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How To Meditate Well - Part 2

By John Van Auken

2.1 Raising the Serpent

Not only Adam and Eve fell in the Garden,
the serpent fell also.

And, as Moses raised the serpent in the desert,
so must we all raise the serpent power within ourselves
in order to receive the presence and the power of God,
the Omnipotent, within our temples, our bodies.

One of the most primary practices for doing this is kundalini meditation.

Like the Magic Silence method, this method will use words,
breath and spaces of silence, but in more powerful ways.

Since there is more power involved, there are more warnings
in the readings about using this method without proper preparation
and self-examination.

2.2 Warnings

"But make haste Slowly!
Prepare the body, prepare the mind,
before ye attempt to loosen it in such
measures or manners that it may be taken hold
upon by those influences which constantly seek
expressions of self rather than of a living,
constructive influence of a Crucified Savior.
Then, crucify desire in self; that ye may be awakened
to the real abilities of helpfulness that lie within thy grasp. ...
without preparation, desires of every nature may become
so accentuated as to destroy...."

Therefore, let's examine our purposes, searching our hearts
for our true passion.
Is it cooperation and coordination with God,
or are we still longing to gratify some lingering desires
of our own self interests?

The Taoist meditators of The Secret of the Golden Flower
talk about the right method being like one wing of a bird,
the other wing being the right heart.

A wise seeker must remember, the bird cannot fly with only one wing.
All seekers must have the right method and the right heart.

2.3 The Ideal

The right-heart concept leads us naturally to the readings'
teaching that an ideal should be raised as we seek to awaken
the life force.

What is our ideal?
To whom or what do we look for examples of
better behavior,
better choices,
better uses for our energies,
better relating skills with others?

What standard guides us in conceiving our better selves?
Who is the author of our "Book of Life"?
Is it the circumstances of life?
Is it our self-interests?

These are important questions from the perspective
of the Cayce readings, questions that should be considered
before going on with the powerful kundalini forces
aroused in this method of meditation.

As the readings say, we can build a Frankenstein or a god
using basically the same meditative method.
It all depends on the ideal held as the practice progresses.

"Find that which is to yourself the more certain way
to your consciousness of purifying body and mind,
before you attempt to enter into the meditation as
to raise the image of that through which ye are seeking
to know the will or the activity of the Creative Forces;
for ye are raising in meditation actual creation taking place
within the inner self!"

The readings would advise anyone who feels unable to
"set the carnal aside" and attune to a high ideal for the period
of meditation to not meditate -- and instead to pray.

If the pray then changes you and you feel that you can set
the carnal forces aside, you may enter into meditation.

Otherwise, stay away from it.
Meditation gives power to whatever is in the consciousness
and desires of the person.
Make sure these are pure and of the highest.

2.4 Jesus Christ

The Cayce readings present Jesus Christ as not only a high ideal
but as a powerful force of protection for anyone seeking
to loosen their life force, to open the bio-spiritual seals,
and enter into the presence of God.

Christ is presented as an advocate for us before the Godhead.
To call on this protection and guidance is to call on the greatest
resource available.

However, the readings do not put the religion that formed
around Jesus Christ above other religions.

The readings are too universal for that.
Seekers from any religious faith can use the power of Christ
in their meditative practice and still remain loyal to their religion.

Here's an example of this perspective, from reading 281-13:

"If there has been set the mark (mark meaning here the image
that is raised by the individual in its imaginative and impulse force)
such that it takes the form of the ideal the individual is holding
as its standard to be raised to, ...then the individual (or the image)
bears the mark of the Lamb, or the Christ, or the Holy One,
or the Son, or any of the names we may have given to that
which enables the individual to enter through it into
the very presence of that which is the creative force
from within itself ---see?..."

"Raising then in the inner self that image of the Christ,
love of God-Consciousness, is making the body so cleansed
as to be barred against all powers that would in any manner hinder."

Notice how "Christ" is given as equivalent to
the "love of God-Consciousness."

Seekers from any religion may have love of God-Consciousness.
Christ in this perspective is more universal than the religion
that possesses that name.

Notice also how "love of God-Consciousness" cleanses us
of self-interests that may hinder or harm us.

