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A Search For God

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Lesson 8: The Open Door

(262-27 to 262-30)

I, the Christ, am standing at your closed door.
I, the Christ, am knocking on your closed door.
If you hear my voice and open your door,
I will enter in, and I will join with you,
and you will be with me.
(Based on Revelations 3:20)

As the Father knows me,
So may I know the Father,
through the Christ Spirit,
the door to the kingdom of the Father.
Lord, show me the way to Your kingdom.

Regardless of where we are or what position we hold:
(1) the "Kingdom of God" is the destiny of every soul
(2) the "Glory of Oneness in God" is the destiny of every soul.
(3) we will eventually feel the "Creative Urge" to return to our soul's destiny.

Through ignorance and misunderstanding we seek only the gratification of selfish desires.
We fight and struggle against the inflexible laws God has set for us.
Eventually, each of us must face the realities of life and make our will one with God.
When we make our will one with God peace will come in the realization of
"I and my Father are one."

The door to the kingdom of the Father is through the Spirit of Christ.
The door to the kingdom of the Father is manifested in the Christ Consciousness in the material world.
The door to the kingdom of the Father is opened only by our efforts.

Throughout the previous lessons, continual emphasis has been placed upon
"the awakening of the Christ Consciousness".

Each of the lessons presents a quality of the soul or an ability of the inner self.
These lessons should be practiced in our conscious activities every day.
These lessons will add to and strengthen the growth
of our soul's expression through our physical body.

Who has learned to be truly cooperative one with another?
Who knows where they stand in relation to other human beings?
Who has set the ideal fully in Him?
Who has magnified the faith in the Father and in the Son?
Who has virtue and understanding?
Who has fellowship with the Father?
Who has in patience possessed their own soul?

The Christ Spirit comes as a result of Christ-like action.
The Christ Spirit comes as a realization of the activity of the soul forces.

The "Creative Urge" stirs the seed of the flower.
And in due time the flower blossoms.

The activity of the soul expressed through
(1) cooperation,
(2) a knowledge of self,
(3) the ideal set in Him,
(4) faith,
(5) virtue and understanding, and
(6) patience
stirs us and in due time there is upward growth.
And the soul of humanity, through the Christ Spirit, comes into its full power and glory.

The preparation for the way of Christ is a preparation of self to Christ.
Each of us is the door that Christ, the Way, may enter.
"I, the Christ, stand at the door, and knock."
"I, the Christ, am the way, the truth, and the life."

We must work to bring Christ's consciousness,
or the awareness of Christ's presence,
into our material and mental affairs of life.

The lesson must ever be, the spirit is the life, the mind is the builder, and the physical is the result.

Only when we completely surrender to the working of the Christ Spirit,
can we say truthfully the "door to the kingdom within is open".

All our selfish thoughts must be removed and
replaced with the desire to be used by Christ
in carrying out God's will in the world.

When we seek only good for others, rather than our own,
we may expect our reward in proportion to the good we send out.
When we become self-centered, we eventually feel that we are being cheated in life.
It is then that we close ourselves to the good we might give out, and at the same time,
build a barrier to the good that might flow to us.

As we seek to know the way of Christ,
we must come in singleness of purpose and
think not of the hindrances that are made by us humans;
rather, know who we have believe in and
recognize that God has brought all things into being.
As we seek and know this, we belong to God.
In choosing God, God has chosen us.
As we realize we are one with God, we become workers,
pointing others to that joy, peace, and happiness that we have found.
Let us be faithful to the calling where God has called us?
How shall we begin?
Let us take whatever we have in hand now,
and from there build upon it day by day,
and, without fear, open the door that Christ may enter in and abide with us.

Faith is the beacon that lights the path to the open door of the God's house.
Service is the password that admits us into the banquet hall of God's Kingdom.
Come you blessed of my Father, enter into the Kingdom prepared for you-
for as you have done to one of the least of these, My brethren, so you did it to Me.

We will struggle with many conflicting forces when we have faith and serve others.
Selfishness and sensitiveness will shut the Ideal from view and
prevent a wholehearted cooperation with others in our daily lives.
Selfishness and sensitiveness may retard our development that nothing seems worthwhile.
Selfishness and sensitiveness can even bring thoughts of self-destruction.
It is only when self is put aside and the Christ's Spirit is allowed to lead us
that we are free and able to accomplish anything that is of real, lasting value.

