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A Search For God

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Lesson 18: Destiny of the Body

(262-73 to 262-90)


Lord, use me in whatever way or manner
that my body may be as a living example
of Your love to the followers of our Lord.


In the physical we have the body, the mind and the soul.
Each of these represents a phase of experience or consciousness.

Our physical body is that which is manifested in the earth
in materiality, that which has taken form.

The destiny of the body depends upon us.

It is held by some that the body, being of the earth-earthy,
is born into the earth, dies and to the earth returns.

Yet the pattern has been shown by Him who entered into the earth
that we through Him might have life and have it more abundantly,
that we, day by day, hour by hour, again and again,
may realize the revivifying and the rejuvenating of our bodies,
until, as He, we come into the consciousness of the perfect human.

This may take many experiences in the earth.
How gracious is our God in mercy and patience
that He shows toward us!

Jesus used the words "abundant life,"
abundant experiences, to show the extent of God's goodness
to His children that they might come to an understanding
of their oneness with Him.

The destiny of mind is both material and spiritual.
Since mind is the builder, there is a very close relationship
between the destiny of the mind and the destiny of the physical body.

It is through the mind that the destiny of the body is gradually builded.

With God rests the destiny of the soul,
with us the destiny of the physical body,
through the gradual building process of our mind
working in and through our physical consciousness.

It should be the aim and purpose
of our conscious mental activity,
therefore, to bring our thinking,
which directs the control of our physical body,
into accord with the higher purposes of the spiritual mind.

We have each been given stewardship over a portion of life.
May we so live that we may say, as the Master,
"Of that thou gavest me, O Father, I have lost nothing."


Our physical body is an atomic structure, subject to
the laws of our environment,
the laws of our heredity and
the laws of our soul development.

Each atom, each corpuscle,
has the whole pattern of the universe within its structure.

Our body is made up of elements of various natures
that keep it in motion and sustain its equilibrium.

Our body is the channel, the house, the piece of clay,
that is the dwelling place of the soul.

The mental body, the soul body, and the physical body
are shadows of the Triune.

The body-physical is as human.
The body-mental is as the savior of humanity;
for it is through the application of the mental influences
that we control and build that which finds expression
both in the physical and in the soul.
The soul-body is as of the Creator, for it, the soul,
was made in the image of its Creator,
to be His companion in spirit.

That the physical is the home of the soul
during its sojourn in the material world
is revealed to all who think about it;
what we do with the opportunities
that are presented to us in our varied experiences
one with another is for each of us to determine.


Our body is the temple of the living God, of the living soul.
Is it to see corruption?
Is it to be lost entirely, or
Is it to be glorified, spiritualized?

As our body is a structure in which we manifest
as a portion of the whole, so our body
is in the keeping of its Keeper, even within us.

What will we do with it?
God gave us free wills.
God Himself does not know what we will destine
to do with ourselves, else would He have repented
that He made us?

God has not ordained that any soul should perish.
What of the body?
Have we ordained,
have we so lived,
have we made our temple so untenable,
that we do not care to have it glorified?

We attempt to adorn our body for our fellow humans.
Do we care less for our God?
Do we purge the body, as He has given,
that it may be made holy for a dwelling place for our soul?

What the body becomes depends upon
that which we do with our opportunities.
If we would be like Christ,
then we must so live,
so conduct ourselves,
that our body may be one with Christ, and
be raised a glorified body to be known as our own!

That we may be called by a different name in each experience
may be confusing to many; yet when we say
Creative Force, God, Jehovah, Yah, Abba,
do we not mean one and the same thing?

Always we carry throughout various experiences
of our consciousness the desire (if we seek aright)
to be one with Him,
to know ourselves to be ourselves
and yet one with the great I Am.

The destiny of our body, then, lies with us,
and what we do with it in one experience
or many experiences is of our choosing.


We should present ourselves as channels of blessings for others.
To be a blessing may demand that we present ourselves
as a living sacrifice, as a living example to others;
yet we should understand that sacrifice
does not necessarily mean a giving up,
rather it is the glorifying of the body
for a definite purpose, for an ideal, for a love.

Thus may we in presenting our bodies,
through the application of that which we know,
show a way in which others may see the initiation necessary
for awakening a purposefulness in their experience.

It will turn hate into love, strife into peace.
Our thoughts, too, have their activity in the experience of all
and create the environ, the atmosphere, from which others
often draw that which will be the motivating influence
in their experiences.

We have each been given stewardship over a portion of life (God).
May we be living examples of the things
that Christ, the Master, taught and lived.

When He calls upon us
to render service to others,
shall we answer, "Here am I,"
even though it appears to others
that we are laid on the altar of sacrifice?

