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Selected Readings: One Mind in Christ

Selected Readings: One Mind in Christ and One Mind in God
One Mind in Christ. One Mind in God

And when the day of Pentecost was fully come,
they were all with one accord in one place.
(Acts 2:1)

The mind is a portion of both the soul and the spirit, the directing force,
and is also of the earth-earthy.  Hence the injunction that
has been given, "Be ye of one mind, one purpose, in Christ."

All may be of one mind, however, and yet not think the same thoughts. 
All may be in unison of purpose and yet apparently separate in their activity.

If it brings not in thine own experience the fruits of the Spirit,
then it is not of God;
neither is it countenanced by thy Brother, thy Savior, who
prayed that He might, that ye might, that all men everywhere
might be of the one mind in God!

(Q)  Outline for us the steps which we must take that we may
become more of one mind, that we may be of the greatest
influence for good.
(A)  As should be for each to learn that first lesson as
should be given unto others: 
Let all dwell together in mind as of one purpose, one aim;
or, first learn cooperation!
Learn what that means in a waiting, in a watchful, in a world
seeking to know, to see, a sign. 
There, as has been given, will only be the sign given to those
that have drunk of the cup that makes for cooperation
in every sense of enlightening a seeking desiring world. 
Cast not pearls before swine,
neither be thou over-anxious for the moment. 
Wait ye on the Lord;
For, as has been promised, he that seeks shall find,
and ye will receive - each of you - powers from on high. 
Use that in a constructive, in a manner as befits that desire of
the group, of each. 
Think not of thine own desire, but let that mind be in you as was in Him,
as may be in all those seeking the way.

There must be the wholehearted cooperation,
whether in meditation, in thought, in act, or what.
The union of strength may accomplish much, even
as in the activities that may be accomplished in any phase
of life, whether the spiritual life, the material life, the
imaginative life or the spiritual.

In the beginning was that as would apply to the individual's
cooperation with a group, or concerted effort on the part
of individuals with one mind, or aim, or purpose.

The whole command as He gave,
"A new commandment I give, that ye love one another"
- that ye be of one mind, of one purpose, of one aim, of one desire. 
That each must approach from his or her own vision,
his or her own status of development,
does not alter that as has been spoken,
"As the man thinketh in his heart, so is he." 
So does the Mind bring health, wealth, happiness;
in that it is made One with Constructive Force,
one with the Creator; and thus fulfill its Destiny - to
become One in Him, One with the Father. 
Not by other than that
"abiding in me, as I in the Father, ye in me." 
And what ye ask, what ye seek, what ye live,
what ye are will be one with that force. 
Thus is the Destiny of Mind.

So ye in making for that which may be helpful to thy fellow
man in the application of the lesson, let all be of one Mind
- even as in Christ, who thought it not robbery to be equal
with God, yet desiring ever that His followers, His brethren,
His friends, be one with Him, equal to and one with the

(Q)  Should each of us as individuals, after raising the
Christ's vibrations in ourselves, send these as individuals
or through only one of our group?
(A)  "Where two or three are gathered in my name, THERE I
will be in the MIDST of them," whether in thought or in
person.  Designations for individual separations in the group
have been outlined, that one chooses the needs of the
individual seeking the aid, another DESIGNATES who will BE
the MESSENGER, with the aid of the group in the prayer, in
the THOUGHT raised in the individual to be aided.  Come
together in ONE mind, as ONE purpose, ONE designated, as one,
CLEANSING themselves in mind, in body, to be the messenger,
or the channel for THAT individual.  Each seeking for aid may
then be aided according to the faith in those that seek to
aid in HIS name.  These bring the strength of union in group,
rather than individuals - who may in SELF find turmoil," when
I WOULD do good, evil is present"; who, in being designated
as a channel for an individual, may - with the consecrated
effort on the part of others - bring that of a manifold
strength to others.  Come in singleness of heart, in ONENESS
of purpose - knowing - knowing peace, mercy AND grace, is
granted as the faith, the hope, is in Him.

Prayer is the MAKING of one's conscious
self more in attune with the spiritual forces that may
manifest in a material world, and is ORDINARILY given as a
COOPERATIVE experience of MANY individuals when all are asked
to come in one accord and one mind.

(Q)  Considering the group as a whole, when we come together
for meditation, should we use the intonations, singing, and
breathing as described in the Readings?
(A)  You are in a material world.  You are subject to the
laws of same.  When you are moved by full accord, use the
intonations, the breathing, the posture; but let this be
rather as an outgrowth of attunement then the purpose FOR
attunement.  For to be one mind, one purpose, one desire,
by and through a common cause, should bring - a unison of

If one begins and all join, wonderful; but do not find fault
that all are not in attune at once.  Were all chosen to go
into the chamber of death?  Were all chosen to go to the
mount of transfiguration?  Were all chosen to act when the
five thousand were fed?  There you find, in the various
experiences, numbers or different ones among the twelve
taking the leading role - as you do at the Last Supper,
as you do at the Cross, as you do in the Garden, as you
do on Resurrection Morn.

So, in your meetings, let this be a service of joy; for
you call yourselves (and well so) Glad Helpers.  Then ACT
like it!

Let all then be of the one mind, as is found in Him, and ever
work and labor in mental, physical and spiritual forces, to
that awakening in each.

(Q)  How can those about the body be of more assistance?
(A)  Being of one mind and of one purpose and one aim.

(Q)  "I saw, felt or heard some demonstration of the One
Mind, of Will manifesting its faculties in the finite minds
of man and then returning to the One Mind again."
(A)  This the attempt of the subconscious or soul mind to
REASON WITH the superconscious of the entity that as has
been visioned in this, see?  for more and more, as the
lessons are gained, more and more, as a consciousness is
attained by this entity, [900], into the various mysteries
of the mind, the mental forces, the body mind, those
contingencies as are shown as relative to each phase and
position of same, and as the entity gains more of this
consciousness, more and more is the INMOST soul seeing,
viewing, understanding, the depth, breadth, height, of all
as pertain to will, mind and force, universal, infinite and
finite forces in the earth's plane.

Then in all, through all, is the permeating influence of
Ye crystallize, ye demonstrate, ye make an at-onement by
thine own attunement to His conscious presence that becomes
a reality in material expressions as Creative Forces can,
do, and ARE in those who are of one mind, one purpose, one
intent, one desire.

For, there is no expression of the divine save where peace
reigns within the individual, and where that as a united
effort may be the part of the experience of a city, a
country, a nation.  For, all were of one mind, that the
glory of the Lord God might be manifested, in all phases
of human experience through those periods of activity.

In application, - be a teacher, a minister, a lecturer to
those groups - small and great.  For, it is not in numbers,
but in the power of His MIGHT, that PEACE and harmony comes
to a sinsick world; that finds lodgment in the hearts and
minds of individuals who, though separated in name, separated
in groups, can and do with one purpose, one mind, PROCLAIM -
and LIVE - "the acceptable day of the Lord is at hand!"

"Be ye of one mind" - in body, in mind, in purpose or
spirit.  For to the soul, to thyself, it is an INDIVIDUAL
knowledge of the Creative Forces that makes thee aware.  And
it is its universality of material application that gives one
the opportunity to work WITH others in such a way as to not
cause strife, hate, vice, but rather to express the fruits of
the spirit.  It is in the manifesting of the fruits of the
spirit, then, that ye may know the truth that indeed sets
thee free from those things as would hinder or make thee

(Q)  How may we, my husband and I, better unite our
soul-forces for the betterment of humanity?
(A)  Be of one mind, of one purpose, of one desire - by that
constancy in prayer; in thy own words, but:

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Updated: 8 August 2017