When thoughts of doubt, lack, and self-condemnation begin to creep in,
the door begins to close more and more, until there is no light to show us the way.
When doubt, lack and self-condemnation are allowed to control us, there is no despair more terrible.
We are shutting out the light and living behind closed doors -- closed to God and His goodness.
Where thoughts of doubt, lack and self-condemnation take control of us
there will be suicides, murders, and sins of every kind.
Many of us in the world at this time are ready to be shown a more perfect way.
We show through service that as Christ overcame the world and became the Way,
just so may we, who follow in Christ's steps, overcome all things.

We must open the door if we would have the Christ enter.
As we, with the Christ Consciousness as the standard,
manifest Christ's love in our daily walks in and before others, so we open the door.

Then it is that we heed the call to the Christ's Spirit within that stands everready to commune with us.
Christ's Spirit does not come in the whirlwind, but as a still, small Voice.
If we listen and trust, Christ's Spirit will teach us all things and bring all things to our remembrance.

Let us recognize this great Intelligence, this great I AM that knocks for admission into every heart,
Let us heed these words:
"Oh those that have named the Name,
make known in your daily walks, in your acts,
the lessons that have been builded in meditation and prayer."

Good rulers will continually seek a contact with their subjects that they may understand their needs,
and they will be quick to reward any special obedience to the laws.
How much greater will the Heavenly Father, who watches over His children, be ready to help them!
Yet, God requires that we seek His face and believe that He is, before He reveals Himself.
We must make the effort, if we wish to open the door to His Kingdom.
"If ye will be my people, I will be your God."

What is the way to the Father?
It is through the Christ
(having the Christ Consciousness)
that we come to the Father,
open the door, see the way, and hear Christ's voice.

When we close our ears to the pleadings of the less fortunate,
we close the door to Christ's presence;
for in so doing we do not manifest the mind of the Christ.

"When we saw you naked we clothed you,
When we saw you hungry we fed you,
When we saw you a stranger we took you in."
Inasmuch as ye did it unto one of the least of these little ones, ye did it unto Me."
Let us know that when we speak a kind word or lighten the care of a neighbor, we open the door that Christ may enter,
and through Christ is the way into the Father's Kingdom,
and there is no other.

As we seek to magnify Christ's Spirit,
let us know that we, too, become doors through which others may be drawn into the way.
We are living in a material world of three dimensions;
the spirituality that we wish to reflect must be expressed in and through material thought and activity,
if we sincerely desire to reach and to awaken others.
What is to be gained if we shout from the housetop concerning love for others and
forget the little acts of kindness or the smiles that will lighten others day by day?

When we are aware of the Christ Consciousness within,
we begin to put into action the Christ Spirit without.
It is only in the application of our spiritual attributes day by day
that we become living examples, showing our at-onement with Christ;
thus, we not only open the door, but as channels, are doors.
Let us not forget, as we work, that those we meet along the way are seekers also and are the Israel of the Lord.

As the Father knows us, so we may know the Father.
The Father judges us in our relationships with others.
As we give, so we receive.
As we measure, so it is meted to us.
As we forgive, so we are forgiven.
Not because the Father wills it on us,
but because we have chosen it to be so
by our own acts, words, and deeds.

It is the Father's good pleasure to give to each of us nothing less than the kingdom.

(Q) How do we know the Father?
(1) Let us stretch out our hands in love and sympathy to our faltering neighbours.
As we lift them up, so shall we even then in that hour be lifted up.
(2) Let us acknowledge each in his or her respective sphere of development,
for that is the necessary stage of experience.
(3) Let us know the Father by exemplifying His attributes in the earth.
(4) Let us not hope to reach all in a day, but little by little,
line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little,
until we come daily to know more and more of the Father.
(5) Let us lose ourselves in Him, earnestly desiring to put into practice the prayer,
"Not my will, but Thine, O Lord, be done in and through me,"
we realize our oneness with the Christ, the door to the kingdom of the Father.

We will find that the Father
(1) is not an arbitrary master,
(2) one who is demanding our service,
(3) is an all-wise Provider,
(4) a Father who understands all our needs.

This was understood by the Psalmist when he sang,
"O how I love thy law! It is my meditation all the day."

We will get a new concept of the Father the moment we make His will our own.

