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Cooperation: A Focus on Christ

Cooperation: A Focus on Christ
"Be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of another;
love as brethren."
(I Peter 3:8)

When self is lost in Christ, cooperation is the natural result.

What is the mind of the Christ that we should seek?

As we open our minds, our hearts, and our souls,
that we may be channels of blessings,
we then have the mind of the Christ,
who took upon Himself the burden of the world.

We have the mind of Christ by putting into action that which we know.

We must guard our daily thoughts and acts, and must,
through meditation, awaken our inner selves.

Let our activity and thoughts be in Christ.

We must realize that
they who would have life must give life;
they who would have love must show themselves lovable;
they who would have friends must be friendly;
they who would have cooperation must cooperate
by giving self to that which is to be accomplished,
whether in bringing light, strength, health,
or understanding to others.
These are one in Christ.

We should live as we know Christ would have us live.

Let us seek harmony, for harmony makes for peace,
and peace makes for understanding,
and understanding for enlightenment.

We of ourselves can do nothing.
So let us, in meditation, seek the knowledge of the inner Light.
Set aside a time each day for prayer and meditation,
preferably at sunrise; quiet the physical body, purify the emotions,
and wait on the Lord.
Let us draw nigh unto God and He will draw nigh unto us.

As we enter into meditation,
let us visualize the force of harmony and love in action.

As we put into practice that which we know of cooperation
in deed and in thought, there will come to us Christ's peace
which passes understanding, which is enlightenment,
and the realization of being Christ's channel.

Christ has promised that power, strength, joy, life, and light
will not be withheld from those who seek this Oneness
in Christ's name.

As the realization of a perfect cooperation in Christ comes to us,
there will come also the knowledge of our oneness
with the Creative Force of the universe.
Self-interest will be eliminated.
Joy and happiness, found in service, will reign in our hearts.
Our bodies and our minds will function more perfectly,
because the Creative Force, which ever seeks expression in all,
has been aroused in us.
Understanding will come as quietly as the silent shadows of night,
and Christ's everlasting peace will live in our hearts.

Reading 262-1

The Promise to us from Christ is:
"I Am in the Father.
So in Me you may do as I have done.
The greater things that I have done you shall do.
I go to the Father, with you in me.
As you ask in My Name,
so shall it be done in you!"

"Seek and you shall find."

Meditate day and night, with the following request to God:
"What will You have me do, O Lord?"
The answer will be definite, clear.

We only have to seek in Christ's name.
Christ is among us in this present hour.
Let all who seek be in that attitude of prayer.

Reading 262-2

How may we become more spiritual and efficient?
Practice makes perfect.
As one practices, puts in use, in word, in deed, day by day,
so does one grow in grace, in knowledge, in understanding.
"He that will be the greatest among you, let him be the servant of all."

Be an emissary of Christ.

Be a messenger of Christ, aid others to be of One mind.

Give your best to Christ.
Seek and you shall find.
Seek understanding from Christ to present a light to a waiting world.
As you seek you shall find, as you knock so will it be opened.
Ask that you be guided by Christ to give light to a dying world!

Reading 262-3

As the Christ-Consciousness is raised in our activities,
so will be the cooperation in the body,
just like it was in the beginning,
when cooperation brought forces
that manifested themselves in this material world.

Keep the Creative Force within ourselves in the direction
that will make for the continuity of life, hope, peace, understanding.
May this be built in our own lives first, then in others, as they, in their way,
seek to bring a better understanding in this material world.

How may we have the mind of Christ?
As we open our hearts, our minds, our souls,
that we may be a channel of blessings to others,
so we have the mind of the Christ,
who took upon Himself the burden of the world.

So may we, in our own little sphere, take upon ourselves
the burdens of the world.

The joy, the peace, the happiness, that may be ours
is in doing for the other fellow.

By gaining an understanding of the laws that pertain to right living
in all its phases makes the mind in attune with Creative Forces,
which are of His consciousness.

We have that consciousness, by putting into action whatever we know.

Seek through these lessons a practical religion in action.

Our part in the ministry to Christ is
the practical things of life, so in the lessons
these must be living words, that they may touch
the hearts, the minds, the souls of others.

In our ministry, then, see that each line, each thought,
is a practical thing, living, having its being, in Christ.

How may I know and measure self?
By our activities compared to the thoughts and activities of Christ.

