful triangle?
(A) Assist each in finding their better selves, that deals with constructive and creative influences
rather than partaking of desires only.
(Q) Is there any particular way in which I can best give help to others,
and spread this gospel of Truth (through these sources) in a tangible and truly helpful way?
[A SEARCH FOR GOD lessons, [262] series, etc.]
(A) As we have given with this development, with those abilities that may grow and grow
by the contemplation within the inner self; and as these are begun
- through those same channels as of old may there come aid, often.
(Q) Is there any likelihood at the present time of developing a machine,
based on the action of the electromagnetic cell, which may assist in securing direct communication
as done by Aron and Moses - and many others - with the Urim and Thummim?
(A) Find in self that as Hatshepsut put to self,
in knowing who should be chosen - yet the trouble arose.
Do not make the same mistake, that the VIBRATION is the force
- but that which impels same from the Creative Force.
Such machines are claimed to be made.
Some do, some do not, create the right vibration.
Too oft does there enter in those personalities of those seeking.
Then, in self find the way to aid; and call again on Ra-Ta [294] - and on Hatshepsut
- they are as Urim and Thummim, a channel only.

The entity was in the present land of nativity (USA),
during those periods when there was an expanding of the dwellings of peoples in the new land.
The entity then was among those that sojourned from the isle where first establishment or settlement
was made to the western portion of the land, and to the frontiers.
The entity suffered in body, and in privation of much that was thought of as an expansion of abilities,
but became an instructor in the teachings of the young during those periods.
Then, in the name Caselton, the entity brought to self and to others much of a development;
yet was disappointed much in the inability to accomplish that which had been set before self as its ideal.
Hence in the present, as we have indicated, the abilities in self are often questioned;
from the activity during that sojourn in the earth's experience.
Yet, with the activity of turning within self, there may be applied to the activities in the material affairs
those urges that come as hunches - if we choose to call them such, but they are rather the abilities
from being oft in meditation and prayer, which is the basis of the abilities in this direction in the present.

The entity was in that land now known as the Roman,
during those periods when there was the changing of the peoples in their ideas of associations and relations
that were being effected by the teachings from the hated-people in the Judean land.
The entity then was among those peoples that accepted the tenets of the new teachings,
and became particularly associated with Titus in his activity in that period and in that land.
As Amelia, the entity suffered even martyrdom in the experience, yet gained throughout.
Hence in the present is seen not only the ability to judge right and wrong in self,
but the ability to aid others in understanding and following the better impulses that arise within self.
And how oft has the entity been called to settle quarrels, with self as with others!
Not as a peacemaker (as may be termed), but as an advisor to this, that or the other one.
In the application of these in self in the present, whether applied to material things
or to the mental and spiritual, will there come the greater contentment as these are applied the more often.

The entity was in that land now known as the Persian,
during those periods when there were the gatherings of those in this land for the teachings
that had been given by one in the hill and plain land - Uhjltd.
The entity then was the princess and a ruler in the land that became Ur, or Chaldea,
or that known as Perear [?] [Berea?] in the present.
Then the entity was one in power, beautiful in body, in activity, in associations with the subjects;
yet the entity - as it were - took on those things that brought the wasting away of the body during that sojourn.
Hence the entity came under the influence or contact of the healer in the plain land, and became
- through the association - even a greater ruler in the land to which the entity returned.
Then the entity was in the name Seulah, and there will yet, as we find, be found something
of those periods of the entity's activities in that land;
for there was preserved in the tombs of the day not only something of the entity's immediate surroundings
but many of the tenets to which the entity adhered after the meeting with Uhjltd in the plain and hill country.
Throughout the experience the entity gained, and in the present there is not only the ability
to manifest psychic forces but the deference that is held in self - as to the associations of self with others;
not as being better, but as a peer to any - so long as self is kept in accord with the better principles,
forces or influences in the entity's or others' activities in the earth.
These are well.
Turn them rather into not only material but better mental contentment within self.

The entity was in that land now known as the Egyptian,
during those periods when there were strifes and turmoils in the land through activities of persons
that brought on rebellions, when the priest was banished from the land.
The entity then was among those that foregathered with those that raised the rebellion,
and was rather closely associated with the brother of the king who rose against even the young king;
and in the temples in Ibex did the entity then hold sway, at a period;
yet with the changes that later came about, with the putting down of those rebellions,
the entity joined rather with those that made for the developments
in the spreading of the new tenets that were given by the priest in the return.
Hence the entity, as Psut-Hesr, lost and gained through the experience.
Again we find the reason within self for the entity's often doubting of self's abilities,
yet something deeper that makes for the holding to the spiritual influences
that arise from the mental abilities of self.

Then, as to the abilities in the present and that to which the entity may attain - and how:
As we have indicated, with the greater development within self of the intuitional influences
that may arise from meditation in the inner self as related to the Creative Influences in a material world,
the entity may apply the abilities of self, either in a commercial world, a mental world,
or in ANY direction the entity may choose; but these must ever be from MENTAL
rather than from the mechanical or material developments.
Then, let there ever be kept before self the ideal that is creative in its influence,
whether applying to material or whatever character of associations;
for contentment will bring joy, happiness, peace, harmony, to the experience throughout this sojourn.
For, many years lie before the entity in this experience, if these tenets will be held.
Know self and self's relationship to the Creative Influence, by meditation.

In that period when there were being those settlements, developments (USA),
in the present land of the entity's sojourn, with that one known as Penn.
The entity then, one named Schunscheimer [?], was among those that made developments
among those native peoples, partaking their manners, their ways,
yet using same in a manner that saved many an individual and group;
SEALING, compacting, as it were, more of those treaties or agreements
as made between those new settlers and the natives.
The entity gained and lost through the experience.
GAINED the greater, in the service rendered to so many - saving self by same service;
LOSING self in aggrandizing of interests that made for physical hardships for self,
and contentions and divisions arising later as to settlements as were to be materially made.
In the present this influences the entity as to the necessities of the love of this land,
yet the entity as an entity
(Let's get the difference, for perfect understanding! The entity AS an entity)
sought for the entrance in material plane UNDER those environs that would gain more
concept of the SPIRITUAL truths as taught BY that leader in his OPEN way of meeting
the various conditions; FOR THE ENTITY, as an entity, held to its FORMER activity
in such relations as made for more of the I AM in no UNCERTAIN terms,
leaving rather the individual to become that of the follower WITHOUT question - see?
In the present experience this also brings that desire to meet the needs of a justification of self
in this surrounding, this environ, this changed condition, that must needs be met;
one that stood for the freedom OF speech, OF activity, OF individual worship
of that it called ITS Maker, in an EXPANDING, developing, environ.

In that period when there were the expanding of, or extending of,
the developments from the Indian land to those of the Persian or Arabian,
when there were the establishings of those teachings under Uhjltd in the plain,
through many peoples from many lands, for the counsel that good might come to many.
The entity was then among those who came from what would now be called the Chaldean country,
yet of those peoples who later were among those that were of the tribes left
in the land FROM the promised or Judean land.
Then in the name Buzzhanahai, in this experience we find the entity developing and losing.
Gaining through the desire for, seeking to know that as might give aid to others,
the better concepts of life's experience AS a development of the entity or soul life.
Losing in the thoughts that such accounts might be turned to the satisfying, gratifying,
of EARTHLY or MATERIAL desires, and in attempts to do same brought for self the condemnation of many.
Later in the entity's own land DEVELOPING again, in the manner of giving to others those lessons gained
while in this Persian or Arabian land, from those tenets of the peoples gathered there.
In this present experience much of the same experience must come to the entity for its greater or WHOLE development;
for its numbers becomes nine in this experience.

In that land now known as the Egyptian,
and during those experiences when there was the establishing of those teachings
of those peoples who attempted to build a relationship between Creative forces and the creatures,
that attempted to give understandings and disseminations of the truths as had come from cosmic influence
from those peoples then entering into the material world from sojourns from the mental world,
in the same sphere of environ.
The entity was then among those who, under the teachings of him that was banished in the Nubian land,
[Ra-Ta] came again with those from the banishment, to the temples about that place
now where the various forms of the figures present, or represent, the attempts of the peoples in the day,
and about those yet to be uncovered, in the city THEN called Aicerao.
In this place the entity developed much, for the entity became one of the RULERS in the temple
upon the departure of him that gave the first divisions of the laws to the peoples in that period;
yet some deviations by the entity brought in the latter portion of the entity's experience, as Haijhi,
much disturbing in the material ways.
This must be met in the present.
From this experience in the present comes much of those contending forces in many various lands,
much of the contending forces as have to do with the various differentiations between mysticism,
occult influence, and those of the SPIRITUAL awakenings in individuals.
The spirit makes alive.
The MYSTIC may be a way, but may lead to contortion of the very ideal itself.
Occult may lead to an awakening, but may be driven by other forces than spiritual.
The SPIRIT gives life!

During those periods when there were the gatherings of the many peoples of many lands,
in that now known as the Indian land, those peoples that came as councillors
from the foreign or visiting lands.
The entity was then among those from what is NOW known as American,
and came as one to counsel with those peoples that determined the manner of dealing
with many of the beasts, or those things that made men afraid in the earth.
The entity then in the name Uowi.
In this experience the entity gained and lost;
for gaining much in the sense of the application of MECHANICAL appliances
for the use of man in that material land, the entity used same to self's own destruction to its peoples,
in that PORTION of the land NOW known as Utah and New Mexico.
Would the entity vision much of that portion of those lands lying in the southern portions of that land,
and those of the Arizona and New Mexico lands, MUCH as a dream would come to the entity.