However, there is much more to this reading than ecumenism
and protection.

Cayce is giving us a great insight into just how a meditator may
be transported from a good meditative stillness into the
very presence of the Creative Force, God ---
with all the ramifications of such an experience.

If in our imaginative forces we can conceive or form the ideal
(the standard) to which we seek to be raised, then we
(as the Revelation states) bear the mark or the sign
of that power (whatever name we give it) that enables us
to enter through it into the very presence
of God within us, the Creative Force within us.
Despite the power of some of the other techniques in this form
of meditation, imaging the ideal is seminal to transformation.

Reading 1458-1 points out our only limitation:
"The entity is only limited to that it sets as its ideal."

We are "gods in the making" if we can conceive ourselves
to be such -- in cooperation and coordination with the Great God.

2.5 The Kundalini and Eternal Life

As we have seen, the readings interweave Judaeo-Christian
teachings found throughout the Old and New Testaments,
but particularly in the book of The Revelation,
with concepts and practices from ancient Hinduism and Yoga.

The fundamental concepts are these:

The kundalini is metaphorically seen as the great serpent power
fallen from its original place of honor.

As Adam and Eve fell from grace in the Garden, so did the serpent.

But as Moses raised the serpent in the desert and Jesus raised it
to life everlasting, so each of us must raise our serpent power
to its rightful, original place of honor.

Kundalini meditation is intended to do just that.

This kundalini or life force is within the human body, the temple.

Normally it is used in ways that dissipate it, eventually leading
to aging and death of the body.

All people are allowed to use their life force as they choose
(at least within the parameters of their karma).
Whether they dissipate it consciously or unconsciously
makes no difference.

When it's gone, it's gone.
But it doesn't have to be this way.
As the readings put it,
"...if there will be gained that consciousness,
there need not be ever the necessity of a physical organism aging ...
seeing this, feeling this, knowing this, ye will find that not only does
the body become revivified, but by the creating in every atom
of its being the knowledge of the activity of this Creative Force ...
spirit, mind, body [are] renewed."

The "elan vital" of the Western world and the "kundalini"
of the Eastern world follows natural laws, and can be made to flow
in rejuvenative ways which enhance and extend the life.

This is not only possible with kundalini meditation,
but it is a valuable goal to pursue.

Here's one reading's statement on this:
"How is the way shown by the Master?
What is the promise in Him?
The last to be overcome is death.
Death of what? The soul cannot die, for it is of God.
The body may be revivified, rejuvenated.
And it is to that end it may, the body,
transcend the earth and its influence."

This meditation practice works directly with the forces of life.

2.6 Prayer Words

Now let's look at the mechanics of this method.
Assuming that our ideals, purposes and hearts are in the right place,
that we have crucified our selfish desires,
conceived of our ideal, and drawn on the power and protection
of the Christ, "love of God-Consciousness"
---let's begin with prayer-words for the seven chakras.

These words vary with different practices,
but the Cayce readings teach that one reason the Master
created the Lord's Prayer was for this purpose.

The readings give a slightly different version of the prayer, which we'll use.

The readings are also comfortable with the feminine aspect
of the Godhead as well as the masculine, so let's also use this.

As you say the prayer, feel the meaning of the words as
your consciousness is directed to the location of the chakra.

Our Father/Mother     Heaven       Third Eye      Pituitary            7th
which art in                               Forehead
hallowed be thy        Name          Crown          Pineal               6th
                                              Top of Head
Thy kingdom come, thy Will          Throat        Thyroid               5th
be done in heaven,
so in earth
Give us for             Bodily             Root           Testes               1st
tomorrow the         Needs           Gonads         Ovaries

Forgive us our     Trespasses       Solar Plexus   Adrenals             3rd
as we forgive others;
Be Thou the           Guide            Navel          Cells of Leydig      2nd
in the times of trouble,
turmoil, and temptation;
leading us through Righteousness  Heart           Thymus              4th
paths of
(right actions,        Name's Sake   Crown            Pineal                6th
right purposes,                          Top of Head
right attitudes)
for thy
Amen                    Amen            Third Eye        Pituitary             7th

To fully realize the power of this prayer,
one must understand that it is intended
to call forth the highest in each chakra.

