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A Search For God

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Lesson 3: What is my Ideal?
(262-11 to 262-14)

"Let my mind be as Jesus Christ"
(Philippians 2:5)


God, be merciful to me!
Help my unbelief!
Let me see in Christ that You would have me see in my fellow man.
Let me see in my brother what I see in Christ whom I worship.


What is an ideal?
Is it a mental concept?
Is it that conceived in the mind as a standard of perfection?

Mind is the builder.
We are always striving toward something to worship
or something to love, be it physical, mental, or spiritual.

From our experiences we form ideas;
then through the action of imagination
we confuse these ideas with ideals.

To bind ourselves by calling our ideas ideals
means the beginning of decay in the soul structure
which we have builded.

An ideal is something beyond and above us toward which we build.
Our ideals are ever present;
Our ideals are consciously or unconsciously,
the foundation for the motivating forces in our lives.


In childhood the height which we hoped to reach was lower, by far,
than the one that we placed as a goal in youth.

The God we worshiped in our childhood
has grown to the Spirit we now call "Father."
(Mark 14:36)

So, as we build onward and upward, our ideals enlarge
until they reach the height of perfection, the Source of all Good,
the Creative Energy of which we are manifestations.

From the physical, mental, and spiritual viewpoints
our ideals are patterns by which we endeavor to shape our lives.

We must understand the meaning of "The Oneness"
and merge our physical and mental ideals with the spiritual ideal of the soul.

Our spiritual pattern should not be trimmed to fit us,
but we should grow to fit the pattern, whose Maker and Finisher is God.


The true ideal is the highest spiritual attainment
to be reached on this material plane;
therefore our ideal must be found in Christ, who is the Way.
He that climbs up some other way is a thief and a robber to himself.
All real seekers after truth recognize this,
although they may have different ways of expressing it.

The following quotations will illustrate this.
Example of an Ideal 1
"To think, to speak, to act from the consciousness of my divine self
that I may be like Christ, that I may do the things Christ said I could do,
and help those who have not heard Christ's voice - this is my ideal."

Example of an Ideal 2
"Thou glorious One,
radiant beyond finite mind,
I would manifest Thee more fully.
Thou tender and loving Father,
for Thy Son's sake
give me the testimony of the Spirit
to bear witness with my spirit
that I am a son of God,
and likewise help me fully to realize
that my brother is one with Thee.
 Awaken me to the newness of life,
peace, love, knowledge, and understanding
- then I shall be reaching my true ideal."

Example of an Ideal 3
"My ideal is spiritual in essence,
regardless of where it leads.
Christ the Guide,
Christ the Leader, and
Christ the Way.
Christ's ways are my ways, and
Christ's ambitions are my ambitions.
To be Christlike is my ideal.
We are the sons of God and should act as such."

Example of an Ideal 4
"My ideal is to be a perfect channel
through which the will of the Father may be done,
whether in the physical, the mental, or the spiritual plane,
and to return to the Father from whence I came.
My hopes and desires are in the One
by whom all were created."

In Christ we have the way,
in Christ we have the example, and
in Christ we have all the attributes of the Ideal manifested.

Christ's teachings and life of service to His fellow man
show us the way we too must tread
in attaining the height Christ reached.

When in our relationship to our fellow man
we are so perfected in the Christ Consciousness
that each word, thought, and deed
bring blessings to those we contact,
then we may be sure that our ideal is the true one.


The ideal cannot be man-made.
The ideal must be of the spiritual nature
that has its foundation in Truth, in God.

Know the first principle:
The gift of God to man is an individual soul,
which may be one with Him,
and that may know itself to be one with God
and yet individual in itself, with the attributes of the Whole,
yet not the Whole.

Such must be the concept, or the ideal,
whether of the imaginative, the mental,
the physical, or the spiritual body of man.
All may attain to such an ideal,
yet never become the Ideal,
but be one with the Ideal.

With this ideal once set, there will be no fear.
There will come to each of us that grace
to dare to be a Daniel,
to dare to stand alone.
We attain our ideal by seeing the Father in others.

Let our prayer be,
God, be merciful to me!
Help Thou my unbelief!
Let me see in Him that Thou would have me see in my fellow man.
Let me see in my brother that I see in Him whom I worship.

We reach this vision through Christ.
It takes the penetrating light of His Spirit
to discern the divine spark in fallen humanity.
It takes the mind of Christ to bless and not condemn,
to love and not censure.

