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"The Way of Christ - The Spirit of Love" 

(From 'Reflections on the Path' by Herbert B. Puryear, Ph.D.)

The Master in giving one of his last sermons, warned about the latter days.
Ours indeed may be the latter days.
But the meaning of this message to the individual is far more important
than any reference to external events.

Jesus said that in our last days of growth,
as we move to an acceptance of these concepts to an awareness
of the reality of God and the spirit within,
as we move into the latter days of our own development and consciousness--
as Jesus did when He moved into the temptation in the wilderness--
that we will meet a challenge, a temptation which is going to be difficult.

Once we have gotten on the path and have begun to grow and work with
these principles, then we should look out for this problem.

They are going to say:
Christ is over here.
Christ is over there.
Come out here.
Go out there.

And that last kind of temptation, that sense of,
"I've got to find something out there
that willl give me the information,
that will give me the healing,
a contact that will pick me up when I'm low,
something I can depend on,"
starts us seeking OUT THERE.
That is going to be one of the last temptations.

The readings say,
"No greater psychic lived then Jesus of Nazareth."
He could have ruled the world without raising a hand.
Yet, He chose THE WAY OF LOVE.
That is all He asks us to do--TO LIVE IN THE SPIRIT OF LOVE.

There may be many ways that we would seek--
"Isn't Buddhism just another way?
Aren't they all different paths to the same goal?"
For dramatic reasons, I would say, "No!"
There is only ONE WAY.
The way is not Buddhism nor A.R.E. nor Christianity
nor any of these organisations.

Yes, there will always be a vessel, a structure through which
the SPIRIT EXPRESSES on the three-dimensional plane.


It is not the information -- no matter how true or accurate it may be.


What does GOD'S SPIRIT manifested look like?

Jesus's consciousness attained extraordinary awareness.
He said, "I must go so that I can send you the Comforter."
Now in His life we have a pattern of what love looks like
manifested in the earth.
The teaching in Deuteronmy 30 is:
"Don't say who will go thereforth and bring it so that we
may know it and do it; it is written in your heart."

The same teaching is in Romans 10:
"Don't say who will ascend into heaven or who will descend
into the abyss, that is to bring the Christ up from the dead."

It is written in your heart and your mind so that you may
know it and do it.

Now here is the key and central thesis:
as we turn within and attune to His Spirit seeking,
He may send us to others--a druggist, a surgeon, a minister,
a healer, a sensitive, a teacher.

Remember after a healing He said,
"...go and show thyself to the priest..."
(Luke 5:14)
and to "Go, wash in the pool of Siloam..."
(John 9:7)
As we seek the Spirit within, He directs us to the next step.

Why then do we continue to study, research and talk about the
Edgar Cayce readings?
They do not bear witness to themselves.
These readings do not say,
"Read the readings, and believe in them."

Although, they say the Bible is the word of life, they do not say,
"Believe in the Bible."

Someone asked what is the best translation of the Bible
and the readings said, "The nearest true version...
is that ye apply of whatever version ye read, in your life."

Edgar Cayce did not come to teach us to be Christians, or Jews,
or worshipers of any religion, but TO LIVE IN THE SPIRIT OF LOVE.

As we come to understand reincarnation and that we have experienced
the earth plane for millions of years, we find that the situation
of the soul of man is far more serious than we had imagined.

Nevertheless, the good news, the gospel, is far bigger and better
than we have ever imagined.

We have let ourselves and our concepts be limited.
We have, as the readings say, given others power over us.

From the advent of the souls of man into materiality,
laws were initiated; such as is evidenced by the psalmist,
"The heavens declare the glory of God,
the firmament sheweth his handiwork;
day unto day uttereth speech,
night unto night sheweth his handiwork."

And yet how oft might each soul cry out,
"Why art Thou, O God, mindful of the spirit of man,
when he stumbleth so blindly and hateth his brother?"

This would indicate, then, that God in His love and His mercy
hath given to man that with which the individual
may exalt His name in the earth.

And as He hath from days of old,
He has given those examples in the seers and prophets,
- yea in this latter day hath He spoken more direct through His Son.

Yet these are self-evident facts:
Man's destiny lies within his individual grasp,
doth he take hold upon those laws, those self-evident truths.

Applying them in his relationships one to another
there may come the knowledge that He walketh and talketh
with those who would, who do, exalt and glorify His name in the earth.

Man is hedged about by beliefs, by cults, by schisms, by isms, - yes.
And those things have been created by man
that he hath given power in themselves to rule his days.

Yet this is only because man has given them such power.

For the spirit of truth and wisdom is mighty,
and a bulwark of faith and hope to those that trust in Him.

But they that give others, other things, power over themselves
become subject unto them.

Thus hath He declared, as was given of Him who is the way,
the truth and the light, the first, yea the whole
of the commandment of the Lord is encompassed in this:
"Thou shalt have no other god before me,
neither in heaven nor in earth,
nor in things seen or unseen,
but thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart,
thine soul and thine body, and thy neighbor as thyself."

This then, is the premise from which all judgements
by the individual are to be drawn;
knowing that the law of the Lord is perfect,
it converteth the soul;
knowing that the promise of the Christ is,
"Lo, I am with thee always, even unto the end of the world."

He was in the beginning, He is the end.
And as ye walk in the light of His promise, of His words,
ye may know the way ye go.

For His light shineth in the darkness
and maketh the paths straight for those that seek His face.

Now this is very important in relation to guides and gurus,
great and helpful as they may be.

That Divine is near us.
It is closer than even the hand.
It is written within us.
That is the source of all life.
When we choose to accept His Love and Grace and
to live in the Spirit, we have good news indeed!

Updated: 2 January 2014