In the ABILITIES of the entity in the present, and that to which it may attain, and how:
As has been seen, much has been the entity's possibilities AND abilities in the sojourns,
that are to reflect in the entity's PRESENT experience. OPPORTUNITIES are still in the entity's wake,
are these inclined to the SPIRITUAL side of man's development, rather than the material
or the earthly side of same.
Then, through those experiences as have been had in the present,
through those through the sojourns in the earth and its environs,
build in self that which makes for a surety in Him that gave the light to the world,
that all might be one under that banner of His. While teachers may come, teachers may go,
His self, His DEVELOPMENTS WERE such, ARE such, that all may come under HIS banner
and ENTER in at the straight gate.
Keep thine self cleansed, through the abilities of self to know the cleansing forces as may be taken
from the elements that become creative in their nature THROUGH even a MATERIAL body.
So rejuvenate that material body, in such a manner as to GIVE the BEST of self
in ESTABLISHING that relationship that brings HEALING to those MENTALLY disturbed,
ease of body to those PHYSICALLY disabled, and that brings those understandings
in one to that spiritual force as found in Him, He that gave,
"My peace I give unto thee. The WAY ye know, and I go that ye may have an advocate WITH the Father.
I in him, ye in me, may do - as I have GIVEN you power, THROUGH me, TO be in me, I in thee."
Keep this, then, as that measuring standard for thine efforts,
that these days in the earth may bring that to self, as to that teacher of old,
"I have fought the good fight, I have henceforth laid up a crown of righteousness."
KEEP the body, the mind, the soul, in accord with the Creative Forces
that make for UNISON of purpose in all.
(Q) My first wife died in India in 1893.
In 1897 her spirit informed me that she was going to re-incarnate again in this world to help me.
In a dream vision, I was told she was born in America.
If that is so, and if I am likely to meet her again, then where and when?
(A) When self has been dedicated, set aside, for the developing the SPIRITUAL forces in this MATERIAL world,
will these be brought to bear TO aid in that ONCE begun - in the awakening.
(Q) My present wife who is in America with me,
is she expected to pass away before me or after me and when?
(A) This, in the separations that must be necessary for those developments in the occidental forces,
for the occidental and oriental cleansing, will make for those separations as will bring
the greater understanding to ALL concerned. As to time, place OR period, these in their own day.
This may be SHOWN thee, even as the vision thou gatherest at the period of the meeting
WITH those under the tree, where the three in their native costumes are NOW communing WITH thee.
(Q) How far would I succeed in my spiritual mission (see chapter in my book page 425). [Manuscript]
(A) This, as has been given, IS the mission, and the entity may set in motion
that which may bring about the greater understanding between those of the VARIOUS forces,
AS teachers as have been in this material world, but keep rather to the SPIRITUAL side OF development,
than would it bring crowds, would it bring force. The POWERS that be must be THROUGH Him, IN thee!
(Q) What course should I follow?
(A) As has been outlined, the separation of self in the various ways as will be shown thee,
as the meditation, the contemplation (Do not confuse - those are entered in, IN their various spheres).
In the next two years there should be sufficient of those of the material plane,
that the entity may then inject into self's activities that separation, segregation,
of self from the WORLD, to become a teacher, a leader. [See 358-3]

The entity was during that period when there were many in the land
now known as the English land journeying to the foreign lands.
The entity then was among those who settled in what is known as Jamestown in 1607,
when Smith came into the active service in those lands;
among those with that group that first settled there; in the name Harrison,
the WOULD-BE minister, yet one that came to be in power when those changes were made
and there were others of those groups to be brought into the land. [See 361-4, Par. R12.]
Then, of course, the entity was a seafaring person; and it enters into the very fibre of the being, as it were,
respecting those things that partake of such activities.
Not NOW upon the waters, but rather those things pertaining to the PREPARATIONS
for the seafaring end explorations; and oft may the entity have found in its dreams and visions
the preparation within self of how this or that exploration might have been carried out
with the greater activity, greater facilities.
Even as there has been in those sojourns of the native that is now in foreign lands,
as in the seeking of others, that was a companion with the entity in that sojourn.
How OFT has the entity figured as to how better Byrd might have used these facilities at his hand
in carrying out those things sought to do! [At the end of the rdg. [361] verified this statement.]
And the entity fares to become one that may delve into those fields of exploration;
not so much in the faring abroad, but in that pertaining to the manners, the ways, the means, the activities.
For, as the entity experienced during that sojourn in that land;
no matter how far-reaching in the experience may be the material things or elements in life upon
which man in his associations may build, it is necessary that there be kept the close contact
with the source of supply, it is necessary that the basis of same be in a field of activity
that is not only sure from the material side but that being sought by the entity,
group or mass must be founded in those things that are purposeful and have a spiritual
or creative import in same.
Through the greater portion of that experience the entity gained;
losing only with those periods of condemnation to those that had faltered in their promises
to the entity and the commands - or those forces that led during the experience.
These may be the experience in the entity's sojourn in the earth in the present,
as being in that position of doubting those who - in the natural tend of things
- should have not only defended the entity but made those preparations wherein
there might be the greater expansions; yet the OPPORTUNITY of self in the experience
to not go to the EXTREME in other directions.
But keeping self well-balanced in all things, as we have indicated, will bring those that make
for the greater development in the experience of a soul.
For not he that is the extremist excels, but rather he that is often called the plodder,
he that is often defeated - but not defeated in the soul purposefulness of that whereunto self
has set self to a task in the material things of life.

The entity was during that sojourn of the Prince of Peace in the earth,
when men were called unto an activity in that land now known as the Promised Land, or Palestine;
during those periods when there was the ministry in Galilee, even in the Holy City,
even unto Tyre and Sidon.
The entity followed with the Master in those activities, in the name then Thaddeus,
among those that were chosen as a light bearer to a people that had been shown a light
as shining into the darkness of those periods.
Through that experience the entity gained, though oft was among those that were weighing well
the material gains to be had; yet gaining throughout the sojourn,
for it was among those who came under the sound of the Voice and heard,
"Believe ye not for my words, for the very works' sake believe ye!"
Then, from that experience in the present, those things whether of the mystic forces,
the material world or of the spiritual import that come to the entity should ever be weighed well with
- and bear the mark of - the judgment set by Him:
"As ye do it unto the least of these, my brethren, ye do it unto me."
These ARE innately, manifestedly, the judgments of the body.
Hold fast to that thou hast gained in this judgment - of the world,
for the judge of this world cometh and there will be light again found in Him,
and thou may be in that position as thou wert in that land - as a light, as a guide,
to him that may be the messenger of the King coming to His own!

In those experiences in that land now known as the Persian,
during the periods when there were the developments in the city,
in the plains and in the hills, the entity was then among those of that leader's [294] own people
who were at the beginning set against the leader;
following Oujida [195] into those invasions that were made.
Hence innately there is in the activities of the entity the fear of those that are in power
that use same for their own glorification.
Hence there will be in the experience of the entity in the present those periods when political power,
and those that are in rule, and those things that deal with the association of individuals
with their fellow man, those that are in high places and those that are in the low,
will be judged by the entity in its associations and relations.
For during that sojourn, in the name Estrides, the entity brought many of those people
in the latter portion of that sojourn in that land to the understandings
that were being presented by that people at that time; gaining for self,
and becoming - as in the experience that has just been given
- a messenger to his own peoples in the nomad or Arabian land.
Hence Arabia, Persia, and those lands have a peculiar call to the entity in its inner self;
as may be shown in not only the ways and manners of the activities,
but in those things that bespeak of those activities from within the self.
Justice and mercy were gained much in the entity's experience in the latter portion of that sojourn,
and becomes a portion of the entity - if there is not the tendency,
as was in many of those periods, for the delaying of activity.

The entity was in that land now known as the Egyptian,
during those periods when there was the building up of the influences of the returned Priest in the land,
and the coordinating of all the various tenets that dealt with the varied peoples
that were being combined as an active force in the moral and religious thought
of the people of the experience.
The entity then was in the position of being one brought up for the priesthood,
and in the activities of the temple service - but was of the temple for purification,
and a keeper of the fires for the purifications in the body and in the mind
(called the fires in the present, but were the ACTIVITIES of individuals);
hence dealing more with the moral relationships with groups and individuals.
In that experience the entity gained and lost;
gained through the activities that brought the expansion of the teachings
of those things during that sojourn;
losing when there were those things that made for the divisions by many of those
from the Atlantean and the Indian land, when dissensions arose during the period.
When the Priest was in the change, the entity exalted self by the activities in the temple service.
From that experience in the present may be seen those things in the abilities of the entity,
and in those lines of endeavor in which it may apply itself - which would be in that pertaining
to those things dealing with the relationships of individuals with individuals;
whether in the offices wherein there are kept the records between peoples and state,
peoples and city, or the like.
These as we find will be, should be, rather the activities in the present.
The name then was Axt-Pthleni.

As to the abilities of the entity and that to which it may attain, and how:
As we have given, there is much set before thee, both as innate and as latent abilities
in the soul and mental vision of the entity.
Study first, then, to know thyself and thy relationships with thy Maker and thy relationships
with thy fellow man.
For, as was given thee, "As ye do it unto thy brethren ye do it unto me."
(Q) Why did I choose to come to these particular parents in this plane, and for what purpose?
(A) To learn many of those lessons that have troubled thee in thy doubtings in those experiences
in the earth just before, and to learn to temper self as the lamb is tempered to the wind by Him
that maketh both the lamb and the wind.
(Q) What am I best fitted to do?
(A) As we have pointed out, in those fields of activities that deal with the relationships of individuals
to their fellow man, accorded to state, county, city or nation.
(Q) Along what line have I developed in previous experience, and how may I best continue this development?
(A) In making application of those temperings of mercy with justice.
(Q) Were the experiences I have had in which I have seen spirit forms, real or imaginary?
(A) Real.
(Q) Please advise me in regard to my psychic development.
(A) As just given, study first to know self and that which motivates the purposes of self;
for in this will there be found in self not only the abilities to make for those associations
but to be guided by those influences from the higher realms of activity through which the entity
has passed in its developments in the earth plane.
And then be guided by that which will be shown thee, even as the pattern in the mount.
Understand self and the motivating forces in the body-mind, in the physical body;
for these are the shadow of the spiritual things that may be shown thee
- and as thou seest by the study of those things that have been left as the compilation
of the experiences of the sage, the prophet, the peoples of old, and most of all that as HE gave thee.
For the promise to thee was, "I will come and abide with thee."
And in thine experiences of the psychic or soul forces throughout thine sojourn,
be satisfied with nothing save that He would give thee;
and may ye hear first of all, "Peace - I am with thee. Be not afraid, it is I."
And He will GUIDE thee; for His promises are to those that keep His ways.
(Q) Do I read auras correctly?
(A) Not always. Study first not that which is of the physical;
for, as we have indicated, auras are both physical and spiritual influences.
With the subjugation of the physical the spiritual shines forth.
With the exercising of the forces of the physical only these supersede; but study as in self.
Know by the feelings that PROMPT thee, as to what emanations and vibrations are created by the meditative forces,
the prayer and supplication that He guide, as He has given; and His light will guide thee
in understanding that auras are not as judgements, but that ye may know, even as He has given,
"I will put into thy mouth and into thine heart those things thou shouldst say
when it has needs be that YE are MY representatives in the earth."
(Q) In what previous appearances have I been associated with my present mother, and in what relationship?
(A) Very close in three of those relationships; in Egypt, in Persia and in Virginia.

In the one before this we find the entity was in the land of the present nativity (USA),
during those periods when there were the settlings in the land.
The entity then was among the first peoples that come to this land,
near where the entity was born or entered the present experience, in the name Kerndorf.
In that experience the entity was among those that aided in the establishing of not only
the relationships with the natives, but aided in keeping in touch with the lands
from which the peoples had come.
Hence, from that period, there has been the developing towards one that may act
in the capacity of the diplomatic service, or the ambassadorship or consulate activity would
- from the material standpoint - bring the character of relationships materially
that would aid the entity in its activity of recording such relations,
in writing histories or the like, that would prove not only helpful and enlightening,
but of inestimable value to those for whom the entity would act in such relationships.

