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"Let that mind be in you, which was also in Jesus Christ"

Philippians 2:5

Let this mind in you, which was also in Jesus Christ (Philippians 2:5)

Let that mind ever be in thee as was in Him, the Christ: 
"Lord, use Thou me - my body, my mind, my purpose
- as a channel of blessings to others."

Let that heart, that mind then be in thee as was in Him
- "that ye love one another."

Let that mind be in thee as was in Christ Jesus,
that ye love one another and show forth His love till He come again.

Let that mind be in thee which was in Christ.
Not of self, but that others may know the love of God.
So live, then, as to manifest that love.

Let that mind be in each of you that was in Him,
who went about doing good to those that were seeking to know the manifestations
and whose desires were that His will be manifested in the earth.
For, as you each make your lives a channel of blessing to some one,
so may those promises, those influences of the spiritual life
affect and produce that in our material world that will make for
the glorifying of Him ye would name as thine ideal.

Let that mind be in each as was in Him,
"Not my will but Thine, O Lord, be done in me - now."

Let that mind be in thee as was in Him,
"Thy will, O God, be done in and through me;
yet I claim, I desire, I expect His strength to sustain me."

Let that mind be in you as was and is EVER in me.
Not MY will but THY will, Lord - and know this, that there abides THIS,
as may be made MANIFEST in thee - that
there is the spiritual body,
there is the mental body,
there is the physical body.
We three are one, even as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.
As we abide in thee, and through the various elements, the various attributes of each,
they MANIFEST IN and THROUGH the various forces or bodies in thee.
When doubts arise, when the mental disturbed, when the subconscious even all aflurry
- just call on that inmost superconsciousness of MY presence with thee.

Let that mind be in thee that was in Him that gave,
"If ye come to me, believing;
if ye keep my commandments ye will Love one another."
Let that consciousness then of thy Savior, thy Lord, thy God, abide with thee.

Let that mind be in you as was in the Master,
and cleave only to the good that may be done to others,
without the expense and the questioning of the intent,
and in all keep thyself unspotted from the world.

Let that mind be in each as was in Him, that
"if ye believe in me, greater things than I have done YE SHALL DO!
for I go to the Father, and as ye live in me ye may live in the Father also."

Let the body-mind, the body-consciousness, gain this lesson:
That "I must be made one with the I AM,"
rather than the I made to appear as the representative of the I AM, see?
For let that mind be in YOU which was in Him as gave those lessons
as were written upon the tables of stone - for this begins with the first and the greatest commandment of all:
Set not SELF in seeking or in obtaining, or in any manner set self beyond
or a JUDGE of ANY man's, or of any INDIVIDUAL'S, or of any ideas above or beyond that first set,
"Thou salt love the Lord thine God with all thine heart, thine MIND, and THINE BODY!"
Act, talk, and BE as that as set first, see?
Not position, not in power, not in might - for He that makes HIMSELF of no ESTATE
may become through same the greatest of all - for, as has been given,
"Though He were the Son, yet learned He OBEDIENCE through the things He suffered."
Set not self's opinion, set not self's position as being of aught -
"but that I may be USED as the channel of BLESSINGS TO OTHERS!
Not as to how may I GAIN blessings from service to others,
but how may I be used as the CHANNEL of blessings to others."
In the ideas, in the purposes, as are set forth in this Association,
these are as the tentative ideas of SERVICE.
Wilt thou apply, and let thine mind, thine heart, thine body,
be used as a channel of blessings to others? Answer - ANSWER - from within!

Think not of thine OWN desire, but let that mind be in you as was in Him,
as may be in all those SEEKING the way.

Let that mind [be in you] NOT of elementals, but of spiritual forces
as may come THROUGH thine efforts if they are made in accord with His will.

(Q) [307]: How may we have the mind of Christ?
(A) As we open our hearts, our minds, our souls, that we may be a channel of blessings to others,
so we have the mind of the Christ, who took upon Himself the burden of the world.
So may we, in our OWN little sphere, take upon ourselves the burdens of the world.
The JOY, the peace, the happiness, that may be ours is in DOING for the OTHER fellow.
For, gaining an understanding of the laws as pertain to right living in all its phases
makes the mind in attune with CREATIVE Forces, which ARE of HIS consciousness.
So we may have THAT consciousness, by putting into action THAT we know.

Do with all thy might what thy hand finds to do.
Let THIS mind be in you as was in Him,
"Not as I will but THINE will be done in earth as it is in heaven."
Make thine self a channel of blessings to SOMEONE;
so will His blessings come to thee, as an individual,
as an integral part of the group. "They that seek my face shall find it."

