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Mind is the Builder - Part 1

Mind is the Builder (Mental is the Builder)
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Today hear His voice,
"Come unto me, all that are weak or that are heavyladen, and
I will give you rest from those worries, peace from those anxieties."
For the Lord loves those who put their trust wholly in Him.
This, then, is that attitude of mind that puts away hates,
malice, anxiety, jealousy.
And it creates in their stead, in that Mind is the Builder,
the fruits of the spirit, - love, patience, mercy, longsuffering,
kindness, gentleness.
And these, against such, there is no law.
They break down barriers.
They bring peace and harmony.
They bring the outlook upon life of not finding fault
because someone "forgot," someone's judgment was bad,
someone was selfish today.
These you can overlook, for so did He.

The life of every atomic force is the spirit of every atomic force.
Mind is the builder.
The physical or sensuous manifestation is the result.
Life projects itself in the manner in which it is directed
by that builded by the mind in the continuity of the life force
as radiated through that builded.

(Q) Can suggestions be made as to how self mastery
can be developed; that is, will power and initiative?
(A) Study that from the spiritual angle.
If there would be that power, that might to succeed.
All first finds concept in the spiritual.
Mind is the builder.
This is true in planning the life, the relationships,
and every phase of man's existence or experience.

For Mind, both spiritual and mental, is the Builder.
That we think. That we become.
That you dwell upon in the Mind grows in its importance
or place in the experience of whatever nature.
Whether from the purely material gains, the material pleasures,
the material aspects of the experience
or whether in the mental or the spiritual forces.

Know that the Lord lives and manifests in and through you.
And that born of the spirit in your mental self
may find expression in the material life.
For Mind is the Builder.
And brings forth fruits worthy of that which is held
in the inmost self in its relationships of self
to things, to conditions, to peoples.
For thoughts are things, and as the currents run
they become miracles or crimes in the experiences of individual life.

Know that Mind is the builder, in character, in nature,
in characteristics, in spirituality, in morality,
and all influences that direct.
The mind is both physical and spiritual.

And even with the tendency for finding satisfaction
in a mental or material sense in the physical
the spiritual ideal alone can and must be that to which the self
would strive or attain.
Mind is the builder.
And that upon which the mind of the soul dwells,
that the soul feeds upon - and that one builds in one's inner self.
And this self-building, that is acquired through such activity
in the realm of spirit force or in the realm of the mental activity of a soul,
must be met and to the inner self answered as to that which
has been set as its ideal - qualified in its relationships one to another.

Each soul should gain this as its basis for activity: Mind is the builder.
Hence the mental attitude has much to do
with the physical conditions of the body.
But it does not set broken bones.
Neither does it strengthen ligaments that have been stretched
through activities that have gradually drawn in a body.
But the attitude of mind, if it is from the spiritual forces and desires,
will bring that which will build a life and an experience
of peace, harmony and happiness.

Mind is the builder.
And if this is directed by will and desire into those things
or channels that build for spiritual development,
we will find the soul expended and expanding in those directions.

The desires are of a threefold nature.
Spiritual, physical, and material.
Two are the gratifications of self.
The other is the keeping of that divine force that is within.
Mind is the builder, for thoughts are deeds
- they may become crimes or they may become miracles,
whether guided by the spirit of truth,
or as to the gratification of self's own interests.

There is the physical body, the mental body, the spiritual body.
Mind is the builder.
The mental body then has its attributes,
which from the application of self
physically, mentally, spiritually
produce desires, longings, aims, purposes.
As the individual or soul or entity has purposed in its heart,
then there come those influences that act upon the various forces
of the body mentally, the body physically,
that make for what become as the environmental forces about a body.

Mind is the builder,
ever guided by either that of the spiritual forces from within,
that makes for that understanding of the body's relationship to the whole,
with the divine that may manifest through and with the activities of the individual
- or they become accentuated to the purely carnal forces of the body,
then setting up the combative forces, become disordered, diseased,
and naturally build - in their end - the seed of same being sown,
the harvest must be disease - in some form, in the system.
In the corrective forces, then - much will depend upon the attitude
of the mental body as related to itself, and related to things outside itself.

Know that all power, all force, is an emanation of One Spirit.
Try each, and see whether these emanations are true and in accord
with "My spirit bear witness with your spirit"
as to whether the truth is that making one free,
or does such an emanation bind the mental and spiritual body. 
The spiritual is the life; Mind is the builder.
If that emanation from the spirit force manifested
binds rather than loosens, then this
is an incorrect or improper emanation.

Mind is the Builder when impulsed
from the spiritual forces of the Creative Energies.
Or Seek first the kingdom within;
then the material forces will be added
in their proper relationships to the abilities of the body.

(Q) Should one hold a healing meditation for others
when mentally disturbed?
(A) Oft has it been given as to what may be accomplished.
If self is not in an at-onement with the source of power or life or health,
best that self in the mental plane set self aright;
Mind is the builder whether in the physical
or the spiritual forces in their application.
True, in meditation for others and for self
may one oft find relief for disturbance;
but best - when the disturbance is from an incident
in the experience as of association with another
- to make all aright before meditation.

Self must open the door that He may enter in.
Self will work at that job of bringing that consciousness,
that awareness of His presence in the material and mental affairs of life,
knowing that lesson must ever be that
the spirit is the life,
mind is the builder, and
the physical or material results
are the effects of the application of the knowledge or understanding
toward life, light, or the spirit of any effort.
So, then, measure self and self's efforts by that standard in Him
who went about doing good. Do likewise.

Mind is the builder, the spiritual is the guide (or the life),
the conditions builded in material things are the results.
While there may come the pleasures of those things
of the world for the season, the step by step should be:
"I show, in my relations to my fellow man,
in my conversation and in my deeds day by day,
that I consider the relationship to my Maker."

