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Selected Readings

Selected Readings 01
In giving advice or counsel, regarding making the body a
channel for manifestations of His purposes with you.

When attuned to the Divine within you,
you will be filled with the renewal of life forces,
life influences and purposes. 

Yet there is the continual warring of flesh, or materiality,
with the spiritual influences.

There are physical disturbances that hinder or prevent
the full realization of the abiding presence of the

We must realize that the Christ-Consciousness exists,
helps, and is the only source of healing for a physical or a
mental body.

How do we attune to that Divinity, that Promise?

(1) By emptying within yourself all that so easily besets.
[Trouble or threaten persistently by a problem or difficulty;
Be surrounded and harassed/ Be attacked on all sides]

(2) By doing and being what you fully know, fully comprehend.

(3) By knowing through your experience of material disturbance,
and mental unrest. If you are willing, He will direct. 

(4) Letting Him have His way with you.
He has not willed that any soul should perish.

Because there are disturbances of a physical, material
or mental nature, one often doubts, and fears arise. 
These bring about those influences that prevent
the proper attunement.

Such disturbances, doubts and fears often appears at variance
to that comprehended or experienced, or visioned in the experience. 

Know that by your own individuality, your own purpose,
He is mindful of you.

You will find "The Way He has conceived" as
the better way for the fulfilling of the purpose for which you
entered this experience. 

You will be one with Him.

Let that mind be in you that was in Him. 
Those who rebuked Him for the needs of suffering,
He rebuked in no uncertain manner.

Each entity, each individual, must realize this
through their own attunement. 

You must know that He walks with you.

There should come that experience of your hearing His voice. 

When in attune you will do. 

He has given,
"I stand at the door and knock. If you will open, I will enter."

This will be an individual experience to each soul
that seeks His Presence.

Do not think that He has not heard,
because it has not yet appeared or you have not yet heard Him
except in the lives and experiences of others you have helped.

Do not seek "your way of manifestations",
but more and more,
"Here am I, Lord; use me, send me. 
Point the Way that You would have me go."

This is a promise to you, to each soul;
Each soul must by themself find the answer within. 

The body is the temple of the living God. 
There He has promised to meet you.
There He does. 

And as your body, your mind, your soul is attuned
to the Divine that answers within.

May you be quickened to know His purpose.
May you fill that purpose which you entered this experience.

It is not the justifying but the glorifying of the good, the
true, the beautiful, that you have seen in Him.

Do not belittle those things that hinder. 
These are a part of your cross, of that necessary.
Else He, according to His promise, would not allow these
to be a part of your awareness.

Know that He has given:
"I am with you always, even to the end." 

This is not a mere saying, but an "awareness"
which one may find
through attuning,
through meditation,
through prayer,
through the opening of oneself for direction by Him.

Updated: 4 August 2013