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A Search For God

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Lesson 1: Cooperation

(262-1 to 262-5)

"Be all of one mind, and that is by having
compassion and love for each other."
I Peter 3:8

Not my will, but Yours, O Lord,
be done within me, through me, and without me.

Let me be always a channel of blessing today, now,
to those that I contact in every way.

Let my going in, my coming out
be in accord with that You would have me do.

And when You call me, I will answer
"Here I am, send me, use me."

Cooperation in the physical is defined as
acting or operating together with others,
agreeing with others in action or effort.

Cooperation in the spiritual is
losing self in Christ-Consciousness
and becoming a channel through which blessings may flow to others.

The blessing is cooperation in action.

Whether in the spiritual or physical
action is necessary to put cooperation into operation.

If we come together for a common cause
we must have united action in the pursuit and realization
of a common end.

The best of life is ours,
not at the expense of others,
but in harmonious cooperation.

When self is lost in the Ideal, which is Christ,
cooperation is the natural result.

Cooperation is the result of service, sacrifice and
bewilderment in God.

In whatever state we find society
let us meet society upon its own level
as we look up we lift it.
That is cooperation.

We must put cooperation into action in our thinking.

Our negative thoughts have a paralyzing effect on us
that will affect our development and build barriers for
others to help us.

It is necessary
for the accomplishment of any aim,
for the reaching of any goal,
for the attainment of any blessing,
that we have One mind, One aim, and One purpose.

Let us be of service to others.
Let us express the creative force within us
in a way that will bring hope, peace
into the lives of others.
And they too, in their way, may become
channels of blessings to others.
Let us be in accord with God's will
by attuning ourselves to the highest spiritual Force.

Let us hold these two thoughts in our conscious mind:
(1) We must lose ourselves in Christ-consciousness
(2) Our every thought and our every deed
must be in harmony with the intent and purposes
of the best that is within us.

What is the Christ-Mind that we should seek?
By opening our minds, our hearts, our souls
that we may be channels of blessings.

Christ took upon Himself the burden of the world.
So may we, take upon ourselves the burdens of our world.

By doing for others, by serving others,
we will find joy, peace and happiness.

By gaining an understanding of the laws of right living
in all its phases makes our mind in attune with
Creative Forces.

We have the mind of Christ by putting into action what we know.

We must guard our daily thoughts and acts.
We must, through meditation, awaken our inner selves.

Cooperation is the offering of self
to be a channel of activity,
to be a channel of thought.

Cooperation is attained through the giving of self.

To have life we must give life.
To have love we must show love.
To have friends we must be friendly.
To have cooperation we must cooperate.
We must give self to that which is to be accomplished
such as bringing light, strength, health, understanding
to others.
These are one in Christ.

Let us replace our negative thoughts with positive thoughts.
Let us think kindly of others.
Let us speak kindly of others.
Let us practice thinking kind thoughts to those who hurt us.
Let no opportunity pass to do a little act of kindness
that will lighten the burden of another.
We should live the way Christ would have us live.
Begin now.
Work diligently and consistently.

Let us continually think of the attitude of mind
that we must hold.

Because either our thoughts will bring peace, harmony
and understanding or will bring unrest and trouble.

When we do right, the spirit of unrest will always be present.
But day by day this should be put out of our minds and
more and more replaced by thoughts of peace, harmony,
and understanding -- not a latent kind, but an active force.

We must all seek a oneness of mind, a oneness of purpose.
We must all seek the virtue in the knowledge of God and His laws
not for our advantage, but for others
not for self-edification, but that power and strength
may emanate from us to others less strong.

Let us seek harmony.
Harmony makes for peace.
Peace makes for understanding.
Understanding for Enlightenment.

We by our own selves can do nothing.
So let us in meditation seek the knowledge of the inner Light.
Set aside a time each day for prayer and meditation
preferably at sunrise.
Quiet the physical body.
Purify the emotions.
Wait on the Lord.
Let us draw near to God
and God will draw near to us.
As we enter into meditation,
let us visualise the force of harmony and love in action.
As we put into practice what we know of cooperation
in deed and in thought,
there will come to us His peace which passes understanding,
there will come to us the realization of being His channel.

Christ has promised that power, strength, joy, life, and light
will not be withheld from those who seek this oneness in Christ's Name.

The realization of
a perfect cooperation in God will come to us.

There will also come the knowledge of
our oneness with the Creative Force in the universe.

Self-interest, self-focus will be eliminated.

Joy and Happiness, found in service, will reign in our hearts.

Our bodies and our minds will function more perfectly,
because the Creative Force, which always seeks expression
in all, has been aroused in us.

Understanding will come as quietly as the silent shadows
of night, and His everlasting peace will live in our hearts.

