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A Search For God

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Lesson 2: Know Thyself
(262-5 to 262-11)

"You are the body of Christ.
Each one of you is a part of Christ."
(1 Corinthians 12:27)


Father, as we seek to see and know Your Face,
may we each, as individuals and as a group,
come to know ourselves, even as we are known,
that we - as lights in God -
may give the better concept of God's Spirit in this world.


"Do you know yourself?"
Can we answer "Yes"?

Within each of us are abilities and capacities we have never used.
If they were manifested, we would see ourselves in a different light.

We would understand the real functions of our physical bodies
in relation to our mental and spiritual bodies.

Until we know ourselves,
we are barriers in the way of our own development.

Each of us must first know that we must set
a standard of measurement (size, length, amount),
a standard of valuation (worth),
a standard of precept (rule,law), and
a standard of concept(intention,thought).

Let us not measure by earthly standards.
Let us measure by our ideal,
knowing what we believe in,
and acting that way.
Let us be willing to be measured;
not by what we have, but by what we give.


We know ourselves through prayer, meditation and service.

To know ourselves is to be aware
of the acts of our physical bodies,
and to know ourselves as entities, complete factors,
capable of knowing all that goes on within and without.

This spring of knowledge is tapped only by those
who are willing to pay the price.
The price is a complete surrender of ourselves,
with a purification and a dedication
that come only through prayer, meditation, and service.

It is along the straight and narrow way, but it is open to all.
The water of life is offered freely.

As entities, we are miniature copies of the universe,
possessing physical, mental, and spiritual bodies.

These three bodies are so closely associated and related
that the vibrations of one affect the other two.

Our mind is in the physical body and spiritual body.
In the physical, as the conscious mind,
In the spiritual, as the superconscious mind.

Our body is a temple of the living God.
It has pleased God to manifest Himself in the world.
Our physical body is an individual unit of God
manifesting in the material world.

All parts of our bodies must work in unison,
for should one war against another,
discord would naturally follow.

Each part has its functions,
and it is so important that no other part can take its place;
neither can any part be counted insignificant and useless.

Each organ has a function and a desire,
which are in themselves holy.

The senses make us conscious
of the magnified desires or natures of our physical bodies.
These are registered in the activities of our physical bodies
in such a way that they are stamped upon our very faces.

These senses are attuned to the physical,
each vibrating according
to the training and concentration
of the physical forces,
seeking expression of the inner self
- of which our physical bodies are material representations.

For not only do the impressions received through the senses
show forth that which is magnified in a single appearance
or experience, but also all impressions that have been received
through all of our experiences, the registering being in our souls.
These are registered in a material way in our physiognomy.

We are who we are now because of the choices made in the past.
We will be who we are in the future by the choices we make now.


The desire of our mental body and spiritual body build our individualities.
This process of development has been going on for ages.
Our individual development has been going on
since our creation as individual souls.

Heredity, environment, karma, thought vibration, Universal laws
influence us.
Desires and vibrations of the development of the race before us
influence us.

We are the sum total of all our experiences
in every state of consciousness.
"In my Father's house are many rooms"
(states of consciousness)
(John 14:2)

In our body temple we are building, by thoughts and acts,
our physical bodies, our mental bodies and spiritual bodies.

Christ, the Master, said:
"What goes into a man's mouth does not make him unclean,
It's what comes out of his mouth, that makes him unclean."
(Matthew 15:11)

Those of us who live to gratify only our fleshly bodies
may be beautiful without,
but we have starved our souls
that we are able to give out only
that which makes for discord and corruption.

In speaking of the scribes and Pharisees. Jesus said:
"You are like whitewashes tombs, which look beautiful on the outside
but on the inside are full of dead men's bones and everything unclean.
In the same way, on the outside you appear to people as righteous
but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness.
(Matthew 23:27-28)

The same principle may be applied to right thinking,
for we become what we think.

The soul will seek that which it has builded,
not only in the material plane but in the universal, for
"Whether a tree falls to the South or to the North
in the place where it falls, there will it lie.
(Ecclesiastes 11:3)

Where the tree falleth, there it shall be
Death is always near;
You have a short time to do good.
Acquire a heavenly disposition while here;
For there will be no change after this life.
If you die in the love of God, and in the love of man,
in that state will you be found in the day of judgment.