(Q) [404]: Ofttimes when one gives of his service, either materially, morally or spiritually,
unselfishly to others, those served seem to use it for purely selfish purposes. Please advise.
(A) Who has judged? Judge ye not that ye be not judged!
for with what judgment ye judge it shall be meted to you again!
The ABILITIES oft of individuals to express or manifest appreciation, and their trust,
is not capable of being manifested in such a manner as to be interpreted in the material sense
by those in a different vibration or environs from those ministering or ministered to.
Hence understand- ings often produce those conditions in the hearts, the minds of individuals,
and thus warped conditions arise.
Rather let that mind be in you as was in Him.
"Were there not ten healed? Where are the other nine?"
But the healing was just as true for the nine as the one.
They that are whole need not the physician, but who having a herd of sheep and loses one
does not leave the ninety and nine and seek for that one lost?
So, in thy ministering be rather in that of DARING to do even for those that would not understand,
but doing rather for Him, in that
"As ye have done it unto the least of these my little ones, ye have done it unto me."
RESERVE then, that the thanks will come from Him who knows!

Then, let that mind be in thee as was in Him.
Those who rebuked Him for the needs of suffering,
He rebuked in no uncertain manner.

Let that mind be in thee as was in Him,
that in patience will ye possess - or be aware, or understand
the development of thine own relationship to the Creative Forces
that may manifest in material forces in the earth.

Whether in joy, in sorrow, in trouble or in pain, let that mind be in you as was in He that gave,
"I am with you always, even unto the end of the world."
Will that consciousness of the Christ love make our joys the more joyous,
our sorrows the more in accord with the manner in which He met sorrow,
or disturbances in the material affairs more in accord with the manner
in which He met the material conditions?

Let that desire, that thought, that purpose, be in each of you that was in the MAN Jesus
that, though He were in the world yet not of the world,
neither was He strange nor curious,
neither did He fain [refrain?] from partaking of those things
that were about Him in the social, in the home life of His fellow man.
Yet His desire ever,
"Not my will but Thine, O Lord, be done in me."
As He has given ye, ye have all been called unto a service in Him.

Let that mind be in thee which was in Jesus, the Christ, as He prayed,
"Father, forgive them, they know not what they do."

Let that mind be in thee as was in the Christ,
who went about doing good, and not to the glory of self
but making himself as naught that He might serve others.

(Q) How can good and strong habits be built up, so as to eliminate mistakes and weaknesses?
(A) Let that mind be in thee as was in Him,
- that ye will go ABOUT doing good,
but not AS one that is other than equal to the highest,
yet in the lowliest manner.
For, "He that would be the greatest among you will be the servant of all."

So the self, in its mental body, its soul body, must see in individuals
whom the entity contacts that same manifestation that was given by Him,
knowing that each EFFORT on the part of individuals is to give a manifestation
of THEIR impulse as to that held within their mental mind, their soul mind,
as their concept of that they themselves worship IN themselves; hence their ideal.
Being then in that mind, point rather to the thought that is expressed in Him;
that as the Father manifests in each individual entity in ANY experience,
under any environ, under any hereditary influence, from the broader sense,
so may that soul be awakened to those influences to KNOW the Father.
Then, follow the example of thy Ideal, who took the mind of each entity
in that sphere of their expression, and only gave to
"Love the Lord thy God with all the heart, the mind, the soul,
and the neighbor, the brother, the associate, even the enemy, as thyself."
This IS the whole law, and that material manifestation for each soul
in the material phases of experience to be heirs of the kingdom,
and joint heirs with Him that has shown the way.

"Let that mind be in YOU which was in Jesus, the Christ, who took no thought of the morrow,
(for the morrow brings forth the EVILS sufficient unto itself)
who made His Life of NO estate, that others might KNOW the Love and the Fatherhood of God,
that He, the Christ, might become the Living Way, the Approach to the Father,"

"Let that mind be in you which was in Jesus."

Over all that mind which was in the mind of Christ-Jesus
- service to man, that all may know the face of God.

Let that mind be in thee that was in Him that said,
"Lord, let this cup pass from me;
nevertheless, not my will but thine be done in me and through me just now."

Let that mind be in thee as was in Him:
Be not discouraged, be not dismayed.
For His purpose is to bless, not to curse man.
For man's soul, thy soul, is knit with His.
And the way, in the fuller knowledge thereof,
is in patience - as manifested in Jesus, the Christ.

In seeking His presence let that mind be in thee as was in Him.
"Use Thou me, Oh Lord, in the way, the manners, that Thou seest
I may be of the greater service to my fellow man.
Lift Thou me up and may Thy presence abide with me.
Lift me not up Oh Lord, save Thy presence be with me."

Let that mind be in thee as was manifested in Him, the Christ;
with those attitudes of not condemning any,
but giving those of every position their right of thought.
For, know that no individual is in any position of power or might,
or of any other, save as an opportunity for meeting those problems
that are his in relationship to others and to the world.
Hence no animosity, no hate, - these should be the attitudes of this entity,
as well as of others - at this time.

Let that mind be in thee ever as of a helpful force to all;
forgetting that which might so easily beset one as to become stumbling-stones.
But use that knowledge rather as stepping-stones for betterment of all relationships.

Let this mind be in you that was in Him,
that the Father-God is ever present
and has given His angels charge concerning thee
rather than those that may be of thine own making.
And His Spirit will bear witness with thy spirit
whether ye be in that realm where the material,
the mental or the spiritual application may be made
of that THOU experienceth in the mysteries of thine inner self.

