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Why Pray and Meditate?
How to Prepare Yourself for Meditation

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In the minds of many:
There is little or no difference between meditation and prayer.

There are many who, through their studies of various forms,
have very definite ideas about meditation and prayer.

There are others that do not care whether there is
such a thing as meditation.

They depend upon someone else to do their thinking,
or are satisfied to allow circumstance to take its course.
And hope that sometime, somewhere, conditions and
circumstances will adjust themselves to such a way
that the best that may be will be their lot.

Yet, for most of you, there must be something else.
Some desire.
Something that has prompted you,
in one manner or another,
to seek to be here now.

That you may gather something
from a word,
from an act,
that will give you hope
or make you better satisfied with your present lot,
or to justify the course you now pursue.

To each of you, then, we would give a word:
You all find yourselves confused at times
respecting from where you came and
where you are going.

You find yourselves with bodies, with minds,
not all beautiful, not all clean, not all pure
in your own sight or in your neighbor's sight.

And there are many who care more for the outward appearance
than that which prompts the heart in its activity or in its seeking.

But, you ask, what has this to do with Meditation?

What is Meditation?
Meditation is not musing, nor daydreaming;
but as you find your bodies made up
of the physical, mental and spiritual,
meditation is the attuning of the mental body
and the physical body to its spiritual source.

Many say that you have no consciousness of having a soul,
yet the very fact
that you hope,
that you have a desire for better things,
that you are able to be sorry or glad,
indicates an activity of the mind that takes hold
upon something that is not temporal in its nature.
Something that does not pass away with
the last breath that is drawn.
But that takes hold upon the very sources of its beginning -
- the soul - which was made in the image of your Maker.
Not your body, no.
Not your mind, no.
But your soul was in the image of your Creator.

Meditation is the attuning of your physical and mental attributes
seeking to know its relationships to the Maker.
That is true meditation.

How do you accomplish this?
How do you go about learning to meditate?

You must learn to meditate.
Just as you have learned to walk, to talk,
to do any of the physical attributes of your mind.
As compared to the relationships with the facts,
the attitudes, the conditions, the environs
of your daily surroundings.

There must be a conscious contact with that which is
a part of your physical-body, your mental-body,
to your soul-body or your superconsciousness.

The names indicate that you have given it metes and bounds,
while the soul is boundless - and is represented by many means
or measures or manners in the expressions in the mind
of each of you.

There are physical contacts which the anatomist cannot find,
or those who would look for in their imaginations or their minds.

Yet it is found within the body,
there are channels,
there are ducts,
there are glands,
there are activities
that perform no one knows what!
In a living, moving, thinking being.

In many individuals such become dormant.
Many have become atrophied.


Because only the desires of the appetite, self-indulgences and such,
have so glossed over or used up the abilities in these directions
that they become wastes in the spiritual life of an individual
who has so abused or misused those abilities
that have been given him for the greater activity.

Purify your mind.
If you meditate.
Depends on what is your concept of purification!
Does it mean to you
a mixing up with a lot of other things,
or a setting aside of self,
a washing with water,
a cleansing or purifying by fire
or what not?

Whatever your concept of purification is,
be true to your inner self.
Live that choice you make.
Do it!
Not merely say it but do it!

Purify your body.
Shut yourself away from the cares of the world.
Think on what you would do to have your God
meet you face to face.
"Ah," you say,
"but many are not able to speak to God!"
Many, you say, are fearful.
Have you gone so far astray that you cannot approach Him
who is all merciful?
He knows your desires and your needs,
and can only supply according to the purposes
that you would perform within your own self.

Purify your body.
Sanctify your body, as the laws were given of old,
"For tomorrow the Lord would speak with you
- as a father speaks to his children."

Has God changed?
Have you wandered so far away?
Know, as He has given,
"If you will be my children, I will be your God" and
"Though you wander far away, if you will but call I will hear"?

If any of you say,
"Yes, but it was spoken to those of old, we have no part in such,"
then indeed you have no part.

They that would know God,
would know their own souls,
would know how to meditate or to talk with God,
must believe that He is,
and that He rewards those
who seek to know and to do His biddings.

That He gave of old is as new today as it was
in the beginning of man's relationship
or seeking to know the will of God,
if you will but call on Him within your inner self!

Know that your body is the temple of the living God.
There He has promised to meet you!
Are you afraid?
Are you ashamed?
Have you so belittled your opportunities?
Have you so defamed your own body and mind
that you are ashamed to have your God meet you
within your own tabernacle?

Then, woe be to you, unless you set your house in order.
For as has been indicated,
There are physical contacts in your own body
with your own soul, your own mind.

Does anyone have to indicate to you that if you touch
a needle there is pain felt?
You are told that such an awareness is an activity
of consciousness that passes along the nervous system
to and from the brain.

Then, just the same,
There are contacts to that which is eternal within your physical body.
For there is the bowl that must one day be broken,
the cord that must one day be severed from your own physical body.
And to be absent from the body is to be present with God.

What is your God?
Are your ambitions only set in
whether you shall eat tomorrow,
or as to whether you shall be clothed?
You of little faith.
You of little hope,
that allow such to become the paramount issues
in your own consciousness!

Do you know that you are His?
For you are of His making!
He has willed that you shall not perish.
But have left it with you as to whether you become
even aware of your relationships with Him or not.

In your own house, in your own body,
there are the means for the approach,
through the desire, first to know Him.

Putting that desire into activity by purging the body,
and the mind of those things that you know or even conceive
of as being hindrances, not what someone else says!

It isn't what you want someone else to give!
As Moses gave of old,
"It isn't who will descend from heaven to bring you a message,
nor who would come from over the seas,
but Lo, you find Him within your own heart,
within your own consciousness!"

If you will meditate, open your heart, your mind!

Let your body and mind be channels

that you may do the things you ask God to do for you!
Thus you come to know Him.

Would you ask God to do for you that you would not do for your brother?
If you would, you are selfish and do not know God.
For as you do it to the least of your brethren, you do it to your Maker.
These are not mere words.
They are what you will experience if you want to know Him at all.

For He is not past finding out.
And if you want to know Him, tune in to Him.

Turn, look, hope, act in such a way,
that you expect Him, your God,
to meet you face to face.

"Be not afraid, it is I," says He that came to
those seeking to know their relationship with their Maker.

And because He came walking in the night,
in the darkness, even upon the waters,
they were afraid.

Yes, many of you become afraid because of the things that you hear.
For you say, "I do not understand - I do not comprehend!"
Have you so belittled yourself, your body, your mind, your consciousness,
that you have seared, that you have made of no effect
those opportunities within your own consciousness
to know your Maker?

Then, to all of you:
Purify your body.
Purify your mind.
Consecrate yourselves in prayer, yes,
but not as he that prayed
"I thank You I am not like other fellows."

Rather let there be in your heart that humbleness.
For you must humble yourself if you would know Him.
And come with an open, seeking, contrite heart,
desirous of having the way shown to you.

And when you are shown, do not turn your face the other way.
But be true to the vision that is given to you.

And He will speak, for His promise has been
"When you call I will hear, and will answer speedily."

Then, when He speaks, open your heart, your mind
to the opportunities, to the glories that are yours,
if you will but accept them through the attuning
through meditation of your consciousness,
your desire to the Living God.

And say and live within yourself as He of old gave,
"Others may do as they may, but as for me, I will worship,
- yes, I will serve the living God."

He is not far from you!
He is closer than your right hand.
He stands at the door of your heart!
Will you bid Him enter?
or will you turn away?

Updated: 31 August 2013