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"What is a Life Reading?" 

What is a Life Reading?
A Life Reading is an analysis of your soul development.
A Life Reading is taken from the records of your soul's experience
through many planes of consciousness.
A Life Reading focuses upon the constructive urges in your present development.
A Life Reading is concerned with your everyday efforts to live in conformity
with the spiritual laws of the universe.
A Life Reading is a survey of your nature concerned with the development of your character.
Life Readings hold that individuals are spiritual in essence,
using physical bodies as temporary abodes and channels for expression.
Each individual does not have a soul. Each IS a soul!
Life Readings seek to help individuals recognize their place
in the scheme of spiritual evolution.
Life Readings direct thought and action toward
the highest possible development in the present life.
These principles are stated here as ideal purposes of Life Readings.
Each Life Reading first gives an outline of the major astrological urges.
This is followed by a brief history of the more important past incarnations
which affect the present cycle of the life.
The inclinations and urges from these experiences are pointed out.
Next, an analysis of the personality is given in the light of
the attainments in spiritual development.
Finally, suggestions are made respecting the expression of certain talents
which will lead to the proper life's work or development of abilities
that will give the individual greater opportunities for expression.

Updated: 21 January 2014