Let that mind be in thee, then, as was in Christ Jesus,
who boldly claimed His relationship to God,
and so lived among His fellow man.

Let that mind be in thee that was in the Savior of men;
that the will of creative forces are in accord with those
that would make THEIR will one with His.

Let that mind be in thee which was in Jesus, in Christ Jesus;
he that is whole needs not the physician.
He that is satisfied with that in hand, then, has ceased to grow,
or ceased to be in the position where he may be helpful to those STRUGGLING along the way.

Let that mind be in thee that was in Him who gave to study to show thyself approved
unto thine OWN good conscience and unto Father-God,
that ye know ye must keep in touch with - the Universal Forces.
And to those that would be disturbing forces,
make ever a soft answer that turneth away those things.
Not that ye become as one that is taking blames altogether,
but he that is the greatest is the servant of all.
In that attitude and in that manner ye will find the work
and the surroundings and the conditions changing continuously
to better environs, better activities, better conditions in every way.

Let the individuality rather of the Christ
become the personality of thy own thoughts
and life and habits and activities.

Let that mind be in thee which was in Him, "Not my will, Lord, but Thine."
That the entity only knows by the manner in which it speaks of, and to, others.

And as the entity, the self, meets within the holy temple of thy soul, in thy body
- as ye raise the consciousness of the Creative Forces bearing witness
- let that mind be in thee continuously that was in Him,
"Of myself I can do nothing - only as the Father worketh in and through me,"
that He may be glorified in the lives and the hearts of the children of men.

For how does one cleanse the mind?
By the pouring out, the forgetting, the laying aside of those things
that easily beset and filling same with pure, fresh water
that is of the eternal life, that is of the eternal goodness
as may be found in Him who is the light, the way, the truth, the vine,
the bread of life and the water of life.
These things are those influences that purify.

Let that mind be in YOU regarding and toward him,
as was and is in the mind of thy Master
- as He walked in the earth;
bearing in His body and in His mind the errors,
the faults, the blessings, the sorrows,
the joys that are thine and all mankind's!

Let that mind be in you which was in Jesus, the Christ;
who went about doing good - always!

Let that mind ever be in thee as ye have manifested oft in thy experiences in the earth.

Let that heart be in thee that was in Him,
- who gave Himself a ransom for many;
doing that toward others as you would have others do toward thee;
keeping thine self unspotted from the world.

Let that mind be in thee as was in Him;
going about doing good in the little ways or manners.
For, as He has given, he that would be the greatest among you,
let him serve best in bringing hope in the lives of others.

Let that mind be in thee as was in Him,
that ye present thy body, thy mind,
a holy sacrifice, acceptable unto Him.

Let that mind be in thee, then, - first find thyself.
Know thy ideal.
Then press on to the mark of higher calling as set in Him.
Thus ye will make the pathway straight for many.
Do not attempt it only of thyself, but for Him;
knowing that in Him all is possible.

Let that mind be the builder that is the intuitive force
for the Christlike hope of man.

Let that light be in thee which was also in the Christ Jesus,
who went about DOING good!
Bearing His cross, as ye must indeed bear thy cross,
but bearing it in Him it brings peace,
and most of all life everlasting, and hope and cheer!
Be not longfaced, but happy - happy in thy service to others.

Let that mind be in thee that he of old gave,
"Others may do as they may, but as for me and my HEART, my house,
I will serve the living God."

Let that mind be in thee which was in Him, who gave,
"I and the Father, God, are one."
So become ye in thine own mind, as ye contribute,
as ye attune thy inner self to those greater ideals;
for it is not all of life just to live, nor yet all of death to die.
For, they that put their whole trust in Him have passed from death unto life.
And to such there is no death, only the entrance through God's other door.

Let that mind be in thee ever as ye sought the teachings of the lawgiver,
as ye found in the way, the truth, the light, as ye heard from John the beloved.
And thy vision of the light will come stronger and stronger to thee.

Then, as expressed by the lawgiver, it is in self and not without self
that the consciousness must come.
As given, "My spirit (God's spirit as manifested in the Christ) bears witness with thy purpose."
Thus the ideal set in Christ, as manifested in the individual entity called Jesus,
is the way, is the only way that true light, the truth in light,
may be experienced in mind, in body.
For as in the Godhead, we find the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,
so the mind of the entity is the way - as Jesus.
The body is the whole, the one.
The spirit, that ye entertain,
is that which may coordinate with the mind of the Christ
and not the mind of self for material desires.
For He, the Father-God, will not withhold any good thing
- physical, emotional, mental - that is held in the consciousness
of the entity who seeks His face.

Let that mind keep and be in thee which was in Him,
who offered Himself a ransom for many.

Let that mind ever be in thee as was in Him as He offered Himself up:
"Father, forgive them - they know not what they do.
Father, it is finished - I come to thee.
Give Thou thy servant that glory which Thou hast promised."

Let that mind be within thee as was in the Christ,
that gave Himself that others might know God.
Do thou likewise.

Updated: 20 March 2014