We are our neighbor's keeper.
A new revelation is taking place.
A new order of things is being born.
Old things are passing away and new things are about to appear.
We are considering our relationship to our fellow humans as never before.
Let us catch more clearly the note of compassion and love
taught by our Elder Brother and, in Christ's Spirit, pass it on.
Let us not sit and wait until tomorrow,
but use that opportunity, that privilege, and that promise today.
Let selfishness be swallowed up in selflessness.

There is a great need for service.
A stream that has no outlet becomes stagnant and impure.
Self-development is not the whole purpose of service.
There is a greater need.
We must see to it that our neighbor, too, comes to the knowledge of the Light.
There are responsibilities as well as joys in service.
Storms may come, but it is Christ who stills the tempest for us.
Christ brings rest to those who are tired.
No matter what the trials may be, keep the faith.
Let self be as naught that Christ, the Guide and Leader,
may be better understood by those who look to our activities.
Christ is the Light, and as we walk closer to Him the way becomes brighter.

If we would be channels, we must demonstrate in our lives what we teach.
Let us choose each day some truth, live it first for self, then for others, that they may see our good works as we put into practical operation
just what we say we believe and teach.
It will work.
Christ said,
"Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world."

To be aware of the Christ Consciousness within is to open the way for the Christ Spirit to manifest in our lives.
The way is open to all who seek. The trials may be many, but through the Christ Spirit we are able to meet them.
There is a consciousness of His force, power, and activity upon which we may draw on.
When doubts arise, it is time for a call to prayer.
Let no doubt linger, but give thanks that it is only a look onward and upward
that will again restore the faith upon which our hope is built.

The possession of an earthly kingdom is worth the seeking of a lifetime.
There is not only responsibility but honor in its possession.
There is a certain satisfaction that something is being accomplished by self and, perhaps, for others.
How much greater is a possession in the kingdom of the Father ---
that kingdom prepared for us from the foundation of the world.
What can stand in our way?
Only self!
As we realize this, may we not push self aside and
let Christ's Spirit lead us fully into that possession which is our birthright,
and thereby exercise the benediction of Christ who said, "All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth"?

Be still, my children!
Bow thine heads that the Lord of the Way
may make known unto you
that have been chosen for a service
in this period when there is the need of that Spirit
being made manifest in the earth,
that the way may be known to those that seek the Light!

For the glory of the Father will be made manifest
through you that are faithful unto the calling wherein ye have been called!
Ye that have named the Name make known in thy daily walks of life,
in the little acts of the lessons that have been builded into your own experience,
through those associations of self in meditation and prayer,
that His way may be known among men.

For He calls on all --- whosoever will may come ---
and He stands at the door of your own conscience,
that ye may be aware that the Scepter has not departed from Israel,
nor have His ways been in vain:
For today, will ye harken, the way is open ---
I, Michael, call on thee!

Bow thine heads,
Ye sons of men,
would ye know the Way:
For I, Michael, the Lord of the Way,
would warn ye that
thou standest not in the way of thy brother
nor sittest in the seats of the scornful,
but rather make known
that love, that glory, that power
in His Name,
that none be afraid:
for I, Michael, have spoken!

Hark! Ye children of men!
Bow thine heads, ye sons of men:
For the glory of the Lord is thine,
will ye be faithful to the trust
that is put in each of you!
Know in whom ye have believed!
Know that He is Lord of all,
and His word faileth not to them that are faithful, day by day:
for I, Michael, would protect those that seek to know His face!

Let our prayer be expressed in these words:
As the Father knoweth me,
so may I know the Father,
through the Christ Spirit,
the door to the kingdom of the Father.
Show Thou me the way.


As the Father knows me, so may I know the Father,
through the Christ Spirit, the door to the Kingdom of the Father.
Show me the way. (see 262-28)

In the preparations for the lessons that may be gained by each
that have dedicated themselves and their efforts in the preparation
of the way, the door is through the life, the spirit of the life - not the
man, but the spirit as manifest in the Christ Consciousness in the
material world.

As each manifest in their daily walks in and before men with
that consciousness as the standard, so may the door be opened
for that entity, that soul, to grow and magnify that spirit to the
glorifying of the Father, losing self in the service to others, that in
the earth His name may be established forever.

Be still, my children! Bow your heads, that the Lord of the Way
may make known to you that have been chosen for a service in
this period when there is the need of that spirit being made
manifest in the Earth.