There is perhaps no better way to illustrate this realization
than to quote a few of the experiences of those who
have sought light and understanding through cooperation.

Personal Experience 1
"In experiencing cooperation
I have been led into a greater field
of spiritual understanding and realize
that I am a channel through which
God's will may be done."

Personal Experience 2
"I experienced in my trials a feeling of cooperation
from our study group,
in that through their prayers and meditations
I realized that nothing but good could come to me.
All fear was allayed.
I knew that justice and mercy would prevail.
There came to me a feeling of contentment,
a willingness to leave all in God's hands,
and a realization that all was well."

Personal Experience 3
"With the cooperation of our study group,
I have been better able to understand
my own individual purpose in relation
to the whole purpose of life.
At times, when our cooperation was greatest,
I have been able to feel myself being a perfect channel
through which God manifested.
During the nights following such attunements,
I have had visions and dreams
 that were testimonies to me
of growth and development."

Personal Experience 4
"I have realized that faithful repetition of efforts
which make for cooperation
brings at times a feeling of unity
with all with whom I work,
and a nearness of His presence,
which shows that His promise,
'For where two or three come together in my name,
there am I with them.'
(Matthew 18:20) is sure."

Personal Experience 5
"In my meditation I have seen our study group
come together and form a complete circle,
each, member of the group being represented by a dot.
Each one in the circle seemed to call the others
by name and bless them.
The circle now turned to a wheel,
the dots becoming spokes.
Each spoke represented a member of the group.
Each spoke became a channel,
leading, outward from the hub,
where was seen the Christ Light.
As the blessings of love, harmony,
peace, and understanding flowed
from the Christ through the channels,
the wheel was able to turn.
This was cooperation in action.
As the wheel revolved,
members of the group or channels
were able to turn other wheels,
which were helping to bring the world
to light, love, harmony, and true understanding."

These are the goals for each of us to reach in our varied experiences:
unity of purpose, oneness of mind, God's will, not ours,
nor our personalities, may be manifested in all that we do and teach.

Let us be patient and untiring in seeking this cooperation,
for we will be preparing ourselves to go on
in the study and understanding of spiritual forces,
and will become active channels for these higher forces.

We will be better husbands, better wives, better neighbors,
and better friends.
The little world in which we live will be happier for our being a part of it.
We will bring more joy and happiness to those about us
and will be manifesting God's love for man.

The way is being opened for all who will
to have a part in the redemption of mankind.

We must keep our hearts singing,
not in sorrow but in gladness of purpose,
for of all those chosen of Him we should be the happiest.

May our united efforts go through the ages to those yet unborn,
regenerating them to that awakening which makes the souls of men safe
in the knowledge of Him who made all things, for
"without Him nothing was made that has been made."
(John 1:3)

Not my will but Thine, O Lord,
be done in me and through me.
Let me ever be a channel of blessings, today, now,
to those that I contact in every way.
Let my going in, my coming out be in accord
with that Though would have me do,
and as the call comes,
"Here am I, send me, use me."

Let us live in harmony with one another.
Let us be sympathetic to one another.
Let us love one another.
Let us agree with one another in action or effort.
Let us lose sight of self in Christ Consciousness.
Let us become a channel of blessing for another.

A spiritual ideal manifested on earth is an opportunity.
A spiritual action through conscious forces is an opportunity.
A Soul expressing through the physical body is an opportunity.
A Soul development through life on earth is an opportunity.

Cooperation is making ourselves
a channel of blessings to others.
Each day, each hour, each thought,
provides an opportunity for giving.
What can we give?
Peter said,
“I have no silver and gold, but what I do have I give to you.
In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk!”
(Acts 3:6)

Each one of us is in a particular job, a particular home,
a particular city, state, and nation
because we have prepared ourselves for this pattern.
It is a time and place of our choice.

We must begin our service here, now.
A smile, a kind word, a healing thought,
these we have and we can give.

Our life speaks of thoughts of our hearts.
We shall live that Christ becomes the opportunity
for all who meet us -- whether at the table, in sleep,
or walking, in the street.
(see 262-50)

Christ went about his life doing good.
Christ made every opportunity
a material manifestation of His Spiritual Ideal.
Those who follow Christ's example
have placed upon themselves no great burden,
for they have comfort in His words:
"Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one
of the least of these my brethren,
ye have done it unto me"
(Mathew 25:40)

Cooperation must be put into the pattern of our daily lives.
Through simple thoughts and acts
we prepare for the greater opportunities
that lie ahead of each soul.


(Q) How may we be a channel to present truth and light to the world?
(A) May each, in a group, combine your efforts in a cooperative manner
to give to other individuals, other groups, other classes, other masses,
what you have received, what you have gained in this experience.

