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A Search For God

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Lesson 7: Patience

(262-24 to 262-26)

"By standing firm you will gain life."
(Luke .21:19)


How gracious is Your Presence in the earth, O Lord!
Be our guide, that we with patience may run the race
which is set before us, looking to You, the Author, the Giver of Light.


God is the God of patience.
All nature declares that God is the God of patience.
It is written in the rocks, the caverns, the hills,
and the valleys - yes, deep in the heart of the earth.

It is written in the souls of men by God who has shown
to be long-suffering, forbearing, and willing,
though it takes ages, for all to come to the knowledge of the light.

Patience is an activity of the God-mind (superconscious) within each soul.
To express Patience means mental, physical, and spiritual thought and action.

Through patience we learn to know self.
Through patience we measure and test our ideals.
Through patience we learn to use faith.
Through patience we seek understanding through virtue.
All spiritual attributes are embraced in patience.

As we exercise patience day by day,
we know how well we have put into activity
the lessons learned from past experiences.

Patience puts all the virtues into action.
With patience we become channels of blessings to others
- serving not in our way, but in Christ's way - not once,
but as long as there is need of service.


Patience is a test of our development.
The way we manifest patience in our daily lives,
shows that we have used or abused the opportunities
presented during former experiences.
What great understanding results when we exercise patience!

It is through patience that we get a better understanding
of the Father and His relationship to His children.

It is through patience that we get a better understanding
of the crosses that we bear day by day.

He that is without crosses has ceased to be of notice
and is no longer among the sons of God.

We may be called upon to bear not only our own crosses but those of others.
If we would approach the Throne, we must come
leaning upon the arm of a brother we have helped.
This manifests our relationship to each other.

Patience shows growth.

We often find ourselves so able to meet some difficult problems
that we feel we have solved them before.
Doubtless we have, again and again.

At other times we are not able to cope with problems not nearly so intricate.
Why do we have such experience?
If we fail in meeting these in the right spirit
and find ourselves beaten,
do we not act the parts of weaklings?

As we realize our mistakes,
we become ashamed that we lost hold of ourselves,
and resolve that we will profit by the mistakes.

Because of these experiences, we should ever afterwards
count ourselves happy to endure, and be more willing
to wait until we are better understood, and until we can better understand.

It is the lessons learned through patience
that in the end strengthen and help us;
then we become examples to others.

Something, too, has taken place within us,
for something is written that the hand of time cannot efface.
We have found a great pearl of great price to be set in the soul,
where it will remain through all eternity!

How kind is the wise provision of the Father!
He gives to us each moment just what we are able to use.
We cannot use aright that which we do not understand.
"I have much more to say to you,
more than you can now bear."
(John 16:12)

As we do our bit to make His promises real by showing our brother
that we understand his burdens and are ready to help him bear them,
we become more and more able to know the love of the Father
and more conscious of our own growth.

The beauty of the soul shows in the life of an individual who has patience.
This comes to those who have a constant, prayerful attitude for a purposeful life.

In order to have this beauty of the soul's expression,
it is necessary that we forget ourselves.
It is the result of introspection, which is
the foundation of deep meditation.

Love is manifested in every word and act,
even as it was in those of the Christ.

So, through patience let us magnify Christ's attributes in our experiences.
There is nothing to regret in exercising patience
- there is every thing, in the loss of it.

We are building for eternity.
Results do not always manifest at once.

One individual relates the following experience:
Personal Experience
"I was called upon to pass through a great trial.
My supply of patience and endurance seemed to become
more and more depleted as the day went by.
Beginning to realize, at last, that I was only an instrument
- a channel through which God's will was being manifested
- my strength and courage gradually returned until, without fear,
I faced the issues at stake and came to a clearer and better understanding of the problem.
It was worth all to have patiently waited and to have felt His presence."

Christ's presence with peace is the promise to us
who with patience endure the crosses that are set before us day by day.


In patience we become aware of our presence before the Throne.
Let us seek often, then, to awaken our inner selves.
With patience this may be accomplished.

If we lose hold on ourselves, through the lack of patience,
there is the opportunity for the entering in of those things
that would make us afraid.