The entity was in that land now known as the Roman,
in those periods when there was the broadening of the fields of activity
of the peoples under Antony's action.
The entity then was among those that were close to this mad ruler, at times,
and who served rather as a companion at times for and with the entity known as Antony.
And the entity, in the name Orleanes, gained and lost through the experience;
for, being in a position where duty in material things led the entity into surroundings
that brought many moral temptations, the entity yielded to the aggrandizing of the material affairs;
hence brought destructive forces for self; yet in the material sense gained much in power or position.
In the present from that period will be added to those influences innate from the individuality,
innate influences in Jupiter, Mars and Saturn, that which will - without the influence of ideal
and idealistic activity - bring destructive or unharmonious influences in the experience of the entity;
yet - with an ideal - there will be added that which will make for the innate influence of travel,
change of scenes, lands, associations, to become a real experience in the present,
bringing contentment and an ability for service that will expand the entity in its journey
towards making the manifestations of an ideal in the Creative Influences of the entity.
That experience also may in the present have much to do with tendencies towards relationships
in the spiritual activities, that may be manifested by the correlating with individuals
in religious activities or service; yet these may - as given - be made for weal or woe,
dependent upon the use an entity makes of the knowledge as to relationships of individuals,
persons, in a material world, with the spiritual influences in an entity's sojourn in the earth.

The entity was in that land known as the Persian,
during those periods when there was the return of those peoples from the land of bondage.
The entity then was among those of the land to which the peoples came,
and yet made friends with them; for the entity was among the Jebusites
that made for an activity with the peoples that came into the land;
and the entity was in the name Jureb-Elel.
In the experience the entity gained throughout, for being one in power
- by the valor of the man - the entity then, through making the peace with the peoples,
became one in power in the land, bringing peace and harmony for the duration
of the entity's experience in that land.
The entity was an associate and friend of the leader in that land, or a friend of Caleb,
and through Caleb the entity had an acquaintance with Joshua the prophet,
the mystic, the leader, the incarnation of the Prince of Peace.
In the present from the experience are the abilities to act in the capacity of a diplomat,
or consul, which may be aroused within the inner self from these experiences even.
Hence to any of those lands that the entity, over the periods of sojourn, gained prominence,
may the entity in the present prepare self for such activities.
Hence in the present, languages - and that pertaining to the relationships of nations with nations,
peoples with peoples, the requirements of the entity's own land with other lands,
being made a study of, may make for a mental attitude and a material ability
for the capacities in the directions that would be most beneficial to the moral,
mental and spiritual development of the entity.

The entity was in that land now known as Germany, or Fatherland,
during those periods when the peoples from the northern land came into that place
about what is now known as Kiel.
The entity then was among the leaders in the land that made for the abilities of the peoples
to absorb, by treaty, by the activities of the entity,
rather than being overrun or constrained to become subject in any way,
save in using the best of their abilities for the activities of the land of Oden (?) in that period.
Then the entity was one fair of hair, strong of body, rugged of countenance,
and POWERFUL in mental and physical abilities; in the name Kurdt.
In the experience the entity gained and lost, and gained;
for, as power and might and ability became heaped upon the entity for the activities
during that sojourn, there was the tendency for the turning of same into selfish motives;
and many called Kurdt cruel for the oppressions that were brought to those
who yielded not so easily to the mandates of the ruler in the experience.

As to the abilities of the entity in the present, that to which it may attain, and how:
As given, through those experiences in the mental realm innately active,
and the physical experiences in the earth, the fields of activity would lie
in relationships of peoples with peoples, and the entity acting in the capacity
- not as a go-between, as might be termed, but - as an agent or representative
of the right from its own land.
Preparing self, then, for such associations and relations, would be the requirements
in the material sense for developments in the present experience.
In the mental and spiritual world, find in self the activities ever
that are a reflection of the Creative Influences;
that may be manifested through the activities of men - of their Creator.
For, as the days draw nigh when many changes must come in the affairs of men,
find self as a champion of those causes that come from the justness of a Creative Force, or God,
that deals with the hearts and souls of men.
Make thine own paths straight in His name, for through the adherence to the calls
that may be arouses within self to be on that side, rather than enjoying the pleasures
of carnal forces for a season, may there be brought a contentment that passeth understanding.


The entity was during those periods when there were the settlings of the land (USA)
in and about that now known as Pennsylvania.
The entity then was among those that were the early young born in this particular land or environ,
from the settlers in the land; then in the name Von Rasler.
In the experience the entity gained and lost;
gained through those periods when the application of self brought understandings
both to the natives and to the young of that particular land.
And, the entity may be termed to have been among the first to establish particular periods
or places for the training of the very young in this particular field or period;
either that called the nursery or the kindergarten,
for they both developed from much of the entity's activity;
losing when there were those periods of oppression to some of the associates,
hence the entity in the present - while gifted in abilities and intuitional influences
- is often held in subjection or check by associations of individuals
whom the entity hasn't the whole confidence of, or in.

The entity was in that land now known as the Roman,
during those periods when there were the oppressions of the peoples
for a belief in a tenet that had been presented to those that sought communion
with the unseen forces and influences in a material world, from a spiritual world.
The entity then was among those of the nobility or higher classes,
that - in a manner - adopted or became much imbued with those principles
that were presented, and the contentment brought to those individuals
in the activities of the peoples; hence the entity, often halting between duty,
conscience and self-esteem, in the present finds in the mental self
those peculiar affinities as in relation to the various understandings
in sects, groups or individuals that follow some particular
or peculiar line of thought respecting the religious or spiritual life;
for, to the entity, religion and the spiritual life are often very much separate;
yet from these experiences - and the manner in which the entity
through the period sought the activity in the minds of groups,
whether young or old, upon what is now termed psychological effects psychology,
with its kindred branches of analyses, is an interesting field for research
for the entity in its mental experiences, and will offer for self much
that will bring understandings in the present, through satisfactory conditions
being made more understandable in the experience of the entity.

The entity was in that land now known as the Egyptian,
during those periods when there were turmoils in the land.
The entity then was among those that were of the household of some
that rebelled in the period, yet with the return of the priest
and the establishing of the Temple Beautiful - and those sacrifices
that were brought about and taught by the priest and the followers
- the entity became an associate in the Temple for the purification
and concentration of the efforts of the young,
for their activities in the early portion of their sojourn in that particular period.
Then in the name Nipsut, the entity GAINED throughout the experience;
and in the present through the application of the tenets of the law of One
that may be found in seeking the ways presented through closer associations
with those in the active field of such endeavors, even as in that period,
the entity may gain much for self that may bring contentment in the daily activities;
which is the greater blessing that may be the lot of any soul in an earth's experience,
for the ideals then are set - and the ways are led by the ideal,
or the guiding influences in an entity's - a soul's - life.

Keep the way open. KNOW in what thou hast believed.
Make the paths straight, and present the efforts of the mind,
with the activities of the body, in a way of service to the Creative influences
that are magnified in a work, a labor, of love.
Let each soul build its own house as if ITS beloved was to be the dweller therein.
In making such an activity there may come the joy that passeth understanding,
in the ways the Son has shown in the earth, through Him that gave,
"I will abide with those who keep my commandments."

EC: Yes. What a record!
We have the entity here, and those relations with the universe and universal forces
- that are latent and manifested in the personalities of the present entity,
now called [366].

In giving the interpretation of that we see written here by the entity
in its present experience, and in the experiences in the earth
and in the manifestations throughout the environs of the earth,
we find this rather voluminous in many ways.
This, as we find, may be gathered here as an aid to the body
in the present existence and environ, if there will be the proper interpretation
in the present, as well as from that which has been made by the entity.
And this should be, as we find, sought more and more in the experience of this entity,
as well as in others - if such information is made a part of the experience in the mental,
and through same influence what may be the manifestations of the body-activities in any given experience.
The influences that we find are rather in the appearances in the earth,
and what the body did with and about that which was known by the body respecting
the spiritual and creative laws that might be manifested in the earth
through the activity of individuals.
True, sojourns in the planets or environs of the earth have their innate bearing,
but these are rather urges than the activative forces from what the entity or soul
has done in the realm in which it finds its activity in the present.
Then, as to the experiences before this, we find:

The entity was in that land known as the French,
during those periods just before the Revolution.
The entity then, in the name Charles Characters,
gave the people much activity that was of the self-aggrandizement nature.
For, as a priest, the entity used the offices of that association to satisfy in self
not only the desires of the flesh as related to the carnal forces
but as related to building up for self a life - or rather the EXPERIENCE in life
- of ease, comfort; yet constantly taking from others that this might be supplied in self,
irrespective of their position or their own desires.
Hence in the present we find the necessity for the ministry of others to the needs of the body,
of the mind, and of those things that may surround same.
Not that it is other than meeting that thou hast imposed upon thine self,
but must wait rather on what OTHERS may do respecting that
THEY know of the law or purpose of activity in material planes.
Hence, more and more must there be builded in the self in the present less and less of self,
but more and more of the desire that the Giver of good and perfect gifts may use the body,
the conditions, the experiences of self, as an example, as a stepping-stone
in the experience of others for the knowledge of the at-oneness of universal force
or creative energies in THEIR activity towards others.
Then, self becoming as naught more and more will make for that which may be the prayer,
the supplications, the purpose, the desire of the whole being:
And realizing that He, the Christ, has not willed that any should perish:

The entity was in the land now known as the Roman,
during those periods when there were the teachings being spread in that land by the soldiery,
as well as the people that came and were sent as emissaries and missionaries to the land.
The entity then was among the soldiery that for a season (of very short duration)
saw service in Damascus and the lands adjoining there, hearing much, seeing much,
but rather using the activities of these as the jest and to make sport of same,
abusing much of the privilege granted to those in power even in a foreign land.
And when returned to the land, the entity then sought to STILL use the associations,
the relations, as sport to further self in the activities during that sojourn.
Being injured, however, in the arena, as a guard that had charge of the beasts of the field
that fought or were used as sport, the entity then became relying upon the tender mercies
of those that were of the faith, but being denied same - and suffering in body
from the injuries to the spine, the entity railed on his own people as well
as those things that had brought to the entity that which declared then
the experience in body and in mind during the sojourn; in the name Elkahein.
The entity lost during the experience, and in the present there is seen in the MENTAL reactions
the desire for reading, or information respecting sojourns of others in foreign lands,
the interest in particular kind of travel, particular kind of journeys
of peoples in offices of various natures, as well as those things pertaining
to the political relationships in varied groups or individuals of a class.
In the application at present, if there will be the turning to that which is innate within self
for the knowledge of what brings quickening to the flesh, to the mind,
the spirit may indeed be renewed in the body that there may come the more perfect knowledge
of those things that make the soul unafraid.
As to the material APPLICATION in the present from that sojourn, those things of the decorative nature
for those in service - whether in groups or a nation - may be DESIGNED by the body;
such as ornaments for uniforms of every nature.

