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"Thought Forms" 

Thought Forms by Hugh Lynn Cayce

Briefly here is my idea of the "thought form" idea.

The original creation of souls took place long before the earth was formed.

This does not, I think, indicate that this was the only method of creation,
or rather time of creation, but it is the one we are most concerned with
for we are part of this cycle.

These souls, spiritual in form, included mind, spirit and will.

The earth was moving forward in its regular routine,
the natural laws of evolution in operation.
This system of evolution is that we know and study.

Evolution began as the spiritual beings began
to project themselves into matter,
first trying to control the natural laws,
then expressing themselves through these laws.

The Will of God was lost sight of and man's (soul's) free will
was brought into play.

Man as we know him had not yet made his appearance.

These souls began to play at being gods.
They moulded in astral matter thought forms after the pattern
of the more advanced animal forms in the earth.

Through these they sought expression.

Stronger and stronger desires were created,
and the need for more complicated and satisfying ways
of expression grew.

It was these thought forms through which and in which
the spiritual beings became entangled that cohabited
with the animals and produced monstrosities.
Chaos resulted.

Time is no element here and there is no way to estimate
the space involved.

The Christ Principle, symbolized later in Jesus and
in other incarnations as other leaders, entered in
and became the guiding light the Way - The Light - The Word.

Two spiritual beings took form - projected into
the more perfect animal forms or as hardened thought forms.

I believe the first.

In other words spiritual beings took over the more perfect
animal bodies as vehicles and set out to prepare
a line of descent through which the souls that were enmeshed
could incarnate and free themselves of their own creations.

This principle manifested in five places
- the beginning of the five major races.

Each one has the story in legend form.

Pure vehicles were prepared controlled by spiritual beings
seeking a return to God Consciousness.

Gradually through the ages souls have thrown off
the outward signs of the entanglement and have purified the body
- an outward symbol of the purifying of the inner desires.

In Egypt this work was directed intelligently and purposefully.
Evidently great strides were made.
There have been other centers in other times.
In fact the whole system of sacrifice is carried over
from these various ancient plans and systems that were used.

This work still goes on today in many ways and many places,
for it is the heart of man that must change - the inner desire,
the direction of the will.

According to our information the first major change in Atlantis
took place hundreds of thousands of years ago.

The continent of Lemuria and Atlantis broke up and the poles shifted.
This left a group of large islands in the Atlantic and in 17,000 B. C.
a number of these broke up.
This was the flood described in the Bible.

About 10,500 B.C. the final destruction of Poseidia took place
and the people moved to Egypt and Yucatan.

These migrations had been taking place for years before each destruction.

All did not go smoothly after the beginning of the pure races
(this is the basis for the purity of races which has been
so misinterpreted and turned to nationalistic purposes.)

'The sons of God (the pure race) looked upon the daughters of man
- ' Trouble continues right up to the present day.

Meat eating comes naturally to man because of the animal nature
of his body.
As the body is spiritualized the desires of the flesh disappear.
Each soul is seeking to build an entity that can raise the physical body
it lives in as Jesus - and others did.

We are in eternity now - just don't realize it.

The above is a reply to the following letter from [2067].
From 2067-1 Reports
2/02/40 [2067's] Letter to Hugh Lynn Cayce:

I have been thinking matters over and trying to figure out
about the question of the strange forms back in the early Egyptian period.

I wish you would explain a little more to me just how 'thought forms'
expressed themselves in matter.

Did the spiritual cohabit with the physical with the result of centaurs,
mermaids, vestiges of tails, etc. that were being eliminated
in the Temple of Sacrifice and Temple Beautiful?

I would like to get a clear mental picture of that time,
for it will be important in my story.

Please explain further about God's work of making man in His own image.
What do you do with the Evolutionary theory?
Was man and woman spontaneously created?
Was this creation after the thought forms and the strange combinations
of centaurs etc. were destroyed from the earth at the time of the first flood?
When did that first flood occur, and when did the second flood
that is mentioned in the Bible occur?
Was the second flood the time of the sinking of most of Atlantis?

In Genesis 1:24 etc., I believe it is, we are told about vegetarianism
- people are to eat fruits and vegetables which are to be meat for them,
also for the animals - when did man start eating flesh - was it after the Ice Age?

Leviticus tells us not to eat anything with blood
- there are other passages of like thought.

Have you any data on vegetarianism from your psychic work,
or is it not important in the scheme of peace at the present time?
I would be glad if you would send me any prophecies on present events,
or coming issues, or on esoteric matters.

I teach Sunday School all the time and would like to teach correctly.
Can I get any information on the reincarnations of Jesus?
I understand the one personality has represented himself throughout history
in Zoroaster, Buddha, Joseph, Job, Melchezidek, Joshua, etc. - are there others?

Very sincerely, [2067]

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