In waiting we have the promise that Christ's strength is sufficient for us.
There is no danger of defeat, and there is no cause for fear.
It is necessary, however, that we be in perfect attunement with our ideal,
if we are desirous of possessing this virtue, patience,
that is so necessary for our spiritual growth.

There may come many harassing experiences
that would seem to separate us from God,
but each experience has its reward.

As we seek, let us know that the Comforter,
who will come to us at all times, is near,
and we will never be left alone.

The understanding of God's laws will come,
little by little, as we apply what we already know.

The development of patience requires prayer
and a constant watch upon ourselves,
lest we be off guard and let slip an angry word
or a quick retort, causing someone to stumble.

Think on these things.
Selfishness retards our progress in gaining patience.
The recognition of this means the taking of a bold step,
but a necessary one, if we would have that patience
with others that we are desiring for ourselves.

Lose self in Christ; find self in service.
Lose self in Christ; find self one with God.

The step is magic, the realization divine,
when every act, every thought, and every word
is so actuated by the spirit of patience
that others will endeavor to emulate our example.

This becomes the natural experience
to the heart that recognizes God in everyone.

In the trials that arise day by day, our patience is tested.
We begin to grow as we overcome and put behind us each new obstacle.

Passive submission will not suffice;
our patience must be an active, growing force
which rises to meet each new trial.

Whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth and purgeth every one,
for corruption may not inherit eternal life,
but must be burned up.

Let us know that our God is a consuming fire
and must purge everyone that would be one with Him.
(See Hebrews 12:6; 1 Corinthians 15:50; Deuteronomy 4:24)

We overcome only through patience.
We develop by pressing on,
by expending spiritual energy,
and in so doing we open the way for God
to lend the sustaining strength of His presence
in times of trial and tests that come to all.

How may we more perfectly live the life
that we may through patience gain the better understanding?
By applying what we know day by day.

The Spirit does not call on us to live
what we do not already know and understand.
In doing there comes the knowledge
and the understanding for the next step.

When should we begin?
Today, for "Now is the day of salvation"
(2 Corinthians 6:2), we read.

Let us enter in through faith and with patience wait for the next step.
Those of us who make ourselves unworthy of being tried
are unworthy of being trusted for the entering in.


The trying of our faith worketh patient
(See James 1:3), we are told in Scripture.

Day by day, step by step, the race is run.
When we think our patient is entirely exhausted,
then we have lost patience with our selves.

What hell it becomes if we become impatient with ourselves!
How quickly we must hasten to analyze ourselves
and make the necessary corrections and adjustments!

Influences from within are stronger than from without;
thus our higher selves stand ready to help,
if we are really anxiuos to set ourselves right.

What an opportunity for growth and a closer approach to Him!
Let us live just today, as if the race were ended, the work completed
- as if upon this day's endeavors depended
the fulfillment of all of His promises.

If we expected the Master, the Christ,
to dine with us today, what would we have to offer
as the fruits of our lives, our thoughts, our acts, or our deeds?

Patience is a virtue that has no vacation.
How watchful we must be, lest malice or censure creep in,
and we lose everything for which we have striven!

We are called upon at all times to lay aside those things that hinder,
and to run with patience the race set before us.
The race must be run, for it is the way back to the Father.
Let be thankful that we do not have to run alone.
"I am the way .. no one comes to the Father except through me."
(John 14:6)

Only the activity of patience, with trust in Christ,
will enable us to meet all trying conditions
and rise above each new barrier.


Personal Experience 1
"When I have gained an understanding of true cooperation necessary
for each activity and have lost sight of self in service,
then I have the knowledge of His presence abiding within,
and more and more I express patience
- the patience that feeds my soul.
I can walk and work and wait peacefully in Spirit and know all is well!"

Patience is the chief cornerstone of soul development.
Patience is, moreover, the watch set at the gateway
leading from the physical body to the soul.
With patience we meet the weaknesses of ourselves.
With patience we are able to estimate the strength found
in developing various attributes of the soul - love, faith, and hope.

What are we, what we have been, and what we intend to be
are shown more in the patience we exhibit than through any other virtue.
It shows just how we have stood the tests in the past:
how we have met and conquered them, or gone down in defeat before them.
Patience shows just what our development is:
whether we are ready to bear with others
and overlook their shortcomings,
or are primitive in thinking that our way
is the only way to truth and real understanding.