That the Way may be known to those that seek the light!
For the Glory of the Father will be made manifest through you
that are faithful to the calling where you have been called!

You that have Named the Name make kown in your daily walks
of life, in the little acts of the lessons that have been builded
in your own experience, through those associations of self
in meditation and prayer, that His Way may be known among men:

For He calls on all - whosoever will may come - and He stands
at the door of your own conscience, that you may be aware
that the scepter has not departed from Israel, nor have His Ways
bee in vain:

For today, will you harken, the Way is Open - I, Michael, call on you!
(see 262-28)

The Christ Spirit is the door, the truth, the way; not the man for,
as the Father knoweth thee, so may ye know the Father through
the exemplifying of His attributes in the earth.

Little by little, line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little,
there a little, for the glory of the Father - not the exaltation of
thine own self; for with the exaltation of self - or the gratifying
of the desires of flesh - the door closes. (See also 262-28)


As to the preparation of selves, the application of that
as has been given is the manner in which the individuals
become the door for the entering in of that consciousness
of the Master that presents the way, the manner of approach
to the kingdom.

Then, as He has given, "I stand before the door and knock."
Who will open?

Who, then, will become the door that will lead others to that
knowledge, that appreciation of the oneness of the Son with
the Father, which may be made manifest in the material world
through the application of those attributes of the Son, of the
Father, in the activities of the individual.

Who, then, has learned to be truly cooperative one with another?

Who has discerned self sufficient to know wherein self stands
as in relationship with its fellow man?

Who has set the ideal wholly in Him?

Who magnifies the faith in the Father, in the Son, that it may
be counted to them for righteousness?

Who hath virtue and understanding, that they may magnify in
their lives that fellowship which brings patience in the knowing
of self to be growing in grace, in nurture and admonition of the
Lord day by day?

He, then, it is that opens the door that He may come in and
sup with him!

The outline that is presented is well, so that it is made to be
an individual act that opens the way, that the door may come
to mean the access of the Son of man, the Savior, and the
consciousness of the at-oneness with the Creative Forces
that manifest in a material world. James. [James 1:1 James 5:9]

"Look not back. Remember Lot's wife." (262-25)
Looking to the front ever, for as one looks towards the light the
shadows fall behind and do not become stumbling blocks to individual

Thoughts are things, and while the past that is passed may be used as
stepping-stones to higher things, looking back causes one to stumble,
even as Lot's wife looked upon that left as longing for those satisfying
elements that made for the carnal, rather than the spiritual life.

"Watch that ye be not overcome."
That there is not the looking back upon associations, relations, or
conditions that make for the tendencies to dwell upon the past.

In learning the application of those lessons that have been given
before may the individual know how and the manner in which self may
contribute to that lesson, in the application of The Open Door.

Self must open the door that He may enter in.

Self will work at that job of bringing that consciousness, that awareness
of His presence in the material and mental affairs of life, knowing that
lesson must ever be that the spirit is the life, the mental is the builder,
and the physical or material results are the effects of the application
of the knowledge or understanding toward life, light, or the spirit of
any effort.

So, then, measure self and self's efforts by that standard in Him who
went about doing good. Do thou likewise.

As the application of self to those attributes that have made for
the awareness of that consciousness of His presence in the material
activities is put into actual actions of self, so does there become
the ability to open the way for others to become aware of that necessary
in their experience to enter into that kingdom through that open door.

"The Way is Open" (262-27)
That there has been given in those lessons of preparation that which
makes the consciousness of the mental forces of individuals the way,
the manner that they, the individual, may open the door, and the way
is ready for activity through the opening thereof.

"The kingdom of the Father." (262-27)
The consciousness of His force, power, activity, in every element of
action on the part of those who without thought of self have opened
the way for the activity of the Christ Consciousness in the material world;
for only those of material thought or material activities may demonstrate
or bring to the consciousness of the individuals in material life as to what
is the activity, the spiritual essence in the life.

Let's illustrate, then, in an everyday act of an individual: As is known
of all, water is a necessary element in the material forces for the sustaining
of life in the material plane; hence this element often is called the mother
of creation.

How does water, then, supply that which nourishes in this material plane?

Being made up of elements in itself that are the essence of that which
may truly be called spiritual in itself, it gives that association or connection
between the spiritual forces acting in the material elements of the earth,
or material forces; hence in entering in the kingdom of the Father is knowing
and following and being those elements that supply the needs of that which
builds in the material plane towards the continuity of the spiritual forces
manifest in the earth.

