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"What is Truth?" 

What is Truth?
"Our search for Truth is Our search for God"
A Search For God is A Search for Truth
Walk in the Way of Christ and you walk in the path of truth and light.
Be true to God.
Be true to oneself.

Anything or any activity that makes us aware of God is truth.
(Q) What is TRUTH?
(A) That which makes aware of the divine within each and every activity;
that is of the mental, the material, the spiritual self
- and is a growth in each and every soul.

Jesus Christ showed us the pattern on how to approach, seek, know and apply truth.
(Q) The entity wishes to devote himself to writing of a spiritual nature
now that he is free to do so. Should he write the book, WHAT IS TRUTH?
(A) This, as we find, would be well.
Write it from that angle of who asked, and the answer LIVED by Him
who would not answer the question verbally but answered it in His giving to man the pattern,
the manner in which he is to approach and seek and know and apply.
For it's in the application that ye know truth.

When you love those you come in contact with
you are applying and experiencing truth in your life.

Then apply in your own life truth.
What is truth?
It might have been answered, had an individual entity
who stood at the crossways of the world waited for an answer.
Yet that soul, Jesus Christ, had purified itself
and had given the new commandment that "ye love one another!"
What is truth all about then?
"Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, thine soul, thine mind, thine body,
and thy neighbor as thyself."

When you have the Spirit of Christ you have the Spirit of Truth.

They that have the Spirit of God
have the Spirit of Truth,
have the Spirit of Christ,
have the Spirit of Construction.

Put thy whole purpose in the Lord.
Know His ways are not past finding out.
When ye empty thyself in body and mind of the material desires, material anxieties,
the spirit of truth, the spirit of Christ may enter in.

The spirit of truth is manifested in
just being kind,
just being patient,
just being longsuffering;
showing brotherly love,
forgiving to those who are easily beset
by the weaknesses of appetite or of the flesh.

Truth is truth and it convicteth the soul.
The soul alone is eternal.
All that is of the earth-earthy is carnal and passeth away.

For to find happiness is to find that the Spirit of Truth is DIRECTING thy footsteps;
yes, thy activities; yes, thy very thoughts day by day.

(Q) Will my studies in AMORC bring me the most in the highly spiritual,
or the TAROT - particularly the course on the magical language?
(A) Either of these may bring material help or gain.
The SPIRITUAL gain is in the TRUTH that is found in Him,
who is the Way, the Truth, the Light.
These others are only as light along the way.
The truth is ONLY in Him, Jesus the Christ!

Be mindful that ye keep the faith which is prompted by the answer of the spirit of truth within.
Thus to the entity that question, then, more often, as to what is truth,
and what effect the true meaning of the material, the mental and spiritual aspects
has upon the everyday life of the entity.
Thus, as is seen, the confusion which comes at times to the entity.
Abilities in making harmonious experiences are innate, for the extremes oft find reflection
in the mental attitudes as to what is truth.
Thus the analyzing and the studying of self, and not merely tenets but of habits
and of habit-forming experiences in the body.
These the entity finds hard to change at times and yet, as has been indicated,
is so general at times in its broadness of vision as to miss the real point.
For it would appear broad when deep within self it is rather straight-laced;
that is, for others, and not so much for self.
That is the trouble, or the greater problem to be met in self.
Never ask others to do, or demand of others to do, that you do not do yourself.
These are the problems of the entity.
The spirit of truth makes all power alive.
When the spirit of truth is applied in a continuity of faith, hope, long-suffering,
understanding, loving kindliness, brotherly love, their fruits are like the bread of life,
and become an aid to all who harken to the spirit of truth.

Truth is earned. Truth is an experience. Truth is spiritual growth.