Let each do their job and their part well, in the manner given to them,
knowing in the forces manifesting through them, they then become
a light in their own respective action and field of endeavor.
The forces that may manifest in their various ways and manners are:
Some will be able to teach.
Some will be able to heal.
Some will be able to prophecy.
Some will be able to minister.

He that receives shall give.
They who come together in Christ's Name that is what you will give.
As promised by Christ, "I Am in the Father.
So in Me you may do as I have done.
The greater things that I have done you shall do.
I go to the Father, with you in me.
As you ask in My Name, so shall it be done in you!"

When it comes to each mind, heart, soul, there it will be given,
in that same hour what you shall do!

(Q) Outline for us the steps which we must take that we may become
more of one mind, that we may be of the greatest influence for good.
(A) Learn the first lesson that should be given to others:
Let all dwell together in mind for one purpose, one aim; or, first learn cooperation!

Learn what that means in a waiting, in a watchful, in a world seeking to know,
to see, a sign.

There will be a sign given to those that have drunk the cup that makes for
cooperation in every sense of enlightening a seeking desiring world.
Cast not pearls before swine, neither be over-anxious for the moment.
Wait on the Lord; As been promised, he that seeks shall find, and you
will receive powers from on high.
Use that power from on high in a constructive, in a manner that befits
the desire of the group, of each.
Think not of your own desire, but let that mind that was in Him be in you,
and may it be in all those seeking the way.

(Q) Direct us as to how we may best prepare a course of lessons
for this and similar groups.
(A) First let each prepare themselves and receive that as will be given
to each in their respective sphere of development, of desire, of ability.

The first lesson is to learn what it means to cooperate in One mind,
in God's way.
As each prepare themselves, in meditating day and night, in
"What will You have me do, O Lord?"
The answer will be definite, clear. You only have to seek in His name.
He is among you in this present hour. All who seek are in that attitude of prayer.
Pray, that you may be acceptable to Him in your going ins and coming outs.
Holy is he that seeks to be a light to his brother. And faints not in the trials
nor the temptations.  He tempts none beyond what they are able to bear.
Bear one another's burdens, so that each fills his own heart.
Answer when He calls - "Here am I, send me."

(Q) What would be the best subject for the first lesson?
(A) Cooperation. Let each seek what will be their part in this lesson,
and it will be given to each as they ask for it.


(Q) We are gathered here, for the subject of Cooperation.
(A) May each come seeking for the understanding of what may be
their part in the lessons to be given to others.
In learning cooperation may each apply in their own lives,
and in the group, what they seek.

(Q) [307]: Is universal love necessary for us to have unity of purpose?
(A) Universal love is necessary that there be unity of purpose or desire.
Universal love is necessary in each presenting themselves
for a oneness of purpose, or as an aid to others in finding themselves.
May losing self in universal love be made the ideal of those seeking.

(Q) [307]: I offer myself as a teacher of truth.
How may I become more spiritual and efficient?
(A) Practice makes perfect.
As one practices, puts in use, in word, in deed, day by day,
so does one grow in grace, in knowledge, in understanding.
"He that will be the greatest among you, let him be the servant of all."

(Q) [115]: How can I best cooperate with this group?
(A) Be an emissary of light to those in the group and outside the group,
bringing those together who may be of aid or understanding
to the various groups as they go about their work.
Be a real emissary, as the body has been called in the past - make it now!
for all time is One time.

(Q) [404]: How can I best cooperate?
(A) Be the secretary or messenger for the group, aiding each
in their respective activities to be of One mind.

(Q) [379]: Is there a message for me as to how I can best cooperate
with this group?
(A) Seek and you shall find. Do what you know in each meeting,
each activity. For it is line upon line, precept upon precept,
here a little, there a little, the leaven that leaveneth the whole lump.
In doing may those blessings come to others through your activities
be the best service you may give in and with this group.

(Q) [69]: How may I best prepare myself for the work at hand?
(A) Preparing yourself for what is to be attempted by the group is
a different preparation, from preparing yourself for an individual activity,
when learning the lesson of cooperation,

Unless there is the cooperation in intent and purpose in each, as
they gather together for some definite action that is to be taken to aid.
"Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in
the midst of them."

In preparing yourself as a portion of a group, not independent and not
dependent upon any member of the group but be dependent upon God!
In the dependence in individuals, it falls short.

What may be gained by each through cooperation to create by those of
the higher forces manifesting through each, is the power given, the
understanding given, the knowledge given.
"In all your getting, get understanding."