So, one enters, then, through that door with the Savior, that brings that
necessary force in the life of others, and in saving others saves self.

How came the Son of man the way that leads to perfection in heaven
and in earth?

In overcoming the forces in nature and in earth, by giving of self for others;
hence becoming the Savior of others becomes the Son and one with the

In meditation I had a consciousness of the Christ walking
with a shepherd's rod in His hand, and beside Him was one lone sheep.
Again in consciousness I saw Him, and there were many sheep beside Him.
Is this in any way connected with the lesson on The Open Door?
Please explain.
As He is the way, and stands at the door, and those who hear His voice
are His sheep and He the good shepherd, so may many become His sheep
through the seeking to be one with Him.

This is an illustration of that which has been given, as to how one who has,
does, will apply those things given in the lessons may now open the door
that many sheep may enter the fold, for they hear His voice and answer
by name even as He calls, and "There are other sheep I have that are not
of this fold," gave He, "they also will I bring and they will be one fold."

That as applied in self, in self's seeking with Him, through Him, through
the door opened by self to Him; for, even as He gave, "I do nothing of

So may we in opening the door with Him be one with Him in the Father,
that we all may be one in Him.

Take that thou hast in hand, that thou hast builded day by day, and
without fear open the door that He may come in and abide with thee; for
"He that takes my yoke upon him and learns of me, with HIM will I abide
day by day, and all things will be brought to remembrance that I have
given thee since the foundations of the world, for thou were with me in
the beginning and thou may abide with me in that day when the earth
will be rolled as the scroll; for the heavens and the earth will pass away,
but my word shall not pass away."

The promises in Him are sure - the way ye know!

Can lost opportunities be redeemed?
Nothing is lost. Nothing is lost; we have used or abused our opportunities
and there abide by them. In Him, through Him may they be blotted out, for
"Though your sins be as scarlet, in Him they shall be as wool. He that
heareth my voice and abideth in me shall know no lost opportunity!"

"Through gratifying of the desires of flesh the door closes." (262-27)
As self is a free-willed agent in a material world, with the birthright
of the attributes of the sons of God, then gratifying of the earthly desires
through the gratifying of the flesh does close the door to the spiritual life;
for the closing is in self. He is ever ready.

The spirit is ever willing; and one needs then to rely upon those promises,
not in the passive, but the positive, active manner, that there be kept
the door open that He may enter in.

"The scepter has not departed from Israel?" (262-27)
Israel is the chosen of the Lord, and that His promise, His care,
His love, has not departed from those that seek to know His way, that seek
to see His face, that would draw nigh unto Him.

This is the meaning, this should be the understanding to all.
Those that seek are Israel.

Those that seek not, have ye not heard, "Think not to call thyselves the
promise in Abraham. Know ye not that the Lord is able to raise up children
of Abraham from the very stones?"

So Abraham means call; so Israel means those who seek.

How obtained the supplanter the name Israel?
For he wrestled with the angel, and he was face to face with the seeking
to know His way.

So it is with us that are called and seek His face; we are the Israel.

Know, then, the scepter, the promise, the love, the glory of the Lord
has not departed from them that seek His face!

What is the relationship between Michael the lord of the way,
and Christ the way? (262-27)
Michael is an archangel that stands before the throne of the Father.

The Christ is the Son, the way to the Father, and one that came into
the earth as man, the Son of man, that man might have the access
to the Father; hence the way.

Michael is the lord or the guard of the change that comes in every soul
that seeks the way, even as in those periods when His manifestations
came in the earth.

Bow your heads, O ye sons of men, would you know the way:
For I, Michael, the Lord of The Way, would warn you that you stand not
in the way of your brother nor sit in the seat of the scornful, (Psalm 1:1)
But rather make known that love, that glory, that power in His Name,
that none be afraid; For I, Michael, have spoken!


How does cooperation make for an attribute to the open door?

Cooperation, as has been indicated, is making self selfless in the way
that the ideal of the body may be in that phase of experience as to
be led by the Ideal;

Thus, when properly considered, becoming the opening of the door
that He who stands and knocks may enter in.