To those who love His ways
it is only a reasonable service.


"For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he."
Then we should take heed how we think;
for thoughts are things and may become
either crimes or miracles in our lives.

It is with right thinking and right acting that we keep the holy temple pure.
He stands at the door and knocks.
It is necessary to keep our temple clean,
so that nothing can enter that will in any way defile
or defame the abiding place of the Most High.

Keep the temple silent.
Let not the noise or confusion of the world make us afraid,
or in any way interfere with our worship.
It is possible to be in the world and yet not of the world.
Let love alone enter and find an abiding place,
that we may become as He, who first loved us.

The pattern has been shown by Christ who entered into the earth
that we might have an example.

If we would be like Christ, then we must conduct our life
so that a glorified body to be known as our very own may be raised.
To accomplish this, our mind and our body must be purged
so that we may know the glory of Christ who took His own body
and so glorified it that it became a pattern for all.

Let the spirit of the Christ guide us from within,
and the way will be shown to us.
No greater awareness can be had than that which comes when
He, who is the Maker, the Author, the Finisher of Life,
comes and abides with us.

May we never think that the opportunity has passed;
for God's mercy is without limit.
We make the choice when we realize that today
is the acceptable day of the Lord!
It is never too late for us to begin,
for life in physical experiences is a continuous effort
for making the way in a material world,
whereby we may justify ourselves before the throne of grace.

Inasmuch as ye do it through love, through kindness,
unto the least of these, my little ones, ye do it unto Me,
is the manner in which it is accomplished.

All things are possible with God.
Do not expect results in a day;
for we do not sow one day and reap the next,
but we reap what we have sown in the periods
when that which is sown comes to fruitage.

Indiscretions and sentiments that are based
wholly upon material satisfactions, must bring to us
tares and weeds in the experience of our body.

Those things sown in mercy, truth, and justice
will bring their rewards in the same realm,
in the same coin that has been sown;
for God is not mocked.

If we do our best, we need not worry about results.
We can leave the results with our Maker.
Let us do right, not merely to be seen of others,
but that the glory of the Father may be reflected
through our kindness, patience, and brotherly love.
These activities beget health, harmony and understanding.

Let us be sure our brother, our servant, yea, our neighbor
think as well of us as we think of ourselves!
If they do not, it is because sin lies at our door.
This does not mean that we should condemn ourselves;
for we know that we are God's handiwork, and should act accordingly.

We should know in our heart that what is done in secret
must be proclaimed from the mountaintop in our own experience.
Even though justice or retribution be delayed a thousand years,
we must meet that which we have sown.

How will we ever meet it?
In the strength of ourselves?
Rather may we harken to the promise,
"So shall ye be my people, and I will be your God."

What shall we do with this holy temple, this body?
Purify it, glorify it, that it may be of priceless value
when returned to its Maker.


The body that we have taken from matter has assumed
various forms, sizes, and colors.
Hence, with what body shall we be raised?

The same body ye had from the beginning!
or the same body that has been thine throughout the ages!
else how could it be individual?
The physical, the duet, dissolves; yes.
But when it is condensed again, what is it?
The same body. It does not beget a different body!

We have one wavelength that is ours.
We have one light beam, and on it we must come in,
must go back to the Father, or else lose our identity.
Then we must seek to purge the body until it is raised
a glorified body to be one with the Whole, and yet be our own.
In other words: to know ourselves to be ourselves, yet one with God.
God is not the God of the dead, but of the living.

Christ resurrected and quickened His body.
Christ is our pattern.
So we, as Christ, must overcome death, overcome that transition,
overcome that which is the conscious change of being in all matters,
all phases, all experiences, that we may be one with Christ,
as Christ is one with the Whole.


What we are today is a result of the way and manner
in which we have used the opportunities given to us by God, the Father.

When we do not take into account our relation to the First Cause, God,
we know those things that pertain to the gratification of material desires,
that so often turn and ruin us.

The seed of every plant is within itself;
the seed of every living influence is within itself.
So in our acts in relation to our fellow human beings
and to the world as a whole, the results that will be in our experiences
are according to that which we have sown,
or the manner in which we have dealt with our fellow human beings.

It is through activity that we may become more and more aware
of how we use our opportunities.
If we practice error, then error becomes more and more prominent
in our dealing with others.

If our activity is selfless, then we become like Him
who gave Himself for the world.
In whatever way we prepare ourself then the time
and place to use that prepared will come.

Let the light of His countenance guide us.
He, our Lord, is willing, if we use our body, our mind,
our abilities, as channels of expression for Him.

