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A Search For God

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Lesson 11: The Lord Thy God is One

(262-39 to 262-42)

How can God be One?
Because His Essence is Spirit.
Spirit (God) is in everything in this world and the universe.
We are in essence Spirit, therefore we all belong to God.

"You are right in saying that God is one and there is no other but God."
(Mark 12:32)


As my body, mind and soul are one,
0 Lord, Your manifestations in the earth, in power, in might, in glory, are one.
May I see in what I do, day by day, more of that realization, and manifest them more.


[Look around ourselves and see Unity everywhere]
Unity is perhaps the most difficult truth that we have to realize and manifest.
Unity is revealed all about us.

[God is Unity]
Through the mouth of God's prophets, God repeatedly reminded His chosen ones,
"Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one."
(Deuteronomy 6:4)

[God has revealed his Spirit -- Power, Glory, Might -- within our hearts]
Yet they, as other nations, would wander away and seek other gods.
In the simplest and most comprehensible way,
God has revealed to us His power, glory, and might.
"The word is near you; it is in your mouth and in your heart."
(Romans 10:8).
God's power, glory and might is planted in our heart.

[God has revealed his Spirit -- Power, Glory, Might -- in the Universe]
The heavens declare the glory of God;
The skies proclaim the work of God's hands.
Day after day our hearts and the heavens pour forth speech of God;
night after night our hearts and the heavens display knowledge of God.
There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard."
(Psalm 19:1-3).


[God manifests in all. All manifestations are One with God]
In the universe all manifestations are of God and are one with Him.
In Him all of God's manifestations live and move and have their being.
God moves in the earth and is manifested in the tiniest molecule as perfectly as in a great planet.

[God is Spirit -- which is Force, Power and Presence]
How wonderful to realize that there is only one force, one power, one presence,
and that is God, the Father. God is Spirit.

[God is Spirit - and is found everywhere]
"If I go up to the heaven, you are there;
If I make my bed in the depths, you are there.
If I rise on the wings of the dawn,
If I settle on the far side of the sea,
even there your hand will guide me,
your right hand will hold me fast."
(Psalm 139:8-10).

[Everything is United. Everything is Connected. One Affects All. One Influences All]
A pebble tossed into a lake sends out ripples that reach the farthest shore.
Our acts, good or bad, affect others.
When a part of our body is injured, the whole body suffers.
Individuals influence the whole of society.

[We must purify ourselves before we attempt to understand the purpose of God]
Our mental, physical, and spiritual bodies must be purified as channels for spiritual forces,
if we would fully comprehend our duty to the whole and apply ourselves in working out the purpose of God.

[Everything is for a purpose and the purpose is ultimately good]
The Father has not willed that any should perish.
All may come to the knowledge of their relationship to God.
When we realize this truth, obstacles become stepping stones;
Our enermies (hindrances and weaknesses) become means
through which we may climb to higher attainments.

[Let us observe God working through us.
Let us exercise patience and faith.]
In the turmoils of the day, if we exercise patience, faith, the attributes of God,
we have the opportunity to observe the Father working through us.

[Let us be kind and perform each task with cheer,
No experience is necessary. No grand vision is necessary.]
It is not necessary to have some great vision or experience,
but just to be kind and to perform each task cheerfully.

[All God's manifestations are of Spirit]
These are things of spirit and become proofs to us and the world that
"My Father is always at His work to this very day, and I, too, am working."
(John 5:17).

[Let us understand God's Spirit in everything]
The only thing that can separate us from this understanding is ourselves.
We alone can open or shut the door.

We should never allow ourselves to feel separate and apart from God or our fellow man;
for what affects our neighbour on the other side of the world affects us.
[When we listen to or watch the news does it affect us at all?]

The people of the earth are one great family.
We should love without distinction, knowing that God is in all.
By making ourselves perfect channels that His grace, mercy, peace, and love may flow through us,
we come to realize more and more the Oneness of all creation.
Let us keep the heart open that the voice of Him who has called may quicken every thought and act.

His way are not hidden nor far away,
His way are manifested to those who will hear and see the glory of the Oneness.
Through the activity of the will is the method by which each of us
should prepare ourselves as a channel for forces that may assist
in gaining a greater concept of the Oneness of the Father in the material plane.