In making self selfless selfishness is obliterated, that there may be
the activity of the ideal, and being led then by the spirit of truth
gains the understanding of the ideal in its operation upon the lives
and activities of individuals.
Thus becoming a practical application in a material world through
the spirit of truth that makes not afraid, but through faith leads on
to the opening of the ways in virtue, understanding and patience,
in which all become the more conscious of that oneness with the Father.

So that as we are known of the Father so may we know the Father,
thus making in the material activities of the mental and the conscious
mind those channels that we as individuals, thus applying these
necessary forces or activities in our own experience, become channels
that the way may be known to others. Thus entering into the kingdom
of heaven.

This variation differentiates the kingdom of heaven from the kingdom
of the Father: One is the experiences of the finite. The other is the glory
with the Oneness in the infinite. Thus, as individuals become aware of
these activities, the kingdom of heaven is within.

Even as He gave, not that this is to be attained only through transition;
but through the consciousness, the awareness of the activity of the spirit
of truth in and through us, as individuals, with that birthright of the sons
of the Father; one with Him as the way, the truth, the light, that is shed
abroad in the world, the earth, that we may have that advocate with the
Father in light.

"The throne of the Father"
The approach to being wholly in the at-oneness with the Father,
reached only through the abilities to leave the carnal forces and be one
in spirit with the Father.

The difference between the Christ Consciousness, the Christ Spirit.
As the difference might be given in that which makes for the birth in
the flower, and the flower. The consciousness of the Spirit and the abilities
to apply same are the differences in the Christ Consciousness, the Christ Spirit.

As has been given, the devils believe, the devils know, individuals that
may be conscious of an activity.

Those with the abilities to call upon, to be so unselfish as to allow the
Spirit to operate in self's stead, are aware of the Spirit's activity, while
those that may be conscious or aware of a truth may not wholly make
it their own without that which has been given, "He that would have life
must give life;"

For He thought it not robbery to be equal with the Father, yet of Himself
did nothing, "but the Father that worketh in me, through me."

Do thou likewise, that thou may know the consciousness of the Christ Spirit,
and experience the operation of that witness, that "My Spirit beareth witness
with thy spirit, that the Father may be glorified in you, even as I am glorified
in the Father through you.

If ye love me keep my commandments, and I will abide with you.
I will not leave thee comfortless; I will make thee aware of that glory
I possessed with the Father before the world was."

In such a manner may individuals become aware of the Christ Consciousness
and become one with the operative forces of the Christ Spirit abroad in the
earth; for He shall come again, even as ye have seen Him go.

Then shall the Christ Spirit be manifest in the world, even as the Christ
Consciousness may make thee aware of that promised as the Comforter in
this material world.

Then, the Christ Consciousness is the Holy Spirit, or that as the promise
of His presence made aware of His activity in the earth.

The Spirit is as the Christ in action with the Spirit of the Father.

The Christ Spirit, not the man, should be the door, the truth, the way.
That which has been given may be used to illustrate the difference
that may be felt by a soul that has become aware of itself, as the Christ,
or as Jesus the man became aware of the Spirit of the Father through
those experiences of the man as he "went about doing good," and at
those periods when there was received those acknowledgements of
the Father that He was the one who could, would, through those activities,
become the Savior of man.

First, as "in whom I am well pleased;" then as "This is my son; hear ye him!"
In the overcoming, then, He is the way, the manner in which individuals
may become aware of their souls that are in accord with that as may
be one with the spirit of truth; for corruption inherits not eternal life.

The Spirit is the true life.

Then, as individuals become aware of that ability in Him to be the way,
so they become the door, as representatives, as agents, as those that
present the way; and the door is thus opened; and not to the man but
the spirit of self that bears witness with the spirit of truth through Him
that overcame the world, thus putting the world under His feet.

So we, as heirs of the kingdom, as brothers one with Him, may enjoy
that privilege as He has given to those that hear His voice and put on
the whole armor; that we may run the race that is set before us, looking
to Him, the author, the giver of light. For in Him ye live and move and
have their being.

Do ye become rebels? Do ye find fault one with another, that are as self
heirs to that kingdom?

Rather be in that humbleness of spirit, that His will "be done in earth as
it is in heaven."

Thus do we become the children of the Father, the door to the way, and
joint heirs with Him in glory.

Let thy yeas be yea, thy nays be nay. "Let others do as they may,
but for me I will serve a Living God," who has shown in man - all men,
everywhere - that image of the Creator, in that the soul may grow in
grace, in knowledge, in peace, in harmony, in understanding.