The entity was in that land now known as the Arabian and Persian,
during those sojourns when there were the activities that brought about the rebuilding
- or building in the plains and hills the city of refuge by a leader [Uhjltd] there.
The entity then was among the Grecians, but came into the land not as the soldier;
rather as one of those that could trade with those peoples,
yet coming under the influence of the activities in the land the entity joined first
with the peoples and made for the greater development through the experiences in that sojourn.
When there was the overrunning of the land by the entity's own people, the Grecians,
the entity then joined rather with those for the self-indulgencies and self-aggrandizements
that brought destructive influences in the experience of the entity.
Yet those things that pertain to law and order, as related to the penal activities of individuals,
are in the present as an innate study in the experience of the entity.
Then the entity was known by the name Xentertle.
In the present there may be the application in self of that gained during the first portion
of that experience; that to know the Creative Forces or God is to first know self,
and how the self and the soul is related to the Creative Forces;
and that in being and in making - through the mental or material
- application of the ideas or purposes towards others is the only service,
and the STANDARD of service, that a soul may render to its Maker.
For, as has been given, the soul was made in the image of the Creator
- and thus all that is really eternal is in the mind, the soul, the body of an entity,
with the attributes - to be sure - in each realm.
Hence, as the body itself may ask here, from the VISIONS it has had of its own past experiences
and of some of those things necessary for the development:
What manner of body does the soul take?
What hast thou builded, mine son? Have the activities been such that the adjectives
used to describe the character of self apply to a soul that may be warped here,
may be in littleness, purposelessness, or that may grow and blossom
as the lily of the valley or as the rose of Sharon?

The entity was in that land known as, or called, the Atlantean,
during those periods when the preparations were being made for the people
that were of the One, who knew that destruction was nigh
- through the activities and warnings that had come to those in the lead or power,
the teachers and ministers.
Yet the entity, not of self alone but for the satisfying of the body,
chose rather to attempt to play the better part in each camp,
or each activity; and with the first of the destructive forces Axtel
- as known then - was among the first to fall and lose the body-life in the experience.
Hence, the entity lost and gained;
yet from that period in the present comes much that pertains to the electrical forces and powers,
that will not only be helpful to the body in its present environ,
but the entity may apply same as in relation to the preparation of those things
that may be builded for body-adornment; or that may be added to make for the body- physical
and the mental attributes in relationships of individuals a hopeful and helpful activity.
Yet the mental-mind, the soul, is warped by the experiences through that sojourn.

As to what the entity may attain in the present, and how:
It has been given, there ever stands before the souls of men the choice to be made
as to whether ye will be the servants of that which satisfies the desires of the material
or carnal forces, or that which satisfies the desires of the spirit that the Lord and His glory
may be manifested through the activities of self in a material world - and that the glories of the body
in its activities, with its associations, may aid in bringing to bear and in bringing about those things
that will bring peace and harmony and joy to many. These things create harmony and understanding.
May the entity know in whom it has believed, knowing that - as ever - He is able to keep that committed unto Him
against any experience or hardship that may arise in the experience of any soul.
Be faithful to that thou knowest in thine heart to do. Though the heavens fall,
though the earth may pass away, in His own time He will draw thee - wilt thou but show thy WILLINGNESS to be drawn;
but not against thine better or thine inner self.
Make known to the Giver of light thy willingness, thy purposefulness, and those things of the mental
will build such an experience that the rebellions, the secular forces, the desires for the self-aggrandizement,
may be eliminated; which may only be done in Him, for He paid the price for all; He gave the life.
Wilt thou trust thy life, thy soul, into His keeping?

In the urges as are seen from the experiences in the earth's plane,
we will find many of those conditions that often bother the entity in the PRESENT experience.
Hence those injunctions that may be given here, and through the experience and urge
that to develop the entity must hold ever first and foremost that of Oneness with the Creative Energy
in life, in death, in the inter-between - for it is not all of life to live,
nor all of death to die for one is the birth of the other when viewed from the whole or center,
and is but the experience of the entity in its transition from and
to that universal center from which ALL radiation is given.
In the appearances then:

In that period when the western country now known as Chicago was then a fort (USA).
[GD's note: French & Indian Wars? The fort later known as Dearborn?]
The entity then among those who sought refuge there from the wars without and within.
Not only of the mental and moral conditions, but of the physical forces as applied to those settlers.
The entity then the companion of Bainbridge [294] in the escape from that fort,
losing the life in the waters of that river known as Ohio.
The urge as is seen from same, the loathsomeness to even VIEW those portions of the country,
seeking rather the eastern or far western portion of this land;
yet that innate feeling that WERE the entity to see, view, experience any living act
in this portion there would come something not satisfactory;
yet the love of outdoors and of nature is the conflicting urge from this experience.
Gaining - losing - gaining - losing - through this experience.
Gaining through those things suffered for a principle.
Losing through holding of malice and of the determination to get even. Can't be done! [Rom. 12:19]
[ See EC's dream rdg. 294-101 saying he should protect [369] this time, in thought-purpose.]

In that land when Charles the Second [of England] was the exile in France.
The entity then among those who gave aid and succor to that ruler,
and the entity then in the name Charmain, gained much favor with that ruler,
bringing much good to the life and to the experiences of those whom the entity contacted
in the way of succor to the faithful and to the unfaithful mercy, and the entity gained
through this experience, though the entity was treated badly, in the manner, by this ruler,
yet the even not holding malice or thought of being mistreated brought to the entity
not only the help of others but development in that period.

In that Trojan period when there was war made in the land and the city was besieged.
The entity then among those who ministered especially to the keepers at the gates.
Then in the name Pamn, and the entity gained through this experience,
finding much in peoples, positions, conditions, to study and wonder about;
yet keeping true to that desire set in self - to remain unspotted from the world
though beset on every hand, yet remaining true in every sense to self and to others.
Gaining, then, through this experience.

In that period when there were the wars in the land when Xenophon led the peoples into the Arabian land.
The entity was among those taken in the charges and working to the defense of land
and peoples wrought havoc among the peoples that were invading.
Then in the name Isael, and the entity lost through this experience.
Though giving self in service of others, yet to the confounding of self's own principles,
and the loss of confidence in men in high places, in low places, in power and in high stations,
brought much to the detriment of the entity.
The urge again seen in the present through that of wonder often at the acts and causes of actions in others.
WELL - from this experience - that the entity abstain in body from that which would bemuddle the brain.

In that land when the nomads entered into the land of Croesus and took those of that land as hostage for the tribes.
The entity then the ruler's daughter, and in that school or that place so raided by the peoples,
and the entity then taken as the hostage for Uhjltd, [294] the leader in this raid,
and held as same by this leader until taken from him by the next in charge [195] and there remained.
In the experience of the entity then in the name Elia, that horror of being forced into any action,
whether of mental, physical, political, or any condition of subject to another's will.
The entity lost through this experience, to the detriment of self,
to the low dreg that of taking life in the way to satisfy self;
not in defense of principle or of self, country or position;
yet in the early portion of the life giving much to many in many ways.

In that land when the divisions rose in the land.
The entity then the lawful wife of the priest [294] who forsook those that had been set in the right way
for those conditions set in the temple. The entity then in the name Asua.
In the development the entity lost and gained and lost through this experience.
Faining then to gain that lesson that was made by the ruler and the scribe
to those that brought these conditions in the experience of the entity,
for the entity then lost faith in self and in those who made profession
to lead others toward that knowledge of the higher forces in earth through man's relation to the Creator.
In the urge as is seen, LITTLE of religious thought that may not be reasoned from the vision of the entity's experience.
Hence that injunction that faith must be builded in self, would the entity
[if the entity would] create or radiate faith for others.

In the abilities then, there are seen many conflicting conditions in the entity's experience;
yet, as is seen, when all are weighed - that in the gathering of that in mental or in physical force
that brings succor, aid, understandings, or the better relations of self toward good for GOOD'S sake,
and that that good may be turned into, that condition of making each entity One with the Creative Energy
from which all come and all go, unless through self's OWN will becomes separated from Him.
Keep that faith in self and in Him, for in Him comes strength,
through applying that KNOWN to be right.
Gain knowledge, then, of Him through those forces that set thee near to him [[294] - EC]
through whom the faith was lost in self, bringing to others that faith through those lessons gained
and given to those who seek - through counsel - to understand those relations
of man to Creator and Creator to man, for all are One in Him,
and we of the faith must be in Him.
Keep that committed unto thee against that day.

The entity was nigh unto the land of the present nativity (USA),
or in the land of the present sojourn of the entity
(or the land to which the entity came rather as a sojourner
and in which there has been the greater activity).
It was during the periods when those portions of Alabama
were settled by the French peoples that were of the Napoleonic War.
The entity then was among those peoples that settled in portions of Central Alabama,
then in the name Ruel Dueten.
In the experience the entity, though young in years, made for MATERIAL ADVANCEMENTS.
For as there were the advantages of a new land making for the abilities of expression
of those who took thought or counsel for those things within self wherein development might come,
during those periods the entity advanced in the mental and the material way.
Hence in the present there may be found those activities wherein the entity deals with those
that are of the soil, or those who PRODUCE those things from the soil; as a storekeeper,
as a political advisor, as one who would direct activities.
THESE are the inclinations and the OPPORTUNITIES for the entity, as it were,
to undo much wrong done in those experiences.
For each experience is PURPOSED for a growth, but does each seed in the earth grow
to its best each time it is sown? or does it fall under this or that environ and thus become ruled
by those thoughts of man that have been given the CHARGE to subdue the earth and the fulness thereof?
[Gen. 1:28] that ye (man) may know the ways of the Creator,
that ye may prepare thy soul for companionship with Him.
Hence in thy dealings with thy fellow man in the present, HOLD FAST to that which is set in Him,
and know that "As ye sow, so shall ye reap." [Gal. 6:7]
And, "With what measure ye mete, it will be measured to thee again." [Mat. 7:2]
And, "As ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them." [Mat. 7:12]
For these are not merely sayings, but may become EXPERIENCES of those that WILL
but apply them in their dealings with their fellow man.
Not by words, but by deeds.