"By standing firm you will gain life!"
(Luke 21:19)

"What good is it for a man to gain the whole world,
yet forfeit his soul?
Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?"
(Mark 8:36-37)

When we possess this priceless gift,
recieved from the hands of the Father,
shall we, in order to assert our rights,
pay so high a price that we would give our soul
in exchange for self-aggrandizement?

There may be much to bear before we can have the title
to the possession cleared in our minds,
but through patience in each trial we become stronger for the next.

The Master was asked,
"How many times shall I forgive my brother
when he sins against me?
Up to seven times?"
(Matthew 18:21)
The reply was,
"I tell you, not seven times, but seventy seven times."
(Matthew 18:22)

Is seventy times seven built within us?
Are we ready to bear and forbear until the end,
or ready to give insult for insult, blow for blow?
Are we not by our lack of self-control,
showing only how far we are failing
to measure up to the standard we have set for others?
Much is buried deep within these souls of ours,
much that we should know.

As we more and more exercise patience
and put into practice what we know,
we will grow in grace, knowledge, and understanding.
Lord, direct us in the patience of the Christ!

As we understand more perfectly what it means
to be a channel of blessings to others
and become more aware of the presence of the Father,
greater patience will find a place in our lives.

"Be patience and stand firm, because the Lord's coming is near."
(James 5:8) we are instructed.
This is the time - today.
The time draws nigh for each of us to become more aware of the necessity
of magnifying His presence through the patience
we have with our fellow man, in order that He may be glorified
in us through the promise of the Father.

For "whatever you did for one of the least of my brothers of mine,
you did to me."
(Matthew 25:40,45)

Then let our prayer be expressed in these words:

How gracious is Thy presence in the earth, O Lord!
Be Thou the guide, that we with patience may run the race
which is set before us, looking to Thee, the Author, the Giver of light.


How gracious is Your Presence in the Earth, O Lord.
Be the guide, that we with patience may run the race
which is set before us, looking to You, the Author, the Giver of Light/Life.
(2 Timothy 1:10)

In preparing yourselves for presenting patience in the experience
of others, this lesson, as other lessons, must be experienced
in yourself first.

To have that love, that patience of the Maker of the worlds,
we must show patience to our brother, As He asked:
"How often shall I forgive? Seven times? Yes, seventy times seven!"
That you may know what is building within self.
Through patience comes understanding. Knowledge in itself is nothing.

Understanding in the Lord becomes that of love, in patience, that makes
for the glorifying of that which is the gift of the Father in the material,
the mental, the spiritual world.

Stand still, if you want to see the glory of the Lord.
In patience you possess your souls.
As there is gained more and more those understandings in cooperation,
self, activities in self, and the more there is gained in the knowledge of
the presence of Him in the experience, greater does patience work
in the life, the experience, the heart, and the soul grows in understanding
of His presence.

For as these gifts - that are attributes of His consciousness in the lives
of individuals, as entities, in a material life - become the greater manifestations
of individuals' activities, so will there be in the experience that as would be
the next lesson The Open Door.

Do you want to enter in the joys of your Lord?

In patience you possess your presence before the Throne.

Seek often to gain an audience with your inner self which bears witness
before that Throne. With patience this may be reached.

As one loses their hold on self by the lack of patience, that gives the
opportunity for the entering in of those things that would make one afraid.

Not that one should remain unactive, or inactive, but in patience run the race
that is set before you, looking to Him, the Author, the Giver of light, truth
and immortality.

That should be the central theme in every individual.

Serve the living God, not in submissiveness, but in righteous wrath.

Patience ceases to be a virtue when you are satisfied with your
own surroundings or conditions.

As was given by Him:
"As you seek, know there is that Comforter present that will speak for you
under every condition"
For, as He gave,
"I will not leave you comfortless. Be not afraid."
Be mad, but do not sin!

In your understanding you gain the presence of Him always as your
companion, in your every act, in your every word;

For every thought must be accounted for, and in grace - His grace is sufficient
- there will be that constant, prayerful attitude for a purposeful life.
Forgetting self, preferring another above self.

