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"Fruit of the Spirit" Selected Readings

Selected Readings on the "Fruit of the Spirit"

For, as the Lord hath given,
"they that sow the fruit of the spirit
do not find it returning emptyhanded,
but full of love, of thought, of care, of appreciation."

In the application of those tenets, those principles,
in dealing with others, they may be manifested
in the fruit of the spirit,
- patience, longsuffering, gentleness, kindness, brotherly love.
These are manifestations of the spirit of that Christ.

"In the Lord's house are many mansions,
if it were not so I would have told you."
What meaneth this in thy experience today?
How have ye furnished, how will ye furnish that place, that room, that mansion?
Will it be with those things that fade away, or with that which is eternal?
Only that which grows by its usage is eternal.
Only that which is of the fruit of the spirit of truth is eternal.

There should be first the general mental attitude of manifesting
the fruit of the spirit as set forth by many of those
in the application of the Christ-Consciousness
in the experience of the body.
Practice, then, brotherly love, kindness, patience,
longsuffering gentleness.

Ye as an individual, then, can only sow the seed.
Ye may labor in such, but only in Him may the seed be given like.
The spirit is willing, the flesh is weak
and subject to the laws of the flesh in the flesh,
but in spirit and in mind by the interpreting
in the application of the seed the fruit of the spirit.
Then, sow love, patience, kindness, brotherly love,
and ye will find ye will grow in grace and in knowledge,
and in the understanding of how ye may apply thyself.

For He is life, the truth, the way.
In Him ye may accomplish much.
In thyself ye may accomplish, but to whose undoing?
Let that mind be in thee, then, that was in the Christ, Jesus,
who thought it not robbery to make Himself equal with God,
but made Himself of no estate;
that ye THROUGH HIM might know the way - to the Father.
Analyze, then, thyself; thy purposes, thy hopes, thy joys.
If thy life manifests the fruit of the spirit,
- love, patience, joy, long suffering, brotherly love, kindness,
- then ye are in that way.
If it manifests avarice, hate, jealousy, backbiting, ye KNOW the end,
For there is no other name given under heaven whereby men may be saved.

And know today there is no other than that found
in the admonition given by Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus the Christ, -
"If ye believe in God, believe also in me."
Hence He is that to which the mind of the individual entity responds.
He is the way, the Mind is the way.
And as the mind dwells upon the fruit of the spirit,
- faith, hope, gentleness, kindness, patience,
- it may blossom into that which brings the hope of man,
the confidence in his brethren, the faith in his God.

Know that good alone lives on, as may be manifested
in love, hope, kindness, patience, brotherly love, long-suffering.
These alone are the fruit of the spirit of truth.
Those things that bring doubt, fear, distrust, inharmony,
are the seed of sin, and grow - as tares - in the experiences of others.

For, remember, only the fruit of the spirit beareth that which
is creative in the experience here, now, and always.

Know the Author of thy faith, of thy confidence,
and know that it must be spiritual in its import,
its intent, its purpose.
Know the ideal spiritually, mentally, physically,
and not such as what others may give to thee,
but what and how ye may as an individual entity,
manifesting in cooperation with the Creative Force or God,
bring the consciousness of the fruit of the spirit
INTO the relationships with others.

In the present, from the lesson gained in that sojourn,
we find the ability to apply - not by might or power,
but by "my word" - gentleness, kindness, longsuffering, patience,
- those things called the fruit of the spirit,
or having within them the spirit of the Creative Forces
or Energies we call God, - in such a manner as to bring
into the hearts and experiences of others the knowledge
of the ONENESS of souls' relationships to the Godhead.

Love - LOVE - as manifested in hope, faith,
charity, kindness, patience,
- THESE be the fruit of the Spirit of God!

Not in longfacedness, not as ones that would
shut themselves away from man or his disorders
and discouragements, but rather in those realms
in which the fruit of the spirit of truth is made manifest,
- in patience, in love, in kindness, in gentleness,
in those things that bring constructive, hopeful, helpful forces
into the experiences of others, - these, and all such,
should be that upon which those about
the entity would, should, meditate - daily.

Now as we find, there may be help brought to this body,
if there can be - under changed environs - the application
of that which is the fruit of the spirit of truth, of helpfulness,
of gentleness, of kindness, of patience.

For indeed as the entity applies self in its relationships
to others, so does it do unto its God.
What then is thine ideal?
This should be the question of the entity, and:
Do ye in thy application of thy abilities, of thy virtues,
apply SINCERELY that ideal in dealing with thy fellow man?
That should be the burden of the purpose, of the thought.
Not by thought alone may ye change one iota of thyself,
but in the application of the fruit of the spirit,
- love, gentleness, kindness, patience, longsuffering, brotherly love
- these are the fruits of the spirit.
Ye sow the seed of same in the lives of those ye contact day by day.
GOD alone may give the increase.
Then let thy prayer ever be,
"Here am I, O God! Use me, send me;
that I may be a channel of blessings to someone today."
This attunement brings the awareness of thy relationships,
and whether ye give of thyself in the training,
in the counsel of those who would use their abilities of voice,
or their abilities of writing, - creative forces,
- these applied in thy experience will bring harmony,
and the peace that He hath promised.
Not as the world giveth peace, but only as He
- the way, the truth, the immortal
- may give to those who love His ways!

Know that the purpose for which each soul
enters a material experience is that it may be
as a light unto others; not as one boastful of self or of self's abilities
in any phase of the experience, whether mental or material,
but living, being in spirit that which IS ideal
and not idealistic alone, nor the unattainable.
For, as He hath given, - if ye would know the Spirit, or God,
search for Him; for happy ye will find Him.
Thus, - in that consciousness of daily living and being
that which is in keeping with the ideal,
- life and its problems becomes not a burden,
but opportunities - for the greater expressions
and expansions of self in knowing that as ye sow daily
the fruit of the spirit, ye need not worry nor fret thyself
as to its growth.
GOD giveth the increase.
Hence be not weary in well-doing.

Study first to show thyself approved unto thy ideals,
as may be set in Him; knowing it is His promise to thee
- and to each soul that comes in a unison or unified activity
with the purposes presented by Him
- that there will be brought to thy remembrance those things
necessary, or those things that ye apply day by day.
First begin by sowing, then, the seeds of the fruit of the spirit;
as in patience and longsuffering, the lack of hate;
showing brotherly love, the lack of animosity and the lack of intolerance.
Rather show tolerance and lovingkindness, and patience above all.
And in these we will find there may be given thee more
and more that which is necessary.
It is as one uses and applies the knowledge already within self
that more can and will be given.
Tempt not the spirit in self, nor do that for which
thy conscience would condemn thee.

Updated: 25 September 2013