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A Search For God

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Lesson 24: Spirit
(262-113 to 262-124)


Father, God,
in Your mercy,
in Your love,
be with us now.
For we know and we speak of Your love.
And help us then to put away, for the hour,
the cares of this life;
that we may know in truth that the Spirit
and the Lamb say, "Come."
Let them that hear also say, "Come."
Let all that will, come and drink of the water of life.


Spirit is First Cause,
Spirit is the essence of Creative Power,
Spirit is the source of light, and
Spirit is the motivating influence of all life.
Spirit is God.

Let us not be confused by terms.
What are the relationships among such terms as:
The spirit of the times,
the spirit of the age,
the spirit of America,
the spirit of'76,
the spirit of the pioneer,
the spirit of Fascism,
the spirit of the earth,
the spirit of the departed,
the spirit of the church,
the spirit of Truth,
the Spirit of the Christ,

It has been given that there is One Spirit.
All manifestations of life
in any plane of consciousness
are crystallizations by Spirit.

When we, through exercising free will,
choose to misdirect and divert this power
into selfish channels of personal aggrandizement,
rather than toward the expression of its original impulse,
the glorification of the Creator,
then sin comes into existence.

The spirit of the pioneer need
not signify cruelty and destruction
nor the spirit of strife and hate,
but spirit beings encased in the physical
seeking freedom as an ideal.

All force is one force.

It is we who brought diversity of expression and perception,
and we through the Way must return to unity.
"Get thee behind me, Satan
... for thou savourest not the things
that be of God [the Spirit],
but those that be of men."
These words were spoken by Jesus,
when two ways were before Him:
self-glory, or the glory of God.

We must understand why and how Spirit
came into material manifestation.
Where did we come from?

... we must know from whence we came,
how, why, and whence we go-and why.


God created us in His image, spiritual beings,
with souls, minds and wills.

In all states of consciousness there are opportunities
for the expression of these.

Error came into existence before the earth,
the heavens, or space were created.

Using free will, expressing selfish desire,
spiritual beings (souls) separated themselves
from a consciousness of Oneness with Creative Will.

Life, in material bodies, is the reflection of this separation
in this state of consciousness.

Through the law of love, God prepared a way back
(a road, a ladder, a knotted rope) for all humankind.
Until this way was prepared there
was no consciousness of time or space.
These concepts are aids, not hindrances,
to a clearer perception of the Divine Will;
for through time and space, and patience,
we will come to know the Lighted Path.

Only those who seek may find this way.
Flesh and blood may not reveal the truth to us.
It is the quickening of the Divine Spirit within
which brings each personal revelation.


The Children of God became the children of men,
as they sought selfish expression into the earth plane.
They pushed themselves into matter,
upsetting existent patterns of evolution going on in the earth;
first, as forces seeking expression through the natural elements
of mineral, plant and animal life, then, as hardened thought forms
molded after the pattern of animal life in the earth.

In these thought forms spiritual beings became entangled.
They lost the consciousness of their divine origin.
Monstrosities resulted.
There was chaos.
The darkness which existed is beyond
the comprehension of the finite mind.
The earth plane was only a three-dimensional
point of expression for the chaotic state which existed.


Out of this mire of selfish thought, this morass of illusion,
God prepared a way through the law of love.

He said, "Let there be light."
Let there be the consciousness of time and space.
The evening and the morning were the first day,
a day of light and darkness, of good and evil.
Step by step spiritual beings became aware
that they were away from God, from light.

Jesus, as the first Adam, became the symbol
of the regenerated spiritual beings returning to God Consciousness.
He came showing the way of patience by which we (spiritual beings)
were to recognize His state and turn toward the Light.
The law of One was manifested eventually in the man Jesus,
and is signified in the Christ Consciousness.
(Let us get the difference.)

Adam and Eve, God's projection, began a line of physical descent
through which spiritual beings could purify their desires,
and return to God Consciousness.

This is the true source of the legends of the chosen race,
the pure race, preserved in the legends
of the peoples of every continent.

In the early days spiritual beings who used these Adamic bodies
were tempted and many gave way to desire."
... the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair;
and they took them wives of all which they chose."

Down through the ages there existed side by side
the sons and daughters of mortals
(the hardened thought forms mingled with animal bodies)
and the Sons and Daughters of God
(offspring of the Adamic race).

Through the example set by the Christ, we know the way.
The choice is made daily by each soul to follow the Light
or seek selfish gratification.
Now, as in the beginning, each individual is meeting himself or herself.
When we act without thought as to motive or purpose,
experiences result which may bring ease and comforts for a time,
but when our activities are selfish indulgences
and suppressions of our fellow humans,
we will reap that which we have sown.

As we were created for companionship with the Father,
being a portion of First Cause, it behooves us in materiality
to manifest more and more our awareness of this relationship
in our mental, physical and spiritual bodies.

We must fulfill the purpose for which we came into the earth plane,
that is, to be again one with the Father, which is attained
through the Christ Consciousness.

Therefore, through the power of the Christ,
who has walked the path from the beginning,
we will come to know ourselves to be ourselves,
yet one with and part of, the whole, yet not the Whole.

That is the purpose, that is the cause, of Being.


The Spirit of God in material understanding
is Time, Space and Patience.

While they are only literal terms to the consciousness
of the finite mind, they are a part of experience in materiality
and should be considered as attributes of Creative Force.

In understanding time, we better understand God.
No other concept can bring such a consciousness of unity
as an inner flash of the universality of time.