If a tree about to fall lean to the north,
to the north it will fall; if to the south, it will fall to that quarter.
In whatever state the soul dies,
in that state it will be found in the eternal world.
Death refines nothing, purifies nothing, kills no sin, helps to no glory.
Let your continual bent and inclination be to God,
to holiness, to charity, to mercy, and to heaven:
then when the fall comes, you will fall well.
(Clarke's Commentary to the Bible)

This is well understood if we know and study ourselves,
for we will realize that each experience is a lesson
to help bring the knowledge of the Whole, that
"I and the Father are one."
(John 10:30)

When we are seeking to lose ourselves in the Whole,
it is possible to see ourselves as did the individual
who had the following dream:

"I saw myself pass out of my body and become three bodies,
physical, mental, and spiritual.
At first the physical was the largest,
but as the other two grew it gradually became smaller,
until it finally faded into dust.
The others then grew larger
and moved around fourth dimensionally."

When our acts and thoughts are measured by the standard of Christ,
and when we reach the place where we desire 
to be channels of blessings to others,
we have lost sight of ourselves.

Then we have the mind of Christ,
for He came not to be ministered to, but to minister,
and gave His life as a ransom for many.


Let neither flattery, criticism, nor opinions of others
turn us aside from those vital things for which we stand for
- those things that are lifting us upward and building within us
that which will endure until the end.

Let us turn within us that which will endure until the end.
Let us turn within to see if we are being true to ourselves
when temptations arise.
We know that we cannot be true to others unless
we are first true to ourselves

As we cultivate the ability to discriminate
between right and wrong, good and evil,
we are reaching the plane where we may be
masters of our destiny.

It is found in keeping the whole law:
"Love the Lord your God with all your heart
... and love your neighbor as yourself."
(Luke 10:27)

This is a spiritual desire, for the carnal mind is envious.
There is in all of us that still Voice
that teaches sacrifice, love, and service,
that warns of every catastrophe
and protects from all danger.

When it is listened to and followed,
no mistakes are made,
no wars are fought,
no homes are broken up;
for then we seek the good of our neighbors
and the will of the Creator.

Let us dare to see ourselves as others see us.
It is well to stand aside and see ourselves go by.

Let us think back over our words and acts of the day,
asking ourselves these questions:
Why did we do this or that?
Would we have acted before God in the same manner
we acted before our brother?
Are we expressing our concepts of God
in our lives to those we contact?

It is indeed true that
"none of us lives to himself alone
and none of us dies to himself alone."
(Romans 14:7)

It is well to know what the other fellow thinks of us.
We must, without any feeling of shame or humiliation,
be willing to be measured by the standard
that we have given him the impression we hold.

It is our duty to study and discipline ourselves
so that each word and each action may reflect
just what we would be, and not let them be so different
that they are not recognized as children of the same family.

While we are seeking to know ourselves
through meditation or by taking an inventory,
we are passing, as it were, signposts.

We see a little light day by day,
or catch a word here, an idea there,
from those we contact,
who help us to realize that all are traveling along the same road.

Truly, the better we know ourselves,
the better we understand others.

Does it not make us more tolerant of our brother
if we see him as we are, or as we have been?

Since service is the means of fulfilling our mission here,
the question will naturally arise,
"Who is this brother that we should serve?"
It is he who is in need of help, whether he be friend or foe,
regardless of his race or creed.

When Jesus defined this question, He said:
"Here are my mother and my brothers.
For whoever does the will of my Father on heaven
is my brother and sister and mother."
(Matthew 12:49-50)

If we measure our activities in the daily walks of life
by the standard of the Christ,
there will never be a regret.

It is following the teachings of the Christ
that will lead more and more in the way
toward a perfect understanding.

"Be what you seem.
Live your creed.
Hold up to earth the torch divine.
Be what you pray to be made.
Let the Master Jesus' steps be thine."
(Personal Experience)


By keeping in touch with God,
we rise above the conditions
where the blind lead the blind,
and we know that we are guided by God
in all we are called to do.