Lose self in Him. These will answer.

Not as an outward, but an inward growth - that makes for the beauty of
the soul that has patience shining through. (see 262-25)

When we reach the development of ceasing to see faults
in those we contact, is it then we can say we have patience?
Rather when we see Him that we worship in the faults of others,
then we are at the beginning of patience.

Remove self far from criticisms or fault-findings in others, and there
comes then patience in word, deed and act.
These are the beginnings of wisdom.
Do you know what has brought about the activities of another?

Rather, find the fault in self, and this will be that path that will lead
to lightening the way of your own patience.

If there arises those periods when little petty disturbances call for
the quick retort, find rather the fault in self, if there be one.
If there is not, according to your standard that is set in your ideal,
do not open your mouth - just as He did not when railed upon.

What is the Master's definition of patience?
Know that, in patience you possess your souls!

Then, in interpreting how one possesses their souls, that in the loss of patience
there is the entering of those influences that would separate the real self,
the soul, from the Maker.
Hence in patience you possess your souls!

"All great things are slow of growth."
Just true! For the soul grows upon what it is fed.
The soul of man is the greatest of all creation, for it may be one
with the Father.

Little by little, line upon line, here a little, there a little - these are
the manners of growth, that this may be one with Him.

Lose not that as was given by Him, the greater of all those who gave
the truths, that not only one with Him but individual in self!

Not the whole, but equal with the whole - for one with Him.
You are not aliens - rather the Sons of the Holy One.

"Content but not satisfied."
Content in that "Have Your way, Lord. Use me as a channel.
Not my will but Yours be done!"
That is content.

Satisfied means gratified, and is the beginning of the falling away,
for self is glorified.

"The offences committed through desire are more blamable than those
which are committed through anger."
Be angry, but sin not.
Means there has been lost rather the desire of exaltation, that the anger is as
of the giver of light that disperses the darkness as it falls upon same.

These would depend, as a statement, upon the experience of the one so stating;
for in this some would find the excuse for self.

Rather that, in the desire that may be lost in Him may there come the knowledge
of Him, in that there is found the light which comes from patience with self, with
thine neighbor, seeking ever that He, the Lord, shall lead.

Prepare self in this, as you study yourself approved to Him, for the door
is to be opened.


The activity of patience is meekness in action, pureness in heart,
that makes for those forces enabling one to become aware and conscious
of their soul's expansion with the Creative Energies in the activities
of the spiritual life.

As there is the expansion of the spiritual forces of the material body,
the reflections from same are those attributes that make for the expressing
of the Christ life in the daily walks of the body.

So that love in its essence is manifested in every word, act, thought
and experience of the body, even as it was in Him.

Patience is that necessary activity of the mind, mentally, physically,
spiritually, that makes for expansion of and acquaintance with the
activities of that that may be known in self, as to whether there is
the proper attitude with that which is held as the ideal, as to whether
the faith is in faith or by works, whether the virtue is as with understanding
or is as a set rule, whether self is in possession of the ideal, and with
cooperative measures activating in the experience of individuals.

This lesson must be the summing up of all that has been experienced
by individuals through that they have given to others, that they now
must live themselves in their daily activities - that they may enter in.

How may I more perfectly live the life, that I may through patience
gain the understanding?
In the application of that known day by day.

The Spirit does not call on anyone to live that it does not already know
and understand. In the doing does there come the knowledge, the
understanding for the next step.

Today, now, is the accepted time!

Those that will enter in will trust in that they have through faith and with
patience wait for that necessary activity for the next step.

Use that in hand.

As the trust, the hope, the faith is manifested by the patience day by day
does there become the more awareness in self's own inner consciousness
that all is well with Him; knowing that if the Lord is on thy side, who may
be against you?

Trust, and do that thou knowest to do, acting as the spirit moves within -
and look not back; remember Lot's wife. (See also 262-28)

"Be mad but sin not"?
One that may control self in anger is beginning the first lessons or laws
of experience.

One that may control self in anger, that must come as resentment in
the speech of individuals, may make for that which disregards the
words said; disliking that which would produce such a feeling within self,
yet able to love the soul of one that causes or produces such a state
of feeling.