[To realize that all things are spiritual all we have to do is believe, trust and have faith]
We come into consciousness of the Oneness,
not through any act of our own other than
that we believe, trust, have faith, and come to realize
that all material things are, in essence, spiritual.

The Master said, "I have said you are gods(spiritual)"
(John 10:34).

[Let our actions, thoughts, deeds be more spiritual]
Let us take Christ at His word and act the part -- that we are spiritual.

[Let us realize that God is within us]
Let us pray for the greater realization of His presence.
He is real, as real as a brother at our side.
He is faithful and will keep His promises.

[Let us feel God's power and presence manifesting through us]
As we are striving toward this realization, let us, moment by moment,
be conscious that in every act, word, and deed His power is manifesting in and through us,
and that there can be no separateness.

[Let our will be God's will]
We alone shut out the glories that may be our experiences in the realization of unity.
Let us make our lives, activities, thoughts, and meditations
more and more in accord with the will of the Father;

In so doing we become more Godlike and less selfish,
and less of the carnal influences enter into our activities.

[When we are one with God the rewards are great]
We will then be in a position to teach others.
We will be on fire with the power that will manifest through us.
We will be at peace and in harmony with those experiences
that are ours through our walks with Him in meditation and prayer.

How may we come into a realization of the Oneness?
Take God at His word,
"I am God, and there is no other;
I am God, and there is none like me.
(Isaiah 46:9).

"Apart from me you can do nothing."
(John 15:5).

Listen to the Voice and act upon it.
Learn the lessons that nature teaches.
Realize that the power within us is the God Force, the good force -
although we, and we alone, through our wills may misuse it,
causing it to become evil.

If we will wait on the Lord, He will speak to us and
will bring all things to our remembrance,
even to the realization of our oneness with Him.

Strive to see God in every one as well as in every thing.
Meditate, pray, listen, and believe.


One of the basic and essential principles of Jesus' teachings is contained in the statement,
"I and the Father are one."
(John 10:30).

It is to Jesus' life as an example and to Jesus' explanations of the Creative Force
that we may turn with a feeling of complete faith for understanding.

Jesus demonstrated in a very pratical manner the Oneness of God
as related to each individual soul.

Jesus showed us what could be attained by an individual
who was willing to make his will "one with that of the Father."

Jesus promised us that Christ would make intercession for us,
opening a way for all who seek to be drawn to the Father.

In the simplicity of Jesus' life and teachings,
Jesus brings to our understanding the fact that God is very near to us,
that God is even within our own hearts.

Much of the beauty and strength of Jesus' philosophy of life lies in the personal touch,
in the direct connection which He establishes between man and his Creator.

Jesus' years of ministry were spent in practical demonstration
of His consciousness of the Oneness of Creative Force.

Jesus' words and acts were in compliance with the law
which Jesus understood so thoroughly.

Whether it was on the open hillside before the masses,
or in the seclusion of some quiet grove before a select few,
Jesus was ever explaining and demonstrating the truths
which Jesus knew would make men truly free.

Jesus had walked the way and now chose to guide those
who also sought a closer walk with the Creator.

Jesus learned obedience through suffering.

Jesus earned the right to be the Mediator for mankind;
the right to guide those who seek in Jesus Christ's name.

If we will only follow the example Jesus' set,
we will come into a realization of this truth,
which Jesus lived and taught,
"The Lord our God is one."
(Deuteronomy 6:4).

As we strive to make ourselves one with God,
we must deny any other influence.

Jesus will bear us up and give us the help we need.
There is power in Christ's name.
Christ is the symbol of attainment, understanding,
and the realization of God's universal law (love).

Christ is strength for those who are weary,
peace to a troubled heart and mind.

Christ is the Saviour to all who seek the atonement.

Let us strive to realize more fully and show by our practical applications
that we are workers together with God -
that each of us, that each of God's creatures,
is filling his niche in the great Oneness.

From our point of view, it may be a very poor expression,
but God sees deeper into each heart and knows all things.