Just as we felt the words "stillness" and "God"
in the earlier affirmation/mantra, so now we must feel
or imagine the change brought on by these words
and their meanings.

Take your time.
Consider this as part of the meditation period.

The order of the chakra prayer is significant
in that it attempts to awaken the higher chakras
before awakening the lower ones.

This is the best approach.

Awakening the first chakra before the seventh and sixth
is like opening the serpent basket without
the charm of the flute.

The serpent is loose to its own interests,
rather than under the charm of the higher music.

Keep a higher ideal, a higher purpose, a right heart,
and the consciousness focused predominantly
on the higher centers.

Draw the kundalini upward.

2.7 Breath Power

Now once again we take hold of the breath.

This time we take a stronger hold and use it in ways
that arouse the life force and draw it up through the chakras
of this wonderful bio-spiritual instrument in which we abide.

Why the breath?
"Breath is the basis of the living organism's activity. ...
this opening of the centers or the raising of the life force
may be brought about by certain characters of breathing ---
for, as indicated, the breath is power in itself;
and this power may be directed...."

2.8 Strengthening and Opening Breath

There are several breathing patterns we may use.
The first is described often in the readings.
It begins with a deep inhalation through the right nostril,
filling the lungs and feeling strength!
Then exhalation through the mouth.
This should be felt throughout the torso of the body --- strength!
After three of these, shift to inhaling through the left nostril
and exhaling through the right (not through the mouth).
This time feel the opening of your centers.
As you do this left-right nostril breathing, keep your focus
on the third eye and crown chakra, letting the other centers
open toward these two.

This will not be difficult because the sixth and seventh centers
have a natural magnetism --- just as the snake charmer's music.

When you have finished this breathing pattern,
go through the prayer again slowly, directing your attention
to each chakra as you recite the phrase and key word.

2.9 Rising and Bathing Breath

Then, begin the second breathing pattern.
It goes like this.
Breathe through your nostrils in a normal manner;
however, with each inhalation feel or imagine the life force
being drawn up from the lower parts of the torso
to the crown of the head and over into the third-eye center.

Hold the breath slightly, and then as you exhale,
feel or imagine the life force bathing the chakras
as it descends through them to the lowest center.

Pause, then inhale while again feeling or imagining
the drawing upward.
Repeat this cycle at a comfortable pace --- using
your consciousness and breath to direct the movement
in synchronization with the inhalations and exhalations.

As the breath and life force rise, feel or imagine how they
are cleansed and purified in the higher chakras.

As they descend, feel how they bathe the chakras
with this purified energy.

Take your time; again, consider this as part of the meditation.
Do about seven cycles of inhalations and exhalations.

"These exercises [yoga breathing] are excellent....
Thus an entity puts itself, through such an activity [yoga breathing],
into association or in conjunction with all it has ever been or may be.
For it loosens the physical consciousness to the universal consciousness....
Thus ye may constructively use that ability of spiritual attunement,
which is the birthright of each soul;
ye may use it as a helpful influence in thy experiences in the earth."

2.10 The Rising Incantation

After this breathing pattern is a good time to use a rising incantation.
Here's one from an ancient Egyptian mystical practice described
in the readings.

Breathe in deeply, then as you very slowly exhale,
direct your consciousness to the lowest chakra and begin moving
the life force upward as you chant in a drone
"ah ah ah ah ah, a a a a a, e e e e e,
i i i i i, o o o o o, u u u u u, m m m m m."

Each sound is associated with a chakra.
"Ah" with the root chakra (reading 2072-10,
"this is not R, but Ah," as the "a" in spa).
"A" with the lyden center sounds like long "a" in able).
"E" with the solar plexus (sounds like long "e" in eve).
"I" with the heart (a long "i", as in high).
"O" with the throat (long "o" as in open).
"U" with the pineal (sounds like the "u" in true) .
And, "m" with the third eye (like humming the "m" in room).

Remember that true incanting is an inner sounding which vibrates,
stimulates and lifts the life force.

It is done in a droning manner, with a monotonous, humming tone---
vibrating the vocal cords and then directing this vibration
to the chakras, thus vibrating them.