This is patience, and love, and hope, and meekness, and pureness of heart.

The meek shall inherit the earth, said He - the pure in heart shall see God.

They are promises! Believe in Him?
Then do not be angry and sin not is to know that these
are your own promises - to you - to yourself!

"Possess ye your soul"?
All make that expression in whatever their activity may be; for that is
as a truth that one becomes conscious of, aware of, that possession
that makes them one with, a child of, the living God; for flesh and blood
does not inherit the possessions with Him, but the spirit makes alive
that soul that is aware of His consciousness in a material, a mental, or
a spiritual plane.

Hence all express this in whatever their actions be.

As to whether this or that individual is doing this in the manner another
would do so, this is to judge. Who is the judge? He that giveth judgment!
The individual's soul, that would be one with Him.

What has really happened to an individual when they think
their patience has completely worn out?
They have lost patience with themselves.

Be faithful to that which is given in thy charge day by day, for he
that is faithful over the little things will be made the ruler over the many.

Those who have gained that consciousness of the indwelling of that Spirit,
that is abiding with those who seek to know His face, have the consciousness
that this is the day, the time, when all men must seek to be patient one
with another, under all conditions and circumstances, that they may be one
with Him who in patience endured all that we might have the access to the
Father, through the patience, the love, the consciousness, shown in a
material plane.

Be faithful to that thou knowest to do. Question not what nor whether
another has chosen. Rather do that thou knowest to do.

"Be ye patient; stablish your hearts,
for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh"?
(James 5:8)
As just given, this is the time - today - when the time draweth nigh
for each soul to become more aware of the necessity of magnifying His
presence through the patience borne one to, one with, one of another,
that He may be glorified in us, through the promise of the Father that
such will be to those that love His coming.

Let each live, then, as though they expected their concept of the Master Christ
to dine with them today.

What would ye have to offer as the fruits of thine own life, thine thoughts,
thine acts, thine deeds?

For, "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my little ones ye
have done it unto me."

Is it the lack of patience that causes me to find my problems
so hard to overcome?
If so, how may I gain the necessary patience to overcome these problems?
As has been given, first - Is thine ideal only in Him?
Is thine self in accord with thine ideal?
Is thine virtue and understanding in accord with these?

Then with patience wait for that awakening which will make for an
understanding of that necessary to overcome - even as He. Taking stock,
then, with self, one may know whether it is patience, faith, virtue,
knowledge, brotherly love, or what, lacking in self.

Do not find the fault in the other, but rather cleanse thine own mind,
heart and soul, and the proper attitude toward whatever problem that
presents itself will be in that manner of understanding love that knows
no fear, but being content in His praise, His love, His understanding.

Use that thou knowest, and with patience wait for the light that comes
with the knowledge of "I am using that Thou gavest me."

Then, with patience wait for that. Is that attained in thine self so that
the Consciousness of the Master comes to thee in all thine hours, then
with patience wait ye on the Lord; for as one finds that in the understanding
of the Oneness, when He has found that the vessel is worthy of acceptation
it is kept full.


Each should take this as a basis for the application of patience
in their experience:

Patience is active rather than passive, and is that by which, through
which, one may judge their own reaction as to the attributes they
have set towards that of an ideal in their individual lives; whether
that attribute be virtue, purity, hope, faith, understanding, cooperation,
brotherly love, loving-kindness, or patience itself;

These are attributes of the soul, and are spiritual in their essence.

So does the activating force of patience make aware in the consciousness
of the individual who has named the Name, or who has set an ideal of
any nature in reference to any phase of its experience; whether it be of
the mental, material or spiritual nature.

With patience you seek, and through patience you accomplish;
for whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth.

Should one find themselves in that position where patience is not necessary
in their experience, they are no longer then on a road to that kingdom -
and are no longer sons of light.

In the activating forces, then, these should be the experiences that each
should apply in their own experience, as to whether ye be worthy to enter in.

Let that mind be in thee as was in Him, that in patience will ye possess
 - or be aware, or understand the development of thine own relationship
to the Creative Forces that may manifest in material forces in the earth.