Be ye doers of the word; not hearers only.

Thus ye become the door that the Way, the Christ, the Savior, may enter in;
for He is the way, the truth, and the light.

"Let none be afraid."
Self awareness, selfishness, is that that makes men afraid.

The awareness of the necessities of the carnal forces in a material world
seeking their gratification.

Know ye not that whether ye live or die ye live or die in the Lord?

As He gave, "If thine eye offend, pluck it out. If thine hand lead thee in error,
cut it off."

When one has set the ideal, and knows what the ideal represents, and
then knows self measured by the ideal, one sees, is aware of that lacking
or that overdone in self, and plucks it out, and beholds not the mote that
is in his brother's eye but considers rather the beam that is in his own eye.

Then, when one is set in the manners that there is fear cast aside by
the wholly relying upon His promise, one may demand that to be fulfilled
in that He said, "He knoweth what ye have need of before ye have asked,"
and he that trusteth in Him, though the heavens may fall, though the earth
may pass away, His word faileth not;

Yet men act rather as if all depended upon whether tomorrow was the day
 of reckoning.

Know ye not that he that watches lest his own feet stumble is in the way
that the Father, the Son, may guide day by day? Not that ye would sit
and wait for the morrow, but use that opportunity, that privilege, that
birthright, that promise, Today!

Be joyous in the labor that is before thee!
Be the best of whatever position thou doth occupy;
as a wife, the best wife in the whole community;
as a friend, the best friend; and there is the friend
that sticketh closer than the brother; yea, the friend
that gives rather his life for a friend.

Ever gave ye the truths that thine brother might enjoy even a moment's
rest in the Lord?

Peace be to him, peace is with them, contentment is in thine hand,
that becomes not afraid, but trusts rather in Him.

Learn first that lesson of cooperation.

Become less and less selfish, and more and more selfless in Him.

Be not afraid to be made fun of to become aware of His presence,
that self may be a channel through which the glory of the Father may
come unto men in a manner that all may know there is a glory,
even an Israel, of the Lord.

Be patient, long-suffering, bearing one another's burdens.

Be joyous in the Lord.

Be not tempestuous in manner, thought, act or deed; rather serving in
humbleness of spirit.

Enjoy the labors.

Enjoy those things that make for the unison of thought in Him, knowing
ye have been called, and that "By His power I, as a member of such
a group, called to give myself first, called that self may become a channel,
called that I as an individual may cooperate with my brother everywhere
in making known the joyous words of the Lord; "For the Lord is in His
holy temple, let all the earth keep silent."

Who is this Lord? Where is His temple?
Know ye not that your bodies are the living temple,
holy and acceptable unto Him, would ye walk in His ways?

Hark! O you children of men!
Bow your heads, you sons of men:
For the glory of the Lord is yours,
will you be faithful to the trust
that is put in each of you!
Know in whom you have believed!
Know that He is Lord of all, and
His Word fails not to them that
are faithful day by day:
For I, Michael, would protect those that
seek to know His Face!


In the preparation of self for this lesson,
there are many material and mental conditions
that the body must correlate, that there be
the proper understanding of the open door
being a positive activity for self; something to do,
something to be done, that there be those activities
in accord with the lessons that have prepared
self for the same.

The visions of self's meditations do draw
to the consciousness of self the open door
to the understanding, and interpretation of,
activities in the lives of those whom the body
contacts day by day. In the actions of self,
be not afraid to declare His walks with thee
in thy meditation.

As there is put into activity that gained,
and as self looks onward, upward, there comes
the clarifying of the way in the consciousness of self.
There is the growth in self.
Be not weary in well-doing.

As those determinations in self are set in Him,
as the door is opened that He may walk with thee,
so will that promise as given come to mean more
in the experience of self; for
"My yoke IS easy, my burden is light.
If ye love me, keep my commandments,
that I may abide with thee, that the way may not
be shadowed by doubts or fears that make
for faltering steps."

Keep in the light, that the promises may be fulfilled
in thee, that there may be that closer communion
with those that seek to know Him face to face.

As there is the experiencing of the varied
temperaments of associations with the truth
that is in Him, so may the self come to know
the full answer as from old,
"Is this not he of whom the prophets spoke?"

Keep in that understanding that makes for
seeking to bring thy brethren close in that way,
through the open door.