"If I go up to heaven, you are there;
if I make my bed in the depths you are there.
If I rise on the wings of the dawn,
if I settle on the far side of the sea,
even there your hand will guide me."
(Psalm 139:8-10)

Let us awake and know that God is
speaking to us, leading us, and protecting us
- that His Spirit is bearing witness with our spirit
- that we are sons and daughters of God.

As the voices of our souls cry out to God,
let us not doubt the promise:
"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
for they will be filled."
(Matthew 5:6)

It may come as the wind, we may not know from where,
but all who seek will know that His name is "I am who I am"
(Exodus 3:14)
who is speaking in His holy temple, the body.
That is the true awakening.
There is, indeed, a physical body, a mental body, and a spiritual body,
and they are one - one in love, one in truth, one in service, and one in God.


Our physical bodies, our mental bodies, and our soul bodies
are shadows of the Triune.

The body-physical is as Man.
The body-mental is as the Christ,
for it is through the application of the mental influences
that we would control and build that which finds expression
in the physical and in the soul.
The body-soul is as the image of God,
and made to be a companion in spirit.

The physical body is the house, the home of the soul,
during a sojourn in the material world.

What we do with the opportunities
presented  in our experiences
gives expression to powers
given to our souls and our bodies
in their journey through the earth.

As the knowledge of the awakening of our soul forces
is applied in our relationship to our fellow mans,
we come to realize our relationship to our Maker, for
"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine,
you did it for me."
(Matthew 25:40)

Physical Awakening
For us to be aware of our physical desires and appetites
is physical awakening.

To satisfy them selfishly is sin.
This is illustrated in the experience of our first parents.
"When the woman saw the fruit of the tree was good for food
and pleasing to the eyes, and also desirable for gaining wisdom,
she took some and ate it.
She also gave some to her husband,
who was with her, and he ate it."
(Genesis 3:6)

Mental Awakening
When we become aware that the mind can control the physical desires,
then we have a mental awakening.

"But daniel resolved not to defile himself with
the king's meat, nor with the wine which he drank."
(Daniel 1:8)
This is an illustration of one who stood firm
in the light of a mental awakening,
even though it was seemingly a sacrifice of life itself.

Spiritual Awakening
When we are conscious that we can reconcile
the spirit within with the spirit without
and know that they are one
and are from the same source, God,
then we have a spiritual awakening.

This was manifested perfectly in Jesus, the Master,
in His daily life among men.

An awakening is the natural thing,
when we attune ourselves to God,
allowing His Spirit to bear witness with our spirit.

We are awakened to the knowledge that we are
sons and daughters of God.

We show forth our spiritual awakening by
our patience, tolerance, long-suffering, and forbearance,
not being willing that any should suffer,
but that all should come to the knowledge of the Truth.

When we practice these virtues in our daily lives
we become masters among men.


Let us realize that we should so live in body and in mind
that we may be channels through which the Creative Forces may flow.

Let us give more attention to our thoughts,
for thoughts are deeds and are children of the union
of the mind and the soul.

What we think continually we become.
What we cherish in our minds
is built into our own physical bodies,
becoming not only food for our souls,
but also the soul's heritage
in realms of other experiences.

Will is an attribute of the soul.
We recognize the will by exercising it
that we either make ourselves one with our Maker,
or separate ourselves from Him.
With the will we can either adhere to
or contradict those immutable laws
set between the Creator and the created.

Let us determine within ourselves that
a constructive program will be followed.
The conditions of this program, then,
require that a definite stand be taken by each of us.
We are determined that we will adhere to it,
no matter what we may suffer mentally or physically.

We will trust in God within for the strength
to endure and for the ability to say no when we should.
We will consider the needs of others before our own.

May we study to show ourselves approved unto God
in body, mind, and soul.
May we become less and less aware of the desires
to gratify the carnal forces of the body.

Is our purpose in life to gain power, position, wealth?
Is our purpose in life to satisfy the longings of the flesh?
Are we to lose our own souls by so doing?
It is for us to choose.

The Christ stands ready to help.
Shall we close the door of our own consciousness?

Father, as we seek to see and know Thy face,
may we each, as individuals and as a group,
come to know ourselves, even as we are known,
that we - as lights in Thee - may give the better concept
of Thy Spirit in this world.
Readings for "Know Yourself"

Each should know "the marks of judgement."
Each should set a standard of measurement of valuation,
of percept and concept.