The entity was in that land, that experience, when the Master walked in the earth.
The entity then was among the Roman soldiery; NOT of those that were of the crowds
that made for the crucifying, but those that came to FILL the places of those
that rebelled and drew away because of the experiences in the activities
of those at that time - then in the name Pontuos.
In the experience the entity fought most within self, for the activities
that were ABOUT the entity convinced his mental mind of those experiences;
yet the needs or desires of the flesh made for those things that produced
the subduing of the better influences towards those CONVINCING experiences of the body.
In the latter portion of the sojourn, when the entity became associated with those
to whom the entity had been sent, to persecute, down at Joppa [Acts 9, 10]
(for THERE the entity was among the Roman guards who were to subdue those
that were among those gatherings of the church and of the nobler women),
the entity succumbed to not only the deeds of mercy, the deeds of charity,
the deeds of kindness shown to those roundabout, but to the beauty of body,
the sincerity of purpose, the fearlessness even in those galling ways
in which the soldiery acted in the presence and TO those that were of the faith.
Hence the entity became an outcast; for renouncing its Roman allegiance,
it became then one undecided; yet strong sufficient to meet even those in the arena
later in its experience, as not a fighter of beasts but of men.
In the present those experiences become as a background or portion of that sought.
Hence the tendency in the entity's associations to question those that are teachers
or ministers of various groups of individuals, to bring up arguments,
and - most of all - to seek as to what the relationships of the fair sex
are to those of the various groups and these are sought in the entity's experience.
These may be well, but they may also become stumblingblocks if they are used
for self's own indulgences.

Before that we find the entity was in the land now known as the Egyptian,
during those periods when there were turmoils and strifes, and the banishment of the Priest.
The entity was among those who chose to be sent with the groups following the Priest
into what is now the Abyssinian land.
With the return of the Priest to Egypt, the entity sought the office of ministering
to those peoples in Abyssinia; later becoming an emissary to same,
when there had been the establishing of the schools (as would be termed today),
the hospitals, the various arts that made for not only the material associations of man
with man but through same the offices of the preparations of the MIND
for a greater expression of the Creative Forces in man's relationship with same.
The entity lost in the latter portion; gaining through a portion,
but when the activities were turned for self-aggrandizement and self-indulgences,
these became as stumblingblocks to the entity.
The name then was Ish-Pht-El.

As to the abilities of the entity in the present, and that to which it may attain, and how:
First, find self, self's relationship to that which is stable and is creative in thy experience.
Know what is thy ideal. And hold to that.
Do not find FAULT with thy brother, for in doing so ye weaken thine own ability for resistance.
Rather be patient, be kind, be gentle; showing forth those things in thy daily relationships
with others that bespeak of those forces, those influences, thou didst experience
as the Roman soldier.
Fight the good fight for 'the faith.'
Study to show self APPROVED unto that which IS thy ideal,
rightly dividing the words of truth, keeping SELF unspotted from
that thou dost question in another. [2 Tim. 2:15] [Jas. 1:27]
(Q) How may I reconcile my domestic situation with my life outside of home?
(A) As indicated, know in what thou believest and hold fast to that.
Do not find fault, for when thou findest fault in thy relationships with others,
the greater fault is within thee.
Keep CLEAN thyself, and thou wilt make for GREATER relationships in EVERY way and manner.

The entity was in the land of the present environments (USA),
and among those called the Indians; being a medicine man,
with the abilities to direct, the abilities to use nature's activities
for the controlling of and the directing of the activities of many of its peoples.
With change of environs we find there was not exactly a banishment of the entity,
but rather it was the choice of the entity through the experience to attempt to gain the broader associations
with other groups through the lands of its present nativity.
Thus we find the entity innately, and manifestedly, is acquainted with those activities,
naturally, of many groups, of many places; whether it pertains to peoples and their activities
or to the abilities for the production of things as would be used for conveniences or as means for barter or exchange.
The entity is a home-building body, from those experiences; yet apparently the activities were such as to belie same.
But it is the union of strength as was sought by the entity that makes for those influences in the present,
bringing the binding of those associated in union activities, in whatever environ it may be.

Before that we find the entity was in the English land, as now known, during those periods
of the early expansion of that land; when there were the turmoils with not only those
of the Norse land but of the Huns,
as well as those peoples who came from the southernmost portion of what is now called the European land.
The entity was among the Vikings, the peoples strong in might and power; giving to the peoples
and to those activities many sons and daughters during that sojourn; in the name Sarah Shugonaught.
From that household arose the groups from which there has materially come the blood
of those who are in force and power in that land today.
Hence as we find, virility, vitality, - yet those fears, and conditions which have come into
the experience of injuries at times to the extremities of the body;
as these were sources of disturbance to the entity through that experience.
In the present from that sojourn we will find the abilities to judge activities or labors of others,
the abilities of others to act in the capacity of messengers, peacemakers or the like,
and the inclination for the entity to judge activities of others in whatever sphere or range of service
that may be a part of others in their associations.
These may be for good or they may be for bad.
Find not fault, but give rather of self in creating - by thought as well as activity
- the environ for constructive influence.

The entity was in the land now known as the Promised Land,
during those periods when there were those activities in which there was the besieging of the land
by the Assyrians; when the entity's peoples were carried away into captivity,
for the entity was a granddaughter then of the King of Judah.
Thence the entity was of the royal household, as it were; in the name Zephefna.
In the experience the entity suffered many hardships, yet making for
- in the land to which the peoples were taken - many of those experiences
and conditions that brought betterments for the entity's peoples;
by the very abilities as a soothesayer,
as a reader of the signs in the skies as well as in the sands.
For the entity was not a soothesayer but an astrologer in that land, during its sojourn there.
Hence the like or love of freedom arises from that experience; also the abilities to meet situations.

The entity was in the Egyptian land,
during those periods when there were the disturbances, the turmoils.
There we find the entity, during the banishment of the Priest, undertook to use the tenets
as had been a part of the Priest's activity, to turn same into self's own use,
to gain a position and a place.
These brought disturbing forces in the experience of the entity, and only with the variations as arose,
through the return of the Priest and the activities of the Atlanteans,
was the opportunity brought for the entity to so conduct itself in that experience
as to again gain favor with those in position, or individuals in the position of trust
and of religious as well as educational activity.
There we find the entity was in the name Aarr-tenta; close, of course, to the Native activity,
yet of a Native descent AND of the peoples coming in from the Persian land.

As to the abilities of the entity in the present, and that to which it may attain, and how:
First, as to how; know that, as ye have experienced through thy material sojourns,
each entity has its job, as well as its privilege, its opportunity, and these are to be used purposefully
and not for a selfish motive but in those directions as may be in the glorifying of that cause or purpose
or creative force for which, for the indwelling with which, each is preparing self.
Thus in the manner as ye treat thy fellow man, so ye do to thy Maker.
Study then to show thyself approved unto thy Maker, a workman not ashamed;
but rightly EVALUING the experiences, and His promises in thy association with thy fellow man.
Thus ye may bring harmony as well as constructive forces into the experience of those
with whom ye associate day by day.
Then, love ye righteous judgement.
(Q) Why have I never had any children?
(A) Not meant to be in this experience.
(Q) Would you advise my husband and I to adopt one? and if so, where should we go for the child?
(A) In those institutions where these are cared for. As is thy prompting, KNOW the history of such an one;
but by ALL means adopt one - or two.
(Q) Would my husband's mother be happier living with us than in her own home living by herself?
(A) If there is the adoption, do not have others. If there is not, be very well. WE would choose the child.
(Q) Should we buy the building we are in now, or have our home outside and Dr. [589]'s office downtown in an office building?
(A) This, too, should depend upon the choice. If it is for the building or making of a home and that environ for others,
then a home outside; not own the building, but a home.
(Q) Who can Dr. [589] get as an assistant in the office, one he can trust, so his work will be lighter?
(A) This should be approached from other sources or channels, for it is only of a passing interest to the entity;
but should be from the Des Moines school.

The entity was in the land of nativity, during those periods when there were the gatherings of those
that would defend an ideal in a foreign or in the native land - or during the Crusade era.
The entity then, in the name Schllenger, made for developments; being among those in the Crusade army,
and GAINED through the experience. For, with ideals - and the mental and physical body attuned
to carry these out, the soul and mental development must ensue; though the body-physical
may suffer or may be counted, from earth standards, as a failure.
Rather did the entity, though, gain mentally, materially, physically, through the experience;
rising in power, even in the land of the Moslems, and in those periods gained in the abilities
to merit the better thought even of the persons, individuals or groups that were pitted at war
against the entity and the group.
The entity became as a leader, and assisted in establishing relations that became helpful
to both the defeated and winner in those expeditions.
In the present experience this thought of the Moslems is of a PECULIAR interest to the entity,
as is the varied thought pertaining to spiritual life, making for an ability that is indicated
through the mental forces as a director, leader, overseer and counselor to men in material affairs,
in those things that deal with things and peoples, and their relationships one to another.

The entity was in that period when there were the gatherings in the land known as the Roman,
when there was the distributing and gathering together of those that would embrace a tenet, a thought, a purpose.
The entity then was among those that were in the senate of that land and those peoples;
hence one in power, in the name Romanolau.
In the experience the entity gained and lost;
for the entity remained true to that to which it had ever pledged itself through the experience,
yet not hardened, not wavered, by those acts or activities of the peoples through the land.
The entity in MATERIAL things lost through the latter portion of experience,
but gained much in the spiritual,

for the entity gained in the services expended for country and for the peoples.
The losses were only in creating hates that arose with some in higher positions.
In the present from the experience may the entity gain in the application of LAW,
as pertains to peoples in their relations one with another; and also in that which may pertain
to speculation, when applied to exchange in varied lands or country - but in commodities, no.

The entity was in that land now known as the Egyptian,
in the period when there were the gatherings of the peoples for the return of the banished priest.
The entity then was among those that were the keepers of the Temple, and in the name Ptli-Ilo.
In the experience the entity lost and gained; lost during the experience when there were
the attempts to be on both sides at once; gained when, with the return of the priest,
the entity made personal application of self to the building up of the understanding
of the spiritual laws - and of the relationships of man to man by such laws.
In the present, through that pertaining to history, writing, overseeing,
may the entity make the channel through which the material affairs may advance,
through which the soul and spiritual forces may have the opportunity for the greater advancement.
In every soul this should be a warning and a direction:

DO ever in self that thou knowest to be right, though it may make of self even an outcast to thine neighbor.
Know in whom thou hast believed, for the spirit of Right guards those who choose His way in directing the mental and material life.

The entity was during those periods when there was the entering in of those peoples (USA)
that came as settlers to the land near the entity's present entering;
not OF the Dutch people, but WITH those peoples.
Hence, the entity was called, or would be materially classed among those that first settled
in what is now lower Manhattan.
And there have been periods when the entity in its visions, through those periods of sleep,
has appeared to be living over some of those conditions, those experiences during that period;
not of Stuyvesant's rule, but at or near the time when the changes were made in the exchange
of the island for those in the northern portion of South America.
The entity then gained through those experiences, for the entity rose in power to a place
that in the present would be called a political office; yet in that period was rather the service of the recorder
of those settlings and those holdings of the peoples, gradually rising to the position
where all came to look to the entity (then in the name Carl Herberger) as a settler of differences
- or a judge - in the period.
In the present this has made the ability for the entity to often act in the capacity
of an intermediary where differences of opinions have arisen among groups,
whether closely associated with self or those known rather in the social manner.
Hence there might have been in the present experience an advantageous activity for self
in the defining of law; yet - from other experiences - there has ever been
that which has made in self the undesirability to become one that would set self up as a judge.
In this experience also comes much of the abilities in self to judge human nature
from an intuitive or a mental point of view, that makes for an exceptional counsel by the entity
to many in its activity; the affability, the sociability, the ability to be a salesman arises from that experience.