The kind old lady who offers her simple herb to relieve the pain of the little child.
The the skilled physician who is giving his best to mitigate the ills of mankind.
They are at one with God just as...
A saint who, with touch of love, opens the eyes of the blinds.
Each is doing his part with the talent given into his keeping.
Each is working out his own development in his own way.
Which is the manifestation of His will.

The fullness of the realization of the Oneness of the Father
was brought to His children when Jesus the Christ
sent into the world the Holy Spirit.

It is the Holy Spirit that brings to our remembrance all things.


Personal Experience 1
"That the Father is One with His children has been demonstrated in my life many times,
but ten years ago there was an incident that makes this truth stand out more clearly
to me than anything in my experience.
My little boy was very sick.
The physicians had done all in their power to help him,
but their efforts appeared fruitless.
We were living then near a church.
My son, before his illness, played and talked, day after day, with the old sexton.
They grew to be great friends, and the sexton loved him very dearly.
He would often speak of how the child taught him lessons of forgiveness.
One morning during the illness the sexton came to our home and asked to see the child.
We led him to the room. He took off his working gloves and laid them aside,
knelt by the bed and, with upturned face, began to talk with God.
A new peace came into my heart. I knew that all was well.
It took this saintly old man to teach me more perfectly than I had ever realized,
that the Father works with those who will let Him, and can through them perform miracles."

A minister of state from a foreign country has all the rights of his country
respected in the land to which he is an ambassador.
A minister has the power to draw on his country for protection
and in the name of his country demand it in his new home.

Just so we are ambassadors in the earth, representatives of the King of kings,
and while here we may claim all the power and protection of the kingdom
from which we came, provided we are true representatives
and are carrying out the mission for which we were sent.

God has not changed.
God seeks to awaken every human heart as of old.
It is we who may close ourselves to the constant message of love ever in the Christ.

Through prayer and meditation,
we can attune ourselves to a clearer understanding
and realization of His love and may receive the gift
of the Spirit that would make us know,
"I and the Father are one."
(John 10:30)

God manifests in all He has created.
Whether it be in the material plane - as demonstrated by radio;
in the mental realm,as experienced through thought transference;
or, in the spiritual awakening, as manifests in so-called religious experiences -
all substance is one.

Vibration may vary from the slowmotion of matter to the invisible speed of thought.
Only our points of perception and understanding change with our development.

Let us realize that though we may be as one
who has caught only the first glimpse of light
as from the entrance of a dark cave,
and who still stumbles blindly over dangerous rocks and beside deep pits,
we are striving ever to reach the light of truth.

As we open our hearts to the unseen Forces that surround the throne of grace, mercy, and might,
and throw about our selves the protection found in the though of Christ,
as we abide daily in the light of His teachings,
so that every word, thought, and act are in harmony with the whole,
we become more and more conscious of the Oneness.

It is then we are privileged to hear God's voice and know the comfort of His abiding presence.


Our God is a God of the physical, mental, and spiritual realms.
Let us realize God's activity in every plane and through every force.

Our own desires and wills may sometimes interfere with
the true requirements for adequate expression in any or all of these planes.

We must constantly examine ourselves.
In whatever plane of activity we may find ourselves,
let us seek the most perfect expression of the God Force.

Every atom of our physical bodies should vibrate in harmony.

Our minds should be in constant touch with and filled with
that which is stimulating and uplifting,
guided and directed by a purpose
to reach an ideal that is set in Christ.

Let us not to be discouraged;
it is little by little, line upon line,
that we grow in grace, in knowledge, and in the understanding of God's ways.
They are not hidden, nor far away,
but are revealed to those who will hear and see the glory of the Oneness in the Father.

Let us examine our selves to see how sincere is our desire to know that the Lord our God is One.

Is it sufficient to be active rather than passive?
If we would gain the concept, we must believe that God is,
and that God rewards those who seek to do His will.

God is life.

We are to make our desires, our hearts, our minds,
and our souls one with God in bringing to the knowledge
of all that the power of God, through the Christ,
is able to cause us to know that
"God is one and there is other but Him.
To love God with all your heart,
with all your understanding and with all your strength,
and to love your neighbor as your self
is more important than all burnt offerings and sacrifices."
(Mark 12:32-33).

