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Selected Readings for Prayer and Meditation

Selected Readings for Prayer and Meditation
(Q) Through what source may I gain a greater understanding?
(A) Through prayer and meditation in Him.
For He is the way.
He is the understanding.
And the approach to all understanding must come from
the proper concept of the relationships of conditions
in the physical, the mental and the spiritual phases
of an individual's existence. 
In Him, then, is understanding. 
The approach to the Father through Him.

By the seeking for the expressions that may come
through prayer and meditation.
There may come the peace and the harmony for the entity.

And the abilities to give much to others that will enable
them to find themselves in all of their trials, their
temptations, their activities.

If the entity will hold fast to that which is set as an ideal
in the Creative Forces.

(Q)  Please differentiate the difference in that we are told
to pray for others, whilst again we are told there must be
the desire on the part of the one to be, wanting to be,
helped or healed?
(A)  The prayer for others is as the defense against
influences that would hinder. 

The prayer and meditation - and the unison of purpose for healing
- is as against an offense committed in the body to be overcome,
or made every whit whole by His cleansing, forgiving, His life giving

Hence the closer the union of purpose makes that as
He gave, "Thy faith has made thee whole." 

Whether easier to say, "Thy sins be forgiven",
or "Take up thy bed and walk"?
The forgiveness, the cleansing, is in Him. 

Union of purpose for the offensive, or offenses. 
The defense - rather as the calling of all powers
as witness of the position.

(Q)  Are Joe and I spiritually fitted to be married?
(A)  This may best be determined in self by taking that which
is the desire in the heart of each to Him that giveth light
and understanding, through prayer and meditation in His ways.

For, let thy going ins, thine coming outs, be founded in the
ways He would direct, in thine meditations.

(Q) Can I bring through a book of cosmic importance?
(A) Easily!  Especially as to those activities in the
mental and cosmic self as to the experiences in any one
or all of those sojourns that influence the associations
materially, and the mental and soul development specifically,
in the present.

(Q) How should she go about to develop this?
(A) Through prayer and meditation, and writing that which
is given self in such experiences.

(Q) How may the body-mind gain the most spiritually now?
(A) By opening self to that which has been promised to every
soul, that "I will be your God." 

Not the people, except as of the people that join and enjoin
themselves in a service to that which may be directed
by those who may be selected or chosen through those
same offices that are given in the calling of all. 

Hence, in sincere prayer and meditation to
be shown that which is the right way.
And let the answer not be in self, but rather as He
that would speak with thee.

(Q) Give prayers especially adapted to body-mind in the
(A) The body has made prayer within self, in its body-mind.

Rather would we enjoin to study that given in the 14th, 15th,
16th and 17th of St. John, as the Master speaks to His own.

For, the body would make self one of those who would be a
manifestation of that He has expressed there, in the love He
holds for each and every soul that seeks to know His way.
For those abiding in His love.
For those seeking to know their own missions in life.
Not only in the spiritual-mental life, but in the practical things in life. 

For, as the soul enjoins self to the doings, in the associations
with those the entity or body may meet from day to day,
in following the fruits of the Spirit.
These - as the entity knows - make for a growth. 
For, only those who seek may know. 
For, as set forth there in those chapters,
"If ye love me keep my commandments",
for these are not grievous to those that love His coming.

(Q) What constructive idea can the body-mind apply in the present?
(A) This depends upon which field may be approached, whether
the mental, material, or relating to the spiritual and practical life. 

Or, as we find, that idea or ideal which may come from
that indicated: 
Assisting individuals in finding their place of service in
the material world as related to their spiritual life,
as related to their activities and abilities,
and keeping self in accord with that He may give.

(Q) Is there anything besides prayer and meditation which I
can do for my spiritual development and for this new soul?
(A) As has been outlined, the study of various phases of
experiences of individuals through their relationship to
Creative Forces, and their relationship to their fellow man.

For, remember, the soul that is brought into the earth is
only lent to thee by the Lord.

And the impressions, and that purpose that ye build into that,
is that ye send back to thy Maker in the end.

(Q) How can I better prepare myself for the work I have
chosen and for leadership?
(A) By prayer and meditation. 
It is innate and natural, yet the basis of service must be
as of the ideal; not merely idealistic.
For that indicates unattainable, but
"Be ye perfect, even as I am perfect," said He. 
This then is in purpose, in intent, in hope, in application. 
This is the manner to attain to leadership.
Ask no one to do that ye would not do thyself. 
Ask no one to do that the Lord thy Master did not do.

Have ye learned the difference between prayer and meditation? 
Prayer is supplication to God.
Meditation is listening to His answer.

(Q)  What will help me most in coming to right decisions as
to my life?
(A)  Prayer and meditation, to be sure. 
For, as He has given.
"Behold I stand at the door and knock. 
If ye will open I will enter in."

Then, in thine own mind, decide as to whether this or that
direction is right.  Then pray on it, and leave it alone.
Then suddenly ye will have the answer, yes or no.

Then, with that Yes or No, take it again to Him in prayer,
"Show me the way." 
And yes or No will again direct thee from deep within.

That is practical direction.

As has been pointed out, experiences, visions, mean much to
thee.  For thou hast seen the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
It may not be withheld from thee now, if ye seek same.

(Q) How may I best develop myself spiritually?
(A) Through prayer and meditation.
Turn ever to Him.
For as He has given.
Practice daily the love of the Christ.
For as He gave:
“A new commandment I give unto you,
that ye love
one another.”
Then manifest that in every way.
Let everyone that you meet be happier
for having met you, for having spoken to you.
This ye can do by spreading joy.
This is the manner to unfold, to develop.
Then in thy meditation, present thyself as a
willing channel, to be as the hands, as the eyes,
as the voice of thy Master.

Updated: 18 August 2013