(Q) [303]: How may I cooperate?
(A) In the various manners we find each individual in the group has prepared
itself through those activities in the material life, in the mental life.
They each have passed through their individual trials, that they know better
how to present to those seeking for aid and understanding, through a group,
a better sympathetic knowledge of the sources of information, whether they be
the consciousness that is of that that may be applied through the spiritual realm,
or whether through those that are necessary to become more in contact with
the spiritualistic influences in an active force.
So this body, in its cooperative measures, may meet many of those conditions
as arise for the group, as an advisory measure; being also the emissary,
or one as a missionary to many.

(Q) [288]: How may I best cooperate?
(A) Give your best to Him.

(Q) What should be the subject for the next lesson?
(A) Let's take one at a time! Let's finish this first!
Has this been compiled? Then, in the beginning, Begin at the beginning!
Do not have so much compiled, or data gathered, that it is harum-scarum,
but - as given - do all things in decency and order.

First make your first lesson. Have that complete, by the completing of that
portion each gives - desires to give - would like to see given - would give
themselves with it - to others, to know what cooperation means.

We all in the group have a smattering as to our part.
This has been asked, as "I may do to cooperate;" so, let's put it into practice,
and then present same as a lesson.
Then we begin with the first lessons in knowing self! How may I know self?

(Q) Is there any special message for this group at this time?
(A) You have begun an active service for yourself and for others
through a cooperative way and manner.

Seek through those sources that may give understanding to each in
their respective knowledge and understanding for their part as an integral
unit of a whole to present a light to a waiting world.

As you seek you shall find, as you knock so will it be opened.

As you practice - not preach! as you practice, so will your activities be.
Let you yeses be yes and your no's be no.

Be not unstable in the things you do, for you have asked that you be guided
by that that may give a light to a dying world - not an individual, a world!


As each seek in their way, through their development,
to cooperate in being of service to others, so they are lifted up.

As the consciousness of the Master is raised in their individual activities,
so is the cooperation in the body as was from the beginning, when
the cooperation brought into being those forces that manifest themselves
in this material world.

Each keeping that Creative Force within themselves in that direction
that will make for the continuity of life, hope, peace, understanding.
May this be built in their own lives first, then in others, as they, in their way,
seek to bring a better understanding in this material world.

As you are gathered here, let that mind be in you not of elementals,
but of spiritual forces that may come through your efforts if they are made
in accord with His will.

Let your prayer be continually:
Not my will but Yours, O Lord,
be done in and through me.
Let me ever be a channel of blessings, today, now,
to those that I contact, in every way.
Let my going in, my coming out be in accord
with that You would have me do,
and as the call comes,
"Here am I, send me, use me!"

(Q) [307]: How may we have the mind of Christ?
(A) As we open our hearts, our minds, our souls,
that we may be a channel of blessings to others,
so we have the mind of the Christ, who took upon Himself
the burden of the world.

So may we, in our own little sphere, take upon ourselves
the burdens of the world.

The joy, the peace, the happiness, that may be ours
is in doing for the other fellow.

By gaining an understanding of the laws as pertain to right living
in all its phases makes the mind in attune with Creative Forces,
which are of Christ Consciousness.

We have Christ consciousness, by putting into action wthat we know.

(Q) [560]: What is my part in this lesson of Cooperation?
(A) For those that seek through these lessons
a practical religion in action.

As your part in the ministry to the Master was
of the practical things of life, so in the lessons
these must be living words, that they may touch
the hearts, the minds, the souls of others.

In your ministry, then, see that each line, each thought,
is a practical thing, living, having its being, in Him.

(Q) [560]: How may I know self?
(A) By your activities in the daily walks of life,
compared with the thoughts, the activities of Christ,
will reflect the self that is meant in this query.

(Q) [2125]: In what way could I best serve this group?
(A) In holding one with another, in self's meditation,
that of a useful, purposeful, definite aim for those,
and for that as is being attempted to be furthered
by all active in same, making continually that affirmation,
"His will - in all things - be done."

(Q) [311]: How may I best cooperate with and serve this group?
(A) Do with all your might what your hands find to do.
Let this mind be in you as was in Him,
"Not as I will but Your will be done in earth as it is in heaven."
Make your self a channel of blessings to someone;
so will His blessings come to you, as an individual,
as an integral part of the group.
"They that seek My Face shall find it."

(Q8) [2112]: Is spiritual healing a gift, or is it a talent
we have developed from our past lives?
(A) Both. All force, all power, comes from the same source.
To some is given the power of healing,
To some the speaking of tongues.
To some that of ministry.
To some that of another - each as they have builded
in their experience, and as they seek to be used
as a channel of blessings through that they have builded
for themselves does the blessing come to others.

To be free, then let that not become a stumbling block to someone.
Rather let those efforts of self be in Him,
that all blessings may come to those in their respective ways.