Keep in that way that is well, regarding
the mental, the spiritual and the physical well-being;
knowing that mind is the builder,
the directions are either from material or spiritual import.
Then be guided by that that must bring
the greater contentment in the well-being at all times.

Mind is the builder, spiritually guided builds for the understanding,
in the material forces brings distress or in-action in vigor of the strength.

Mind is the builder, guided by the spiritual truth and life and light
brings for the satisfying of that as builded. 
Gratifying of selfish influence or desires of self,
brings for that as is of the carnal, and makes for
dissatisfaction, distrust, dis-ease, in every field.

There is the physical body,
there is the mental body,
there is the spiritual body. 
The mental body is the builder,
and the effects when guided
by the forces of life through the spiritual forces,
in the atomic forces of system,
are manifested in the material or physical body.

Better to be sure in the spiritual phase of self's development,
and more changeable in that of the mental or material. 
True, the mind is the builder - but remember,
the attributes of the mind are a portion of the soul,
as well as a portion of the material or physical mind.

Will is that developing factor with which an entity chooses or builds
that freedom, or that of being free, knowing the truth as is
applicable in the experience, and in the various experiences
as has been builded; for that builded must be met, whether
in thought or in deed; for thoughts are deeds, and their
current run is through the whole of the influence in an
entity's experience. 
Hence, as was given,
"He that hateth his brother has committed as great
a sin as he that slayeth a man,"
for the deed is as of an accomplishment in the mental
being, which is the builder for every entity.

Without that whole-hearted cooperation and oneness of mind
and purpose, irrespective of position, condition, relation
one with another, there may not be expected the result
desired; any more than of a mis-directed mind attempting to
understand a spiritual law through a purely physical
application, or a physical law by spiritual application; for
the spiritual is the life; mind is the builder; the
physical is the result.

As the body understands, and if there will be taken the time,
there needs to be the proper emphasis, the proper relationship kept
in the spiritual, mental and physical being of the body.
Oft analyze, in self's own inner self, the why's of those
desires and hopes, consider as to whether these are in
keeping with the spiritual purposes.
For, while mind is the builder, it is the purpose, the intent
with which an individual applies self mentally, that brings
those physical results into materiality.  And these should
be kept coordinant one with another.  For, as has been given,
there must be those meetings of self in material
manifestation of the ideals and purposes of the spiritual and
mental aspirations of an individual.  And be not deceived,
God is not mocked; whatsoever a man soweth, that must he also
reap.  And with what measure ye mete, it will be measured to
thee again.

(Q)  Please give a definition on At-one-ment.
(A)  At-onement may be given as atonement. 
At-onement is making self's will one with the Creative Forces that
may become the impelling influence in thought, in mind, that
is the builder to every act of a physical, mental or material body.
Then, in making at-onement, the will of an entity, an individual,
is made one with the Creative influences in the experience.

For, as has been given as one of the immutable laws,
that which the mind of a soul dwells upon it becomes;
for mind is the builder. 
And if the mind is in attune with the law of the force
that brought the soul into being, it becomes spiritualized in its activity. 
If the mind is dwelling upon or directed in that desire towards the
activities of the carnal influences,
then it becomes destructive in such a force.
Hence, as it has been given,
"Let Thy will, O God, be my desire! 
Let the desire of my heart, my body, my mind,
be Thy will, O Father, in the experiences
that I may have in the earth!"

Mind is the Builder.
And if these are not of a spiritual constructive import
the end thereof must be contention that arise in that experience.

(Q)  Are there any other matters pertaining to the material
and spiritual condition of this body that it should be
advised about at this time?
(A)  Keep self in attunement with an ideal. 
Let the ideal be that in keeping with those conditions
as have been outlined for the body. 
These are the truths most to be kept most before self: 
Mind, the builder - but guided spiritually brings
for those elements in the life as, when they have
grown to seed, bring those conditions of a gratifying nature
to the individual and individual development. 
Wherein there are allowed those of the carnal,
or of the material nature to be predominating
- these may have for the time being their
glossiness and their gratification of physical desires, but
"there is a way that seemeth right unto man, but the end
thereof is death."

Mind is ever the builder, and that which is held as the ideal
or as that to which one would advance becomes the growth
to which it may go, or achieve.

(Q)  Does the marriage of the Lamb symbolize the complete
spiritualization of the body?  Please explain.
(A)  As there has been given through Revelation.
First how the symbols of the activity of the body
mentally, spiritually, physically,
are affected by influences in the earth.
And as to how now the body has been raised to
the realizations of the associations with spirit and matter
through mind, the builder,
and comes now to that as represented by the Lamb
- or the mind, spiritual - that has now so raised the body
as to become as a new being;
or as was given by Him - the body is the church,
the Christ-Consciousness is that activity
which motivates within the individual.

(Q)  How may I overcome vibrations that are not in attune with my own?
(A)  Filling self's mind (Mind the Builder) with those things
that create more and more a unison of Creative thinking,
whether this be as applied to material, spiritual, or purely
mental and social relations. 
Be sure they are Creative in their essence.

Every force - in its manifestation - is from the One, or God. 
And that which is manifested in material things is a result,
and not the motive force; for mind, mental
(which may not be seen with the eye
as termed in the material world,
but with the spiritual eye) is the builder.

Mind is the builder in the entity's interpretation
by activity toward Creative Forces,
in its varied experiences through the material plane.

Do not forget in the material and in the mental, the spiritual basis:
Mind is the builder and the results are according to the choice you have made.

Materially, we find spiritual forces are the life,
the background, the basis for all activity.
Mind is the builder.
The physical is the result that accrues from such activity
of the mind in the material or in the carnal plane.

Updated: 12 September 2013