Feel the chakras being tuned to the specific sound/vibration,
and then carry your consciousness upward as the sound changes.

Do this chanting three or more times, or until you feel its effect.
You may also want to finish this chanting portion of the practice
with a few soundings of the great OM chant (as in home).

Often at this point in the meditation, the head will be drawn back,
the forehead and crown may have pronounced sensations
or vibrations, and the upper body and head may be moving
back and forth, or side to side, or in a circular motion
(circular is preferable).

These are all natural results of the practice and are identified
as such in the readings. In the Revelation, St. John
associates body-shaking ("earthquakes") with the opening
of the sixth chakra, followed by "silence in heaven" as
the seventh chakra opens.

2.11 In to the Mind

Now we want to move in consciousness, so let the breathing
and body go on autopilot (the Autonomic Nervous System
will watch over them).

At this point in the practice, the whole of the body, mind and soul
are aroused and alert.

Now, the ideal held is the formative influence, and development
proceeds according to the ideal held.

The mind has a somewhat different experience in this type
of meditation than it does in the Magic Silence method.

All self-initiated activity is suspended.

The mind has been changing as we have raised the energies of the body.

By now it is very still, yet quite alert.
Stay here.

Do not draw away or attempt to affect anything.
Heightened expectancy and alertness is an
excellent state of mind at this point.

Here's where we have the greatest opportunity to receive God.
Completely open your consciousness to God's.
St. John says that he was "in the spirit"
(the readings says this was John's way of saying
that he was in meditation) and he "turned" (in consciousness)
and his revelation began.

St. John's word "turned" so precisely describes the cessation
of all self-initiated activity.

We too must reach a point in the meditation where we turn around
from our constant outer-directed thoughtstream,
to become transfixed on God's consciousness, and purely receptive.

2.12 Expansion and the Imaginative Forces

The readings say we should have a strong sense of expansion
and universalization while in this state.
They also recommend that we imagine expansion as we progress
toward this place in the meditation.

The imaginative forces should be used to help us reach
higher consciousness.

So, imagine expansion as you raise the life force in
the early stages of the practice.

According to the readings, the pineal's primary functioning
is "the impulse or imaginative" force.

It is the pineal chakra that aids in the transition
from heightened material consciousness
to real spiritual consciousness.

Use your imaginative forces to aid in this transition.

Also, reading 294-141 adds,
"Keep the pineal gland operating and you won't grow old
---you will always be young!"

Again we see the rejuvenative powers of stimulating the imagination.

2.13 The Lower and Upper Gates

Reading 281-13 describes more of what occurs.
"The spirit and the soul is within its encasement,
or its temple within the body of the individual - see?
With the arousing..., it rises along that which is known
as the Appian Way, or the pineal center, to the base of the brain,
that it may be disseminated to those centers
that give activity to the whole of the mental and physical being.
It rises then to the hidden eye in the center of the brain system,
or is felt in the forefront of the head,
or in the place just above the real face
- or bridge of nose, see?"

As we have seen, the soul is encased in the second chakra
of the body, the lyden center.

From this chakra it is drawn upwards by the magnetism
that results from stimulating the pineal center.

It rises to the base of the brain and into the pineal center,
the crown chakra.

In ancient Egyptian mysticism, the lyden center is represented
by the lower gate and pharaoh of the lower Nile,
while the pineal center is the upper gate and pharaoh of the upper Nile.

In The Book of the Master of the Hidden Places,
there are ancient Egyptian pictures of a young man
named "Ani" encouraging his soul to pass through
the lower gate, and later Ani's soul is seen
at the threshold of the upper gate,
ready to make that wonderful passage
into the higher consciousness.

The caption under these pictures reads,
"Hail ye gods who make souls to enter into their spiritual bodies.
Grant ye that the soul of the reunited Ani, triumphant,
may come forth before the gods, and that his soul
may have peace in the Hidden Place."

2.14 A More Wonderful Life

The power gained from this type of meditation is not used
to rule but to allow more of God's influence to come
into our lives and into this dimension.

Raising the Life Force within the body is key to
higher consciousness and resurrecting mortal flesh as spiritualized flesh.