The fields are now ripe unto harvest,
but the laborers are few.

We must work, work,
for the night of unbelief and doubt comes.

It is our heritage to catch the true concept
of the Divine in all and to be, in truth,
co-workers with God.

As there is raised in ourselves more and more
of the Christ Consciousness,
we become free indeed,
and with freedomm comes the awakening
- the awakening to the realization of the Ideal.

As we see others as the Christ sees them
and strive to consecrate ourselves to Him,
then our daily acts, our words, and our thoughts
will bring that understanding and realization
of the Ideal manifested in us as well as in others.

Let us look for good in everyone,
speaking neither evil, harsh, nor unkind words to any at any time.

Let us do all that we know to do, in love,
and leave the results with God.

Let us hold fast to that which we have purposed
in our inner selves, knowing that no emergency
in a material way or manner may arise
that cannot find its solution in spiritual inspiration,
for His promises are sure.

Offenses may arise, yet with each and every fear
there is that from within which will quiet our troubled minds,
even as He quelled the tempest on the sea.

As we seek, we find; as we knock, we are heard.
If we are timid, fearful. or overcautious
in giving out the hope which has sustained us,
then we grow more weak and fearful ourselves.


Have we chosen the spiritual Ideal?
Are the things in our own lives measured by that Ideal?

When we sincerely examine ourselves
and know that our standard is what we see
in the other fellow and come to realize
that our God is manifesting in and through him,
we know that the Ideal we are setting for ourselves
is one that will lift us up and cause us to be merciful,
even as our heavenly Father is merciful.

Then we may be assured of the peace
that passes understanding.

What is our Ideal?
The Christ-Way.
Let us not be anxious, but wait on the Lord,
knowing that He is faithful who promised,
"Here I am! I stand at the door and knock.
If anyone hears my voice and opens the door,
I will come in and eat with him, and he with me."
(Revelation 3:20)
Readings for "What is my Ideal?"


The presentation of the spiritual body
presents to many a variation to things
that make up the spiritual life.

If we add the ideal of Christ Consciousness,
gained by applying oneself in act, in thought,
then that brings a greater effect to
that consciousness of individuals.

In preparing the lesson on "having an ideal", as seen
from the proper consideration of the lessons that have gone
before (Cooperation, Know Yourself), there must be
the necessity of a Oneness of purpose in a
cooperative manner, which gives then a group a one ideal.

Though there may be many ideas in the approach to the one,
the differentiations are lost in the purpose of the ideal.

An ideal cannot, should not, will not, be man-made,
but must be of the spiritual nature.

An ideal has its foundation in Truth, in God, in the God-head,
that there may be the continual reaching out of an individual,
whether applied to the physical life, the mental life,
or the spiritual life.

Each know that first principle,
that the gift of God to man is an individual soul
that may be one with Him,
and may know itself to be one with Him
and yet individual in itself,
with the attributes of the whole,
yet not the whole.

Such must be the concept, must be the ideal,
whether of the imaginative, the mental, the physical,
or the spiritual body of man.

Each may attain to such an ideal, yet never become the ideal.
But one with the ideal, and one in Him.

God, be merciful to me! Lord help with my unbelief!
Let me see in Him that You would have me see
in my fellow man. Let me see in my brother
that I see in Him who I worship!

Pray that each may have that light that is necessary for them,
as an individual, as an integral part of the whole group,
that would give life, light and understanding to others.

For he that would be patient must show patience
to those that have a different understanding or
concept of life.

He that would teach, he that would minister, he that would heal
all likewise must be able to demonstrate in themselves
that they would give another.

"As I am in the Father and you in me, so shall you know the way,
for so is my Father magnified in the world."

Are you a channel of blessing to someone today?
Then that will answer in your own behalf,
that as will give that understanding that enables individuals,
the group, to give to others that light, that awakening,
that must be found in Him.

The awakening may be done by the words
and the acts of individuals;
the increase, the Understanding, is God's work!

Expect not that to be your work, but bringing
the opportunities, the awakening, the light, the knowledge
and God gives the increase; for those that are called,
those did He predestine.

Study to show yourself approved by God,
rightly dividing the words of truth,
avoiding the appearance of evil.

In each there is prepared a way of escape
for each and every soul.

An ideal must be attainable in a concrete manner.

Then little by little, line by line, may the body-consciousness
become conscious of the Spirit of the Master
working in and through the acts, the thoughts, the Life
of the body.

See in each individual what they represent of the ideal
set by self, and live the life, the whole concept, of your own ideal.