Each should know what is received from without
and from within oneself.

Each is dependent upon another,
as the conditions arise,
in the material phases of life.

Each must have their concept of what they have accepted
as a standard, a measurement, an active force
within their experience.

Each measure not by self, for he that does such is not wise.
Each measure not by earthly standards, if you should know self.
Each measure by that as has proven within yourself
as a criterion, as an ensample, as a guide.

Each know what to believe and act that way.

Each know and understand what it means
to be measured by not what one has,
but by what one is able to give out;
or, to be better put:
Each know what it means to be a channel of blessing to someone!

As each receive, give;
"For Lo, I stand and knock!
Who will open and let that peace, that joy, enter,
that there may be more light in your own soul?"

Each think not on the cares of the day nor the hour.

Each be not blinded by those things that make the physical body afraid;
for he that will come will not be denied.
"Not everyone that says Lord, Lord
- but he that does the will of the Father."
As I in Him, and you in me, so shall His will
be done in earth as it is in heaven.

Each in their own respective way and manner,
and let not one depend upon the other! (Depend only on God)
Good way to know yourself also!

Each in awakening the desires to do that the love, physically,
spiritually shown, may find as a renewing strength.

Does love wane through over-activity, or does love grow by use?
Does love fail or wear away, or blossom, in growth, in use,
magnifies and so brings into being those forces
that overcomes all things?

Each do as the heart, the inner self, soul, dictates.

Each not ashamed to be what you are!
If you are ashamed, there is something amiss!
The standard is shortened or lengthened, and does not fit the pattern!

Here a little, there a little,
is added in the material activities
of individuals, that shows a growth.

Have you grown by association?
Have you been neglected by the association?
Then demand, or give, as you find to be.

Each keeping in accord to those things known
to be uplifting, opening, to those of many conditions
that makes for Creative Energies, even as has been oft
in associations.

Each not in any selfish or unseeming manner.

Each keeping the heart pure, their actions unquestioned.

Each keeping oneself free from condemnation!

Each in keeping the precepts in activity known to oneself,
that he that would aid must show the desire to aid in oneself,
as well as in others.

Each keeping the heart singing!
Make use of your abilities to be able to accomplish something now!

Each making demands to help others.

Each has a part, or parcel, in His work.
This is His work!
He has called you!
If one heeds not, or hears not the invitation,
then one has only missed an opportunity
and it must all be done over again.

As each find in contemplation that
brings in the lives, the activities,
of those contacting those experiences
in the group, this must of itself (if it be alive)
awaken a desire, that be measured or acted upon
by that arising within self through its own meditation
- will find what willing hands are willing to do.

Each are called in their respective sphere.

Each must find the answer in their own selves.

Do you remember?
"Come with me, and I will make you fishers of men"?
Do you remember?
"Lord, will You grant my request
when You go to your kingdom,
that I and my brother may sit on the right hand,
the other on the left?"
"Are you able to drink from the cup?"
"We are able."
"Indeed you shall drink, but to sit on my right
or my left is not mine to give.
He that does the will of the Father,
the same is my mother, my brother, my sister."

Each seeking understanding is well.
The application of that understood is better.

Each in their own way and manner may aid, or hinder,
according to the application of their own abilities, own talent,
own understanding.

Each have indicated their desire to know the manner
and way of a clearer approach to the continuity of life,
or the origin of life, light, that they might be a better channel
of manifesting light as individuals, as a group.

Each in their own way and manner have sought
to apply what is known or felt in oneself
to be the manner or way to aid in the existent situation
or condition.

Each seek for an individual interpretation of their work,
their portion of work.

Each should apply what they know, and in the application
gain a clearer, a better understanding, in experience.

When the light has come sufficient in self
to know the awakening that gives strength, power,

If what is known used, the light comes.

When will that be put in more perfect activity?
Do not become confused by waiting.
Be not over-anxious, that any source, any channel, would do.

Each know that He who you have named has directed,
"My sheep will hear my voice, and not heed any other."

Each keep in the way and manner
in which each may be awakened
to the possibilities within oneself.