We are the channels of God in this realm,
if we choose to be so.

We could literally transform this realm if more of us
developed ourselves to be better,
clearer channels of the Life Force,
the Great Spirit, God.

The residual effect of this is that our individual lives
become more fulfilling, abundant, rejuvenated and eternal.

2.15 Success is in the Doing!

From the readings' perspective,
"In the doing comes the understanding"
---not in the talking, the reading, the believing,
the knowing, or thinking ---but in the doing.
So come, take up your practice. Not just to feel better,
but that the infinite may manifest in the finite,
lifting all to a more wonderful life!

2.16 Why Meditate?

"I just can't find time for it."
"I just don't see the value in it."
"I'm not very good at it."

Why meditate?
When we feel moody, out-of-sorts, overworked,
tired, frustrated; why meditate?
When we find ourselves whiny, or angry,
or depressed, or weary, or any of the many feelings
that human life brings; why meditate?
When we can't quiet our minds because there are
so many pressures, so many things that
need attention; why meditate?
When we are bored; why meditate?
When we are sick or our loved one is sick; why meditate?

The answer to this question "Why meditate?"
is both simple and complex,
requiring some willpower and faith.

The answer goes like this:
As individuals we have only a limited amount of energy,
strength, wisdom and power to effect change in our lives.

As the Master asked,
"Who among us, by taking thought, can change one hair on their head,
or add an inch to their stature?"

In the normal, human, individual condition, the answer is "None of us."

But there is another condition that we can get into.

In the universal condition, with the spiritual influences flowing,
any one of us can effect change in our lives
and the lives of those around us.

This is the real reason for finding time and space to meditate.

As a human individual we can do little,
but as the universal forces find more presence
within our minds and bodies,
we become potent beings of the Life Force.

"As the body-physical is purified, as the mental body
is made wholly at-one with purification or purity,
with the life and light within itself, healing comes,
strength comes, power comes."

"So may an individual effect a healing, through meditation,
through attuning not just a side of the mind nor a portion
of the body but the whole, to that at-oneness
with the spiritual forces within, the gift of the life-force
within each body."

"The gift of the life-force within each body"---
what a wonderful statement.

Within each of us is a latent gift waiting to be claimed.
It is claimed by purification of body,
and the mind being wholly at-one with purity.

This correlates to the passage-in-consciousness stage
in which the "earthly portions" are removed from the body
and suspended above it, thereby leaving the body clear,
clean, pure, so the soul can rise and the spiritual influences
can penetrate the whole of our being.

Then comes healing, strength and power.

"The nearer the body of an individual draws
to that attunement, or consciousness, as was in the Christ Consciousness, the nearer does the body become a channel
for life --- living life --- to others to whom the thought is directed.
Hence at such periods, these are the manifestions of the life, or the spirit, acting through the body."

"Let these remain as sacred experiences,
gathering more and more of same---but remember, as such is given out, so does it come."

I particularly like the explanation that many of
our deep meditaiton experiences are the manifestions of the life or spirit acting through our bodies.
After all, our bodies are atomic structures:

"The body-physical is an atomic structure.
Each atom, each corpuscle, has within it the whole form of the universe---within its own structure.
Each individual body must bring its own creative force in balance about each of the atomic centers in order
for the resuscitating, revivifying to occur in the body.
The law then is compliance with the universal spiritual

influence that awakens any atomic center."

It is simply a matter of natural and divine law:
If we remain in the individual, human condition,
then we have limited potency in dealing with life's challenges.
However, if we open ourselves regularly to the
"universal spiritual influence," then human conditions
are tempered by these forces, and these forces are life and light,
with power to make all things new.

"What moves the spirit of life's activities?
God, but Will and Choice misdirect."

Meditation helps our will and choice be in accord with God's.
Then life's activities move with the Divine Influence.

When is the best time to meditate?
Here's a great answer from Cayce:
"The best hour for meditation is 2:00 o'clock in the morning.
The better [is] that set as the period in which the body and mind
may be dedicated to it.
Then keep thy promise to thy inner self, and to your Maker,
or that to which ye dedicate they body, mind and soul."

Updated: 30 August 2013