Do with all your might what your hands find to do.
Let this mind be in you as was in Christ,
"Not as I will but Your will be done in earth as it is in heaven."
Make your self a channel of blessings to someone;
so will His blessings come to you, as an individual,
as an integral part of the group.
"They that seek My Face shall find it."

To be free let none of our actions become a stumbling block for someone.
Rather let those efforts of self be in Christ,
that all blessings may come to those in their respective ways.

Christ knows what we have need of before we have asked.
In the asking, in the seeking, as individuals - and intensified
in cooperative thought, cooperative intent, cooperative purpose
- so do the activities come to each in their way.

By the giving of self to what needs to be accomplished
- whether in the bringing of light to others,
bringing of strength, health, understanding,
these are one in Christ.

Open your hearts to the unseen forces
that surround the throne of grace, beauty, and might,
and throw about yourself the protection that is found
in the thoughts of Christ.

So may the activities bring about the work that may be accomplished,
the thought that may be made active in the lives of others,
the health, the prosperity even that may be brought
to those through those efforts of individuals, group,
as an active force with Christ in this material plane.
(See 262-19 expanding on this)

Cooperation is a natural consequence of self service, self sacrifice,
self bewilderment, in Christ.
Being the channel is cooperation.
Being a blessing is cooperation in action.
In whatever state of being, we meet them in their position
and then we lift up, look up - this is cooperation.

As a group gathers for cooperation in the material plane,
so the soul may be divided or united in Christ, depending on the spirit
that gives the motivative force to the activities of such a group.

The activities of those gathered here will be heard around the world.
So may the activities of this group again go in the future
to those unborn, regenerating them to that awakening
that makes for the souls of men safe in the knowledge of Christ.
(See 262-1)

Seek to know Christ's way, and "As I am lifted up in your consciousness,
so will I be lifted in the consciousness of others."

Reading 262-4

Be of one mind, one purpose, as you gather to consider
the various aspects of the work, the lessons to be given.

There must be the wholehearted cooperation, whether in meditation,
in thought, in act, or whatever;

The union of strength may accomplish much, in the activities
that may be accomplished in any phase of life, whether the spiritual life,
the material life, the imaginative life or the spiritual life;

Do not depend one upon another.
Put the dependence in the Father and Christ, and
as the spirit moves you to speak. Express yourself!
For you are a child of the Creator!
And each has its portion to be accomplished.

"Be of one mind" until the lesson is complete
Be a channel of blessing.
Let all our actions be for one purpose.

Reading 262-5

Each person must contribute in a cooperative manner
by being a light to others,
by magnifying Christ in the lives of others.

Let each look not upon what would exalt themselves in any manner.

Rather that the feeling, the thought, may be better expressed,
that those who seek:
(1) may gain the closer vision of the Master's face,
(2) may have in their hearts, their souls,
that peace that comes only from being close to Him;
For when Christ speaks, only peace may abound.

Others may make afraid.
Others may bring that force that would sound far.
Yet Christ - the Prince of Peace - brings cheer, gladness, to the hearts and
souls of those who seek to be a channel of blessing through Him!

Children, as you seek in Christ's name to know the Father's way,
come ever then in singleness of purpose.

Think not of the hindrances that are of the man-made nature.
Rather know in whom you believe in, knowing
Christ has brought all things into being, and as you seek
- and use - Christ strength, in Christ name, you are Christ's,
and will become - and be - the lights that will bring
that light into the shadowy places, and
- though turmoils and strifes, and contentions, surround you
- that peace - Christ's peace, will keep you safe in Christ.

As they each seek in their own hearts and minds,
each knowing themselves, each will gain
the better understanding, the better insight to
"Sufficient to the day is the good - or the evil - thereof."

As you apply Christ love, Christ light, in your own life,
so does the understanding come of
that Christ would have each of you do day by day.

For He is in His Holy temples.
Are you holy?
Are you desirous of being holy?
Are you seeking the good of your brother rather than yourself?
Then, as you know Christ, as you know Christ's way
- be on speaking terms with your brother.

When in the temple you ministered to the needs of those
- and prophesied under the spirit of the office held,
so will you be able to minister in this direction,
as the light opens through the associations
of the cooperation of self with others,
in studying to know Christ's way.

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Updated: 7 August 2017