Each applying what is known in onesself,
that is being more gentle, more loving,
more kind to all; for little by little
we gain that understanding that comes
from keeping a heart, a mind, a life in the light.

Think not that the abilities of oneself are lacking
in such conditions.

Doubt not that your own supplications
reach the throne of grace or mercy.

Each show forth, then, that in your activities day by day,
that in the union of strength comes a greater understanding in all.

Each keep on keeping on, and as other experience
opens the understanding of that necessary
for spiritual or physical activity be willing and ready to answer.

Doubt not self nor self's abilities, in doing comes strength.

Each keeping that consciousness that answers to self,
as face answers (reflects) to face in the water,
and this will bring the answer in self
as to whether the Spirit of the Creative Forces
bears witness with your own spirit.

Each should not scold another,
unless self's own self answers for that as is
felt or acclaimed in self.

The inner self, seeks, knows intuitive forces
much more than is often expressed in action.

The word of the moment covers much
that is felt to be true in the inner self.

Each cultivate that spiritual insight ability in self,
that the analysis of disorder, disruption, distress,
may be correct at a moment's thought
or activity.

For he that has been anointed
to the priesthood in the Living God's activities,
loses little of abilities in many of the appearances.

What are the activities that you may accomplish.
Open your understanding, that those forces
as may manifest, even through that anointing,
may bring that of an understanding heart, mind, soul,
and much may be accomplished by the activities
of the entity.

As you have chosen, as you have been chosen,
do you know that you should be about the Father's business?

As each are given, and each interpret their own activities,
so apply self in that direction as to answer that consciousness,
or the mind of the soul, as to know all is well,
and as the answer comes - know work has been accomplished.

Each keep in the manner as have set before yourself,
for the way is opening, the light is dawning, for you.

Doubt not in the seeking, as you apply yourself,
it has its own reward in that as is being, as may be,
accomplished in the whole.

Each should learn, in the attempts as is being made
by each, the lesson as has been set by the group
as the lesson of cooperation toward one thing
to be accomplished; remembering, there has been given,
"Who can, by taking thought, add one whit or one cubit
to his stature?" but
"When you pray enter into your closet and pray,
and He that hears in secret will reward you openly."

Then remembering, the giving, the understanding,
comes from Him.

As was seen in the testing of those that had raised
their vibrations for an understanding, then pray that all may hold as one.

A group, a chain, a band, is as strong as its weakest member.

Speak, act, when the spirit gives utterance,
where the way is opened; then fill that necessary
for a spreading an understanding of that as has been tested
and tried by self.

To some, an awakening to the greater channels of power.

To others, more spirituality than materiality.

To others, the karmic influences have reached their changing point,
that the vibrations may be brought one to another.

In transformation comes a light for those that look for same.

Hold fast to what you have,
pressing on to the mark of the higher calling as is set in Him;
keeping your own garments white,
and seeing less and less fault in the other fellow.


Each are an entity (an integral factor) when seeking
to know what goes on within and without oneself.

Because this is a practical lesson in the study of oneself,
then let us consider the factors that are within self
that must reason with those factors without self.

There are organs and their functionings, that have their
individual desires and actions within the body.

They are taken into consideration when the body functions
as a "Unit of Creative Forces" manifesting in a material world.

And that is made known to the physical body
by those magnified desires or natures of that physical body.

These are registered in the activities of the physical body
in such a way and manner and is stamped upon the face of the body
and magnified through its own physical senses.

Physical senses are attunements within a physical body.
Each vibrating according to the training of the physical body,
or each vibrating according to the concentration
by the physical forces of the body as applying
to the attunements of the development of which
the physical body is a material representation.

These show forth or magnified
in a single appearance or experience.
Also the whole impressions received from
previous experiences of that entity
is shown forth.

The registering is done in the soul of the entity,
the same as in the material sense in the physiognomy
of the individual upon which the activities of that environ
in which the entity has placed itself, by its attunement to
the various elements about that entity.

In the same sense these elements, then,
are made up of the physical body, the mental body, the spiritual body,
each with their attributes and associations and connections
that must all work in unison in much the same manner
as the organs of the physical body must attune themselves
in their ratio or relative active forces with a normal physical
functioning body.  This lesson! Know Yourself! (See 262-10)


As the lesson is and will be awakened in the consciousness
of each entity is aroused in the study of self, these awarenesses
of the activities become more and more real.