Ideal should be set in Him.
See that coming to pass in the lives, the hearts,
the minds, the souls, of those the body works with,
the body labors with, and work - work!

For the night comes, and in Him will be that light
that gives rest to the soul.

As each lifts in themselves that as is their ideal,
as each measures another - whether a physical, a moral
or a spiritual act - so may self measure self by that
set as the ideal in self for self, and see
the Christ Consciousness raised in the heart,
the mind, the soul of others.

Keep before self,
"Judge not that you be not judged,
For as you measure so it is measured against you."

That signifies that with the measure you mete is your ideal.

Let that, then, be in Him.

As there is raised in self more and more
the Christ Consciousness does one become free indeed,
and free gives that awakening that comes with the realization
of the ideal as set awakening more and more in the hearts,
the minds, the souls of others.

Not in longfacedness, not in moral aptitudes that make
for shadows - but free in the love that makes not afraid,
that makes for that that would make self dare to do for Him.

As there is applied in the conversation, in the acts,
in the thoughts of self as respecting others, and measure
then by that ideal that is set in self, be as patient and
as forgiving, and as long-suffering as He was.
Then there comes that peace that gives understanding.


Each should apply in their daily experience
that given in Cooperation and Know Thyself.
For there comes then to each that as has been
set as their ideal.

Each are able, or do express in themselves
the secular things in life as their ideal - or idea of a standard.

Have you chosen a Spiritual Ideal?
Are the things in your life measured by that spiritual ideal?
Are there continued efforts on your part to put into practice,
or to count yourself worthy of being the channel that may bring
a blessing to another?

There will come a sign to the group, or to members of the group
if they make the ideal one with Him.

The promise is, as was given by Him;
"I will bring to remembrance all things whatsoever
has been my part with you, for in such manifestations
is my Father glorified in you."

In seeking the Father's face, grace, mercy and peace
is added in the seeking.

Know who you worship, that you worship the Father;
for the prayer was,
"May they be one, even as You and I are one",
A spiritual insight brings the seeing of the best in each life.

There is good in all, for they are of the Father,
and have been bought with the price, of the Son,
in that flesh may know the Glory of the Father
that may be manifested even in you!

This must be found in the Father, for
"You, I have chosen, as you have chosen me.
He, I have called, him did I also predestine
and they hear my voice, and answer by My Name."

In that name alone may the calling and election be sure.

Present yourselves in a way and manner that is holy
and acceptable to Him, according to your own understanding.
Doing each day what you know is in accord with that ideal,
and the Way will be shown to you!

Be not over hasty in word or deed.

For it is line upon line, here a little, there a little.

For it is the little leaven that leaveneth the whole lump,
and such compared He to the Kingdom of God.

The Kingdom is within.

Go. Do. What I have shown you, so you do.
And there will be peace, harmony, understanding, light,
that saves even to the end.

Let each show in their own way the manifesting
of His love day by day.
"A new commandment I give to you: Love one another."
As I would have spoken of you, so speak of one another.
In this manner may the greater work, the greater blessing,
come to one and all.

Be Patient, and see the glory of God!

"Behold the fields are white for the harvest, but the laborers are few."
You have signified the willingness to be a laborer with Him.
Then work, work! for the night, for the shades of those things
that bring doubt, darkness, dissimilitude, will come - unless one
is busy with what they know to do;
But with the labor comes that rest as promised in Him.

Put into active, prayerful, working service,
that you know to do day by day.
See in others something that may be glorified by Him.
See in yourself what you would consecrate to Him.

Your daily acts, your words, your speech, these will bring
that understanding, and the realization of the ideal
being manifest in you, as well as in others.

Look for the good in everyone.
Speak neither evil, harsh, nor unkind, to any.

Study that you say, that you do, and reserve nothing in strength
of body or mind - in service to others.
That is a reflection of what He would have you do, as you know how.

As was given by Him:
Let your works, your efforts, be as was said by Him:
"If you do not believe in me, then you will believe
for the very works sake - for the things I do bespeak
that I believe I Am!"

The Godhead is that from which the impulse flows, or returns to.
The beginning - the end - of all.

To increase one's faith:
Use what you have in hand, has been the command from
the beginning, will be to the end, as to how to increase faith.

Faith, the substance of things hoped for, evidences of things unseen.

Using what is known brings attunements, emoluments in every form,
and makes Creative Forces in themselves - which is, must be,
the basis of faith.