As known or experienced by those in the material plane,
or in any plane of consciousness, those abilities that are manifested
are the outgrowth of the application of opportunities
by an individual entity in this or that experience.
Then it may be seen that in aiding others there comes greater aid to us;
for it becomes a part of ourselves and a portion of our own experience.

The purpose for which our soul chose to come into this earth plane
was to awaken the Divine within, which is done through
manifesting the fruits of the spirit toward our fellow humans.

Then we should do with our might what our hands find to do,
leaving the results in the hands of Him who gives the increase.
Let us look upon every experience as a necessary element
in our own development, knowing that He who clothes
the fowls of the air and the lilies of the field
will be mindful of those who love His ways.

All in matter, all in form, first began in the urge of mental or spiritual influence,
and that which prompted them came into manifestation
under the influence of divine guidance.
That which is error, that which is shame,
that which is of disrupting forces,
become negligible unless given power by thought,
and by activity of the mind.

Not that denying alone makes for nonexistence,
but rather that those things presenting themselves as errors,
as a disrupting influence, may be used as stepping-stones
for the creation of those environs in which we may
change trial, temptation and hardships, into helpful experiences:
for through the things which He suffered and overcame
He became the King of kings, the Lord of lords.

So with us it may be found that by using our experiences rightly there
may be brought into our consciousness harmony,
which is another name for peace, for good, for joy.

For while flesh and blood that is of the earth may
not gain or know glory, the body, the real body
-- not the superficial, but the real body--
may become aware of itself in
the Presence of the body of God,
among its brethren, and a portion of the Whole.

Let us keep our innate faith in the oneness of power in Creative Forces;
and as we express it in our activities with our fellow humans,
as we hold it in our meditation, as we hold it in our mind,
so will it be experienced in our inner self.

All must pass under the rod, but He has tempered it with mercy and judgment.
So must we temper our judgments, so must we find patience,
so must we find those things within self that make for the answer to us
before the Throne of grace.

If we would have mercy, we must show mercy to our fellow human beings,
yes, to our enemies, to those who despitefully use us.

Death in the flesh is a birth into the realm of another experience,
to those who so live that they are not bound by earthly ties.
This does not mean that we do not have our own experience
in and about the earth, for we come into the earth plane
for the purpose of further development toward a cooperative,
coordinating activity with the Creative Force that manifests
through our activities in materiality.

In the earth the choice is by will, while in the interim,
between the earthly incarnations, the choice is conditioned
by that which has been accomplished by us in manifested form;
for we must meet that which we have sown in the body.


Our bodies are only channels through which our souls
may manifest the attributes of the spirit of truth in a physical plane.

We find ourselves in that state where we are subject
to the faults, the failures, the conditions, that work upon our weaknesses.
These may work through environmental and hereditary influences
or through associations, yet there is the awareness in our experiences
that God, Creative Force, has prepared the way of escape from those things
that so easily beset us, if we call upon Him in sincerity.

Our activities are our voluntary choice.
We have been given the manner, the way in which the Christ Consciousness
is manifested in the earth, through Jesus.

He came as man that through His example,
love, patience, and hope might be shown.

This He exemplified in His activity, that we might choose,
as He, to do that which is right, just, sincere, and honest,
in our activities one with another.
"Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren,
ye have done it unto me."

The way is simple.
Yet those who would seek through the mysteries of nature,
the mysteries of the manifestations of life in the earth,
or those who would see the activities of their neighbors,
friends, or associates, rather than listen to that which may be had
through the still small voice from within,
become troubled and wondering, and then fearful,
until there come periods when the sureness of self is lacking.

What are the requirements then, that we may become aware
of His presence abiding with us?

They are that we manifest love, patience, hope, charity,
tolerance, and faith in our daily life.
These words, these expressions, these as visualized objects
may be within us, and when we make such manifest in conversation,
in example, in precept to those whom we meet day by day,
we become aware of the Christ Consciousness.

Know the truth for the truth's sake.
"Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away."
Let not, then, the cares of the world, the deceitfulness of riches,
pomp, glory, or fame, hinder us from applying in our relationship
with our fellow humans those laws through which
we may become aware of His presence.

That offences must come, is true, but woe to them who bring them to pass!

May we not be idle in doing that which we know to be right.
Let our activities be positive, our love be without dissimulation.

"Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good."

As we have seen in our own body that which has brought
the fires of nature, the turmoils of disease,
the wonderments even of distress,
and as we have seen those influences, those powers,
in nature that are manifestations of His love to others,
we know that in our weakness, in our strength,
on Him alone we can lean for strength.

He has prepared a way. We, in any phase of our experience,
are only the channels to make application,
or to give helpful understanding to others.
His abiding presence is in and with us.

The destiny of the body lies with us.
We can take only a perfect body back to our Maker.
(See 696-3.)

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