As is conceded, even by the most pessimistic, that unseen forces
are more powerful than those seen or realities, to some.

The dreamer, the visionary, those who attune themselves to the infinite,
the more often they receive the more infinite power.

Those attunements will bring into being realities of the unseen forces
being as coordinant in their activity, as the night follows the day,
as the moon sheds its light from the activity of the giver of light, the sun.
As each keeps nearer in attune, in accord, in vibration,
in coordinating of vibration, nearer the awakening, nearer the ability
to heal self and give life, light, understanding, to another.

Each individual should know first, the application,
the understanding and the knowledge of what is applied.

As in life, so in the actions, in the thought and body of an entity,
that this is!

Then how is its manner of executing that function it performs?
As these are in action, the awakening is soon to come to the entity
of the life within.

May each understand the explanation of an awakening from within:
In each are the material natures in an entity without as yet considering
that that awakens a desire to know, not only that of the without but
that that awakens a desire for a continuity of self other than from
a selfish viewpoint.

Get the variation and difference now!

Those from without are being acted upon
in much the same manner as an individual that is not aware of the holiness
of a brother, yet in contact with such one feels or experiences,
through not a feeling, not a hearing, not a tasting, not a vision of,
an aweness of a presence!

So, in the vision seen, those without will, are, must become awed
by the activities of self, of the group, of what it stands for!

As self will meditate upon that as has been given, then in seeking
those answers to that as comes to self, in the awareness
of the various conditions physical, mental, spiritual,
that are awakened through the study of that given,
will there be seen, felt, known, understood, that that will awaken self
to a more close unison of purpose.

Indecisions have often racked the mental body,
but with unison of the mental visions come more peace,
more harmony, more unison of purpose.


Each should know this:
Self's Ideal is the standard by which the will is controlled or measured.

"What is your Ideal" will be the next lesson.

In seeking, you shall find.
Know that there are openings for those that seek to know His face,
for those who will serve the Lord. Be not overanxious. Serve the Lord.

In seeking, do not seek something afar, nor something new.
Rather seek that there are the proper ideals, the proper valuations
of that already in hand.

In using the opportunities in hand comes the understanding of larger, better,
greater things.

Whom the Lord loves, to him is given in hand that which,
if used, brings understanding and peace.
There are dreams and visions and experiences.

When only dreams, these are significant but rather of the physical health,
or physical conditions.

In visions there is often the inter-between giving expressions that make
for an awakening between the mental consciousness, or that been
turned over and over in the physical consciousness and mind being weighed
with that the self holds as its ideal.

In visions where spiritual awakenings.
These most often are seen in symbols or signs.

As the training of self's consciousness in a manner of interpreting the visions
would be in expressions of eye, hand, mouth, posture or the like,
these are interpreted in your own language.
When these are, then, in symbols of such, know the awakening is at hand.

Not gifts, but the offering of yourself is necessary to be used in aid to others.
Not my will but Yours be done in me!
Use me as You see fit!
Not as I would be used, but as You see fit!
As the body consciousness and mind lends a stability to others,
then do not doubt yourself;
for to doubt self is to create that of a negative force
that brings upon its return to self discontent - see?

For, as you seek, you shall find!
Faint not at the long tarrying.
Nor be not unmindful that He that is faithful to the end
shall wear the Crown of life.

(Q) How may I learn to know self as I am known?
(A) Being able to, literally, stand aside and watch self pass by!

Take the time to occasionally be sufficiently introspective:
Of what may happen in self's relation to others.
To see the reactions of others as to what was done by self.

True, no man lives to himself, no man dies to himself.
As the currents run to bring about the forces
that are necessary to man's own in these material things,
so are forces in self active upon those whom we act upon.

Being able, then, to see self as others see you;
As has been given,
"Now we know in part, then shall we know even as we are known."
(see 1 Corinthians 13:9-12)

Then, in Him, let your life be in Him, in thought, in deed, that
"You that have known me have known the Father also" may be truly said of self.

Stand aside and watch self pass by!