(Q) [404]: Please expand on the statement, "Truth is not learned, it is earned."
(A) TRUTH is as experience. Hence IS an earning, through the manners in which a finite mind
becomes conscious of what truth is.
Hence truth is a growth, and hence an EARNING, a yearning, a growing and is EARNED
by he or she that applies that known in the manner that IS in keeping with His will,
rather than that there may be the satisfying of self's own desires.
Not that man should deny that this or that force exists, to make self believe,
but rather that the truth is as that which may be earned through the EXPERIENCING
of the knowledge and understanding concerning the laws of truth; for HE is TRUTH!

Truth is only from God.

This, as He gave:
"Love ye one another - prefer one another instead of self."
Know the Truth, for only truth is of God.

When you know the Truth you are free.
Truth is a growth in consciousness.

Be true to self's convictions. And have convictions! That is, know within self
what is desired to be accomplished in the present experience.
For the betterment of this understanding, analyze self; not only mentally,
but in meditation write down in two columns the answers to these questions:
Under one heading, WHAT I BELIEVE;
Do not do this at once, or all at once, but for several days review that which may be written
from time to time. Make erasures, to be sure!
For many will appear in self!
For, know this:
To know the truth is to make you free!
Truth is as Life, a GROWING consciousness in self.

Truth is heaven manifested in our hearts and minds.

Within the hearts, the minds; the place where Truth is made manifest!
Wherever Truth is made manifest it gives place to that which is heaven
for those that seek and love truth!

Truth is Creative. Truth removes fear.
Truth will always remain the same under any circumstance.
Jesus Christ is the truth and the perfect way.

Thus that needed most in the entity's present experience is for the entity to study self.
What is thy ideal? What is thy God? What is that controlling thee?
For instance, when you sleep what keeps your heart still beating?
Is it true that in Him, the Father of light, God, ye live and move and have thy being?
Or is it purely a physical phenomenon?
Is God the Creator of heaven and earth and all that is therein, or did it happen of itself?
Know what ye believe and know who is the author of thy beliefs;
not just because you have been taught this or that by any man.
They can only bring to your mind that already contained and all those influences
which may add to or take from, according to what spirit or truth ye entertain.
For truth maketh thee not afraid.
Truth is truth everywhere the same, under every circumstance.
It is creative.
For light, the Christ, Jesus is the truth, is the perfect way.
They who climb up some other way are thieves and robbers to their own better selves.
Then know what ye believe and the author of it.
Know that He is able to keep that ye commit unto Him.
So, walk and talk oft with Him.
For thy body indeed is the Temple of the living God.
For He hath promised to meet thee, in humbleness, in love, in patience, in kindness.
Thus may all fear be cast out.

When you Live with the Spirt of Christ You Live in Truth.
When you have the Mind of Christ you are aware of the Truth.

When the Spirit of the Father, when the activities that the Christ - the man
- gave to the sons of men - are made manifest in thine own life day by day,
then ye become aware of His presence abiding in thee.
KNOW the Truth, for the truth is as He gave; the truth is He, and His words.
For He hath given, "Though the heavens and the earth may pass away,
MY words, my promise, shall NOT pass away."

Truth is a living experience not a theory or idea.

Truth is truth wherever ye find it. To be sure it must find a response within self,
else to the individual it is a theory or an idea.
Yet that just given the entity will find, if it searches itself and analyzes its purposes,
its ideals, its hopes, it doubts, its fears.
And ye can do something about it!
For know that ye are in the present experience, in the present environ,
in the present years of thy activity more productive, more far-reaching in the influence ye have,
in the opportunity that ye will have for making the earth a better place to live in
for those to come. And remember you'll be back again!
What do you want it to look like?
You have a greater opportunity at the present time than you will have at any other period
of this particular sojourn.
So you'd better be up and doing, keeping self in accord with God's laws.
For remember, God is not mocked and whatsoever a man soweth that must he also reap, spiritually,
mentally and materially.
For the law of the Lord is perfect.
It will convert the soul if ye seek to know that law in thy experience.