Keep that as is set before thee as thine ideal, whether in relationships
to individuals, home or abroad, and know that no temptation or trial is not
accompanied with the way or manner of escape in thine ideal - else thine
ideal is below the mark of the higher calling set in Him.

In patience comes understanding of the relationships of ideals,
and those that make for that unworthy of being tried are unworthy
of being trusted for the entering in; for who goeth to war without
first counting the cost?

So, in thine ideals, as in relationships to the attributes of the Father,
count the cost through the patience that may be had in thine own

Count not that day as an ideal that something has not been
overcome in the experience of patience; for as ye sow ye reap - and
the reward is in Him.

In using day by day that as is known, in Him does the growth
come; for ye grow in grace, in knowledge, in understanding, in Him.

Through patience does there come the abilities of application of that
gained day by day, line upon line, here a little, there a little. As ye
overcome is strength gained.

Keep in the way that leads to the spiritual awakenings of the abilities
in Him that may be manifest in thee. Thou art the keeper of that entrusted
in thy care, that is of Him. What will ye return for that as has been
given thee?

In patience does the ability come to manifest His attributes in the
relationships with others; for the kingdom is within.

With patience does the knowledge and understanding of its attributes
come to be known in thee.

Let thine acts day by day be in keeping with that He has given.

Watch, that ye be not overcome. Watch and pray, for as the Father
giveth so does the understanding come as to what may be accomplished
in the efforts of the self in relationships to others; and ye are the light
bearers for Him. (See also 262-28)

Ye know in whom ye have believed. Keep that as is committed
in thy care, that the returns may be in keeping with that trust as
given in thy care.

Day by day showeth forth the love of the Father.

In patience do we become aware of same in our own experience, and as
to how same adds to the spiritual man. In hope, in faith, in charity, in
love, in patience, does the understanding - and knowledge - and intellect
and integrity - come.

Keep the way open that patience may have its course in thee, knowing
that the crown comes to him that overcomes self.

The way is set before thee. In patience vary not from same.
In the glory of the Father may all be accomplished. Follow in His way.

By the works of self, through the faith in that thou believest, does
patience exercise itself in thine experience. Know, as ye are known,
that the answers to thy problems are set in Him.

Through patience and endurance does the crown of joy, happiness,
as the peace of His presence, give those blessings that are from His
throne. His presence, with peace, is the promise of those who with
patience endure the crosses that are set before thee [and them] day
by day.

Keep the faith, and in patience know in what thy faith is placed;
for it is as the crucible and the test of all attributes as related to
the forces in the earth to the Father in glory.

In patience does the knowledge of the peace and understanding
of His presence come.

An active force, not a passive one. Necessary that patience be exercised
that ye know the hope, the faith, the knowledge, the understanding
of His ways in the earth.

In knowledge and power comes responsibility, that in patience may
be tested in self.

Be not overcome by either trials or by those joys that may make
forgetfulness of the source from which the power comes.

In patience is the race of life run, that the joys may be the greater
in Him.

As patience magnifies His presence in thy experience, so does the
glory of "Well done" come with the activities of the attributes of love,
hope, charity, patience, that ye know the way - and He is the guide.
In patience possess ye your soul.

In those understandings that bring the knowledge of the Father,
in the relationships of individuals day by day, may there with patience
be gained the understanding of the crosses that may be borne, the
attaining of that as may gain the greater knowledge of His will.

He that is without those crosses has ceased to be of notice, and is
no longer among the sons.

In patience, then, comes the knowledge and the abilities to apply
same in the relationships of men among men, for "All power is given
me in heaven and in earth", and in patience may ye receive the promise
of "My presence will be thy guide, my peace will be thy reward."

As has been indicated in that "Whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth",
and purgeth every one; for corruption may not inherit eternal life, and
must be burned up. Know that thy God is a consuming fire, and must purge
every one, that ye may enter in. In patience does one overcome.

 As given, keep the promise. They are thine, who are faithful in the
little things - and ye will be ruler over many.

Ye have taken upon yourselves that as is worthy of the calling as set in
Him. "Ye have chosen me, even as I have chosen you." Be faithful and
patient, that ye may enter in.
Updated: 8 August 2013