As the opportunity, day by day, is given, be not unmindful of speaking
when there is the opportunity; not that self becomes offensive, no!

Kindness has never been offensive, will never be offensive to anyone!

The kindly thought, the kindly act - for
"He that gives the cup of cold water in my name shall not lose his reward."

This is often interpreted as reward for self.

Rather is it the knowledge that comes from a true within, that
"His Spirit beareth witness with your spirit" that you are known of Him
among men.

In this manner may the body act as the missionary, as the emissary.

That there may be harsh words, there may be slight remarks oft,
is apparent - but be so close, that you can smile with those that
would make of your acts puns, even.

Be able to make them with them, yet so kindly that they heap coals of fire
upon the heads of those that laugh.

As each gains, through their own meditation or prayer,
that they may be known among men as they are known
with Him, this takes on an import.

Would you act before your God in the manner you act before your brother?
Love one another. "A new commandment I give, that you love one another."

In this manner may each see themselves as others see them.

Let not your words and your actions be so different that they are not children
of the same family.

Let your deeds, let your words, be in keeping with that others see in you.

As the body-consciousness goes about giving what is received
day by day, so does the body become a bearer of tidings (information)
to others, so that, as the body is seen and known among others as one
that bears tidings (information) that come, is passing, will come to pass
among men.

In the thoughts, in the acts, keep self in attunement with the ideal,
and you'll always know what's passing on in your own self!

As self meditates upon the various activities of self,
as to how oft self becomes the impetus of another's activity,
then there may be seen that self is understood,
or not understood, as the activities of self have been.

How oft in your own self have you impelled another
to look within themselves to whether they were
in accord with what He would have them do?

How oft have you made another think better of themselves?
Not laud themselves, but think better of themselves?
In this may one see self; for in magnifying Him
self sees self as others may see self in self's activities.

There will come to the consciousness of the entity,
in the service being given upon the wall of faith, those messages
time and again of the various effects had upon the minds,
the bodies of individuals in their various stages of attunement
or development, and oft these may become confusing;

Yet - as seen - with the touch that comes from the closer associations of self
and those that aid, or would aid in these closer communions for those
that are suffering in body or mind, or in the various vicissitudes
of their experience, these become more gentle - as their awakening
that they, too, may be the Sons of God!

(Q) Give the best means by which I may know myself as I am known?
(A) By measuring self by that standard that is your own ideal.


Each should contribute their portion to the lessons,
so that the lessons may be complete as a whole.

Do not start and then turn back.

Remember, he that puts his hand to the plow and look back,
better that he had never begun!

In the preparations, each have been given for the use
of each individual's application.

As each apply what has been given
there will come that which will be helpful to another.

As you receive, so give!

To clarify the functionings of the spiritual and mental mind:

The ability of functioning enables each to know himself, herself,
to be a part of the whole, yet not the whole.

Which gives the ability of an individual to see self as self is!

Few, to be sure, often desire to see themselves as others see them!

But he, or she, that is a channel of blessing, an avenue of expression,
of the Son, of the Teacher, of the Father, will keep the temple, self, clean!

(Q) Please outline the paragraph for the material on the mental body.
(A) This may be built upon by what is received by each individual,
their reactions to the effect "cooperation" and "knowing self"
gives to their mental beings in these preparations.

The Lessons are to be prepared by those who magnify what they receive,
that it may find a response in the mental, and the material,
and the spiritual minds of those who seek. Do some work!
The entity is the combination of the physical body
throughout all its experiences in the earth, and in the universe,
and the reactions that have been builded:
(1) by the various experiences, or
(2) by the spiritual body of an individual.
That that is individual.
That that is the sum total of all experience.

Then for the entity to create, give, or be life, it must be a living,
acting example of what it is, and not as something separated,
inactive, inanimate, not giving but gradually deteriorating.

There is the variation that may be seen in the material world
as an example:
As long as life is whatever manifestation in the material plane,
it is growth.

As soon as it becomes an inanimate object (though it may be serving
a purpose), it immediately begins to deteriorate, disintegrate.

Be an entity! Be a Living entity! See?
To those seeking the expansion on the relationship of

(1) The physical body as a unit, and yet a portion of the whole.

(2) The soul body and its experiences.