As my body, mind and soul are one,
Thou, O Lord, in the manifestations in the earth,
in power, in might, in glory, art one.
May I see in that I do, day by day,
more of that realization, manifest the more.


As we begin with the next lesson, presented in
Know He, The Lord Thy God, Is One,
the affirmation should be:
As my body, mind and soul are One,
Thou, O Lord, in the manifestations in the earth,
in Power, in Might, in Glory, are One.
May I see in that I do, day by day,
more of that realization,
and manifest the more.

Then, the culmination of this series of lessons
will be Love;

For He so loved the world
as to give His Son, His self, that man
should come to the realization of
the Oneness of the Father in the earth.

As this group, as a group, as individuals,
have been chosen that they may manifest the power,
the might, the glory of the love of the Father,
so may each come step by step to the realization
of that wonderful experience in themselves
of being a channel through which many may
come to know the mercifulness of God,
the loving-kindness of His love, the power
in His name.

And all may be on fire with the powers that
may manifest through them; becoming less
and less self-centered, less and less selfish;
and more and more at peace and in harmony
with those experiences that are theirs in the going
about to show forth His love, through the application
of that each are gaining through their walks
with Him in prayer, in meditation.

So, their coming together may mean more and more
the shedding abroad those truths that make them free
in their abilities to become lights, helpers for, through
and by, His power.

As ye seek then, my children, to know His way,
so does He glorify in thee that whereunto
thou hast been appointed.

Keep thine heart open, that the Voice of Him
who has called may quicken each thought,
each act, in thy daily walks.

For, little by little, line by line, do ye grow in grace,
in knowledge, in understanding of His ways.

They are not hidden, nor afar off; for all is made manifest
to those that will hear, will see, the glory of
the Oneness of the Father.

The Lord Thy God is One.

In the study of the lesson, in the preparation for selves,
there should be - as indicated in the more recent lessons
- the preparation rather in self than in discourse;
for you each are learning, each are becoming conscious
that there is an activity to take place within self,
and self is to become the more conscious - as indicated
- of that oneness that may manifest through the activities
of the individual, in making the application in their lives,
that there may be given that which will be an aid,
in study from or of another of such experiences.

Then, those conditions that may arise in the experience
of each, there may be enlightenment to self in those
manners that will enable each to expand in words
and in act, and indeed become the more aware,
the more conscious.

For, as is and should be recognized in each,
the contending forces that are within man as
his individuality and personality (for a name)
are that as self has builded, or that builded
and the spirit of the living influence or life itself.

And these, then, made more and more aware that,
"My life, my activities, my thoughts, my meditation,
must be more and more in accord with the will of the Father."

For in such, through such, does the individual, the entity,
the soul, the individuality of an entity, become more godlike,
less of self, less of the carnal influence may bear upon
the activities of an individual, an entity, in this material plane.

Then, the activities of the will, the consciousness,
the various terms that have been and are applied to
the manner of expression in consciousness, are
the basic thoughts, the basic activities through which each
should prepare themselves for the abilities, for
the activating forces that may assist them in giving
that they must experience in their individual consciousnesses,
as to how they may be expressed that others may gain
a greater concept of the oneness of the Father
in the material plane.

Whose voice did I hear speak to me,
and what was the message?
As is felt within self that there is a manifestation
of a force, a power from without, this then is builded
into that as the self through its experience gives such
an influence and power concerning the consciousness
of self.

To be sure, this was a manifestation - but rather than
being specific, rather than being an entity activity
from without, it is rather the awakening within
of the abilities to so associate and so connect
and communicate with those influences from without.

Then, as given of old, if there will be held and magnified
within the consciousness of self that that desired, that voice,
that presence that would aid in bringing the various
consciousnesses to self, must be from the universal influences,
or from His messenger, then may this be magnified in self
and for self.

Be mindful that it is not clothed in some other power.

"It is I."
Rather, then, the experiences that are necessary
for making aware within the consciousness of self
how the inner self may be controlled by those powers,
those influences, that an entity, an individual, entertains.