He knows what we have need of before we have asked.
In the asking, in the seeking, as individuals - and intensified
in cooperative thought, cooperative intent, cooperative purpose
- so do the activities come to each in their way.

(Q9) [993]: Before we can have cooperation, do we not have to
offer ourselves?
(A) In cooperation is the offering of self to be a channel of activity,
of thought; for as line upon line, precept upon precept, comes' so does
it come through the giving of self.
He that would have life must give life.
They that would have love must show themselves lovely.
They that would have friends must be friendly.
They that would have cooperation must cooperate.
By the giving of self to that as is to be accomplished
- whether in the bringing of light to others,
bringing of strength, health, understanding,
these are one in Him.

(Q) [993]: What lack we yet to cooperate as a group?
(A) Beautiful is the cooperation of the group in purpose;
Needs to be put in action!

(Q) [993]: How can we as a group get in accord with those that are aiding us?
(A) Open your hearts to those of the unseen forces
that surround the throne of grace, beauty, and might,
and throwing about yourself that protection that is found
in the thoughts of Him.

So may the activities be
that bring about the work that may be accomplished,
the thought as may be made active in the lives of others,
the health, the prosperity even that may be brought
to those through those efforts of individuals, group,
as an active force with Him in this material plane.
(See 262-19 expanding on this)

(Q) [288]: Is not cooperation a natural result when self is lost in the ideal?
(A) This is a natural consequence of self service, self sacrifice,
self bewilderment, in Him.
Being the channel is cooperation.
Being a blessing is cooperation in action.
In whatever state of being, meet that upon the basis
of their position - and lift up, look up - this is cooperation.

(Q) [341]: Please interpret and expand upon,
"Cooperation is the soul of any organized group of individuals."
(A) This is a philosophical truth; and in activity must be
in that spirit that gives life.
As the soul is made one in purpose, let the spirit
that motivates that purpose be in that channel,
that position, that is sure that the harvest is in Him;
for man labors - but God gives the increase.
Is it in the spirit that comes from Him?
Then the increase must be from Him.
As a group gathers for cooperative measures
in a material plane, so the soul may be divided
or united in Him, depending on the spirit
that gives the motivative force to the activities of such a group;
Through the activities of these gathered here - as of old,
were heard around the world.
So may the activities of this group again go through the ages
to those unborn, regenerating them to that awakening
that makes for the souls of men safe in the knowledge of Him.
(See 262-1)

(Q) [404]: Are my ideas of taking the right attitude of mind correct for this first lesson?
(A) The attitude of mind makes for that which gives the birth,
or the rising up of peace, harmony, understanding,
or it is as the children of the mind - that which brings
contending forces that may be warred against;
for as all must find,
"When I would do right the spirit of unrest is ever present."
Day by day as this is put out of the mind,
and more and more the mind of harmony, peace,
understanding - not a latent kind, but an active force
- so does this become the manner in which self
is giving expression of that being sought.

(Q) [404]: Where must I begin in order to have full coordination
in my own body, soul and spirit?
(A) Begin with making self as naught - and self's own efforts as naught
but a channel of blessings from the Source of Good to others.

(Q) [538]: I seemed to see the following words:
Cooperation foundation on which all should be built. In unity is strength.
(A) This is as an axiom for all to find in their various expressions
the unity of purpose, the oneness of heart, the oneness of mind,
in that "His will, not my will,"
nor my personality - but losing self in His will.
When you meditate, when you pray - Not for self, but that self
may be a blessing for others, through this given group
- not your personality, but as a oneness of purpose in Him,
the Giver of all good and perfect gifts.

(Q) General: Is there a message for us now
that we may use as the center about which to build
the first lesson on Cooperation?
(A) As you have gathered through that meditating of mind, or in putting self first
in the channel of being a blessing, give active words for what you have received.
This becoming a blessing to self through becoming a blessing to others.

Seek to know His way, and "As I am lifted up in your consciousness,
so will I be lifted in the consciousness of others."


Be of one mind, one purpose, as you gather to consider
the various aspects of the work, the lessons to be given.

In preparation for a study group, or a group to perform any given work,
there must be the wholehearted cooperation, whether in meditation,
in thought, in act, or whatever;

The union of strength may accomplish much, in the activities
that may be accomplished in any phase of life, whether the spiritual life,
the material life, the imaginative life or the spiritual life;

For, as the forces run, in the active principles, they must be motivative,
the carrier, for what is to be accomplished.

So, keep in the way and manner that has been outlined,
and each person be faithful to that portion.

Do not depend one upon another. Put the dependence in the Father, and
as the spirit moves you to speak. Express yourself!
For you are a child of the Creator! And each has its portion
in what may be accomplished.

