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The Purpose and Work of the Glad Helpers

The Purpose and Work of the Glad Helpers
By Gladys Davis, Second Annual Congress, June 18, 1933.
(Used in 8/33 A.R.E. Bulletin.)

The Glad Helpers is a prayer group within the Norfolk Study Group No. 1,
that is open to those who seek through it.

I think the purpose is very well signified by the name - Glad Helpers.
We are glad helpers.

It is our purpose to help individuals, physically and mentally,
by attempting through meditation to awaken the divine within each.

We have been told through a reading by Mr. Cayce
that the spiritual is the life, the mental is the builder,
and the physical is the result.
Therefore, no healing of any nature, mental or physical,
can take place without an awakening of the inner or spiritual self.

We have three periods of meditation each day, and we ask all
to join us who have the desire to aid in bringing peace, harmony,
light and immortality to others, through the raising of
the Christ Consciousness within and projecting it to others.

We believe that Jesus, the Christ, has shown the perfect Way,
He has laid the foundation, He has reached perfection;
but we must raise ourselves and overcome the carnal forces
even as He, in order to reach the perfection towards
which we should all be striving.

We believe He taught that every inharmony, every suffering,
is a result of disobedience to divine laws;
not a punishment direct from God, but a natural result
of our own acts.

Earthly parents might try very hard to impress upon their child
that it must not do a certain thing or it will suffer thereby.
But if the child goes ahead anyway, then it must suffer
the consequences.
The parents can help, but the child must learn the lesson.

Jesus, The Christ, through having overcome, has made
the way easy. He has blazed the trail.

We only have to tune in to His Consciousness to be free
from all earthly woes.
No matter how straight and narrow the path,
we can hew to it with His help.

So, it is our purpose to try, through meditation - and also
through our thoughts, words and acts day by day
- to break down those barriers which have been builded
between the material and spiritual, and project into
those vacant places the love, peace and understanding
that may cause perfect harmony.

The higher we are able to raise the Christ Consciousness
within us, the more we are able to project it outward and
direct it to certain individuals who are seeking.

If those individuals are in attune at the time, they catch it

If not, there may be a delay in their receiving it, but
the good is not lost.

It goes out into the ether, and adds to the constructive
influences that are building towards perfect harmony
and peace.

The following illustration may explain just what takes place
in healing.
As a reading has said, (See 281-8, Par. 31-A, 32-A)
it is not the only way that individuals find attunement,
but it is a good illustration:

The bodies whom we hold in meditation are as musical instruments,
some very finely attuned and others almost entirely lacking in harmony.
The desire on the part of the one seeking aid creates the attunement
of the instrument so that the player (the Entity) may begin.
The letters in each individual's name may represent the notes of music
that must be learned by the player.

We (the Glad Helpers) represent the teachers of music.
When the teachers and the players are able to cooperate
in bringing the greatest harmony from the notes given them,
then the Master Musician of the music of the spheres,
(the Christ) becomes the orchestra leader, and perfect harmony
reigns throughout.

May we, as members of an organization
that has its ideals in being of a service to its fellow man -
through the Grace of God which is given to all
who would seek through such a way
to be a channel of blessing.
Cast not this opportunity aside as it comes day by day.
But may I, as one of His children, so live
that others may glorify Him - Now!

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