In the application does the knowledge come
of what is to be accomplished by self,
in the step by step, line by line, that others
may know of that promise that is to each individual
that may be one with Him.

Be not unmindful that those met in the way
are seekers also, and are the Israel of the Lord.

As there is given those presentations from
day to day in the steps that are taken, in
thy own way does the knowledge, the understanding
come of "Well done, enter into the joys of Him
who shows the way," for him that is called
is also predestined for the activities of His kingdom.

In seeking, in doing, in the meeting day by day,
let self be as naught that He, the leader, the guide,
may be the better understood by those that look
to thy activities; for in Him is the light, and as there
is the closer walk with Him the way becomes
brighter to all that would follow in the light.

In opening the door there are those
responsibilities, as well as those joys,
in following in the light.

Be Thou the guide to many, that no stumbling block
of condemnation be placed in the way of any.

Well hast thou chosen in thine choosing, for He
is the guide.

In the understanding of the open door,
be mindful that His way is pointed out to all.
"Not my will but thine be done,"
even as He gave,
"For this purpose came I into the world;"
the greater service, then, being that He
would have you be.

In the application of those tenets,
those precepts gained, keep the knowledge
that He is the guide,
"upon Him may I lean."

Though at times the way be heavy, or
the storms such as to cause doubts and fears,
He stills the tempest, He brings harmony
to those that are weary, and tired.

Keep the faith that opens the door to Him.
That which is given as the next lesson
must be In His Presence, for
"If His presence go not with thee,
be not lifted up,"
and the meditation for all shall be
with this lesson:

Our Father, who art in Heaven,
May Your Kingdom come in Earth
through Your Presence in me,
that the Light of Your word
may shine to those
that I meet day by day.
May I so conduct my own life
that others may know
Your Presence abides with me,
and thus glorify You.

Keep the faith of the fathers burning bright
along the way, for many will follow where
thou leadest.

Open the door of thine heart,
that He may abide with thee.

Know in whom thou hast believed,
that He is able to keep that way,
that door thou openest, that thy brother
may see the glory of thy God in thy walks
daily among men.

In keeping the way be joyous in the glory
of the birthright in Him; for as thou hast
obtained mercy be merciful to those
who falter or seek to know the variableness
of those conditions that cause fear
and trembling in the minds, in the hearts,
of many.

Peace - Be still, that thy efforts be in the way
as He doth guide.

In understanding the secret place of
the Most High, let's determine what in the seeker
is being sought; whether the knowledge
of the interpretation of the Most High's
manifestations to men, or that as determines
the relationship of that manifested to the Most High;
for as in the secret chambers of one's own heart
are stored that that makes for the real activities
of that soul-consciousness, so is the Holy of Holies
where one meets with that they worship as their God.

"Many shall come in my name, saying I am Christ."
As has been given, many have arisen; for
as He gave in the same connection, there were
many false prophets, even those that would lead
the very elect away.

There be those who, finding something of the power
that is in the material activities of those that would
walk in the light, turn same into their own selfish
purposes; hence become false prophets,
false Christs, and lead many astray.

Let's remember, there has been given the manner,
the way to determine as to whether such a prophet
is of the Spirit of God or not.

They that deny the call of the prophets of old,
or the burdens of the world upon the Son
or His death, His resurrection, are not of the spirit;
for "As ye have seen Him go, so shall He come."

As He overcame the world through the birth
as one born in due season, through those
varied periods when necessity and
the demand of the Sons of God brought forth
those leaders in their proper places,
so He is that one that is given power over death,
hell and the grave, and in Him is the power
made manifest in the consciousness of Him
and His power in the earth; hence we may
see how the consciousness of His presence
may be misconstrued, when turned
to selfish motives.

Know that even as the powers of evil
are loosed for the correcting of many,
so are the glories of Him made manifest
in the hearts and lives of many.

In that thou hast seen a light,
be not dismayed nor frustrated by those things
that would hinder from pressing on to the mark
of the higher Calling that is set in Him.

Fill each day with the love of Him,
that may be manifested among those
that self contacts day by day.

"As ye are faithful over the few things,
so will ye be made lord over many."

Know in all things the glory is in
the manifesting of His power in the earth.
(See also 262-31)

Patience endureth unto the end;
for in same recognize ye your souls.
Prepare, then, and send on in the way
that has been given.
Updated: 8 August 2013