(Q) The time and type of a meditation for the group;
(A) In the meditations - we would set a specific time
for all to meditate; for he that may not cooperate
one with another has little part in that may be accomplished;
for whether these be much or little,
Their activity in accord keeps harmony;
Harmony makes for peace;
Peace for understanding;
Understanding for enlightenment.
In this, then, let all be active.

(Q) What points should we emphasize in this lesson on Cooperation?
(A) Come, you that are here;
For the way is being opened for all to have a part
in the redemption of many individuals in this work.
Keep the heart singing; Not as of sorrow but in gladness, in purpose, in deed;
For all those chosen of Him should be the gladdest group of all!

(Q) Please suggest a group meditation for this group.
(A) As the group gathers in the various lessons
as are to be given out, we would find that these should
and would of themselves vary as to that phase of experience
that each would seek enlightenment upon.

Hence, as has been given in this,
this is well to be kept until the lesson is complete
that you may be of one mind.
You all may be a channel.
You all may have one purpose.
Do that.


Each person must contribute in a cooperative manner by being
a light to others, by magnifying His Name in the lives of others.

In the lessons:
Each have gained through their attempt to cooperate one with another.
If the lessons be put in a practical, applicable manner in their lives.
Then it will make life in this experience more worth-while.

(Q) Are we handling our work in the correct manner?
Please give any specific suggestions that would clarify
our understanding and help us at this time.
(A) Serve and help one another. Work as a unit. Let all be done in order.
Wait often on the Lord before speaking a word that would give an improper
relationship of what you would present. In this manner may the work be
expedited, may it be in unison.

Do not depend upon another but depend upon Him.
Work together in your respective sphere.
To all are given a portion, a part, in this work.

Let each look not upon what would exalt themselves in any manner;
rather that the feeling, the thought, may be better expressed, that those
who seek may gain the closer vision of the Master's face,
may have in their hearts, their souls, that peace that comes only from
being close to Him; for when He speaks, only peace may abound.

Others may make afraid. Others may bring that force that would sound far.
Yet He - the Prince of Peace - brings cheer, gladness, to the hearts and
souls of those who seek to be a channel of blessing through Him!

(Q) Is there any special message for the group at this time?
(A) Children, as you seek in His name to know the Father's way,
come ever then in singleness of purpose.
Think not of the hindrances that are of the man-made nature.
Rather know in whom you have believed, knowing
He has brought all things into being, and as you seek
- and use - His strength, in His name, you are His,
and will become - and be - the lights that will bring
that light into the shadowy places, and
- though turmoils and strifes, and contentions,
are about you - that peace - His peace,
will keep you safe in Him.

(Q) Question of [2124]: Are the readings as have been given
sufficiently understood by the group?
(A) As they each seek in their own hearts and minds,
as will be seen in that as will be given
in each knowing themselves, each will gain
the better understanding, the better insight
into that as is given from day to day;
for as He gave,
"Sufficient unto the day is the good - or the evil - thereof."

As ye apply His love, His light, in your own life,
so does the understanding come of
that He would have each of you do day by day.

Tell not your neighbor how he, or she, should act.
Have you been put under the same circumstance?

Rather give each that standard that they may measure themselves
by, and be equal - through such measurements
to the needs of each hour, each circumstance.

Walk carefully in the knowledge you have of your own God.

Seek as children to know His love, His law, His biddings,
and as you seek so shall you find; for He is in His Holy temples.
Are you holy?
Are you desirous of being holy?
Are you seeking rather the good of your brother rather than yourself?
Then, as you know Him, as you know His way
- be on speaking terms with your brother.

(Q) [[69]'s husband]: What is my duty as a member of this group,
and how can I best cooperate?
(A) As the light comes in your own life as respecting
the various duties in a secular and spiritual life,
so will the body-consciousness be able to be
the balance as would keep a union of purpose,
keeping all in order.

As you were in the days of old, when in the temple
you ministered to the needs of those - and prophesied
under the spirit of the office held, so will you be able
to minister in this direction, as the light opens through
the associations of the cooperation of self with others,
in studying to know His way.

Lesson on Cooperation - Review:

1. Define cooperation in the physical.
2. Define cooperation in the spiritual.
3. When does cooperation become a blessing?
4. How does this apply to a study group?
5. When do we have the Mind of Christ?
6. How may I work as an individual to be able to become
one of a group whose purpose will be in accord with His Will?
7. What will each find in self-discipline? How must it be met?
8. What should each seek in meditation?
9. What should our prayer be?
10. How must all seek?
11. What should be the attitude of the group in seeking?
12. What will follow the realization of perfect cooperation in Him?
13. How do the experiences given by those of a group
seeking cooperation differ?
How are they alike?
14. In the patient and untiring efforts in seeking cooperation,
for what are we preparing ourselves?