Every day is the beginning and the ending of a new opportunity.
Every opportunity has its beginning and end,
thus making way for greater physical manifestation of spiritual ideals.
Every new experience is another Garden of Eden
into which we have moved.
Every day is the awareness of the evening
and the morning being the first day.
To remain in Eden or to be driven out depends upon ourselves;
as to how we use our power of choice.
Every moment we are just beginning to live.
We are never too old to begin, if we remember
that in our weakness we may be strong in Christ.

God is reflected in our concept of space.
In the vastness of space our self-conceit falters.
We are humblest when gazing at the stars.
We draw nearer to God in contemplation
of the immensity of the universe.

The goodness and mercy of God are shown most in patience.
To be patient is God-like; for patience is a spiritual force
which may be given material expression through our attitude
toward our fellow human beings.
Jesus said that in patience we come to possess our souls.
We become aware of the continuity of life as we are patient.
As finite beings we can express no more God-like quality
than patience.

Time, space and patience are three concepts
which contain the keys to spiritual development
in this three-dimensional plane.

Without them fallen humanity is not aware
of being away from God.
They are the eye openers, the Voice of God speaking
in the burning bush, "day unto day uttering speech,
night unto night showing knowledge."
(See Psalm. 19:2)

Using time and space and patience
we measure everything, physical, mental and spiritual.
When we begin to catch a glimpse of the fact
that all space exists in time, that all time is one,
that all force is one, that all force is God,
we will be getting back to the Oneness of which
Christ was speaking when He said
that He would be in the Father and we would be in Him.
This realization comes to us only in patience.


Selfishness is the influence which blocks our return
to God Consciousness.

We must begin to build up within ourselves
that mind which was in the Christ,
if we would know God.
The choice is ours.
He has set before us this day good and evil.
He is "not willing that any should perish,"
but that all should know the truth;
"and ye shall know the truth,
and the truth shall make you free."

Is God not the God of the heaven, the universe?
Should He not be God of the nation, the state, the home?
What moves us to find fault with our neighbor,
to cause inharmonies in home, in the state, in the nation?
What are we doing in our daily conversations and actions
to express our recognition of the One Spirit?
Are we letting selfishness block the way,
or are we being led by the Spirit of Truth?

The Spirit of the Christ cannot abide in a selfish heart.
We drive Christ from our homes, from our churches,
from our state- yes, from our own consciousness
when we seek self-glory.

It was the cause of the first turning away from God.
It was the first sin.


"It was Christmas Eve. The day's work was done.
I was tired, so I lay down for a moment to reflect.
I hadn't had much money to spend for the things
that generally go to make Christmas Day happy.
I began to look back on the day's work.
In service I had done my best to make others happy.
I had tried to be unselfish."

"When I thought of myself again,
I realized that my body was entirely rested,
although I had been lying down only a few moments.
Is it possible, I thought, that true rest comes
from the realization of a selfless life?
If so, I had made the demonstration; no great demonstration,
to be sure, but one to me, that was the natural result
of being selfless for one day."

"During the first part of a spiritual discourse,
which was a wonderful explanation of conditions of the world,
I was following closely the questions that were being asked.
Then, it seemed that I was up somewhere,
high (unaware of being a person-just a 'consciousness').
I was looking down on a most beautiful, broad river,
composed of flowing bubbles.
It looked so smooth and almost musical
-as the bubbles rolled on,
around and over each other.
I realized that the bubbles were PEOPLE!
They, the bubbles, finally reached a place
where they burst, and all seemed to be one.
I thought It is the River of Life!'
We, too, in the end will merge into the Whole;
for we are one."


We are constantly meeting that which
we have measured unto others,
as well as unto ourselves.
The fruits we sow we must reap.
If we disobey the laws pertaining to cleanliness,
or the natural laws of nature,
do we not meet the result in ourselves?
Just so, it is with our mental
and spiritual environment or association.
To whom do we accredit these influences
that are so much a part of our mental abilities
and faculties if not to self's choice?

Let us know in whom we believe,
and who is the author of our desires.
Are our desires creative or destructive? "Father,
let Thy desires be my desires.
Let my desires, God, be Thy desires,
in spirit and in truth,"
(262-60) should be our prayer.
Thus we find grace, mercy, peace, and harmony
becoming more and more a part of our experience.
We love others, not merely because they love us,
but because it brings harmony and hope into our own experience
as we recognize God in our neighbor.

Our religion, our love for our fellow human beings,
our love for our Creator should be a living experience,
not just form. Truth, as mercy and grace, GROWS through use.
As we manifest the fruits of the spirit
in our dealings with our fellow humans,
we fulfill that purpose for which we are called.
We show forth the love we hold for our Maker
by the manner in which we deal with our neighbor.
God's love has manifested again and again in the earth
showing us that by love, not hate and force,
a soul may be brought to an awareness of its spiritual reality.

If we would be miserable, then let us think only of self.
If we would know happiness, then be a friend to someone.
If we would know the love of God,
then show love to those who seek,
to those who condemn.
Be joyous in the Lord,
knowing that He is ever present
when we seek His face.
He is ever with us when we desire to be an emissary
that others may know what it means to walk and talk with Him.

When we efface self and seek only to be led by His Spirit,
then and only then may we hope to do our part
in the scheme of redemption.
Let us analyze our desires, our purposes,
put away from our mind, our heart, our experience,
those things that would make us afraid,
and know that the true spirit of creative influence is within.

That which has a beginning must have an ending.
Hence rebellion, selfishness, and hate, must be wiped away,
and with them must go sorrow, tears and sadness.
Only good is everlasting.
It is the Spirit of God that moved over the face of the earth,
and gives this Spirit the charge concerning His own.
Are we His own?

He has committed to us
the keeping of His sheep,
the tending of His lambs,
until He comes and makes
an accounting with each of us.

Where, O Where, will we be?
(See 262-114.)

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