Truth is truth, whether under the dire circumstance or the most pleasing or most excellent.
The principles that may be applied in relationships to individuals should be just
as severe or just as lax in one as in the other.
Let the basic principles be as these:
Be not unmindful that God is not mocked.
Whatsoever a man sows (and that means woman too), that must he reap
- whether in the spiritual, mental or material activities.
If one would be forgiven, one must oneself be forgiving in the relationships to others
- and with what judgement.
For some it will make the difference between judgements of others and what one actually does.
But how was the principle set by the Master?
"Thou hast read, thou shalt do this or that, but I say unto you,
it is in mind (for mind is the builder)."
It is the attitude that counts.
For one may lie just as much with a look as with words.
One may be just as deceiving with a smile - yes, how was the betrayal?
- by a severe look or with a kiss?
These are principles, basic principles that may be applied in thy relationships
as teachings to others in social and welfare work, in which the entity
has been and is as beautiful a pattern as has been in the earth.

Truth is God. Truth is Love.

Thus the entity finds itself unstable as to what is to the entity truth indeed.
Truth is the unalterable, unchangeable law, ever.
What is truth? Law! What is Law? Love. What is love? God. What is God? Law and love.
These are as the cycle of truth itself.
And wherever ye are, in whatever clime, its ever the same.
For, as it is said of him, He is the same yesterday, today and forever - unalterable!
Not as the Medes and Persians that were built upon fallible conditions, but as:
I AM THAT I AM! That is true.
Search it in thy inner self.
Cultivate it in thy mind and it will alter the results in they physical being.
Yes, ye will have much to live for.
For everyone will be your friend, as ye have something to give to everyone.
Not as that which brings fault or brings want, and indeed makes an individual poor,
but that which is a blessing to the mind and to the soul,
by giving grains of truth that take from no one, but add something to everyone.

When the Spirit of Truth directs your life you find happiness.

For to find happiness is to find that the Spirit of Truth is directing thy footsteps;
yes, thy activities; yes, thy very thoughts day by day.
For He has given, "Take my yoke upon thee and learn of me,
for my yoke is easy, my burden is light,"
to those that have found that grace
in making themselves a channel of blessings to SOMEONE today.

Put your whole trust in God and you have the Spirit of Truth.

First, - know thyself and thy purpose in the earth.
Then, - study to show THYSELF approved unto thy ideal;
keeping self unspotted from that which condemns others or which makes self afraid.
For, the power and the might of the spirit of truth is each soul's, each entity's heritage,
- to those who put their whole trust in Him.

(Q) What is the present stage of my spiritual unfoldment?
What particular lessons of life has my entity yet to learn,
and what means should I use to further spiritual development?
(A) As has been given, may it hold that it, the entity,
has set and has held as its ideal.
The unfoldment of the spiritual awakening of the inner self's understanding
comes as each truth, as the truth IS applied in the EXPERIENCE OF the entity,
the knowledge, the contentment, the understanding, the awakening, IS a portion of self.
Keep that as has been set and that will be builded in the present experience.

O that every soul would gather that knowledge, that comprehension,
to meet the issue NOW! For it is not easy to undo, nor to do over again.
We do not find it as a truth, then, that he would be free;
or that if he WERE free it would be for the greater accomplishment of the SELF
- this entity - in that connection or association! There would be again the LACK of freedom.
While indeed in spirit, in mind, truth makes one free
- there are conventions in BODILY associations that are builded by man,
and are not of a mental nor of a spiritual inception; though oft claimed by man
(mostly in his ignorance) to represent or to present same.
But truth is a growing thing, as infinity, as Creative Force.
For it is a constant growth. Only good lives.