Be not unmindful that ye entertain strangers that come
to thee in thine consciousness, that reaches to
the inner self and to the cosmic spheres; for angels
are often entertained.

Then, clothe and feed them only upon the words
and the activities of the spirit of truth, and through same
may come those experiences that have been long sought;
for the time is near at hand. [see 262-41]

Is this information that I have been receiving
the past four nights coming from some source
other than my subconscious?
To be sure, and these are worth entertaining.

Please tell me who is doing the talking?
Who would the body have?
Who would the inner forces entertain?
For, "Seek and ye shall find" is spoken of the soul,
spoken of those that would be the guides,
the influences in the experiences, and is bound close
with that which is being the study in the present,

Do not accredit it to lower forces than His emissaries.

"Keep in the way that is open before thee, in giving to those
that self contacts the concept of the vision held by self
that lies ahead."
What is the vision?
The vision is that that is held as the approach to the throne,
of the consciousness of the divine that is within each individual.
That self is oft in the position of being in a quandary,
and fearful of being lightly spoken of for giving
the experiences of self as contacting the various influences,
is that referred to.
Being, then, this:
Be not loath nor unmindful to bear witness, in word, in act,
to thine associates from day to day, of the manifestations
of the power, the influence, that comes in thine experience;
and thus may each soul, each entity, become more and more
aware of the oneness of the Father in the world.

One night some weeks ago I saw floating above
my head in space an exceedingly bright sphere or planet.
It seemed to be moving within itself as well as through space.
Please interpret this to me.
As given, this group, these individuals, varied individuals,
are reaching that period, that place in their experience,
where signs, where activities within self,
the consciousnesses within self, become more and more
aware of the very lessons, the very truths that are being
given out, that are to be made manifest in the experiences
of selves and in the lives and experiences of others.

So, in the vision seen, it is the world without and the world within
- their movements as one coordinating with the other,
the brightness of the orb itself as reflecting that which is
the movement within self, that makes for the shedding abroad
of the light, the understanding, the enlightenment that is
obtained from within.

Well was it said by Him,
"Ye do not light a light to put it under a bushel."
In this same manner that is experienced in self, when there is
that consciousness within of being more and more in accord
with the light that shineth even unto the darkness, though there
may come strifes, though there may come disappointments,
though there may come turmoils from without and from within,
yet His peace maketh for a harmony - with that cooperation
of the personality, the individuality; or self and thy God.

Please explain how I may spend self in the love for His ways.
By that even as visioned. Let the light that shines without
be lighted by that light which is created from within,
making the activities of the inner self and the outer self
in accord; or let that seen of others be impelled by the light
from the love of the Giver of life, light, immortality.

There is no other Name given among men
whereby they may be saved.
Saved from what?
Please explain.
From what may anyone be saved?
Only from themselves!
That is, their individual hell;
they dig it with their own desires!


The Lord Thy God Is One

To make the lesson complete it must be lived, experienced
by each individual, and interpreted in their lives.

And such activities that enable them to be nearer
in accord with those truths, those lessons that are gained
by such experiences, are those that must make the lesson
complete for the lives, the experiences of others.

Well, then, that each - in their own way and manner
- correlate that which has been gained from time to time,
that there may be the better understanding.

For, the tenets, the truths, the lessons are before thee
day by day.

Only self shuts out the glories that may be thine
own experience, in the application of the lessons
that are before thee.

How may I become more conscious of
"the oneness of the Father",
and apply same in my daily activities?
The consciousness becomes the portion of self
as the application of that known is made in
the experience of self; as pertaining to the fact
that all force, all power, all glory, comes from
the One source.

In the activities, then, in the application to self
respecting same, does this become more and more
the experience of self as it is applied in thine
own experience.

Study to show self approved unto that that would make
for little vain-glorying in any. Know whereunto
thou hast been called; for His glory is sufficient,
His mercy is far-reaching; His understanding maketh known
those things that would prevent individuals from becoming
afraid, in the knowledge of the glory of the Lord.

Keep thy paths straight. Avoid the appearance of evil.
Find fault in no man.

It's time for all to get started doing some work!


The Lord Thy God Is One

There should be the sincere attempt on the part of each
to put into practice or application that that is known.