(3) In the clarifying of what is builded by an entity
as it passes from plane to plane.

Let's begin with that which was given by Him,
"Not that which enters into a man defiles him,
but that which comes forth."

"Many are as whitened sepulchres, beautiful outside
but inside full of dead men's bones!"

This is referring to the activities of a physical being.

Taking into consideration the activities of a physical body,
a mental body, and spiritual body.

One that lives to gratify the desires of the fleshly body alone
may be beautiful without and often is!, but within is foul,
belittling the soul and corrupted.

What is given out by such a person then is that which brings,
in its seed, that makes for discord, corruption, disorder.

Such an entity, such a soul, passing in - as the tree falls, so must it lie,
and the whole shall be paid every whit!

"My word shall not pass away."

The soul meets what it has builded in that atmosphere,
that surrounding, that environ, that vibration
it has created or builded for itself:
Not in the material, but in the spiritual, the universal plane.

Then again it enters in the physical plane for the experimenting,
or developing, or magnifying, or showing forth that it may build.

Each functioning of the organs of the physical body
is dependent one upon another.

And who finds fault that the hand is not the eye,
or that the head is not the foot,
or that the comely part is not the uncomely,
and the like?

All must be made in attune, in accord,
that the whole may be saved,
rather than a portion should suffer
through that it may build in
this activity through the world. See?

This may be clarified most with
individuals taking their own experiences in the various spheres
that brought from one to another position, element, understanding,
and meet each as they find in that environ, that surrounding,
that which must bring that knowledge of the whole, that
"the Father and I are one."

For the physical body, the mental body, the spiritual body, to rebel,
is like the foot rebelling because it is not the head, or the hand;
or like the organs rebelling because they have become poisoned
by what has been fed to the body for its sustenance. See?

To some the explanation is worse than that first given!
But study self in the light of that which is given in knowing self.

(Q) In the training of the subconscious mind,
which is more effective, thought or the spoken word, and why?
(A) First let's consider what is being acted upon.
Then the question will answer itself.

The subconscious mind is both consciousness and thought
or spirit consciousness.

Hence may be best classified, in the physical sense, as a habit.

Should a person being acted upon thinks that
thought acts quicker than the spoken word,
then to such a person it would!

When it is necessary to reach the subconscious of an individual
through the senses of the physical body,
before it may be visualized by such a person,
then the spoken word would be more effective.
And you may see why.

Hence that which is spoken (for why the question is asked) to a growing,
developing body in oral manner to the sleeping or semi-conscious mind
will act the better still!
That answers the question for this body!

(Q) Please explain the method of introspection.
(A) As the body-consciousness may view
how one word of a conversation leads to another,
so may the body-consciousness see from introspection,
"What caused me to think or act in such a manner under such
and such circumstance?
Why did I answer sharply under this particular experience
and gentle in another?"

Introspection gives the body insight into the mental forces of
the physical and soul-consciousness of a body.
As each seek, my children, to give life, light, understanding to others,
Faint not.

Be not double-minded.
Keep always to what you have committed
so you can present it before the throne of grace, of mercy.
And His peace will abide with you always!


1. Why are we often barriers to our own development?
2. What does knowing self comprise?
3. What is the price to be paid in order to know self?
4. To whom is the way to know self open?
5. Mention our different bodies and show how they are related?
6. What is the physical body?
7. How has God honored our bodies?
8. What is the relation of all parts of the physical Body?
9. What influence have the senses upon the body?
10. Where do the influences of the senses register?
11. Discuss the desires of the mental and spiritual bodies.
12. Of what are we the result?
13. What are the effects of our thoughts and acts?
14. What will our soul seek?
15. Give the significance of the dream of the Truth student
given in the lesson.
16. Give ways by which we may see ourselves
in our relation to others.
17. What is the good way by which we may know ourselves
as others see us?
18. Why have we no right to feel humiliated when others
form opinions of us?
19. What should make us tolerant of others?
20. Give the quotation, "Be what thou seemeth," etc.
21. What is self's relationship to the Creative Force?
22. As we desire to be more in touch with God,
upon what should we meditate?
23. What promise is made for those who hunger
and thirst for for the birth of the Spirit.
Updated: 6 August 2013