The entity was in that land now known as the Fatherland (Germany),
during those periods when there were the gatherings of individuals
to act as a body in the defense of an ideal - or during the Crusade that was started from this land.
The entity then was among those who joined in, and went in person to those lands about the Holy Land;
and the entity served its fellow man, and served the purpose to which those peoples
had been called - in the name Lebowitzch.
In the experience the entity gained and lost, and was among the few that returned to the home land
- while broken in body, disappointed in people.
This made for the doubts and fears, and was the period during the experience that may be counted
as a period of retrogression.
Yet, as there arose those that began to give rather the freedom of interpretations to the visions
of those that sought through the words as left through the saints and patriarchs of old,
the entity rose to self's inner visions - and became a power for good in reestablishing those lands
particularly around that which has been known in later periods as Essen and Frankfort-on-the-Main;
and established relationships with other lands in the declining sojourn in that experience.
At present we find capabilities in the associations of others and the entity,
dealing with abilities of entities or individuals in recording their associations one with another.
Hence also the inclination towards making THINGS that have to do with such relationships,
being a part of the entity's inner make-up. And abilities also to BALANCE self in the mental,
the material, the social, and all activities in the earth's experience.
Hence the entity is a good player as well as a good worker, yet may never speculate to any great success
- but rather to the detriment of self - from such associations in that experience.

The entity was in that land known as the Roman,
during those periods when there was the accepting and presenting of those tenets
to those peoples of the land, from that land which had been attempted to be subdued in the period.
The entity then was among those that were in secondary power when Nero ruled in the land,
and the entity - in the name Pomllomo - had charge of those records that were kept as reports
from the varied tetrarchs throughout the lands that were subdued or put under service
- or surveillance - by the Caesars of the period.
The entity lost and gained, through the attempt to be impartial, undesirous of working against
the activities of the ruler; yet the inner sympathies were with that experienced by the entity
through the various travels that were necessary to make the closer associations
with the representatives in the varied lands.
Then the entity became associated with many of those that are in the entity's own household in the present,
and their contacts, their aids, their fallings away, are necessary for the developments of all
so associated in the present.

The entity was in that land now known as the Persian,
during those periods when there were the gatherings of many peoples,
during those sojourns of those gathered for the aid in body as received
from the teacher in the hills.
The entity then was among those that came from what was the Grecian land,
coming under the influence; for he was healed in body through the contact
in that period with Uhjltd, the leader of this particular peoples;
and the entity rose to a place of prominence, then, as would be termed today
(or importance, as in that period), for he made associations and connections
between those of the various lands for the exchange of the commodities,
and aided those to establish an association that became helpful to all in that period.
Hence in the present those things that have to do with influences upon the physical activities
are of particular interest to the entity, and bring for self much that is most satisfactory
in its mental contemplation of the activities in a mental life of an individual.
Not as religion, but as an outgrowth of the thoughts of individuals from their contact
or association with that which is religious thought.

The entity was in that land known as the Egyptian,
during those periods when turmoils and strifes arose.
The entity then was among those that were called in from that land known as the Atlantean,
to act as the mediator between the natives and the king and the priest at the time.
The entity was among those that were banished with the priest,
yet remained true to those tenets that were brought during those sojourns in the Nubian land;
returning with the priest, aiding in the re-establishing of the Temple Beautiful,
the Temple of Records, and the beginnings of the distribution of the tenets or aids
as they were given out to others - in the name Hept-supht.
In the experience the entity gained, for he was among those that later became
the supervisors in the building of the Pyramid that is the mystery as yet - today.

As to the abilities of the entity in the present, that to which it may attain - and how:
As seen, there remains that self finds self's associations and relations with the Creative Forces,
that build towards the understanding of the relationships of man manifesting the Creative Forces
of a material world, and man's relationship to man.
Keep the ways open, that the voice of those that aided in the activities
through the sojourns in the earth may reach the inner self;
thus arousing the inner man - or the soul - to its OWN possibilities
in the present; materially, mentally, spiritually.

The entity was in the land of the present nativity (USA),
during those periods when there were the first settlings in and about Baltimore;
when there were the settlers with portions of the family of that one to whom
the grant of this new land was given - and in the name of those for whom this city
or town was called.
The entity's birth in that experience was upon the outskirts of what is now Baltimore.
And in the name Marion Maurice, the entity's activities brought about much that dealt
with the preparations for the laying out or the building of a social life
for those in and about the first portions of the city now called Baltimore.
In the experience the entity gained and lost, through those associations and activities
dealing with the changes in the environs and characterizations of those who formed
the first portions of the peoples' settlings in that particular land.
Especially were these through the divisions that first arose among those regarding
the separations of the church and state.
For in the activities there was to be the establishing of a certain characterization
in the religious forces, and the entity was among those who had chosen other ideas and activities.
Yet in the latter portion of the entity's experience there came a development.
For much of that in tolerance, much of that in patience, which has been found to be so often necessary
in the dealings, associations and activities of the entity in the present,
arises from those experiences in the latter portion of that sojourn.
The mother in the present [761] was associated with the entity in that particular period,
for they were as the older and younger sister.
This has made in the present a dependency, as it were, one upon the other in those characterizations of associations;
that were as the experience in the latter portion of the entity's sojourn then.
In the present from that sojourn we find those abilities to deal with individuals
that are of different faiths, environs or associations;
yet in such ways and manners as to make friends even with those whom the entity holds quite different opinions
with regarding even the moral or spiritual or mental life of such individuals.

The entity was in those activities of the Palestine or Promised land,
during those periods when the Master walked among men.
The entity then was among those women who in the latter portion of His sojourn journeyed from afar;
being of those who came to the sojourns in the land from the teachings the Master
had given to those about the well, in the land of the Samaritan peoples.
The entity was not of the household of that one spoken to,
but rather the associate and companion of one of those who joined
in the message given by the woman at the well.
Throughout the experience, then, the entity gained much in the mental and spiritual aspects of its sojourn;
while to those peoples (and according to the present day of thought) the entity became one who wandered,
as it were, from place to place.
It became a singer, a dancer, that there might be the wherewithal that more and more of the messages,
more and more of the teachings of THIS man, might be a part of the entity's experience.
Hence in the activity the entity became, in the latter portion of the experience,
joined with those who met in the upper chamber.
And the feelings, the innate expressions that arise in the entity from the reading
of those particular activities in the first chapters recorded in Acts,
have to the entity a significance that is not experienced in other portions;
save in those that deal with the visits of the man of Galilee,
the man who walked among His fellow man that others might be shown
the way for the more perfect understanding.
Then the entity was in the name Phoebe, and in the latter portion of the entity's sojourn
- when the persecution activities began in the city, the entity again journeyed
into the land of its birth, or into Galilee, to become associated rather with Andrew,
Bartholomew, Jude, and those who became the ministers in that land.
Then the entity acted in the capacity of one to aid in bringing the words
that had been gained by such associations to those that were in despair in body,
in mind, and those that were troubled in spirit.
Hence the abilities as a nurse, as one that may tend the sick, as one that may bring help
to those that are in trouble. The entity INNATELY, manifestedly, finds these
as a portion of its experience in the present.

The entity was in the land now known as the Arabian or Persian,
during those periods when there were the activities in the "city in the hills and in the plains."
It was when many of the peoples gathered from the various lands to draw about
those of the city as builded there.
The entity was among the Persians who came to the groups and to the activities,
enjoined in ministering to the needs of those who came from afar.
Hence the entity finds in the present that entertaining of strange conditions, strange people,
and those things arising from unusual experiences become as a part of the entity's activity.
Throughout the experience the entity gained, for it became one that was the interpreter
to many peoples who came for aid and help.
And again the entity acted in the capacity of what would be termed the recording nurse
(if it were termed or given a name today), in the associations and activities about
the "city in the hills and in the plains."
The name then was Marcelia.
In the present from that sojourn we find those things pertaining to the activities associated
with the interpretations for individuals of those activities that would depict
the motivative influences in individuals' lives, become a part of the entity's OWN development.

The entity was in the land now known as the Egyptian,
during those periods when there were the preparations for the activities that ensued
after the establishing of the associations and teachings in that particular period
with other lands.
The entity was among those who were prepared through the activities in the Temple of Sacrifice;
and through the Temple Beautiful did the entity pass in its initiation - or its confirmation,
as might be termed in the present - for its activities as a ministry to those in other lands.
Hence in the present may be seen those influences, those forces in which the entity in its study,
in its reading, reads of, desires to read of, is a portion of, those things having to do
with peoples of other lands.
Also the desire for travel that has been innate in the entity;
the ability for depicting that which has been told the entity
of other cities, of other places, of other lands.
The entity is able to and capable of visualizing same,
from those experiences through which the entity passed in that particular land.
Then the entity was of the NATIVES of the land, being among those of the native king's household
- the King who was dethroned when Arart was made the ruler in the land.
In the name then Ah-pet-et, the entity gained throughout.
For in its whole activity there was the preparation and the activity in ministering
to the needs of others throughout its sojourn.

As to the abilities of the entity in the present, then, and that to which it may attain and how:
Hold fast to that thou hast set as thine ideal throughout thine experiences in the earth sojourns.
For thou hast seen the activities in Egypt for the ministry to the fellow man,
for the hope of that as might be builded in the experience of each individual soul
for its relationship to the Creative Forces.
Thou hast seen and been active in the ministry and interpreting for thy fellow man in the
'city in the hills and in the plains.'
These thou hast seen confirmed in that thou didst learn in the hills when JESUS passed by!
Keep, then, the faith; knowing that in Him is the light, the way.
Those things that ye Minister in thine associations with thy fellow man,
TEMPER them with mercy in judgment as thou hast seen and heard throughout
thy experiences in the earth.
For thy star has not set but ARISES in Him, for the way is clear before thee!

The entity was in that land known as the French,
yet not wholly considered of that peoples, but rather one of an English peoples
that settled or lived (the entity lived) in the French environ,
during those periods of the Louis's - in 14th and 15th.
The entity in that experience was among those associated with the peoples
in power in diplomatic relationships, as well as in the social relations that were brought about
by the environ and experiences of the entity in that appearance, in the name Marcelia.
In the experience the entity gained and lost; gained through those efforts
in attempting to keep an even balance of self and those with and to whom the entity was related;
losing in holding grudges against those that - to the entity - disobeyed
or took no thought of the material relationships or social activities in the experience.
Hence, in the present, the ability - when not watching self - to, and tendency to,
hold grudges against those with whom the entity - in material things - differs,
as to the mental or social activities of individuals.