Does each individual understand that as was given,
one must give account of every idle word spoken?

That this is in reference to the oneness of purpose
in an individual?

That the mind, the body, the aptitude of the soul
is under surveillance through such activity?

And, as given, as the body, the mind, the soul is one,
so is God in the manifestations in power, might
and glory in the earth.

That, then, should illustrate as to why there should be
joyousness, gladness in the heart, in the speech,
in the magnifying of the activities of each individual.

For, if the hate, grudge or selfishness has created
such an influence as to separate self from a friend,
a foe, any activity that has made for the loss
of self's own respect of its abilities or its relationship
to its Maker, how can such a soul be one in Him?

Then, let each test self; and it will be found that the ability
to so illustrate in or from self's own experience will aid
in lighting the way for others that seek to know
The Lord Thy God Is One.

How sincere is the Desire on the part of each
to know The Lord Thy God Is One?

Sufficient to be active rather than just passive
in the statement?

For, he that would gain the concept must believe
that He is; and that He rewards those who seek
to do His biddings.

Then, let each be active; up and doing,
with a heart that is singing the joyous message
that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

It is within! I Am the brother! I Am the associate
with the Son, in the relationships to the Father!

And the life will mean more!
For, has it not been given that the earth is
the Lord's and the fullness thereof?

True, many within themselves stumble over that
which, even, has not been comprehended;
in that there is the mental body, the physical body,
the spiritual body.

They are one!

In analyzing, then, do not let the analysis become the object;
but the body in the Lord, the oneness in purpose, that
is gained through the knowledge that the mental
- the consciousness, is the builder.

And that the oneness of purpose is in Him as one doth
clarify the conditions that are to be met.

When there is seemingly the slighting on the part of another,
evidences in the material mind that conditions or activities
are as stumbling blocks not compatible with thine own ideal,
then know that all activity is a manifestation of one power
- and is the attempt of the individual to assert either the power
and glory of God, or of self!

Where is thine own will?
One with His, or to the glorifying of thine own desires
- thine own selfish interests?

The way is not long, nor is the cross more grievous
than ye may bear - if the trust will be in Him, that
"I will not leave thee comfortless,
I will come and abide with thee."

But we are so constituted, by that builded within ourselves,
that He does not come without the invitation
that He abide with us.

For, with that power of will are we the sons of God
- capable of being equal with Him in the glory that
He would share with us.

As He gave,
"I and the Father are One, and ye in me, I in the Father - "

These, then, should aid all in making that contribution
that enables all to want, to Desire, to be on fire
with that desire, to Manifest the Oneness
of the Father in Life.

For, as Hs is Life - we in Life may make manifest
that our desires, our hearts, our minds, our souls,
are One with Him in bringing to the knowledge of one
- Anyone - Everyone - that the power of God,
through the Christ, is able to save; even unto the utmost.


Fundamental truths on the "Oneness of all Force"

Yes. In giving that which may be given out as basic truth,
and correlating the statements that have been made
from time to time, it would have been better to have gathered
from that given the basis for expansion through these channels.

Yet, we may give that which may be the basis or the foundation
of truth that may be gathered here and there.

As to the correlation and the setting out of paragraphs,
at least you should do something!

The basis, then: "Know, O Israel, (Know, O People)
the Lord Thy God is One!"

From this premise we would reason, that:
In the manifestation of all power, force, motion, vibration,
that which impels, that which detracts, is in its essence
of one force, one source, in its elemental form.

As to what has been done or accomplished by
or through the activity of entities that have been
delegated powers in activity is another story.

As to the one source or one force, then,
are the questions presented in the present.

God, the first cause, the first principle,
the first movement, Is!
That's the beginning!
That is, that was, that ever shall be!

The following of those sources, forces, activities
that are in accord with the Creative Force
or first cause - its laws, then - is to be one
with the source, or equal with yet separate
from that first cause.

When, then, may man - as an element, an entity,
a separate being manifested in material life
and form - be aware or conscious of the moving
of that first cause within his own environ?

Or, taking man in his present position or consciousness,
how or when may he be aware of that first cause
moving within his realm of consciousness?