For know that the truth is ever that as was manifested by GOOD unto others
for a purposefulness of the Creative Forces as may be manifested among men.

the entity gained in its own SOUL development; for as the entity experienced,
those under a different environment might be just as sincere in heart,
in mind, in purpose, as those that hold another ideal.
Hence in this experience, from those sojourns between,
the entity has sought that answer to what IS ideal
- what IS that that man in his experience, in his relationships, considers ideal?
If this be true, there is an ideal; there is idealism
and there are idealistic influences - yet AN ideal!
That that is Truth is growth!
For what is truth today may be tomorrow only partially so, to a developing soul!
So, the ideal is that which - as truth - grows towards a constructive nature
in the experience of each soul; not self-indulgence, not self-glorification,
not self-gratification, but that which BEING the basis for expression may be glorified,
may be kept as a standard - NOT self!

(Q) What causes me to become despondent (discouraged, in low spirits from loss of hope or courage)?
(A) Hasn't it just been outlined - the mental attitude and breaking of ideals in self?
The relationship in various ideals built.
This the reaction of individuals.
Remembering in self that, that upon which the TRUTH is founded is not of individuals' making.
Individuals make for themselves, not for yourself - unless yourself allows this to be done!

Do not, however, make that mistake of becoming so self-centered in the way of
making the material successes that the real truth is lost,
for these would produce detrimental elements to the body
through the very forces that would aid and give the best understanding to the body-mind.

So, in thine own experience, what seekest thou?
A short cut to satisfying thine own conscience,
or that which may enlighten thee as to what is truth and life?
Much depends, my children, upon WHAT ye seek.
If ye seek a lie, then the sources must be those from which there may come
that which will gratify thine own self.
If ye seek to know the truth, then seek only through those channels
or from that source that may bring thee to the knowledge,
to the understanding, that those promises are thine that have been ever to man:
"If ye will be my people, I will be your God."
And, "I will not leave thee alone, I will come to thee - if your SEEK me."
But if ye seek for the gratifying of thine own self alone,
or how thou mayest take advantage of thine brother,
then know the spirit of truth departs from thee.
Through whatever channel ye may seek, be sincere with thine self.
If ye would have that which is the manifestation of the Spirit of the Father through any channel,
be sincere with thyself; for like begets like.
The spirit of truth is nigh unto thee; not who will ascend to bring him down or to bring him over the sea, but seek him in thine own heart; for THY soul is the image of thy Father - and as ye seek in truth, as ye seek in sincerity, as ye seek, so will it be opened unto thee. TODAY - if ye will hear His voice.
"Love ye one another," and thus fulfil the law as to thy relationships with thy brother and with thy God.

What is truth?
Where may it be found?
How will the entity in its present experience, in its present development
in this material sojourn, know what to believe, who to believe?
For as has been indicated, it behooves the entity to consider the SOURCE
of that as may be given to self for truth, for constructive experiences,
as well as what the tenets of such knowledge or understanding may be.
And unless the sources are such that there has never been, nor may ever be,
a question as to the authority of such, then be fearful lest these turn upon thee.
For as He hath given, thy spirit beareth witness with the Father-God;
that thou doest bear record with Him that ye have chosen aright.
For His promises are sure, and He hath promised to meet thee within
the tabernacle of thine own consciousness.
For thy body indeed IS the temple of the living God, and in thee there comes the answer
for that as He would have thee do. And if thy choice is in that direction that is given
by thy own inner self, ye become aware of His presence as abiding with thee day by day
- in every phase of thy experience.
For as He hath given, "TRY me, and I will PROVE myself to thee,"
IN the choice of thine own inner consciousness.
These then be the measures, be the sources, be the channels through which the self
may gain the greater understanding, find the greater unfoldment,
have within thine own self the greater consciousness that He hath work,
He hath a purpose in thy experiences day by day.


Only in so far as there was sincerity of purpose in seeking, for a ONENESS,
for a unification of good in the experience of all, has there been brought that worthwhile.
When the seeking has been for a selfish motive on the part of self,
the more often the results have rebounded to that which has become questionable
- and at times purely detrimental to the body.
When there has been the seeking on the part of individuals because of the SINCERITY of purpose
on the part of [257], because of sincere DESIRE to know truth and its SOURCE,
wonderful experiences, wonderful awakenings have been brought in the lives
of those concerned mentally, physically, spiritually.