The entity was in that experience among the Persian peoples
that were overrun by the nomads, when there was the establishing
of the relationships of the teacher in the Persian land.
The entity was among those that were taken captive, and among those spared
to later return to those peoples that were established as teachings, healings.
And, when the city began to take shape in PERMANENT activities,
the entity was among those that were of the teachers and ministers
that came to the city for aid, through the teachings of the leader in that land.
While suffering in body and mind (in the earthly experiences) in captivity,
the entity gained throughout the period; for the lending of self
in succor, aid, teaching, ministering to those weak in body,
distressed in mind, brought contentment, peace, harmony,
happiness to the entity in the experience, then in the name Vestal.
In the present there is the DOUBLE-urge that is manifest in the material activities of the body:
The INNATE interests in those forces that pertain to the intuitional or psychic influences
in the activities of the body.
And as related to ministering to the ills of others, and to the abilities of instruction
- as from mental forces, or mental proclivities and activities of others.

The entity was in that land now known as the Egyptian,
during those periods when there was the establishing of the uprisings in mental,
in material, in spiritual relationships of the peoples,
after the return of the priest to the land.
The entity then was among those who returned with the priest to the land,
and became associated in the Temple Beautiful in the services of the sacrifices
that were offered there, as pertaining to the physical development
by the banishment of those activities that in the PRESENT are called mental thoughts,
but that HAD in that experience those activities or manifestations
in the FORMS of man AND animal activity in the flesh.
Then the entity was not only of the temple service activity,
but also ministered in the service as pertained to the music
that was made for the altar, and the sacrificial services in the temple.
This made for a development for the entity, in the name Lillithepth.
In the present, the ROTE of service - the RHYTHM of service,
as pertains to religious thought or nature, arises from that experience;
and there are periods when, either in music or in HUMMING - when alone,
there arises in self's INNER being the thoughts or FEELINGS
of being SURROUNDED by other influences as from the shedding
of those conditions in the temple service.

As to the abilities of the entity in the present, and that to which it may attain - and how:
Through the application of self, through those relationships as developed mental
and physical and material in the earth's experiences, are seen those activities
that become most appealing to the entity - from natural and supernatural causes - in the present.
When these are kept in accord with the developments toward constructive or creative,
or spiritual, or GOD directed forces, then development, harmony, PEACE, comes.
Keep, then, rather in those activities; that they may bring to self, to associates,
to relationships, that which may ever make for growing in grace, in knowledge,
in understanding - and putting ON the whole ARMOR of the Lord.
(Q) Am I doing the work that I should do in the place that I should be?
(A) In the ACCEPTED thought, as we have just outlined, that the entity adapts self to conditions,
to environs, and does take advantage of opportunities WITHOUT taking advantage of friendships.
Then, these will work together for the best. Keep on.
(Q) Am I too indifferent about making decisions or do I take the line of least resistance
and accept a situation because it appears to be the only way?
(A) As given, hew to that line - rather - wherein there is known to be constructive influences
or creative activities; whether this BECOMES the line of least resistance or the necessary using
of that determination that is innately and manifestedly set in self to carry on.
The CARRYING ON is the development. He that would shirk a responsibility becomes the backslider.
(Q) Am I too easily satisfied with my school?
Should I make more effort to build it up by soliciting or other business methods?
(A) As the conditions and circumstances, and as the developments come to self
along the lines of thought that may be gained by self from the study of self
through the various relationships as presented here, the how, the why,
and the way to build it up WILL be presented.

The entity was in that land or place near the activities of the entity in the present (USA).
Hence, to the entity, the environs of New York - or New Amsterdam, as it was then,
- are the center of activities for those of whatever nature that may be the influences
in a commercial or a financial structure of forces;
yet there must be learned by the entity that these oft change.
For, the entity will be found in the present going west and growing up with that which becomes
the activity in the entity's endeavors in this present experience.
Then, the entity was in the name Keutchler;
and the activities were in laying out the plans of much that to the entity,
in walking over those grounds in Manhattan that life between Bleeker and 14th Streets,
becomes familiar ground.
As to the activities in the present from that experience:
The abilities to meet and act with groups, and to direct men, individuals,
in their activities as to relationships with others.
For, in the capacity of the overseer and director
- which included everything from farming to manufacturing, in the experience
- the entity gained and lost. Gained in that which came as constructive influence
in the experience of self and for the benefit of others.
Lost in the self-aggrandizing of interests that made for giving self power over others,
through the position held.
Hence, as is seen in the present, oppression
- or to tell the entity that he can't, then he will or raise hell!

The entity was in that experience
when there were those activities in that land 
now known as the Roman,
when there was the expansion of the lands.
The entity then acted in the capacity of the proletariat in those fields
that are now portions of Palestine and a portion of Persia;
coming under those influences of the period, and the expansion of business associations
and relations that brought the use of those conditions or things made in the various lands
that came to be exchanged in the various portions of the country.
Then, in the name Polarneao, the entity gave much to those peoples
with whom the entity worked or labored, both in the land in which the entity labored
and to those peoples to whom the entity saw that the peoples of the land paid tribute.
When there arose the rebellions in the land, in those periods of A.D. 90 to 110,
the entity then, in attempting to bring peace, brought for self and others destructive influences.
Hence in the present the entity is rarely to be the peacemaker; he will take sides!
In the present from that experience we find much of the abilities to judge
as to any field of activity that is good for the purposes for which it is chosen,
and as to whether it does - or will - fill a place in the experiences of men.
This is one of the best abilities of the entity in the present, too!

The entity was in that land now known as the Egyptian,
during those periods when there were the activities of those peoples
returning to the Promise Land.
The entity then was among those that had been sent into, or had gone into,
the Egyptian land rather than into the Syrian or Persian land.
And when there had been the re-establishing of the Holy City under Zerubbabel,
and when the second decree of Cyrus included those of the Egyptian land,
the entity then - in the name Ajphtr - joined in, in returning to those peoples.
And being of the families of the Gershonites,
the entity was chosen as the keeper of that cast into the treasury
- and of that laid aside by the priests and those that brought offerings;
whether peace offering, wave offering, free offering, these were turned in to Ajphtr,
and the entity kept account, kept a record that was worthy of being
even made note of by Cyrus, Xerxes and others in the land.
And much gold came into the hands of the entity during the experience,
as it will in the present - through the associations, contributions that will be made
in associations with those things that deal with the natural mental element
that makes for the closer relationships of individuals to conditions, and in groups.

The entity was in the Egyptian land
during those periods when there were the uprisings from the banishing of the priest.
The entity then was among the peoples that were chosen to see that the priest,
and those joining with him, were kept in surveillance to the demands
and the decrees of the king; not only in Egypt but in the Abyssinian land
to which those peoples were banished.
Under those directions of the priest (as developments arose in Abyssinia
and there came the periods when peace was made, so that the priest
with the activities returned to the Egyptian land proper,
and there began the buildings of the pryamids,
the rebuilding and re-enacting of the temple worship,
and the laying out of and the building of the sphinx
- and the opening of the Nile and the other canals,
that Hathersput also had laid out later) much activity was brought to the entity,
for the entity became then the first overseer of those peoples that labored
with the priest and with the king; and directing the commercial activities.
Yet, the entity draws from those very associations - that come in the present
- the entity's relationships to the spiritual life.
The entity gained throughout the experience, for the gradual developments
in the mental and the material brought contentment;
and the entity lived to an age - as would be called in the present an old man
- 249 years old.
In the present will be seen many of those innate associations of the of the entity
in those activities; for it must deal with finance, with buildings,
and with THINGS that pertain to men and individual relationship.

As to the abilities of the entity in the present, and that to which it may attain - and how:
First, study to show thyself approved unto Him from whence cometh all thine force,
thine power, thine strength.
And in the power of His might as lent in thee, as thou usest thine self
in the strengthening of thy brother, dost that thou hast sown grow in thee
to be the crown and the satisfying of the mental and spiritual desires.
Thus does an entity grow in knowledge, in understanding, and brings contentment
and harmony in the experience of self.
For, to gain the world in power, in might, and abuse that power by indulgence
in self's own desires, is to lose that harmony that comes from the knowledge
of the divine within.
For, man may do nothing of himself; only that which is lent of the Creative Forces,
and he is the keeper of those influences, those powers, must give an account
in self to the Creative Forces.
Keep thine eye single to a service of that thou hast, for the uplifting in body,
in mind, in relationships of thine brother.
And the ways will be opened for thine own desires,
if they are kept in constructive manners.
(Q) What business best suited for body?
(A) As directing, overseeing, in salesmanship or in directing policies
of groups and associates.

The entity was during those periods
when there were those who journeyed
from the Fatherland to the Holy Land,
and those that made for preparations in the sojourn.
The entity then was among those that made this trip, as would be termed in the present,
and among those that went as Crusaders; yet was of the same sex as in the present.
For, the material love - or the heart - then PROMPTED the body not to be separated
from those that were held near and dear to the body in that experience.
However, there came many disappointments - many disillusionments that the body
then suffered in body, in mind; and in such made for self such resentments,
such feelings in these disappointments, as to bring retardments.
For, the body allowed self to be drawn away from those purposes, desires, ideals,
in the experience; then in the name Elsa Claupenheiseur.
In the present are the influences felt and manifested; for in the LOSING of self
in that sojourn or experience, there was the sojourn to Saturn
for the cleansing of all those things that hindered.
Hence, in the present every experience is as but new, yet the more often those things
that are held as near and dear - in material conditions, material relations - seem to fade, falter;
or confidences are not as they should be kept. The LITTLE things seem the more often to interfere.
Yet, if there will be found first in the present that stabilizing of self, self's desires
- in the mental, in the spiritual realm - in those things that partake of the spirit influences
in the life, with the ideals held in the Creative Influences and trusting in those guidances
that come with the belief in the power of Him that is the Prince of the World
- NOT of darkness but of light, there will come a peace, a harmony,
during those periods when the activities of the entity throughout the material and spiritual realms
will bring joy, contentment, harmony, understanding, and that which maketh not afraid.
Fear is the greater stumbling block, ever, in the entity's experience in the present.

The entity was in that period when there were the gatherings of many in the 'city on the hills,'
when there were those that were persecuted for their beliefs in the tenets of the Galilean.
The entity then was among those of the court who made jeers and, as it were,
made light and sport of those for their beliefs.
Yet, with the sincerities that were shown, the entity came to the point
of one halting between those that would join with these of the hated class;
yet faltered and gained, faltered and lost - and gained.
Yet, the entity suffered much in the disappointments of those that made sport and light
of the determinations that were set in the activities of the entity in that experience,
in the name Veldejui.
And the entity was among those that came to know Titus, as the emissary or instructor
for those that were or had been under the teachings of both Peter and Paul.
Hence, the entity found contentment and peace in the latter portion of the experience.
Hence, the more easily will the entity find in the present that which will bring joy,
comfort, peace and understanding, especially when reading the letters to the Romans
- and those of John and James in the latter portions of their chapters or books.