As in the cooperation, as in the developments that
come to each when applying those things
(for they become things, ideas in the application),
as the ideas work upon the activities of each individual,
then the ideal or the standard that each not only
measure themselves by - but see in others through that standard
that they may worship, that they may honor, in their ideal.

Each know first "All is One."
Then come the lesson of Faith.

That is one of the stepping-stones in balancing self to the labors,
as each applies self to what they set before themselves to work toward.
And that may bring the understanding, that understanding of the source
of the good, or brighten the lives of others through those things
that have been builded, are builded, and may be builded,
through the application of those things that make up the lessons
that are studied.

For in the beauty of service comes the knowledge and understanding
that makes the living worthwhile.

Each setting aside those things that so easily beset.
Each looking forward to that mark of the higher calling set in Him.

Each knowing that the greatest service that may be done
is the little word here and there, the kindly thought,
the little deeds that make the heart glad, and
the brightness of the Son come in the lives of all.

Insofar as each has contributed their portion, then,
in the joining of each link let these be in the same manner
or temperament of thought, that there are no stumbling stones
between the truths presented by each individual,
that there may be unison,
that there may be oneness of purpose,
that there may be wholehearted cooperation
by all to whom same may be presented.

Let each individual, themselves, apply in their own daily life
what they have contributed toward the awakening of someone
through their thought.

So the lesson becomes a living example known and read by men.

So the lessons, the studies, be given a soul, with life,
that may live in the hearts and minds of others.

Beautiful truths without personal application by the one
presenting them is indeed casting pearls to swine,
and will turn again to its own wallow.

In the outline, much of that prepared is well.
Let each know and feel, understand, that prepared
is a part of them. Unless that prepared is a part of them,
they have little or no part in that prepared;
For many are called but few have answered.

The harvest indeed is ripe, the laborers are few!

The lords have called, do call, for laborers in His vineyard.

Who will work today?
He that has seen a vision of the love of Him
that has been set as your example, as your ideal.

These founded in those that are of man's making
must come to naught!

With the cooperation of the spirit of truth it is made
alive in Him, even as the overcoming of death
itself through the applying of self to His will.

Not my will but Yours, O Lord, be done in me!
As the meditations should be,
in the preparation of faith in self, in God, in your ideal:

Create in me a pure heart, O God! (Pslam 51:10)
Open my heart to the faith
You have implanted in all that seek Your Face!
Help my unbelief (Mark 9:24)
in my God, in my neighbour, in myself!

Well that an individual know that
the attaining of an ideal of "an earthly making" is satisfaction,
and the attaining of an ideal of "the spiritual making"
is obtained only in spiritual understanding which gives

Then be content with what you have, and use with honor,
praise, glory to your ideal what you have, and more
and more is given as there is proper use made
of what you have in hand;
for, as was given by the Master of masters,
"The kingdom is like that man who was about to make
a journey called his servants.
To one gave five talents, to another two talents,
to another one talent.
As they applied themselves, they obtained not favor,
but understanding - and so were rewarded,
as called to account for what held in hand.

So, obtaining the ideal is making use, spiritual use, first.
For 'Seek first the kingdom and all these things are added to you.'"
[see 262-17]

In applying yourself day by day in every way, what you know.
Make a personal application of what you know to do,
without questioning about tomorrow.
For tomorrow has its evils and its goods, sufficient for you.

Today is! Use what you have in hand.
So the awakening comes.

Even Moses was called by God to lead peoples,
a shepherd and the flocks in Moab.

Use what you have in hand, for the gound you stand is holy!
Do likewise! Even as Ram, Phares [?] or Tama [?].
each under their own vine and fig tree, learned first that
opening self to be a channel of the Living Forces,
not the dead past nor that makes one afraid,
but Your will, O God, be done in me -
use me as You see fit!
Fit me for Your own!


Well that the ideal in the suggestions in the lessons
be of the personal nature rather than personality.

In the lesson of "What is my ideal",
there will come the sign to each if they apply themselves
in knowing their own ideal and how this is applicable in their
own experience:

To some in the form of tests:
what is proclaimed, or claimed by them, must be acted
in their own experience, in relationships to others.

To some the greater opportunities:
in the manner in which there will arouse in the inner beings
of others a closer concept of an ideal.

To others a vision:
of those forces that may manifest
in the activities of their own selves towards others,
as well as to those who have experienced the presence
of that consciousness that His abiding promise is true
in this period of their experience.
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