Choose one of the following and try it for a week:
1. Look for opportunities during the week when you can "go along" with
someone else's choice or decision.
2. Each day during the week as you awaken, ask three times,
"What would You have me do today?" Then listen. Keep reminding yourself
of this during the day and see where it takes you.
3. When faced with decisions during the week, stop and ask yourself,
"What would God have me do?"
4. When interacting with a difficult or irritating person, think to yourself,
"Lord, he/she is Thine, even as I am Thine. Help me do that which will
bring peace and harmony between us." Then act on that thought.
5. Make a concerted effort to refrain from any unkind words (or thoughts)
to or about anyone for at least one day during the week.
Watch and see what happens that day.
6. Join with the group in agreeing to do one thing this week that will help
create a sense of oneness. Some examples: Pray for one another.
Ask for a dream about the group. Choose an outside service project.
Agree on a concern about which all can pray. Agree to meditate at the
same time.
7. List the things that you believe are necessary for /lright living."
Circle those thatyou feel are realistic for you to do at this time.
Choose one of those that are reasonable and possible and try to do
it for one day.
8. Cooperate with the forces ofthe universe by numbering slips of paper
from 1-7. When it comes time to choose an experiment, place the numbers
in a container and pick one at random. Match that number with one of
the experiments and try that one for one week.

1. Remember how you felt when you were in harmony with the universe?
Perhaps when you were in love, or when you experienced a beautiful morning,
or during a prayer period. Imagine yourself feeling that way and then use
that feeling in a difficult situation that you're facing.
2.a. Make an effort to observe yourself in your daily activitieshow well do
you cooperate with the /louter laws"?
For example:
Do I drive within the speed limit?
Do I arrive at work on time?
Are my lunch hours often "extended"?
Do I pay my bills on time?
Am I often late so that others have to wait for me?
Are there ways that I "cut corners"?
Others? __________________
b. Do I cooperate with certain /linner laws"?
For example:
Am I good at keeping my promises?
Am I trustworthy?
Do I respect other people's property?
Am I truthful in my dealings with others?
Do I find myself taking advantage of other people?
Others? __________________
3. Think of one of your most positive relationships and determine
the qualities which make it good.
Which of these qualities could be applied in more difficult relationships?
4. Think about "I must lose myself in Him."

1. John tells his wife Mary that he has decided to follow a vegetarian
diet during the upcoming month. This is outside their normal eating plan.
What can Mary do to put cooperation into action in this situation?
2. You are relatively new in your department. Co-workers eat lunch
together daily. Gossip about other departments is the usual topic.
What will you do?
3. Nancy is the boss. She frequently hears the people who work for
her criticizing someone else's performance in the company.
What can she do to foster cooperation?
4. You have a longtime relationship with an individual who frequently
visits your city. It is now taken for granted that your guest room is available.
Others in your household do not enjoy the visitor's company and even you
are beginning to feel imposed upon. What will you do?

Organized according to sections within the chapter
1.How is physical cooperation different from spiritual cooperation?
2.How does nature demonstrate unity, order, and harmony?
Need for Cooperation
3.What adverse thoughts do you, as an individual, deal with and how may
you best turn them into something positive?
4.Can we have the "mind of Christ" without being a "Christian"?
Method of Obtaining Cooperation
5.Have you found it true in your own experience that you receive love
when you show yourself lovable? Ifnot, why do you suppose?
6.How do you visualize the force of love and harmony in action?
Realization of Cooperation
7.Do you expect love and joy to reign permartently in your heart overnight?
Why or why not?
8.How can we keep our hearts singing with all the problems that we have?
Why should we be the "happiest of all chosen',? What makes us so special?

1.Experiments in a Search for God, "Cooperation"
2.Library Series, Volume 16, Expanded Search for God, "Cooperation"
3.Library Series, Volume 7, Study Group Readings,262-2 to 262-5
4.Circulating Files:
#014 Co-Creators with God
#017 Creative Forces:Essence of Life
#144 Here Am I, Use Me
5.Suggested Bible Verses:
Psalm 27
Isaiah 6:8
Matthew 5, 6 & 7
I Corinthians 12
I Thessalonians 5:14-28

Not my will but Yours, O Lord,
be done in me and through me.
Let me be a channel of blessings, today, now,
to those that I contact in every way.
Let my going in, my coming out be in accord
with that You would have me do,
and as the call comes,
"Here am I, send me, use me."

(1) Not my will but Yours, O Lord
be done in me and through me.

"Not my will but Yours, O Lord, be done and through me."