The entity was in that land now known as the Egyptian,
during those periods when there were the turmoils and the strifes
among those that were sent with the priest into banishment.
The entity then was among those who had come into the land with the peoples of the north,
and was of the household of those that labored with the king; and taking sides
WITH the king when the counsellor (in whose household the entity was)
chose to send the priest into banishment.
Yet, those whom the entity LOVED - in the MATERIAL sense
- joined rather with those that went into banishment.
Hence, the MATERIAL distresses in the entity's experience;
and these to the entity outweighed any of the questions that dealt with
the spiritual or mental life of the peoples in the period.
Then the entity was in the name Rel-Elo.
In the experience the entity lost and gained:
for with the return of the priest, and with those raised in power again
(in the material sense), as there was the rebuilding,
the entity was shown that the activities in the material must have their impulse
and their foundations in the spiritual life - and the spiritual things of life,
if they are to be such as to bring peace, harmony, understanding and contentment;
or, as was termed in those periods by him who had come as an emissary,
a teacher and a builder from the Atlantean land (with whom the entity became associated),
the law of ONE must rule.
For, there cannot be a separation of the spiritual and mental life from the material things,
without becoming stumbling blocks in thine own house, in thine own understanding.
In the present, as will be found, the adhering closer and closer to those activities
that deal with the constructive in Creative Influences - which arise from the mental's activity,
or mental's feeding upon the spiritual lessons that may come from the directing influences
in a life attuned to the Creative Influences - will bring those understandings that make LIFE,
in the physical sense, become worthwhile in the earth's plane.

The entity was in the Atlantean period before the second of the turmoils
that separated the islands or broke up the land into islands;
and in the city of Eden in Poseidia did the entity then dwell.
The entity was among the Atlan [?] lands and peoples, and in the same sex,
and of those that served in the temple during the building of the temple to the One,
the law of the One, the understanding of the law of the One.
Then the entity became enamored with those of of the house of Baalilal,
and faltered in the experience; yet it was forgiven much through those sojournings
in the understandings of that given through Quoauda in the land.
The entity was in the name Emmelza.

As to the abilities of the entity in the present, and that to which it may attain - and how:
As is seen from the experiences, while much must be determined in the present
- both from the mental and material aspects, and mental and material associations
and relations of the entity, in finding self in the law - the understanding of Him
that will guide, guard and direct those that put their trust in Him,
and not of themselves nor in the activities of individuals that partake more and more
of the material forces in the earth - may the entity find in self the ability
to become a channel of blessings to others; through the trust, the love that is shown
in service to the Creative Forces found in Him that gave,
"Come ye that are weak and heavy- laden with the cares of this world that have been builded
in thine experience throughout the ages in the earth, and put thy trust in me;
for my burden is easy to those that love the Lord's way."
His arms are not short as men's arms, nor are his promises short as men's promises.
For, His love endureth to those that despise the shame but remain true throughout every trial,
every test that may come. And, it is only the little things that build in the heart and soul;
just the kind word, the gentleness of manner, the meekness that gives peace,
the patience that maketh for the soul's happiness in His ways.
(Q) Would it be better if I gave up all thoughts of marriage and children?
(A) The opportunity will come; for, to build the home - those that make for
the cherishing and directing of the lives of those that may be lent to a union of love in the body
- is to be a handmaid to the Creator.
For, the home becomes - to such that conduct their lives in that direction
- as an outer door to the heavenly home.
For, as man and woman pass through God's other door from experience to experience,
those that have been directed by thine hand will make for the blessings
of the efforts put forth in the home.
(Q) Are Joe [...] and I spiritually fitted to be married?
(A) This may best be determined in self by taking that which is the desire in the heart
of each to Him that giveth light and understanding, through prayer and meditation in His ways.
For, let thy going ins, thine coming outs, be FOUNDED in the ways He would direct, in thine meditations.

(USA) The entity in that of one in the same name as is given in the present time,
and in that one acting as the messenger, or the informer,
for certain division of soldiery, and suffered in the end for that held as honor to the entity.
Then in the name Davis, and the entity gained through that experience,
yet there is seen in the present urge that of the tendency of stubbornness,
even to the entity's own undoing.
Rather would the entity turn this into that way of applying self to the study OF self,
and not in as a grudge from others, for too easy does it (the condition) beget that
which is as NOT of the mental, but of determination to rule or ruin!

In that period when the peoples were coming to the shore of the present land (USA).
The entity was among those who accompanied him who was acclaimed as the discoverer of the lands,
[Christopher Columbus] and then in the name of Cololon, and was among those who first
raised the flag in that land now known as Puerto Rico,
and the entity gained and lost in that experience,
in that the entity used much of the experience gained to gratify self's own wishes,
rather than for the good of those depending upon the entity's actions,
FORGETTING others - serving self - and in the urge AGAIN we see this manifested,
or as that applied WITH the other conditions so hard, as it were,
to come to that position of being in an EQUALIZED manner between duty to self and duty to others.
Rather set an ensample before self and ATTAIN to that mark of the higher calling
as is set in service - service - service!

In that period when the Grecians
(then called) were in the way of giving to the people's that manner of gaining
the better body in the MATERIAL manner, and the entity then was a director of the games
that were used as the means of developing the physical prowess of the men and women of the day.
[See sister's rdg. 288-29, Par. 14-A indicating that this Grecian sojourn coincided with her sojourn
in the pre-historical period of the leader Uhjltd in Persia or Arabia.]
Then the entity was in the name Uylessi, and the entity gained through that experience,
and in the application of the lessons as were experienced, both in the mental and the physical.
Hence we find the particular urge in the present through that of the sports,
and the manner in which same may be turned into the way of being both beneficial
in the physical and in the mental, and in the spiritual - for that builded
in the inner man is the development of the soul.

In that of the land known as the Atlantean,
when the destruction came to those lands.
The entity then was among those who served in the council of the ruler,
and the entity then attained position, power, pomp, glory.
Physically and mentally the entity was the peer of the councillors,
and the entity and the entity applied same well and aright!
In the urge as is seen from same, that deep desire for the right in the high and ennobling way,
yet ever is this tempered by self's domination through application of conditions for self.
Beware lest these are of the urges that would bring self denunciation in self,
for unless that love as manifested in THIS application in the Atlantean influence would rule
- these would prove detrimental in their final analyses.
Then we find the name was in that of Ellien.

In the abilities, then, of the entity:
In that as is seen, these may be applied in three directions.
In that of using the physical prowess, and in the abilities to use same and apply same in the lives of others,
these may bring to the entity the moral, the physical, and the spiritual development,
to lead on to higher, better, and ennobling influences in the lives of others and for self
- but set first that ensample as is seen in Him who went a doing good unto those whom the body came
in contact with, for in Him is the way, in Him is the light, and he that would set Him as the ensample
will renounce self, IN that the aggrandizements of selfish motives are the undermining influences in good,
whether for the physical, the mental, or the spiritual bodies as are manifest in the physical plane.
Then be guided by that ENNOBLING influence as is in His way.
Keep self in that way that leads to the better understanding and in the application of these principles
in the present physical experience - there will be brought the greater influence,
the greater good, for others and for self.

In that period when there were the wars and the struggles
between the common people and those known as the royalty, in France.
The entity then was among the common people that aided in the raising up
of those influences that set many against the aggressiveness as felt from those in power,
or affluence, and in the name Arney.
The entity gained and lost; being considered, though, among the radical of the radicals;
for the entity aided in giving much aid to those that stirred up the peoples,
and in exercising such influences in every manner that would fire the imagination
- as to the physical, the material, and the desires for freedom from those oppressions
that were felt as hindrances to the progress of the common peoples;
hence those tendencies (that may be seen in the present) to be oft the dictatorial little body,
as its development comes, and at other periods those developments wherein
there is the tendency towards the plain things, or those that make for a democratic activity
in its associations with others, its desires for associations and for groups,
yet at times holding self aloof all of a sudden from same.

In that period, in the land known as the city of the hills,
when there was the spreading of those new lessons and truths that were coming up
from the strange peoples in the land of Palestine.
The entity was then among those peoples that supplied the entertainments to the royalty,
in the name Carthway.
In this experience, in this place, MANY were the activities of the entity.
As the new lessons came, many changes came in the activities;
for the needs and requirements for the supplying of entertainments changed,
yet the ENTITY attempted to appeal more to the developing or younger minds
during this progress, accepting much that was taught of the new cult or peoples
and then becoming a great entertainer through being among the first women
to fight with beasts in the arena.
It will be in the present quite a study to watch the development of the mind of this entity,
in its reaction to the wild animals; especially, without being told,
watch the reaction when first a lion or a striped tiger may be seen.
The entity developed in this experience, suffering in body and mind;
yet the ability to control self, to control others,
was developed through this experience.
How necessary that the manner in which this ability is to be directed
in the present experience be in those channels which become constructive
and creative in their essence and elements!

In that land, that period when there were divisions and uprisings in the land known as the Egyptian,
during those periods when there were the developments and return of the priest that had been banished.
With the developing of the temple worship, and as the altars in the Temple Beautiful were raised up
for the disseminating of those truths which made for the physical awakening,
the physical attributes that were elements through the spiritual forces
that were manifest in those beings, with the casting off of those influences in the period,
the entity - in the name Apt-hel - gained much; being of those peoples that came
or returned with the priest, and was raised to the power in the latter portion
of that period of development.
Then, the entity came to be one that made the first music in the temple through horns,
pipes and stringed instruments COMBINED.
(Be careful that the entity doesn't attempt to become an orchestra leader.)
In this period the entity developed those abilities to spiritualize the material acts,
to materialize the spiritual influences; which makes for the greater depth of the mental forces
and mental attributes of the entity in the present.

In that land known as the Atlantean,
and in the little city of Osuo the entity ruled as the priestess
over those divinations that brought for the influencing of the emotions of the body,
as those developments came to those peoples during the earlier portion of their sojourn
in this land.
The entity, in the name Lylthean, lost in this experience;
for much that was used was for self's own aggrandizing to the desires builded
in the carnal influences of the entity.

Then, as to the warnings and as to the abilities of the entity:
The abilities lie in many directions, dependent upon the manner in which the DEVELOPMENTS
are allowed to make their progress; as to whether these are given those ideals
that are constructive or that answer only for the glorifying in the material forces of life.
Keep the direct force for the developing of the spiritual insight.
As will be seen from the variations in the influence, these should hang more and more
to the east and west coasts of this present sojourn; for THESE
are the developing periods of the entity.

Updated: 19 December 2013