In the beginning there was the force of attraction
and the force that repelled.

Hence, in man's consciousness he becomes aware
of what is known as the atomic or cellular form
of movement about which there becomes nebulous activity.

And this is the lowest form (as man would designate)
that's in active forces in his experience.

Yet this very movement that separates the forces
in atomic influence is the first cause,
or the manifestation of that called God
in the material plane!

Then, as it gathers of positive-negative forces
in their activity, whether it be of one element
or realm or another, it becomes magnified
in its force or sources through the universe.

Hence we find worlds, suns, stars, nebulae,
and whole solar systems moving from
a first cause.

When this first cause comes into man's experience
in the present realm he becomes confused,
in that he appears to have an influence
upon this force or power in directing same.

Much, though, in the manner as the reflection
of light in a mirror.

For, it is only reflected force that man may have
upon those forces that show themselves
in the activities, in whatever realm into which
man may be delving in the moment
- whether of the nebulae, the gaseous,
or the elements that have gathered together
in their activity throughout that man has chosen
to call time or space.

And becomes, in its very movement, of that
of which the first cause takes thought
in a finite existence or consciousness.

Hence, as man applies himself - or uses that of which
he becomes conscious in the realm of activity,
and gives or places the credit (as would be called)
in man's consciousness in the correct sphere
or realm he becomes conscious of that union of force
with the infinite with the finite force.

Hence, in the fruits of that - as is given oft, as
the fruits of the spirit - does man become aware
of the infinite penetrating, or inter-penetrating
the activities of all forces of matter, or that which is
a manifestation of the realm of the infinite into the finite
- and the finite becomes conscious of same.

As to the application of these as truths, then:
It may be said that, as the man makes in self
- through the ability given for man in his activity
in a material plane - the will one with
the laws of creative influence, we begin with:

"Like begets like - As he sows, so shall he reap
- As the man thinketh in the heart, so is he."

These are all but trite sayings to most of us,
even the thinking man; but should the mind
of an individual (the finite mind) turn within
his own being for the law pertaining to these
trite sayings, until the understanding arises,
then there is the consciousness in
the finite of the infinite moving upon and in the inner self.

So does life in all its force begin in the earth.
The moving of the infinite upon the negative force
of the finite in the material, or to become
a manifested force.

Ready for questions.

(Q) Explain how so called good and evil forces are one.
(A) This has just been explained.
When there is delegated power to a body that
has separated itself from the spirit
(or coming from the unseen into the seen,
or from the unconscious into
the physical consciousness, or from God's
other door - or opening from the infinite
to the finite), then the activity is life;
with the will of the source of that which has come
into being.

As to what it does with or about its associations
of itself to the source of its activity, as to how far
it may go afield, depends upon how high
it has attained in its ability to throw off
both negative and positive forces.

Hence we say,
"The higher he flies the harder the fall."
It's true!

Then, that which has been separated into
the influence to become a body, whether celestial,
terrestrial, or plain clay manifested into activity
as man, becomes good or bad.

The results to the body so acting are dependent
and independent [interdependent?]
(inter-between, see) upon what he does
with the knowledge of - or that source of - activity.

(Q) In relation to the Oneness of all force,
explain the popular concept of the Devil,
seemingly substantiated in the Bible
by many passages of scripture.
(A) In the beginning, celestial beings.
We have first the Son, then the other sons
or celestial beings that are given their force
and power.

Hence that force which rebelled in the unseen forces
(or in spirit) that came into activity, was that influence
which has been called Satan, the Devil, the Serpent;
they are One. That of Rebellion!

Hence, when man in any activity rebels against
the influences of good he harkens to the influence of evil
rather than the influence of good.

Hence, will is given to man as he comes into this
manifested form that we see in material forces,
for the choice. As given,
"There is set before thee (man) good and evil."
Evil is rebellion.
Good is the Son of Life, of Light, of Truth;
and the Son of Light, of Life, of Truth,
came into physical being to demonstrate and show
and lead the way for man's ascent to
the power of good over evil in a material world.

As there is, then, a personal savior, there is
the personal devil.

Updated: 8 August 2013