"Not my will but Yours be done in me! 
Use me as You see fit;
Not as I would be used, but as You see fit!"

"With the cooperation of the spirit of truth
it is made alive in Christ,
even as the overcoming of death itself
through the applying of self to God's will. 
Not my will but Yours, O Lord, be done in me!" 

"Not my will but Yours be done,"
even as Christ gave,
"For this purpose came I into the world;"
the greater service, then, being that God would have you be.

(Q)  The group feels the need of strength and power. 
May we have instructions as were given to the Disciples,
as to what we should do that we may receive this power?
(A)  It is in Christ. 
Do not allow self to become cold, even as the church,
but rather let the simplicity of the service be done
day by day through the knowledge that
Christ's Love, Christ's promises abide; for
there is power in the Name,
there is strength and glory to those that are faithful,
there is the abiding hope to all that come in humbleness
seeking even as Christ,
"Not my will but Yours, O God, be done in me." 
There is no power, no strength, save in God. 
That puny strength man may assert in the power
of his own manhood is but the shadow
of that shown by Christ, in the ways that lead
to the thoughts of everyday action.

Let your purposes and your desires be in God. 
Let the ways of the Lord be known in your inner self,
"Not my will but Yours, O Lord, be done in me, through me. 
Let me be a channel of blessing to someone day by day,
that You have purposed in the inner man,
that which is needed for my soul awakening in You
to its greatest abilities be in the desire of my heart
towards the will of the Father in me."

Make desire, the ego, the self, the whole, as one with -
"Not as I will." 
For how spoke Christ? 
"Let this cup pass - if it be Your Will. 
Not my will but Yours be done in and through me." 
Thus spoke Life itself, to Life manifest!

(2) Let me be a channel of blessings, today, now,
to those that I contact in every way.

To be a channel of blessing to others is the purpose
each soul has come into conscious activity in a material world.

Experience or sojourns in the earth are not by chance,
but that each soul may - in finding itself - contribute
to the welfare of its fellow man in such a manner
as to make the world better for the entity having
lived therein.
Then, to assist the entity in finding those channels,
those outlets through which it may give the better expression,
and thus be the greater channel of blessing to others,
is the import hoped to be imparted here.

Life is a manifestation of God on earth.
Give thanks that you are conscious of yourself,
even with your frailties of the body.
Let your mind and your purposes and your hands
show the appreciation of the opportunity in this experience
by being a channel of blessings to others,
by making known to others the love of the Christ
for those who are weak in body, who are hindered
from the activities of a normal physical world.

Know, there should be an awareness in yourself,
that the very fact you are conscious of your activities
in the material plane should be evidence
that your Father-God needs your service in the earth,
and that through the present activity you are given
the opportunity to be a channel of blessing to someone.

The entity in the present finds itself loving freedom,
yet latent within is resentment when not agreed with.
Know that others can think as well as yourself,
and it’s worth listening to.
Use what you may apply in yourself, not selfishly,
nor that you may lord over others,
but that you may be a channel of blessings to others;
spiritually, mentally, materially;
not attempting to control others’ thoughts
but offering opportunities.

Let my going in, my coming out
be in accord with that You would have me do.

“Let my going in, my coming out, be acceptable in Thy sight,” I
wondered exactly what that statement means.
Can you clarify this? - C.M., email.

The prayer I quoted is from Cayce’s marvelous readings.
The phrase “going in and coming out”
appears 79 times in the readings.

He is expressing the spirit behind the words
in Psalm 19:14,
“Let the words of my mouth and
the meditations of my heart
be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord,
my rock, and my redeemer.”

He is adding a deep metaphysical insight to this,
expressing the dual reality of our lives, inner and outer.

Whenever we are reflecting, wondering, sleeping,
dreaming, meditating, or listening to our intuition,
we are “going in.”

Whenever we are in the realm of our personality,
relationships, and worldly activities,
we are “coming out.”

In the psalm , “the words of my mouth”
represent coming out, while the
“meditations of my heart” represent going in.

If we are to find happiness and contentment, then these
two aspects of our dual reality must harmonize.

If they are allowed to be inconsistent, then a dis-ease
develops between our inner and outer self and may
develop into disease.

Our actions and words must reflect our inner thoughts,
hopes, dreams, and ideals.

Jesus addresses this several times.
For example, he explains that the Pharisees
are like caskets, all shining and bright on the outside,
but inside they are full of dead men’s bones.

Our going in and coming out must be acceptable
in God’s all-seeing eye and our conscience.
John Van Auken - Personal Spirituality - February 2003

(4) And when You call me, I will answer
"Here I am, send me, use me."

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying,
“Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”
And I said,
“Here am I. Send me!”
Isaiah 6:8

Updated: 19 September 2013