In the sincerity OF purpose OF the entity SO give to the public, to the peoples,
that which will BE SATISFYING and UPLIFTING, and of not only physical and mental
but of SPIRITUAL assistance;
For, with what verity of purpose, with what sincerity of purpose
the entity presents self before a public,
THAT sincerity will be returned as for the efforts OF the entity,
and WHEN the entity presents self in any manner whatsoever
that would attempt to be a laudation of self, of selfish interest,
of selfish motives, of power, position, or what
- then the security of position of the entity is already on the decline.

(Q) When extremely nervous, would a sedative be advisable for this body?
(A) And make the specific gravity more perceptible?
and give into the system that which is attempting to be eliminated?
This would NOT be wise.
Better that a little patience be exhibited, a little quietness of manner,
and a little sincerity of purpose be manifested.
A kindly word quieteth much, while an angry one stirreth up and maketh afraid.

In the experience the entity gained, for the sincerity of purpose was manifested in the manner
in which the entity conducted himself.
But that singleness of direction in the present needs to be tempered with the better concept of all phases,
and the dependencies of all manners of influences in the present relationships.

In the experience the entity went through many hardships, yet gaining because
of its own trueness to self and the sincerity of purpose
for which the land first sought that others might come to know the true and the living God.
In those experiences the entity gained

(Q) Where should I locate in order to give better service to my fellowman?
(A) It isn't so much the location as it is the sincerity of purpose.
Wherever you are brighten that spot and then the other fields will be shown and given thee.

The entity, however, is one upon whom all may depend as to his sincerity of purpose,
as to his integrity of purpose, or as to his honesty.
In fact, to some he may appear to become too honest for himself;
yet this is a virtue. But virtues too, can be misplaced, misused.

Father, God!
In Thy Love, In Thy Mercy, I seek to be used
as an instrument of Thy Love;
That I may, in sincerity of purpose
use the opportunities given me
as a channel of blessings to others - that they, too,
may know Thee in that manner which may bring to them
an opportunity for a bigger, better, broader service to Thee.

(Q) What shall I do to inspire loyalty to myself and company in these agents and thus
they will succeed the more quickly through honest service to a greater number of people?
(A) That of sincerity of purpose and of cooperation, and "I AM MY BROTHER'S KEEPER!"

Then, as to whether there are developments or retardments through this particular sojourn
will depend upon what the entity holds as its IDEAL, and what it does in its mental
and material relationships RESPECTING that ideal!
For, SINCERITY of purpose, of desire, ranks far beyond the mere urge,
- when one has developed especially to those ideals which have been and are a part of this entity.

Hence there must be ADJUSTMENTS, if there will be the activities in the associations with others
according to not the ideal but the APPLICATION of the ideal!
THEN, the circumstances and environs become opportunities for spiritual,
mental and material development or welfare, - if there will be sincerity of purpose,
the love and the DETERMINATION, we find that the adjustments may be made
in such a manner as to make for the development of all concerned.

An experience, then, is not only a happening, but what is the reaction in your own mind?
What does it do to you to make your life, your habits, your relationships to others
of a more helpful nature, with a more hopeful attitude?
These are the criterions for every individual's experience
- sincerity of purpose, of desire;
putting the whole law into effect in the activities
- which is to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, thy mind, thy body, and thy neighbor as thyself.
This is the whole law.
All the other things given or written are only the interpreting of same.

Truth is the mental state of being true.
Gospel - the teaching or revelation of Christ.
Veracity - conform to facts or truths.
Truthfulness - fact of being true.
Verity - a true belief.
Sincerity - the absence of pretence, deceit, or hypocrisy.
Candour - the mental state of being open and honest.
Honesty - the mental state of being honest.
Genuineness - staying true to something.
Accuracy - the mental state of being correct or precise.
Correctness - staying true to facts or truths.
Validity - the mental state of being logically or factually sound.

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