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Life Force for Our Growth and Life Force activated when in Meditation
(From Reading 281-53)

(Q) The life force rises directly from the Leydig gland through the Gonads,
then to Pineal, and then to the other centers.
(A) This is correct;
As the life force rises and is distributed through the other centers
it returns to the solar plexus area for its impulse through the system.

For the moment, let's consider the two variations in this life force.

The question is asked not in relation to the life force manifested in the human body.

But the life force in the process through which coordination is attained or gained
in and through meditation, see?

The life force is physically "the nucleus or the union of the first activities".
 The life force is "the pineal as the long thread activity
to the center of the brain", see?
Then from there, as development progresses, there are those activities
through reflexes to the growth or the developing of the body.

Interpret that variation, then, as being indicated here.

One life force is the body-growth, as just described.

The other life force is the impulse that arises,
from the life center, in meditation.

(Q) As the life force passes through the glands it illuminates them.
(A) In meditation, yes.

In the life growth, yes and no;
it illuminates them in their own activity in life growth.

(Q) The leydig gland is the same as that we have called the lyden,
and is located in the gonads.
(A) It is in and above, or the activity passes through the gonads.
Lyden (See 281-53 Reports) is the meaning - or the seal, see?
While Leydig is the name of the individual who indicated this was the activity.
You can call it either of these that you want to.

(Q) The life force crosses the solar plexus each time it passes to another center.
(A) In growth, yes.
In meditation, yes and no.
If there remains the balance as of the attunement, yes.

When we are considering these various phases,
the questions should be prepared so that they would not crisscross,
or so that there would not be a confusion or a misinterpretation
as to what is meant.

You see, what takes place in the developing body, or in life growth
may be different from that which takes place as one attempts
to meditate and to distribute the life force in order to aid another
or to control the influence as in healing, or to attain to an attunement
in self for a deeper or better understanding.

These questions or statements are such that they will be confusing to some;
but if they are asked properly there will not be confusion.

Updated: 15 December 2013